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San Francisco Fleet Week: Parade of Ships

  • Published on Oct 6, 2022
  • Fleet week in San Francisco continues with the Parade of Ships beneath the Golden Gate Bridge. This is one of the most popular events each year during Fleet Week.
    Plus: see what it's like to fly with the Blue Angels here: www.ktvu.com/news/whats-it-li...

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  • David Prado
    David Prado Month ago +2

    Beautiful day for a parade of ships!

  • Randall Smith
    Randall Smith Month ago +3

    1st ship was the CG 59 Princeston Ticonderoga Class Guided Missile Cruiser.

  • patrick 4774
    patrick 4774 Month ago +4

    Great footage. Thanks!

  • Geebop Baluba
    Geebop Baluba Month ago

    I wonder how much longer this beautiful bridge has left in her?.

  • J S
    J S Month ago

    only these days can I ignore the homeless people all over in SF

  • Richard Wallis
    Richard Wallis Month ago

    Ahoy there from a U.S.N. Vet.

  • VIC Petrishak
    VIC Petrishak Month ago +2

    San Francisco has a lot of FAIRY BOATS .

    • Chris Thompson
      Chris Thompson Month ago

      @VIC Petrishak Elton John Fairies. You seem to be an expert on this stuff. You know all the bars and everything . i think that's great but we dont need to know about your experience in a particular lifestyle on this channel. this is a fleet channel celebrating the navy. I'm sure there are other channels on youtube you can share your experience in these bars. I bet you have some wild stories to tell just dont tell them here

    • VIC Petrishak
      VIC Petrishak Month ago

      @Chris Thompson Go back to your Elton John music .

    • Chris Thompson
      Chris Thompson Month ago

      @VIC Petrishak sound like you know this from experience. Spend a lot of time in bars like that i see. never done that myself. that is go looking for fairies at bars by offering free beer but to each his own. really dont need to hear about your sexual knowledge and experience on a Fleet channel. My want to keep that to yourself

    • VIC Petrishak
      VIC Petrishak Month ago

      @Chris Thompson Walk into any bar in San Francisco and announce free beer for fairies and you will soon find out .

    • Chris Thompson
      Chris Thompson Month ago

      @Geebop Baluba what's a Fairy ?