• Published on Jul 13, 2018
  • This video is made for fun not to hate on the groups!
    If any of it appeard already in other videos then sorry for reccurence ^^"
    And sorry for my bad english too :")
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  • Omona Pierożki
    Omona Pierożki  Year ago +344

    PART 3 IS OUT ALREADY! ^^ ru-clip.com/video/Bjr-QzqXc60/video.html ~Tori

    • 호랑이소년
      호랑이소년 21 day ago +2

      i do not like this thing and i don not want say this but i am angre about you

    • Joy Patel
      Joy Patel 2 months ago +1

      Stopp hateing KPOP

    • Maya Manguilimotan
      Maya Manguilimotan 3 months ago

      did you see yes or yes in twice their eyes become colorful it change color I don't think it's fail but for me it is

    • sooyoung
      sooyoung 4 months ago

      What’s the song in the intro? It sounds like Krystal

    • Pasqua Ninna
      Pasqua Ninna 6 months ago

      @sassypink ru-clip.com/video/bEgISjT0bco/video.html

  • Hâng Hâng EXO-L
    Hâng Hâng EXO-L 19 hours ago

    Soi vl :))

  • A.R.M.Y LOVE
    A.R.M.Y LOVE 2 days ago +1

    Do you from poland?

  • Setare F
    Setare F 2 days ago

    I enjoyed this video so much

  • SpiritLynx Savage
    SpiritLynx Savage 5 days ago

    I would’ve never noticed.

  • Zarina Etemadi
    Zarina Etemadi 5 days ago +1

    I feel half the video was just *MISTEEEEK OH ME GAWSH*

  • KittyMaster TT
    KittyMaster TT 6 days ago +1

    MmmisTake?! Ohh mAy GoSH!!!!

  • kateriful
    kateriful 8 days ago

    2:59 actually that's not a mistake

  • Cheska Louise Mangao
    Cheska Louise Mangao 12 days ago

    Hey you forgot in dudududu in the picture is Jisoo and in the pink hair it's jisoo

  • Fatistic
    Fatistic 13 days ago

    da camera man in da bushes is a stalker

  • HMF Vlogs
    HMF Vlogs 14 days ago

    *Your mistake oh my gosh*

  • Leahn may Bahim
    Leahn may Bahim 15 days ago

    Omg bts!!!

  • Nayeon's front teeth
    Nayeon's front teeth 17 days ago

    The man holding the phone wasn't wrong. The back camera was facing Jisoo so its not a mistake tho

  • Mai Như
    Mai Như 18 days ago

    in playing with fire blackpink. the color of jisoo hair is not same, her color hair sometime is black and sometime is not a same

  • Mc Loud liquid
    Mc Loud liquid 19 days ago

    Your mistake oh my gosh

  • ɓαɳɠƭαɳlεɳα X3

    ∂σɳƭ ɓε รα∂, ρσℓเรɦ เร cσσℓ, ɓµƭ เ'ɱ ƭɦεɾε, เƭร ɠαɾ∂ ƭσ ℓεαɾɳ εɳɠℓเรɦ

    ρɾαყ ƒσɾ ɱε

  • Lucifer's_Elf
    Lucifer's_Elf 24 days ago

    The most famous part in this video:

    *yOuR A MiStAkE Oh mY GoSh!*

  • Nuri Bilo
    Nuri Bilo 25 days ago

    at twice what is love(for ONCE ver.) 2.23 chaeyoung hit sana face

  • anna song
    anna song 26 days ago

    It’s just a few mistake ok ? U don’t have to make. Big deal out of it

  • Lou Anne De Mesa
    Lou Anne De Mesa 26 days ago

    I like the part 3 and the blackpink mistake is love jisoo

  • donney. elf
    donney. elf 28 days ago

    I don't think that 2 siwon is a mistake!

  • wan 086
    wan 086 28 days ago

    Your eyes is the best than me 555. ●︿●

  • Faiza Osman
    Faiza Osman 29 days ago

    You did a mistake

  • axzhelle dheil delacruz

    Why the saying you mistake omygoss

  • tanbin yalid
    tanbin yalid Month ago


  • A Cup of Tae
    A Cup of Tae Month ago +1


  • Vi Ru
    Vi Ru Month ago

    whats the intro song?

  • BTSff OwO
    BTSff OwO Month ago

    1:29 his shoe laces was also loose

  • *- kitsune Chan -*
    *- kitsune Chan -* Month ago

    Hmmm we all make mistakes in life

  • Anil Magar
    Anil Magar Month ago

    Hats off to your eyes 😄😄😄

  • Forever young
    Forever young Month ago

    QueenPink in your area😎

  • Azimah76 Azimah
    Azimah76 Azimah Month ago


  • Neko Jc
    Neko Jc Month ago

    Omg at the nct black on black there supposed to fell

  • BTS [FMV] channel
    BTS [FMV] channel Month ago

    2:07 😭😭😭😭 BTS i hate you

  • Jeon Junkook is so cute

    I knew the first bts one

  • Ally Rosey
    Ally Rosey Month ago

    You mistake oh my gash

  • Khadija Ahmed
    Khadija Ahmed Month ago

    I love it when they say mistake oh my gosh

  • mew mew
    mew mew Month ago +1

    0:21 what the....

  • Mary Jasmin Fetiza
    Mary Jasmin Fetiza Month ago

    I love how the bicycle moves without the wheels rolling

  • Lily Panda
    Lily Panda Month ago +1

    Kpop members are humans too n anyways the choreography is kinda difficult
    Jst cuz dey famous doesn't mean dey are perfect

  • Prae A Hoppy
    Prae A Hoppy Month ago


  • Siva Bonn
    Siva Bonn Month ago

    0:40 my new bias 🤪

  • Alexandra Dy
    Alexandra Dy Month ago

    Atleast bts mistakes is not that visible🙄🙄

  • The Gems
    The Gems Month ago +1

    Honestly no one really pays attention too the mistakes.

  • Emily Galvan
    Emily Galvan Month ago

    *your mistake oh my gosh* that got annoying after each clip ugh 😑

  • Beach ?!
    Beach ?! Month ago


  • Official_Elite_YT
    Official_Elite_YT Month ago


  • Charles Hardgrave
    Charles Hardgrave Month ago

    STOP USING “A Mistake?!? Oh My Gosh” IT’S ANNOYING.

  • Nina Bear
    Nina Bear Month ago

    Why you always put that "this mistake oh ny gosh"???? Can you stop it? You put it almost in every video😬

  • miu jennie fukuda
    miu jennie fukuda Month ago

    Fuck you

  • Mayuri Nath
    Mayuri Nath Month ago

    World wide handsome bicycle 😂 won't move it's wheels

  • Baby girl Lisa
    Baby girl Lisa Month ago

    *sees bts's mistake* NO DEY ARE PERFECT

  • Draupathikutty M
    Draupathikutty M Month ago

    That part at 2:05 Is actually jimin killing armies

  • sunnxdays
    sunnxdays Month ago

    I dont think i can unsee these things...

  • RainbøwGacha
    RainbøwGacha Month ago +1

    M i s t a k e ? O h m y g o s h

  • Pee Jee_Gamingz
    Pee Jee_Gamingz Month ago

    YO! A MISTAKE?! O MY GOSH!, Gets me Everytime Haha

  • otaku gorl
    otaku gorl Month ago +1


  • jin is my life always BTS

    what time is it up to night in oh your mistake oh my gosh
    .your mistake oh my gosh
    .your mistake oh my gosh
    .your mistake oh my gosh
    .your mistake oh my gosh
    .your mistake oh my gosh
    .your mistake oh my gosh
    . your mistake oh my gosh
    .your mistake oh my gosh
    in night i am so lazy with this your mistake oh my gosh. and i sleep and 3:00am i hear a sound your mistake oh my gosh.hahahahahah

  • andrea gacha
    andrea gacha Month ago

    No se si dice ya viste omg

  • 餅mochi
    餅mochi 2 months ago

    Jhonny my baby 😭😭😭