10X SPICY Instant Noodle INDOMIE Goreng: Jakarta Indonesia Street Food Tour

  • Published on Aug 16, 2018
  • I have always loved my noodles spicy, but the instant noodle(Indomie Goreng) dishes that I tried in Jakarta Indonesia is just on another level! I asked for 10X spicy for my (indomie goreng) noodle, and wow the spice was biting back!
    The other 5X spicy instant noodle (indomie goreng) along with the perfect egg yolk mingling with the spicy noodle was almost a match in heaven.
    I honestly can't ask for a more better way to cook these simple but yet delicious spicy instant noodles (indomie goreng).
    I'm so excited for you guys to see what else I got to try on this street tour!
    Ropang Plus Plus
    Pluit Sakti Food Court
    Martabak Sinar Bulan

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  • Diamandinae
    Diamandinae Day ago

    Too spicy?

  • Life With Mrs B
    Life With Mrs B Day ago

    I need those spring rolls in my life :)

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    Indomie 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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    Beethoven 13 days ago +2

    You didn't film the chicken rice with charsiew

  • Wendell TV
    Wendell TV 13 days ago

    Can Someone pleasee tell me what is the title of the song on 11:50 pleasee 😭

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    Lia ManuéL 14 days ago

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  • Game Game
    Game Game 15 days ago +1

    Welcome to Indonesia

  • Ratna Oktaviani
    Ratna Oktaviani 16 days ago

    u should try mie abang adek! its very spicy

  • Ariono Jonet
    Ariono Jonet 20 days ago

    Next time you come to Jakarta again, contact me, i will give you the best food in town that you should try before you die.. hahahaha...

  • wawawho18
    wawawho18 26 days ago

    u ate a banana..that healthy..it counter balances..hahaha

  • Hakim Kurniawan
    Hakim Kurniawan 29 days ago

    Yes, many delicious food in Indonesia. Happy to see you enjoyed.

  • zhepty Zheptyciday
    zhepty Zheptyciday 29 days ago

    Wow looks so delicious and love from Indonesian 😋😊

  • soshy juistinga
    soshy juistinga Month ago

    I love LOVE beef rendang

  • TanuKart
    TanuKart Month ago

    Indonesia is a huge country with lots lots of different kind of food and about all of them are delicious but so different with each other. To try them all will take months.

  • Andrew Jonathan
    Andrew Jonathan Month ago +1

    How to know if the person next to you is not from indonesia..... he/she using fork to eat the rice instead of a spoon

  • Beck Sim Lee
    Beck Sim Lee Month ago

    Mike Chen. Thank you for showing wonderful food like Wagyu Beef and Bisteca Florentino. But GLUTTONY is not my line. I suggest you try the French food culture which is very refined. Cheers Enjoy

    SUMIT Month ago


    AJAX SWAN Month ago

    Let's make indomie religion rules the world

  • Arba Adhiyaksa
    Arba Adhiyaksa Month ago

    Youuu must try mie abang adek !!!!!!

  • Lucky you
    Lucky you Month ago +1

    Dude wtf, there is no pork in our country
    We don't eat pork, Everytime you saw browny beef you always say if that is a pork it's kinda trigger me.
    The point is there is no pork in our country

    • Reza Anindito
      Reza Anindito Month ago

      Ngawur. Di Jakarta banyak banget, lampung apalagi. Daerah Sumatra & Jawa tuh banyak banget, kalo timur gue gak tau karena belum pernah ke sana. Daging babi jelas ADA di Indonesia & bahkan untuk beberapa etnis kuliner babi sudah membudaya.

    • Lucky you
      Lucky you Month ago

      @Reza Anindito ya mungkin cuma di daerah Timur doang bro

    • Reza Anindito
      Reza Anindito Month ago

      There is pork in our country. It may does not exist in your area, but there are plenty of pork street food in Indonesia.

  • Ugotnoabsss ___
    Ugotnoabsss ___ Month ago

    You should try a martabak, gorengan (fried stuff), papeda, the meatball soup, batagor and siomay, tahu gejrot(idk how to spell it),rujak, pecel in indonesia. All of them are like AMAZING

  • Brenda Balwanth
    Brenda Balwanth Month ago

    Which stores are the Indomie goreng noodles available in Cape Town South Africa please?

  • SuperBigchanges
    SuperBigchanges Month ago

    That red soda with condensed milk is the best way to get rid of a hangover. That’s how Dominicans get rid of their hangover so quick you can go back to drink again, trust 😂

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      katro ngomong katro, total joke

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      firmansyah ansari Month ago

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    Mike : This is dandelicious

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    Fast Eddy Love Month ago

    Just curious, what kind of cheese would go chocolate & a fried banana?

  • Renee Fern
    Renee Fern Month ago

    Sometimes I wonder if he ever notices that people ALWAYS stare directly at camera in the background for the entirety of his public tasting videos.

  • Melissa Prawirasatya

    why no footage of the martabak sinar bulan?? hahaha that is the single most decadent food on earth! =D welcome to Indonesian kingdom of yummy food!

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    Mantap thanks for your coming to my country 😍😍

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    Anna D'Lova 2 months ago +3

    it's not a pork...in Indonesia,you can't get a pork on the street...it's haram.

  • Gail L.
    Gail L. 2 months ago +1

    he sounds like a drunk girl at happy hour. sooo pretty.

  • PotterheadForever
    PotterheadForever 2 months ago

    Hi Mikey! I'm from Bandung, Indonesia and I would really love to watch some videos of you trying out some of the food that we have here in Bandung. There are so many food that you've gotta try like masakan padang, masakan Sunda (very popular in Bandung), street food in Bandung (cireng, batagor, gehu, tahu goreng, cakwe) and so much more! You've barely scratched the surface of the absolutely mouthwatering goodness of Indonesian cuisine! Hope you can visit Indonesia again and try some of these delicious food.

  • Heyjojojizy Of the games
    Heyjojojizy Of the games 2 months ago +1

    U forgot one of the most Indonesian things


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    I love his videos but get so annoyed at the locals wanting to be all in the camera.

  • dee feran
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    Your passion about food are above and beyond. I can kiss you if I was in Jakarta

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    Minh Anh Bùi 3 months ago

    From Vietnam and absolutely flabbergast with the food here omg i really want to go to this country

  • VampirePumpkins
    VampirePumpkins 3 months ago

    Is this man wanting almost all desserts to come with ice cream a meme with the fans?

  • Bong Hian Leng Bong Hian Leng

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  • World's Discomfort
    World's Discomfort 3 months ago

    Nothing comes free, in order to obtain such delicacies not only do you have to pay with money, but you will also have to forfeit a bit of your life as well

  • JayNu 07
    JayNu 07 3 months ago +22

    Watching him with an empty stomach is a very very VERY BAD idea!

  • wiranti nur ardiani
    wiranti nur ardiani 3 months ago

    Come to my country guys.. let's make such video.. hahaha..
    Oh, that happy soda is my mother's favorite drink

  • Evan Francisca
    Evan Francisca 3 months ago

    Good thing you had that Happy milky soda to calm down the heat.

  • williem hendra
    williem hendra 3 months ago

    1. Ropang Plus : Jalan Pluit Sakti Raya No.21 A, RT.8/RW.7, Pluit, Penjaringan, Kota Jkt Utara
    2. Video 7:38 It's Chinese Culinery Place , In there many Awesome food; Emie Acuan. 7:51 at the right in there sell Nasi Campur,Nasi Sayur the best No 1 in Jakarta just $3,6. And you miss Es Campur and Es Teler in there. ^^" Jl. Pluit Sakti, RT.4/RW.6, Pluit, Penjaringan Jakarta Utara.
    Miven Noodles not so good anymore,cause the real owner already dead and now his child.
    Welcome to Indonesia, The Paradise of Food.

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  • Alroy Gaming
    Alroy Gaming 4 months ago

    one thing that wrong on your description is in jakarta they dont eat pork a lot, and many things that you eat is not a pork

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  • Zai Batubara
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    Cunwen Wijaya 4 months ago

    I think if you drink happy soda , it supose to be plain soda in a bottle , and a glass with syrup and condensing milk
    If using fanta usually it called mega mendung.
    There are some variation of happy soda in indonesiaa

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