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    The Simpsons Intro Season 1 1990
    Homer Jumps Springfield Gorge
    The Simpsons - Monorail Town Hall Meeting & Song
    Maggie shot Mr burns
    The Simpsons - Witness Relocation Program
    The Simpsons - Homer goes crazy
    The Simpsons - Last Tap Dance in Springfield - Homer Strangles Bart
    The Simpsons' best moments of season 27
    Simpsons couch gags
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    Adults React #30 - ADULTS REACT TO THE SIMPSONS (30th Anniversary)
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  • FBE
    FBE  Год назад +931

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  • CurryKingWurst
    CurryKingWurst Год назад +5

    Funfact: When Maggie actually talked, she was voiced by Elizabeth Taylor. Yes, THE Elizabeth Taylor.

  • Marissa’s things
    Marissa’s things Год назад +3

    Make Them react to Friends

  • Detox02111993
    Detox02111993 Год назад

    28 years, not 30

    • Diana Krasnyak
      Diana Krasnyak Год назад +3

      30 years since the show started as a part of The Tracey Ullman Show :/ they even said it in the video

  • Joe Nation
    Joe Nation Год назад

    I've seen almost every couch gag

  • John Park
    John Park Год назад

    pls react to So Hyang i beg you

  • Daniel Orozco
    Daniel Orozco Год назад +1

    have teens react to the dudesons

  • Saulo!
    Saulo! Год назад +5

    React to "13 reasons why"

  • Africa Cohen
    Africa Cohen Год назад +3

    It used to be good cause it used to be political and smart but now ... I just watch it for the nostalgia but there is no more criticism no more parodying our society no more nothing

  • Andre Stewart
    Andre Stewart Год назад +2

    By far my favourite scene in the Simpson's was the parody of the Flintstones finishing off with Homer singing "I'm about to crash into a tree... AAAAAAHHHH!!!".

  • David Newman
    David Newman Год назад +1

    "Lisa needs brasis dental plan"

  • LedBeatle 7072
    LedBeatle 7072 Год назад

    The Simpsons are awesome! Ha! I'm 15 years old now. Duh, it's been going on for 30 years.

  • MariusIoannesP
    MariusIoannesP Год назад +18

    I was born in 1988.
    The Simpsons is older than me!

  • wyatt vail
    wyatt vail Год назад +6

    react to Rick and Morty

  • Francesco carpistoni
    Francesco carpistoni Год назад

    As I love The Beatles, "Homer's Barbershop Quartet" for me is one of the best episode.

  • Innerthoughts
    Innerthoughts Год назад

    React to Melo Pan

  • xeash sdo
    xeash sdo Год назад +591

    Marge: Homer there's someone who wants to talk to you.
    Homer: Batman?
    Marge: It's a scientist.
    Homer: Batman is a scientist​
    Marge: IT'S NOT BATMAN!
    XD gets me everytime

  • Stacey Lee
    Stacey Lee Год назад +3

    do family guy

  • Ghost8386
    Ghost8386 Год назад

    Adults React to Thor Ragnarok teaser trailer.

  • Ghost8386
    Ghost8386 Год назад +1

    My childhood.

  • NintendoFanBoy07
    NintendoFanBoy07 Год назад

    I like The Simpsons and used to watch it a lot when I was a kid but I fell out of it real fast. I was more of a Beavis And Butthead and South Park fan.

  • Casey Ellarson
    Casey Ellarson Год назад +1

    Favorite episodes where when Maggie shoots from the house and also when the kids see into the future.

  • Mr krabz ahh!
    Mr krabz ahh! Год назад +4

    can you please do looney tunes?

  • Adrian SH
    Adrian SH Год назад

    Simpsons are okay. Not amazing. :)

  • cjtcabrera
    cjtcabrera Год назад

    she had monorail on point

  • madi
    madi Год назад +38

    When Michael Jackson voiced the mental person who thought he was Michael Jackson at the mental hospital with Bart and when he sang someone else sung

  • Yello
    Yello Год назад +1

    Elders react to Lana Del Rey

  • Yello
    Yello Год назад +1

    I'm twelve knew it from The Shining

  • Jake Gould
    Jake Gould Год назад +366

    One of The best moments has got to be when homer tries to build his own barbecue and he compares it to the picture and it looks nothing like it and then he charges at it with an umbrella

    • Jake Gould
      Jake Gould Год назад +19

      #IUsedToBeReal absolute classic 😂👏

    • Paul Lannister
      Paul Lannister Год назад +57

      Jake Gould classic scene 😂 When he realise only the french side is readable le grill what the hell is that.

    WOTLESS TRINIDADIAN Год назад +336

    when the ambulance took him and it crash back and he went rolling back down the dam

      WOTLESS TRINIDADIAN Год назад +9

      I did see it in the movie but he at least made it over that time lol

    • Niklas Damm
      Niklas Damm Год назад +21

      The crashed ambulance is still there you can see it in the movie

  • GMD TheOnyxGuy
    GMD TheOnyxGuy Год назад +48

    Wanna see the Furturama next ;)

  • momo1076
    momo1076 Год назад +161

    React to rick and morty

  • Notstiles
    Notstiles Год назад +7


  • Israel Mendez
    Israel Mendez Год назад

    react to sad boy loco

  • musicalman1995
    musicalman1995 Год назад +32

    React to South Park

    • xChrisS41x
      xChrisS41x Год назад +8

      That'd be adequate since they're celebrating their 20th anniversary

  • Marcus M8
    Marcus M8 Год назад +1

    yo the Simpsons aren't good come at me 😎 I'm joking I love them 😁

    • Lorenz M
      Lorenz M Год назад +2

      Marcus M8 no ones going to come at you now...

  • Abel Gonerra
    Abel Gonerra Год назад

    make parents react to lil pump

  • Mounik raj
    Mounik raj Год назад +12

    react to rick and morty

  • Splathermp
    Splathermp Год назад +12

    React to Rick and Morty

  • Gandalf The Black
    Gandalf The Black Год назад +5

    The Simpsons vs Family Guy !!! Which do you think is the best one right now?

    • Splathermp
      Splathermp Год назад +3

      Gaming With SPS - Clash Of Clans Rick and Morty

  • AWholeNewLOW !
    AWholeNewLOW ! Год назад


  • Beau Elliott
    Beau Elliott Год назад +4

    i have seen every episode and have even won every trivia challenge and game....ok i have a problem

    • Dere45
      Dere45 Год назад +1

      Beau Elliott nahhh, u are S M R T i mean S M A R T.

  • DarkBunnyLord
    DarkBunnyLord Год назад +7

    Adults react to szechuan sauce... or just rick and morty in general

  • MakeupByCovi
    MakeupByCovi Год назад +173

    That episode about Maggie's baby photos is precious

  • MakeupByCovi
    MakeupByCovi Год назад +3

    Im from Argentina and here, everyone EVERYONE loves the simpsons and quote the show in their daily life

  • fiona Connolly
    fiona Connolly Год назад

    react to pokemon sun and moon

  • soccerlover03
    soccerlover03 Год назад +3

    React to the Mythbusters!!!

  • Samuel The Savage
    Samuel The Savage Год назад +1

    Am I the only one who notices that Jim was wearing a Finn Balor T-shirt. #BalorClub

  • Yeeter Beater
    Yeeter Beater Год назад +3

    React to rick and morty

  • BrassWhale
    BrassWhale Год назад

    I think it's cool that when Matt groaning was in the morning paper my Nana met and personally knew him

  • Rational Animal
    Rational Animal Год назад +1

    South Park's 20th is coming up soon. Just putting that out there.

  • Rational Animal
    Rational Animal Год назад +2

    I just realized I'm as old as the Simpsons. DOH! It was great having a cartoon for adults that reverenced rated R films instead of Disney and WB doing it. Simpsons completely revolutionized cartoons and cartoons for adults by touching on real issues, hypocrisy, irony, belief systems etc. Oh and I LOVE the video games.

  • frank sosa
    frank sosa Год назад +1

    its funny because me and my mom and dad are going to universal studios

  • Han
    Han Год назад +1

    What a nostalgia fest that was

  • Brianna hill
    Brianna hill Год назад +8

    im 11 and I've watched pretty much every episode of the simpsons i love the simpsons

  • Riga Fraction
    Riga Fraction Год назад +1

    Simpsons was ok for 3-5 yrs maybe, but it's been pretty irrelevant for the past 20+ Kinda surprised it's still on the air to be honest.

    • Rational Animal
      Rational Animal Год назад +1

      Nostalgia has the affect on people but if it's still on the air, it's obviously relevant.

    • frank sosa
      frank sosa Год назад

      Riga Fraction No my baby cousin watches it even my 13 cousin evev my 8 year old

  • editsbyannaa
    editsbyannaa Год назад

    This came out when my mom was 5 or 6

  • Davon85J
    Davon85J Год назад +210

    Need a South Park version

    • Rational Animal
      Rational Animal Год назад +14

      Hell yeah we do. August 13 is the 20th anniversary.

  • Isuno Offee
    Isuno Offee Год назад +1

    The episode I associate the best is the Michael Jackson one

  • Floyd Laister
    Floyd Laister Год назад +7

    need a south park one haha !

  • Regina Vo
    Regina Vo Год назад +2

    I'm 10 and I have watched every single episode binge watching this before and after school

  • Colbydoesgaming55
    Colbydoesgaming55 Год назад +6

    I am 13 and I have seen every simpsons episode

  • Doruk Gundem
    Doruk Gundem Год назад +35

    They have to react to futurama

  • Luis Quijada
    Luis Quijada Год назад +32

    teens react to "13 reasons why"! pleeeaaseee

  • c e l e s t i a l
    c e l e s t i a l Год назад

    Adults / Elders react to Symphony by Clean Bandit music video!

  • francisco bersachia
    francisco bersachia Год назад +3

    The Simpsons are the most popular show in Argentina. Basically, any person born in the 90's, knows every episode from the first seasons (1-16).

  • Shannonbarnesdr1
    Shannonbarnesdr1 Год назад

    i used to looove simpsons i used to watch it when it came out in the late 80s

  • Alpha Jay 3.0
    Alpha Jay 3.0 Год назад

    The Best parts of The Simpsons as of Modern Seasons are The Couch Gags.

  • Michael Machupa
    Michael Machupa Год назад


  • Kavaskon the Beta
    Kavaskon the Beta Год назад +2

    My favorite moment was when Bart and Homer finally got a connection with each other in the movie, I loved it

  • Icequeen
    Icequeen Год назад +1

    I love the Simpsons

  • Ding Dong
    Ding Dong Год назад +1

    0:00 (Season 1 theme song)
    2:49 (Homer jumps High Canyon from Bart The Daredevil)
    7:20 (No TV And No Beer Make Homer Go Crazy
    from Treehouse of Horror V)

  • Lily Forever
    Lily Forever Год назад +21

    u guys should do adults react too futurama

  • Tommy V
    Tommy V Год назад +2

    today is April 19 it's the 30th of the simpsons anniversary today i remember in 2014 I watched the simpsons for the first time because it was the shows 25th anniversary and I freaking loved it

    • aa3
      aa3 Год назад

      2014 was the Simpsons 25th anniversary of being on the ir as its own SHOW not a clip on Tracy Almund.

    • Tommy V
      Tommy V Год назад

      oops I meant 28th anniversary not 30th

      BLUEROAR Год назад +1

      Tommy V That makes no sense, 2014 was NOT five years ago.

  • Chiara
    Chiara Год назад

    shout out to the dude always wearing wrestling merch 🙌

  • sarah farnon
    sarah farnon Год назад

    the woman saying monorail was spot on

  • Zayna Mahmood
    Zayna Mahmood Год назад +1643

    30 years later and Maggie is still a baby 😅

  • Roozel
    Roozel Год назад

    The title says Adults react to The Simpsons but I don't see any adults.

    • Ruby
      Ruby Год назад

      Roozel Are you blind then?

  • Megan Ingram
    Megan Ingram Год назад

    Could you get the Adults to react to Rick and Morty? I think some would love it and it isn't known very well by as many people as it should be lol :D

  • Pedro Ferreira
    Pedro Ferreira Год назад

    i love bart and homet

  • Mimi.icons AJ
    Mimi.icons AJ Год назад +1

    I do

  • Mimi.icons AJ
    Mimi.icons AJ Год назад +2


  • daniella b
    daniella b Год назад +2

    So the Simpson is the same age as my mum 😲

  • MonaiOnDeck
    MonaiOnDeck Год назад

    Do Southpark

  • Yeltsin R
    Yeltsin R Год назад +1

    do it for her 🙁😓❤

  • DingoDubz
    DingoDubz Год назад +257

    Homer is not the first ever idiot dad, have you ever heard of Fred Flintstone?

  • Sergio Aviles
    Sergio Aviles Год назад

    "Damn I'm old" 😂😂

  • Marcus Woodard
    Marcus Woodard Год назад +4

    Do southpark

  • deamondeathstone1
    deamondeathstone1 Год назад +1

    Married with childeren

  • 50 levela
    50 levela Год назад +2

    to most people the simpsons its an old but gold show and im one of those people

  • Fichines Online
    Fichines Online Год назад +1

    "Last Exit to Springfield" is the best episode

  • The Chiscake's family adventures
    The Chiscake's family adventures Год назад +2

    its only been 28 years not 30. get it right people!!

  • The Knight of Awesomeness
    The Knight of Awesomeness Год назад +1

    Two things One it's crazy that this show older than me and that I've been watching it since I was a kid
    And 2 my favorite moment that I can think of the top of my head was Homer vs Tony Hawk

  • eastportland
    eastportland Год назад +3

    The Mr. Plow episode.

  • Patrick Fie
    Patrick Fie Год назад

    React to South Park

  • Hassan Moussa
    Hassan Moussa Год назад +3

    *starts to watch the Simpsons again*

  • melobuniiP
    melobuniiP Год назад +3

    React to Rick and Morty Simpsons couch gag

  • Bamon Timung
    Bamon Timung Год назад +2

    react to family guy

  • That Niga Across The Street
    That Niga Across The Street Год назад

    They should react to The Critic.

  • SJH
    SJH Год назад +1

    Adults React - Damn.