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Educate yourself on this! | Stephanie Lyn Coaching

  • Published on Dec 4, 2017
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Comments • 5 511

  • Anne Kenna
    Anne Kenna 3 years ago +1

    I often cry when I think about how I let myself be emotionally abused by a person, I feel both sad and angry for letting myself be fooled by this person for several years. I think of the little girl within me and how all she wanted was to be loved, and I let her down by accepting this, I would never let anyone else’s little girl be treated this way, yet I let my own little girl go through it, l will never let her down again.

  • Ronald Cipolla
    Ronald Cipolla Year ago +107

    I was emotionally abused. I was gaslighted ,invalidated, silent treatment, ignored in the relationship. I didn’t see boundaries. I now know the importance of setting boundaries. I was a codependent and working hard to recognize my self worth.

  • aitchwahlz
    aitchwahlz  2 years ago +646

    I like that she made the point that emotional abuse doesn't haven't to be yelling or screaming. It can be a small sting, or they can say things like, "You're too emotional. You're too sensitive." Classic lines they use ALL the time.

  • It's a Plant Life
    It's a Plant Life Year ago +395

    I've always said I'd rather someone hit me, because it's unmistakable. Emotional abuse is so insidious and harder to spot, being so used to it.

  • SK Bains
    SK Bains Year ago +186

    The best revenge is learning how to be the best and healthiest version of yourself, and enforcing boundaries like going "no contact" (so necessary for your growth)

  • Lilly J
    Lilly J  +120

    Yes the ignoring IS PURPOSELY DONE! Please please… When you FEEL something is wrong but you can’t “prove” it, keep listening to videos like this & pray! It will get better.

  • Jen's Basement
    Jen's Basement 3 years ago +2

    They don't love you, they love how much they can manipulate you.

  • Zoë
    Zoë Year ago +416

    You’re helping me with my life. I’m only 21, and I can’t afford therapy rn, but Stephanie Lynn please continue making these videos!

  • Trainer Emma
    Trainer Emma 2 years ago +243

    I think the hardest part is knowing that I was in an emotionally abusive relationship, yet still having such a hard time detaching myself from my feelings for that person. I finally blocked my abuser and have hope that one day it will hurt less. I am now working on being able to find validation within myself, and not rely on others for my happiness by taking it day by day. Thank you for your insight. I can’t tell you how much relief I have gotten just from this video.

  • da835t
    da835t Year ago +158

    As a man, I handled gaslighting/emotional abuse pretty well. However, it does a number on you when you realize you are dealing with a very broken person. Just being in that presence is draining.

  • Diana IsMyName
    Diana IsMyName Year ago +164

    I just want to tell anyone out there suffering due to the selfish and calloused actions of someone they trusted or even loved. That I hope you are strong enough to realize that when life has allowed you to experience extreme sorrow, pain, or darkness. That it ultimately is a gift. You have survived 100% of your worst days up until now. You keep going. Stay strong. I know it sounds paradoxical but isn’t life just one great mysterious irony anyway?

  • LaPinturaBella
    LaPinturaBella Year ago +94

    Having a narcissistic parent, I was raised to accept emotional abuse as "normal." I was told by a boyfriend (at 37 y.o.) I didn't have any boundaries and he felt like he could do anything he wanted at all times. That was an eye opener because I had no idea a) what boundaries were and b) that I was allowed to have them. I remember thinking that he may as well have been speaking to me in Greek. We broke up, I literally felt like I had shattered inside and got into therapy. Glad he's no longer in my life and really glad he made that comment because it led me to finally "meeting" myself.

  • Penny
    Penny 3 years ago +575

    You are spot on. I was abused for 25 years by a narcissistic person. I always was looking the other way because I knew how bad his childhood was. Then I just snapped one day & divorced him. He was stunned like it came out of the blue. In truth it was 25 years in the making. I'm remarried now & have never been happier, never knew life can be so amazing

  • Jack Dorsey

    Healing starts with accepting they never loved you.

  • Christina Parker
    Christina Parker Year ago +44

    Very powerful. Sadly I'm in a very emotional abusive marriage. Trying hard to get out and do so safely. Thank you for putting it out there .

  • A
    A 2 years ago +63

    I had to watch this to refresh myself on what I was dealing with 3 years ago. Thank you, reminding me how far I’ve come!!

  • Katy Jung

    "I do all these things for you and you never do anything for me" He said that to me all the time. Almost 4 weeks post break up and his words still haunt me sometimes. I have to constantly remind myself that he was emotionally abusive. It's hard to believe sometimes still because he always made me feel like I was always wrong for feeling some type of way. He really made me feel like he did so many things for me and sacrificed for me and I didn't appreciate him or make him a priority. It gets masked by how much he said he loved me and all the stuff he said to me was to "help me be a better person". I'm at the beginning of healing 4 and 1/2 years of a mind f***.

  • SK Bains
    SK Bains Year ago +230

    When somebody’s love hurts 😔 and you feel drained and on edge, it’s likely emotional abuse.

  • Becky Queen
    Becky Queen 3 years ago +1

    ✓abusive people are reactive. The point of abuse is to control.

  • denise hurley
    denise hurley Year ago +28

    You're a wonderful communicator! thank you for dispelling fear and enabling hope!