Consciousness -- the final frontier | Dada Gunamuktananda | TEDxNoosa 2014

  • Published on Apr 16, 2014
  • Dada Gunamuktananda: Yogi and Meditation Teacher
    Bio: Dada Gunamuktananda has trained in meditation, yoga and natural health sciences in Australia, the Philippines and India. He has been a meditation teacher of Ananda Marga since 1995 and has taught and lectured on meditation in New Zealand, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, and the Far East.
    Title: Consciousness : The Final Frontier
    Synopsis: The exploration of inner space, our own consciousness, is ultimately connected to our discovery of outer space. Just as the world becomes a smaller place with increase in communication and transport technology, so the universe becomes a smaller place with the increase in meditation technology!
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  • Vincent Vincent
    Vincent Vincent 17 minutes ago

    Not sure science today claims that the universe appeared from nowhere (they are more prudent than this they say they can only try to guess what is behind the Planck's wall) and I'm sure it doesn't claim that the universe appeared without intention, they won't even formulate this question.
    Edit: Wow and 1 minute later "Modern science is based on the principle 'Give us one free miracle and we'll explain the rest'".
    No, it isn't, please research your subject! Aren't you supposed to be the wise one and not give into empty resistance, rejection and friction?
    Modern science is not against spirituality or whatever (of course you'll find scientist thinking this way, but in the same way that you think about science so it appears), it's complementary

    • Vincent Vincent
      Vincent Vincent 7 minutes ago

      Funny how he has to oppose to science to defend a non-dualistic vision :( This sounds like religion, not spirituality

  • Dinie Dinie
    Dinie Dinie 17 hours ago

    thank you

  • Pip Pipster
    Pip Pipster 19 hours ago

    Should be entitled ‘failed doctor in orange says lots of unoriginal stuff’

    • Pip Pipster
      Pip Pipster 10 hours ago

      You have a point.
      But I get a little irritated when the ego says wear bright orange and a turban and grow a long beard and give yourself a long name (that probably has some impressive meaning) - that is ego ego ego.
      You don’t get that with say Krishnamurti or Tolle who are much more profound.
      I think the irony is (as you may have gathered) that there is too much ego here. He is no doubt ‘very nice’ and has some good knowledge. But it’s all too archetypal ‘right on’ for my liking. He’s like the waiter in Sartre’s ‘ ‘Nausea’ - he is overplaying the part.
      And of course so many are immediately taken in as per their gushing comments. That to me is the not thinking. But he’s ego will tell him it’s working. Which it is.

    • TS
      TS 18 hours ago

      Why is his decision against becoming a doctor important on this matter? Failing can teach you a lot. Why does his message have to be original to be good? Good things must be repeatedly said over and over again. On the one hand this isn't some perspective on the world you usually hear very often. On the other hand this worldview is very old, so of course it is not original at all.
      It seems you heard him but didn't really listen and judged very superficially.

    JEFF JACK 21 hour ago


  • paul mitchell
    paul mitchell 21 hour ago

    There is no outside or inside to look at. There is only looking.

    • Pip Pipster
      Pip Pipster 19 hours ago

      Strange, that’s what my plumber said - and the boiler is still not working !

  • Josh Hayhurst
    Josh Hayhurst 2 days ago

    I can’t follow this, I really want to, but the sound of his lips and saliva and stuff, it’s killing me.

  • Troy Miller
    Troy Miller 2 days ago

    Yeshua Homachiach the only way to the true self

    • Pip Pipster
      Pip Pipster 19 hours ago

      To anyone who tells me only their way is true. I say go - and may your god (or guru) go with you.

  • Peter S.
    Peter S. 2 days ago

    Its weird that he opposes a materialistic view of the world but all his examples are based on materialistic description of the world... so...

  • Belind a
    Belind a 2 days ago

    also if youre saying just because we cant prove something scientifically it doesnt meant it doesnt exist ....does that mean the possibilty of psychic ability exists ??

  • Belind a
    Belind a 2 days ago

    really good video ! shall i tell you what i found really freaky about this video ? when i usually listen to ted talks videos they seem long and i sometimes get bored ...not in a bad way ... all ted talks videos are good but i sometimes cant concentrate for long ..yet this vid seemed to end quickly and i thought wait it was 18 mins .. thats longer thanmost ted talks vids ... so i looked and 18 mins had gone by and it seemed like 5 mins its odd ... so is that due to some concsiousness theory ? as in time flies whenyoure having fun... therefore because this really interests me it seemed to fly by the time while listening to it ? i want to be a yoga teacher by the way and found listening to this made me feel much more in touch with the universe than i usually am .... like i was actually in the audience and that i was connecting with many people

  • John Michael Robson
    John Michael Robson 4 days ago

    What absolute bollocks.

  • milahu
    milahu 4 days ago

    an introvert psychotic talking about psychoticism aka "consciousness".
    still, you will never teach the blind to see, and you will always need completion.

  • P R
    P R 4 days ago

    For us to exist an equal and opposite to us had to have been created elsewhere to have been created out of nothingness. Also God had a dream and we were created out of the divines consciousness.

  • Mr Thanos
    Mr Thanos 4 days ago +7

    Ehat he talks is true hinduism. No conversions, no coercion, no norms. Just the search for consciousness.

  • Rainhard Kerrman
    Rainhard Kerrman 5 days ago

    This guy is mentally ill

  • Gocean
    Gocean 5 days ago

    voice so soothing i almost fell asleep.

  • Phoenix
    Phoenix 5 days ago

    Doing that meditation experiment he said about, makes me feel travel sick.

  • s kiran
    s kiran 5 days ago +1

    what ever mankind needs.. is there in vedas, yoga & meditation

  • Bart Simpson
    Bart Simpson 6 days ago

    I liked his statement that science says just give us one free miracle and then we can explain everything else. That is profound, and then he goes off the rails with a hypnosis sideshow. Nope, that's still physical. So close, and whoops. You very nearly got me with a messenger of light Satan, but not today. P.s. that is some haunted house, whack , Halloween music you are rolling with Yogi. Dang!!! You stabbed the little old lady in an artery and not a vein because you didn't properly catagorize younger people have much stronger cardiovascular systems .young people can have blood drawn on the inside of an arm and not bleed all over. Older people usually only get needles on the top of the arm because their skin isn't as elastic and you don't wanna puncture anything but a vein. Booyah, taught the Yogi, but he couldn't teach me! I still got it!

  • Bart Simpson
    Bart Simpson 6 days ago

    Wait, if I've lost the key to my house but the door isn't locked and apparently I can still go into my house, why do I need the key? So I can leave. Isn't that still just a metaphorical way to express a yearning for death? Lingering under a light ,if it's the only light available might not seem so odd in that context.

  • Kim Greene
    Kim Greene 6 days ago +1

    i have watched this video over and over i love it always makes me smile as well as engaging this man has such a great Aura it makes me feel inner peace listening to his voice

  • theo chaffee
    theo chaffee 6 days ago +1

    Is there any difference between meditation and self-hypnosis?

  • Tobias Dont matter
    Tobias Dont matter 6 days ago +1

    To ALL THE PEOPLE complaining about the smacking noise of the mucus in his mouth just change the playback speed for normal to .75% or 1.25%. Youre welcome 🙏🏼

  • Krishna Kashyap
    Krishna Kashyap 6 days ago +1

    Amazing explanation. He is really a wonderful thinker and I am sure a great yogi. The way he connects the inner and outer worlds is fantastic!!

  • manish sharma
    manish sharma 7 days ago +6

    SHIVA, nothing is everything and everything is nothing, guys read Bhagwat Geeta there is a lot more in it

  • manish sharma
    manish sharma 7 days ago +1

    hindus are always the best. in their holy scriptures, all the universal things are prewritten we all must read them and respect hindus

  • Jason Middleton
    Jason Middleton 7 days ago +1

    You do not own your own body, the planet does

  • Jay Palnitkar
    Jay Palnitkar 7 days ago


  • DeuceGenius
    DeuceGenius 8 days ago

    i dont know the evidence that would make someone take this point of view

    • David Rogers
      David Rogers 3 days ago

      He explained ..... meditation and concentration on awareness and consciousness.

  • Toly Sky
    Toly Sky 9 days ago

    I was a sceptic before I had fully embraced meditation few years ago.
    Now my brain matured to the point there I no longer meditation.
    Its an illusion to get you started but there is nothing around us and definitely no consciense.
    According to Wikipedia:
    Conscience is a cognitive process that elicits emotion and rational associations based on an individual's moral philosophy or value system.
    Do you really think the empty space around you has a value system?
    Its your mind that tricks you into believing that.

  • Sj Cap
    Sj Cap 9 days ago +1

    Wonderful talk thank you so much

  • Priya pari
    Priya pari 10 days ago +3

    this mindvalley person think that every spiritual video had to be have an advertisement of him.

  • Priya pari
    Priya pari 10 days ago

    this mindvalley person think that every spiritual video had to be have an advertisement of him.

  • Imountzion
    Imountzion 10 days ago

    Intellect, thoughts,
    reasoning, brilliance; a curse I bear. A judgment
    against my imprisoned soul, sentenced for a thousand years.

    In a human form
    wired to the terrestrial god of pain, I live my life, in thoughts, in my head,
    through my intellect, and all my days go up like smoke and perishes in vain. This brilliance that men worship has caused sleep to become an
    enemy to my eyes. Eyes bloodshot with hatred for men of a certain sort, men I
    have come to despise. Untransformed caterpillars reveling in their subsistence
    lives, refusing to be cocooned, taking on wings and learning to fly. But I, I
    have fully embraced the sarcophagus of death, transforming my insignificant
    drab existence into a glorious being that takes flight. My intellect has lifted
    me up in a cloud of arrogance that causes me to look down on my brethren. A
    superman I have become, wise unto myself. But in my chains of wisdom, the
    knowledge of birth pain eludes me, and I am mocked in my reasoning, in my
    thoughts, in my intellect, in my brilliance because I will never know what it
    feels like to be a creator. I will never know how it feels to have life come
    forth from my body. And in the pain of my displeasure, I belittle her for
    giving suckle to the young. Oh of the beast she reminds me, raw, natural,
    unsophisticated. I become oppressive in my disdain, for in the leisure of my
    laziness, I have become a thinker, a true enemy of life that has attained
    enlightenment by means of disparaging others. My seed is sown in pleasure, and
    my short intellectual orgasm is my only reward. My boast in the excellency of
    my mind is my shame. A shame I have craftily persuaded a world locked in the
    pleasures of dark follies to celebrate. And drunk, they all agree to make my shame
    my Glory; pretending that it is also theirs. But this glory is temporary until
    something else comes along that can give them hope, making them sober again.
    Something distracting, perhaps a smartphone. And when that moment comes my
    glory will vanish in the amnesic bowls of tomorrow. I have risen up early,
    stayed up late just to feast on the bread of sorrow. And now my moment has
    come, my life was but, a blink, a fruit fly like existence, and I wasted it on
    thoughts rather than on living. So I reconsider in my dying moments, I would
    have fared better being a dog. My intellect has deceived me, and all my life
    lived, was in disillusionment.

  • philip gray
    philip gray 11 days ago

    their are more stars and planets in the universe than their are grains of sand on earth. the earth is massive yet compared to the universe the earth becomes as small as an atom. so earth is proof that life does indeed exist at the atomic level thus the ancient term as above so below. the atoms all is made of is identical to the massive universe we live within. what is happening here on earth is not new it has happened infinitely many times before and it will indeed happen infinitely many times to come. but i suppose theirs no point of contemplating all this, just feeling where you are right now right here

  • Antoine Gresland
    Antoine Gresland 11 days ago

    Brilliant ! Thank you for that moment of truth.

  • Cristian Perelló
    Cristian Perelló 11 days ago

    Why do you guys wear those things. I don't trust you. By the way, there is no universe.

  • Sutra and Seed
    Sutra and Seed 11 days ago

    "Just because we cant prove something scientifically doesn't mean it's not there. we can't prove a mother's love for her child but that doesn't mean it's not there. It's a matter of the heart" and matters of the heart cannot be explained, though we try through metaphor for example, they can only be experienced....consciousness is like this Great analogy!!!

  • Gopi Krishnan
    Gopi Krishnan 11 days ago

    Once Buddha was asked "You have been preaching enlightenment and did anybody reached enlightened state."Buddha replied "Yes many have reached but only few talks".Once you know the consciousness the mind expresses differently .Some write,some talk,some sings,some dance ,some looks like mad but many in India have reached that state.the eight level of meditation.But only people with extra ordinary will reaches that state.

  • cantaforte
    cantaforte 12 days ago

    nobody is disgusted by the creepy watery munching sound while he speakes?

  • Rafa Girafa
    Rafa Girafa 13 days ago

    i just had one of the greatest experiences with this video, thank you! I'm a brazilian physicist and i've been searching for answers in reality for so long, until I had this powerfull awareness feeling of pure love, and i just couldn't stop crying, tears of happiness... it's been here my hole existance... we just need to open our "eyes" and heart to see it.

  • Didier Jules
    Didier Jules 13 days ago

    What is interesting about yogis and yogi science as opposed to the different schools of Buddhism is one thing: Is brain consciousness from the brain itself? This is where I am baffled. While I believe that Buddhist teachings are 100% correct on some many levels, I question a few of its teaching. The true yogis of India and around the world believe in "God consciousness". Maybe it is real. We can only know from true experience. So "Yogi Up" and find out if you can find it. In the meantime, find a beautiful balance between yogis and Buddhism. Peace and love to all in your spiritual journeys.

  • David N.
    David N. 15 days ago +1

    I love the ideas he presents. I don't necessarily accept that the universe is a contiguous consciousness, but I don't completely deny it, either.
    I explain the meditation making one feel "connected" as the outcome of increased serotonin release in the brain, amongst other neurotransmitters. They make you feel grounded, connected, and give you a greater sense of being.

    JOHN EDWARD 15 days ago

    So many indian gurus with so many different thoughts.Who has the answer??

  • James Hanford
    James Hanford 16 days ago

    I love these Ted videos and this one was great. Ted needs to work on the audio. Every time he spoke there was this annoying sound. It is very distracting. This is the third video that I have heard this.
    Perhaps if I meditated more I could learn to focus on the positive, his speech, and not the negative, that annoying sound.

    By the way I am not making fun of meditation. It is something that I have grown to believe in and is a skill I am trying to learn.

  • Crackly CaDukLe
    Crackly CaDukLe 16 days ago

    Unintentional asmr?

  • vladimir1341
    vladimir1341 16 days ago +5

    Thinking gets in the way of living life fully.

    • Pip Pipster
      Pip Pipster 19 hours ago

      Emm, I need to think about that.

  • Gav391979
    Gav391979 17 days ago

    Consciousness into consciousness, i really don't get what he means

    • dew- pie
      dew- pie 14 days ago

      Your consciousness into the entire universes' consciousness I believe, is what he was meaning by that.

  • Learn with Sarine / Սովորիր Սարինի հետ

    It's just wishful thinking. We can prove if a mother loves his child. ( hornmonal activity, wich brain part is active while the child around then compare to 100s of test results to people who honestly love their child and do not the child, after comparing the result that will give us almost 100% guarantee to get the right answer)

  • Michael Mills
    Michael Mills 18 days ago

    Interesting! Words are all we've got to share our thoughts on concepts we don't understand. I suspect most of us shall die, never having experienced any, but the lowest levels of consciousness. There's probably a very few, that are way ahead of the rest of us. I hope they survive. It's a jungle out there.

  • Jay Charles
    Jay Charles 18 days ago

    Learn to meditate; it heals body mind and soul

  • Aron Reeves
    Aron Reeves 19 days ago

    He needed water

    CHANNEL LINEAGE 19 days ago +9

    Great speech, what a great fellow! 🙂 Love and peace to all of you.

  • Sergiu
    Sergiu 22 days ago

    pseudoscience and a whole lot of speculation!

  • Neel Patel
    Neel Patel 22 days ago

    Too much saliva

  • Badri Narayan
    Badri Narayan 22 days ago

    When you stop thinking you're an insult to human progress.
    Science works.
    Mysticism is a lazy, stone-age fiction that addles your mind.
    Chide me if you will but there's a reason you're on the internet doing so.
    Human intellectual progress has finally allowed us to think about universal issues and challenge such abstract mumbo-jumbos.

  • Ashish Verma
    Ashish Verma 22 days ago

    That moment of silence in the end spoke everything 🙏

  • Doug K
    Doug K 24 days ago +1

    So that's where Dr. wayne Dyer got that metaphor.

  • Bryan Cargill
    Bryan Cargill 24 days ago +1

    Agree that if science can't prove it, that does not mean it doesn't exists. eg: love

  • Fritz Sedney
    Fritz Sedney 25 days ago +1

    give me the shortcut ......just some DMT will get me there I think...

  • kwantumspin
    kwantumspin 28 days ago

    he has such clear and pure eyes...

  • Mohan Gahalot
    Mohan Gahalot 29 days ago

    Those making fun of these video should do only one thing that when u go to sleep just close your eyes n put your focus on your breathe think about yourself not from the worlds perspective but on your own n n slow down your minds movement n let yourself feel the beauty i know its hard to concentrate bcz you wont stop thinking about things once you close your eyes but trust me once you practice you wont regret my advice n once you slow down you brain a lil bit you just go more closer to yourself its true just try it n you will understand everything i say practically

  • dungeon masterblaster
    dungeon masterblaster 29 days ago

    Ol' spitmouth

  • 2ndSTG
    2ndSTG 29 days ago

    Holy Dry slimy mouth sounds Batman! give that guy some water!

  • monster jesse
    monster jesse 29 days ago

    boy i really admire people who choose to and strive to go the distance. fascinating!

  • Manish Deo
    Manish Deo 29 days ago +1

    He is an Ananda Marga Monk.

    • Pip Pipster
      Pip Pipster 19 hours ago

      One should not ‘be’ this or that - or follow this guru or that.

  • Colter Lemire
    Colter Lemire Month ago

    He couldn't do medicine so I decided to waste his life talking nonsense

  • Nathan Farrell
    Nathan Farrell Month ago

    Since I was a kid I’ve had the same ideas of the universe

  • herman sohier
    herman sohier Month ago

    No one can prove the existence of consiousness,because it's a concept,and there is nothing beyond concepts.

    • herman sohier
      herman sohier 28 days ago

      I have been there,done that.There is nothing to seek for nothing to find other than concepts.Who has to be ready? That's the question you have to ask yourself,than the question explodes and that's it .All the rest is fantasy,but there is nothing wrong with that,go ahead,keep creating fantasys untill you die .The only person who was talking about that very clearly whas UG Khrisnamurti.The feeling to be is the primary concept,when that dissepears,everything dissapears .

    • Cristian Chiriac
      Cristian Chiriac 28 days ago

      No one can prove it to you but only you can prove it to you. You can be the prove. If others experienced it why you think you can't? It's because you think and to meet what he's talking about, you have to go deeper into yourself, far deeper than thinking can offer. Every concept it's thought form, its a thing. Concesiousness its no-thing. But explaining to you I'm trying to make it into a thing so you can digest it with your mind that's why you need to embrace this experience by yourself, if you're ready.

  • Aicantar Of Shimmerene

    This amazing exploration of consciousness takes me back to 2010 when I finished 10th grade and decided to choose Humanities for my final 2 years in school instead of Science or Commerce stream. It was in the very first few days of 11th grade that I started reading my Psychology textbook and for the first time in my life encountered the works of Professor Carl Jung and in particular, his monumental contribution to humankind; the collective unconscious. I began to perceive life and reality through completely new dimensions of my conscious mind that I had never imagined possible. The collective unconscious is like an infinite spiders web of human knowledge and memory beginning from the first ancestors and aggravated over every generation, innate unconscious knowledge and memory that every last human share with one another and it connects all our consciousness to each other.

  • Abzorbo
    Abzorbo Month ago +2

    Nonsense ! Science makes no claims, This guy is a comedian...

  • Tim Easterling
    Tim Easterling Month ago

    I'd like to start by saying that I generally believe that there is a universal consciousness of some kind. That said, I'm also a musician and general lover of music. Why is there always soothing music playing during these kinds of "meditation"? Music by itself has the power to invoke images and emotions within me, so I have to question whether this experience is tapping into a universal consciousness or simply a largely shared reaction to the music. Personally, I think that white noise is better. We close our eyes to deny visual input. Since most of us have no access to absolute silence, a close second (to me) is white noise to block out auditory input. With the Gaelic-style music going on, I feel like the experience could be just as attributable to it as any connection with another consciousness.

  • hugba
    hugba Month ago

    Fake news

  • Dave 1
    Dave 1 Month ago

    Literally all I can hear is him smacking his f****** lips take a sip of water bro 😂

  • Gerard Ross
    Gerard Ross Month ago

    Very smooth delivery.

  • Joe Blows
    Joe Blows Month ago

    Good night

  • Joe Blows
    Joe Blows Month ago

    It's true when you listen to your heart if you still got one. Arrrrrr

  • Joe Blows
    Joe Blows Month ago

    Man has destroyed menny souls without the devil's help

    • GS4444
      GS4444 Month ago

      ??? You believe in devils in 2019?

  • Joe Blows
    Joe Blows Month ago

    Man is sinfull

  • Joe Blows
    Joe Blows Month ago

    Feel that god is true not mankind

  • Joe Blows
    Joe Blows Month ago

    Remember learn how to feel without thinking

  • Joe Blows
    Joe Blows Month ago

    The government got you and your soul

  • Joe Blows
    Joe Blows Month ago

    Vote Jesus and stay outside of government and lies

  • Joe Blows
    Joe Blows Month ago

    You will remember your Life passed with a static awareness that cannot be destroyed

  • Joe Blows
    Joe Blows Month ago

    Look when we all die only thing is left is conshesness

  • Joe Blows
    Joe Blows Month ago


  • federico estrada
    federico estrada Month ago

    The heart is a pump. It has nothing to do with emotions or thought

    • federico estrada
      federico estrada Month ago

      If by enlightenment you mean ignorance then yes!

    • Jacob Williams
      Jacob Williams Month ago

      Annnndddd..... That is why enlightenment is only acheivable for some people.

  • Month ago

    The inner self can be easily reached through becoming entrained in a Groove. Every musician, athlete, & other types of physical performers. The release of conscious concerns is automatically surrendered, whether conscious of it or not! Groovism is the belief in the power of The One Groove surrounding our globe!!

  • Paran01a
    Paran01a Month ago

    Does anybody heard that chewing sound. It's distracting me.

  • Josh Commons
    Josh Commons Month ago

    Consciousness is just a coincidental byproduct of our sensory organs interacting with our neurological structure.

  • humpty dumpty
    humpty dumpty Month ago

    Jesus said same thing! Love Jesus! No LIBERALISM! Kill MARX and KILL Hillary! Kill Obama!

  • Ladylulu Gnay
    Ladylulu Gnay Month ago

    That was beautiful what was the music that was playing?

  • Lilly Despina
    Lilly Despina Month ago +1

    Beautiful and Namaste

  • Mike Raulston
    Mike Raulston Month ago +2

    Again a year later i still hear the water vibrate words into conciousness.

    • Mike Raulston
      Mike Raulston 22 days ago

      Concious water vibrating words, maybe work better for you?

    • Shinkajo
      Shinkajo 22 days ago


  • Bhai Bhai
    Bhai Bhai Month ago +1

    Last part

  • Someone
    Someone Month ago

    Does anyone have a rebuttal for this mans claim

    • Petroleum Blood
      Petroleum Blood Month ago

      Maybe someone does... See what I did there?😉😉😉

  • Someone
    Someone Month ago

    I really need to know the answer to this... What do people mean when they say “consciousness is everywhere.”?

  • Tarzan TFYB
    Tarzan TFYB Month ago

    If i'm being completely honest, i didn't even hear the beard noises. I was too intrigued and watching this man speak his mind about his insight on consciousness and inner space. Very well spoken, definitely expanded my own insight and perspective.

  • Vivek Maru
    Vivek Maru Month ago

    Yeh dhongi baba hai, vilayati pakhandi.

  • LunaDestroyerOfWorlds

    This kinda reminds me of what i alwase though death was
    Ive alwase belived ut to be dark and happy like a good rest