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Pilotwings 64 - Nintendo 64 - Nintendo Switch

  • Published on Oct 5, 2022
  • Do you have what it takes to be crowned an ace pilot?! Soar the skies in Pilotwings 64, originally released for the Nintendo 64 system, coming to the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack members on 10/13.
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Comments • 1 317

  • Drew64
    Drew64 Month ago +1884

    Whoever is doing this trailer's voice over needs a raise.

  • Ryan Scott
    Ryan Scott Month ago +802

    This trailer is amazing, and whoever had the idea for it deserves a raise

    • Andrew Jackson
      Andrew Jackson Month ago

      The robot running and screaming got me lol

    • Bobby Dazzler
      Bobby Dazzler Month ago +2

      It's very 90s Sega-esque

    • Steve H
      Steve H Month ago +4

      The people who created this merit a pay increase!

    • PsychoJosh
      PsychoJosh Month ago +4

      It was simple since the game already has this song in the Birdman levels so they just needed to do a voiceover

  • Caleb Moyet
    Caleb Moyet Month ago +743

    Wow..I've never seen this type of trailer from Nintendo, this is hilariously awesome! Can't wait to play it.

    • Big Duke
      Big Duke Month ago +2

      I'm so embarrassed to be a gamer.

    • prim
      prim Month ago

      @Peppermint Toad (Switch Sports is overhated.) boo hoo bro

    • sour
      sour Month ago +3

      @Peppermint Toad (Switch Sports is overhated.) just because youre not a comedian doesnt mean you cant comprehend humour

    • Peppermint Toad (Switch Sports is overhated.)
      Peppermint Toad (Switch Sports is overhated.) Month ago

      @sour I'm not really a comedian, I'm a gamer/artist.

    • sour
      sour Month ago

      @Rose Supreme it was a joke you absolute humour drained horseradish

  • Gamecamiller Kaiju Club
    Gamecamiller Kaiju Club Month ago +473

    This trailer is amazing. They didn't have to go through all this effort. But I'm glad they did.

    • PsychoJosh
      PsychoJosh Month ago

      It's an actual song from the game.

    • MAPCnet Games
      MAPCnet Games Month ago

      @Poble Não dá pra se calar numa comunicação por texto mas analisando o seu perfil, quem sabe poderemos ajudar também na sua divulgação apesar de não ter postado nenhum vídeo já 2 semanas. Boa sorte!

    • Poble
      Poble Month ago +3

      @MAPCnet Games cale-se

    • MAPCnet Games
      MAPCnet Games Month ago

      Gamecamiller Kaiju Club Parabéns! Mereceu a nossa inscrição, agora você poderá compartilhar seus vídeos em nosso grupo e vídeo de divulgação.

  • Beanbot Productions
    Beanbot Productions Month ago +554

    This is legitimately one of my favorite commercials for a Switch product

  • Mirby Studios
    Mirby Studios Month ago +31

    "that's oddly specific" gets me every single time

  • Tarkus Edge
    Tarkus Edge Month ago +138

    I like the idea of modern commercials for old games. I hope we see more of that.

    • Moon
      Moon Month ago

      MOON PFP

    • CanuckleHead
      CanuckleHead Month ago +2

      Ironically this type of humor and quirkiness resembles those old commercials in the first place haha

    • Lance
      Lance Month ago +2

      @Sanji Génial wrong

    • Sanji Génial
      Sanji Génial Month ago +4

      They did that for all N64 releases on Switch, or even EarthBound. First time with a voice though.

  • Daniel Ocheita
    Daniel Ocheita Month ago +312

    Voiceover totally fits this game’s vibe and soundtrack

  • Anton Retro
    Anton Retro Month ago +159

    What an unexpected but legendary trailer.

  • Luapkcuhs
    Luapkcuhs Month ago +445

    very tactical move, release the mario movie trailer, then release pilot wings to make a 200% profit. well done nintendo

    • Donkeykong 260
      Donkeykong 260 Month ago

      @BlankLit we need Adventure Beetle Racing!

    • BlankLit
      BlankLit Month ago +1

      @Donkeykong 260 They’re really bringing it. The Pokémon stadium games, the Mario Party trilogy, and Goldeneye. My next guess for the next ring of games are, Donkey Kong 64, Diddy Kong Racing, Banjo Tooie, and Smash 64.

    • Donkeykong 260
      Donkeykong 260 Month ago +1

      Not to mention goldeneye is on the way!

    • A B
      A B Month ago

      @Thorny bro what? Chill tf out. Nobody was saying anything bad. Bootlicker

    • Thorny
      Thorny Month ago

      Almost like it’s a company that wants to make a profit!!!! So they can make us some cool new games.

  • ThatOneGamerDude
    ThatOneGamerDude Month ago +215

    I did not expect this from Nintendo…..I LOVE IT!

  • Dankore
    Dankore Month ago +83

    This was genuinely funny and enjoyable. Can't wait to play Pilotwings again.

  • KayFiOS
    KayFiOS Month ago +19

    As someone who grew up with this game, I was constantly hoping that Nintendo would release PilotWings 64 (and Mario Party 3) on Virtual Console for the Wii, and later the Wii U, but it never happened. I'm glad to finally see this game get some sort of release, and I hope more people get to experience this game. At the very least, listen to the soundtrack. Dan Hess did an amazing job with it, and it deserves to be appreciated by more people!

    • KayFiOS
      KayFiOS 19 days ago

      @GiGa BanGThe N64 emulation on Switch still has some rough patches to iron out, such as the birdman stages being nigh unplayable, but at least Nintendo has been updating the emulation. If there was a problem on the Wii or Wii U Virtual Console, Nintendo wouldn't do a damn thing!

    • GiGa BanG
      GiGa BanG 19 days ago

      Shame this one got stuck behind a paywall. Saying that though, the Wii and U emulation of N64 games weren’t the best… far from it.

    • Dan Hess
      Dan Hess Month ago +5


  • devinsupertramp
    devinsupertramp Month ago +45

    I love this game so much! One of my favorites on the 64 and still do this day it’s magic! Music too is next level!!

  • h91
    h91 Month ago +44

    One of the most relaxing pieces of game music ever

  • Shawn Regina
    Shawn Regina Month ago +26

    The soundtrack to Pilotwings is crazy underrated so I’m loving that this trailers concept revolves around the super groovy music. The music made this game so atmospheric. Im looking forward to soaring the skies to these smooth grooves.

    • Shawn Regina
      Shawn Regina Month ago

      @Big Duke birdman is an even better track… so not really no.

    • Dan Hess
      Dan Hess Month ago

      @Big Duke hmm. Not so much

    • Big Duke
      Big Duke Month ago

      I guarantee you that everyone on the comments raving about this soundtrack are all only remembering that single piece of music used for hang gliding and misremembering that every song sounded like that.

    • Dan Hess
      Dan Hess Month ago +2

      @KayFiOS not yet! But I released a remake of Birdman on my RU-clip channel…

    • KayFiOS
      KayFiOS Month ago +2

      It's one of my favorite soundtracks. I'm pretty sure the original composer wanted to do a remix album at one point, but I don't know if anything came of that.

  • MechaG2
    MechaG2 Month ago +4

    Man, the memories playing Pilotwings 64 on my good ol' N64 for hours on end... Absolutely love this game! ❤
    This is one series Nintendo _needs_ to bring back. 👍

  • Giga Force
    Giga Force Month ago +78

    Been one of my favorite Nintendo 64 games since I got it on launch in 1996. Dan Hess made one incredible soundtrack that I’ll never forget.

    • Peppermint Toad (Switch Sports is overhated.)
      Peppermint Toad (Switch Sports is overhated.) Month ago +3

      @Lloyd Duff The worst N64 game is Superman: The New Superman Adventures (Superman 64).

    • Lance
      Lance Month ago

      @Lloyd Duff You have garbage taste, Lloyd

    • Maubari
      Maubari Month ago

      @Lloyd Duff I'm sorry that you're too old to enjoy the nicer things in life. Such a bitter person you must be.

    • Dan Hess
      Dan Hess Month ago +7

      @Lloyd Duff whatever

    • Lloyd Duff
      Lloyd Duff Month ago

      I dont see the attraction Out of any N64 game they had to pick the WORST one.

  • Jacob S.
    Jacob S. Month ago +27

    I'm so happy that Pilotwings got such a great trailer. I'll always love when the smaller series get a big spotlight.

  • Swaggy-G 2102
    Swaggy-G 2102 Month ago +9

    I just love how this trailer gives me "late night commercials" vibes.

  • ERMedia
    ERMedia Month ago +32

    This is your best trailer ever. Do more like that! Give the people who did this a raise!

  • LeafyMeadow
    LeafyMeadow Month ago +15

    This is the greatest Pilotwings related thing I have ever, **ever** witnessed

  • Elevate388
    Elevate388 Month ago +45

    Whoever made this trailer at Nintendo, give them a raise.

  • Joey JoJo
    Joey JoJo Month ago +80

    Awesome, I haven't played this since I was a kid. I always wondered why this was never rereleased

    • Bottled Poe
      Bottled Poe Month ago +4

      @potato the 3ds one is good but it's still pretty different from pilotwings 64

    • potato
      potato Month ago +2

      there is a 3ds version.

      MAGICANT Month ago +2

      i think its due to the main development studio of the game going defunct in 2008, thats why theres no references to pilotwings 64 in smash

  • MetaGrave
    MetaGrave Month ago +7

    The best track in the game (Birdman) and an amazing voiceover with a fun script. I'm so happy this game is getting a chance to soar again. Pun intended.

  • Jared Standridge
    Jared Standridge Month ago +4

    I love Pilotwings 64 so much. It definitely got a lot of playtime from me as a kid. Kudos to Nintendo for adding it, but also for using the Birdman song and this stellar voiceover to promote it’s upcoming release.

  • James Jackson KFP #999

    This was one of my favorite Nintendo 64 games as a teenager. It looks like Nintendo did a really nice job of polishing it up in the emulator for HD! I'm very excited to get back into Pilotwings 64 for the first time in a long time.

  • Cheddar Bay Baby
    Cheddar Bay Baby Month ago +9

    I actually love how they’ve been putting effort into these N64 trailers

  • Cooper Stevenson
    Cooper Stevenson Month ago +3

    Props to Nintendo for giving this game the amazing presentation it deserves.
    I can't wait to 100% it all over again 😌👌

  • Alfredo
    Alfredo Month ago +5

    This trailer (is hilarious and) renews my hope for the direction of Nintendo's corporate upper management from being entirely *based* (specific wording, _based_ ) in monetary value of products, rather than fun and creativity.
    I watched a lot of Nintendo trailers and read lots of information that I've put such an analysis together. :)

  • Roberto Ramirez
    Roberto Ramirez Month ago +37

    Never thought I’d be slow talked by Pilot Wings 64 and yet here we are

  • Pryce Ginzo
    Pryce Ginzo Month ago +45

    That trailer just motivates me even more

  • Donnie Kusic
    Donnie Kusic Month ago +23

    My favorite videogame track of all time!! I am so excited about this release. Man, the high school memories…

  • Randal of Tortillia
    Randal of Tortillia Month ago +9

    a return of one of the best game soundtracks ever

  • tetraspirit
    tetraspirit Month ago +2

    The OST by Dan Hess is one of the reasons I can fail at a stage over and over again and not get tired, because the grooves keep me going!

  • SkylineTo
    SkylineTo Month ago +4

    I think the creative vision here is great, please more like it thank you

  • Tom Holmes
    Tom Holmes Month ago +3

    I've really been looking forward to this one, since it never made it onto the Wii or Wii U. It looks pretty fun and has a lot of options that aren't in the other two games in the series.

  • Dezooie Lylat
    Dezooie Lylat Month ago +4

    I always loved this game as a kid. The music was so calm and relaxing. And now with this voice over!
    Never tought i could get asmr vibes from PilotWings

  • NishiOxnard
    NishiOxnard Month ago +18

    Wow, they actually made a good trailer and put effort into it and weren't afraid to show some personality. Good for them. A+ voice.

  • Inuyasha463
    Inuyasha463 Month ago +3

    Loving everything about this trailer. Can't wait to play Pilotwings 64 again.

  • Leif Johnson
    Leif Johnson Month ago +18

    They need a new iteration of this series I loved the 3ds version

  • DisconnecteD『ディスコネクテッド』

    This game is legendary, thanks for giving it attention! Would love to see another sequel like this someday.

  • Jake Hishon
    Jake Hishon Month ago +1

    Pilotwings is easily a core gaming memory for so many, N64s launch into the world was a graphical powerhouse. SO fun to be able to boot this up with my little ones on the switch.

  • The Blue Pixeling
    The Blue Pixeling Month ago +13

    I've never played the Pilotwings games but I heard some good things about PW64. I'll check it out when it arrives.

  • RedZeshinX
    RedZeshinX Month ago +1

    I remember playing this game with my Dad and brother as a kid back in the 90's. We wouldn't even play the objectives, we would just give ourselves random goofy challenges flying around in the gyrocopter, tricks like flying close to the water under a series of bridges, landing on top of skyscrapers and oil rigs, or a long and tricky flight path across America zooming through gas station signs, bridge arches and narrow canyons. Really loved playing in the secret Bird Man levels, too, very peaceful opportunity to fly around with bird wings exploring all the corners of the map. Was my first experience with an open world where you could ignore the rules and just go off doing silly things, just great childhood memories.

  • Gabriel José
    Gabriel José Month ago +3

    I love this game, one of the most underated games on N64

  • Jocko Johnson
    Jocko Johnson Month ago

    What an underrated classic of a game! I'm sure my nostalgia makes me heavily biased, but I think that this was one of the best games on the N64.

  • TB Tabby
    TB Tabby Month ago +2

    Love the trailer, and the framerate upgrade. Just one more week until the Forgotten Pilotwings gets the spotlight once again.

  • Touch. Me. I Will Turn You ONN

    I love this game so much! One of my favorites on the 64 and still do this day it’s magic! Music too is next level!!

  • newnew
    newnew Month ago +16

    The soundtrack is so good to me

  • MilkmanYeti
    MilkmanYeti Month ago +2

    I've always loved this game. This is amazing.

  • Bubbles093
    Bubbles093 Month ago +2

    I may actually upgrade my plan JUST for this game 😭🙌🏽 one of my childhood faves, and one of the first games I ever 100% completed!

  • crazyguy41
    crazyguy41 Month ago +9

    This was unexpected. Good job nintendo with the cool trailer 👌

  • GameCube Galaxy
    GameCube Galaxy Month ago +4

    Looking forward to revisiting this on the Switch. Between this, and the masterful Super Mario Bros Movie trailer, it’s an awesome day for Nintendo and its fans!

  • CharlieCon
    CharlieCon Month ago +5

    This is so much better than the dry gameplay videos that usually get put out for this stuff.

  • Beau Walker
    Beau Walker Month ago +2

    Yes, wanted this game on Wii way back. Wonder why it took so long?
    Loved this game as a kid, and I remember it, and Mario 64 were the first N64 games.
    Love the soundtrack.

  • Bernandez4139
    Bernandez4139 Month ago +2

    That voiceover fits the soundtrack SO WELL!

  • Donovan agee
    Donovan agee Month ago +8

    Whoever voice the trailer is spot on it so smooth and calm too he deserves a raise still I might give this game a try

    • Donovan agee
      Donovan agee Month ago

      @LUCKYRiCK yeah I already knew that

      LUCKYRiCK Month ago

      He sounds like the voice actor of Rodin from Bayonetta.

  • Elite Teach
    Elite Teach Month ago +11

    This legit feels like a fan trailer

  • Dennis Nyh
    Dennis Nyh Month ago +4

    I loved this game as a kid. Soothing as all heck.

  • ThatOneGamerDude
    ThatOneGamerDude Month ago +9

    First, the Mario Movie now they are releasing Pilotwings 64 on the Switch good on you, Nintendo 😊

  • seanmcbay
    seanmcbay Month ago +1

    Always loved this one. I remember wanting it to come to Virtual Console but it never did for some reason.

  • Ashley W
    Ashley W Month ago

    This was my first video game I ever played when I was a kid. I'm so happy that this game got the trailer it so very much deserves. Incredible.

  • Andrew Morrow
    Andrew Morrow Month ago +4

    Loved this game back in the day

  • John Douglas
    John Douglas Month ago +11

    That announcer deserve an award 🥇 😂

  • Tyler
    Tyler Month ago +6

    I forgot how much I loved this game

  • Wobble2007
    Wobble2007 Month ago +2

    One of Nintendo's best games on the N64, would love to see a full fat proper new Pilot Wings game on the NS, there is nothing else like it that captures the same gameplay and feel.

    • Asian Prince
      Asian Prince Month ago +2

      This game rocked the whole 1996 year, nostalgia. There were also many cool games released for N64...Mario 64
      1996 was special, very.

  • Aru Nca
    Aru Nca Month ago +1

    This was years in the making. I remember my friends and I joking about this music when it just came out in the 90s. Glad they didn’t push it too far with grunts and slaps.

  • HeroC14
    HeroC14 Month ago +11

    Yes so relaxing.

    • MrMii
      MrMii Month ago +1

      The most relaxing trailer from Nintendo I’ve seen in a while lol

  • Russel Bowersox TV
    Russel Bowersox TV Month ago +2

    This is what we needed. This trailer. Amazing. I will be playing this.

  • newageBoundhippie
    newageBoundhippie Month ago +2

    Pilotwings, Wave Race and 1080 need to be revived on Switch....and man I love that "that's oddly specific" in the trailer

  • Andy Witmyer
    Andy Witmyer Month ago

    I can infer from the quality and generally amazing vibe of this trailer, that whoever decided to make it this way is an absolute god among men. I'd say take my money, but you already have it!

  • The Easter Egg Hunter
    The Easter Egg Hunter Month ago +2

    This was the first N64 game I rented from Blockbuster's, partly because I couldn't afford to buy a game after purchasing the console 🤣 also shooting Mario and turning him into Wario was the 1st Easter Egg I ever found in a video game. Looking forward to playing it again.

  • J Rob Woo
    J Rob Woo Month ago +3

    It’s the music, for me. This is an awesome trailer!

  • Ethel Chip
    Ethel Chip Month ago +3

    Pilotwings is the most underrated Nintendo franchise and 64 is the best entry imo. It deserves a 4th game.

  • Fade2BlackSS
    Fade2BlackSS Month ago +2

    This game had one of the most chill soundtracks of all time. It also has some hilarious animations and voice-overs. It takes me back man. ;-(

  • Bill Cass
    Bill Cass Month ago

    Best entry in the series. Amazing jazzy soundtrack and fun original characters as the pilots. The 3DS game sucked a lot of the personality out of it for me.
    If you're new to this game definitely check it out, it holds up very well even today.

  • Brayan Gonzalez
    Brayan Gonzalez Month ago +7

    This trailer is vividly nostalgic of old TV commercials

  • PuckMonkey
    PuckMonkey Month ago

    I still have my N64 hooked up and play this from time to time. I don't really need it on Switch, but I'm happy to see Nintendo showing Pilotwings some attention... Makes me hopeful that they will come up with a modern sequel soon. But I'm not holding my breath.

  • Zach Mansoor
    Zach Mansoor Month ago +5

    One of my favorite video game tracks of all time. Dan Hess went crazy on this soundtrack

  • Moist Peanut
    Moist Peanut Month ago +3

    best soundtrack in the world, always was and always will be.

  • Cillitbong
    Cillitbong Month ago

    I Love Nintendo. They make my childhood memories stay with me.

  • Duncan Clark
    Duncan Clark Month ago +4

    "That's oddly specific" 🤣🤣🤣 . This trailer is AMAZING

    SKODEN Month ago +16

    This was my very first Nintendo 64 game right here

  • ReverentGarbage667
    ReverentGarbage667 Month ago +2

    I love how they make new trailers for old n64 games coming to switch instead of using the old trailers or just showing some gameplay while saying "This game will be available on Nintendo Switch Online+ Expansion Pack!" And these reimagining of trailers end up becoming better than some trailers of 1st party games

  • TeamRocket
    TeamRocket Month ago +3

    The style of this trailer caught me off guard. But at the same time the memories from my 90s childhood is flooding back and it's telling me to get the damn expansion pack!

  • Ophius
    Ophius Month ago +4

    Glad this game and soundtrack are getting another chance. Great game with a phenomenal soundtrack. The OC Remix of Birdman "Midnight Altitude" is one of the best pieces of music I've ever heard

    • Dan Hess
      Dan Hess Month ago

      @Sentimentation absolutely!

    • Dan Hess
      Dan Hess Month ago

      That was a good one

    • Sentimentation
      Sentimentation Month ago +1

      I also highly highly recommend The 8-bit Big Band’s arrangement of Birdman

  • HG
    HG Month ago +6

    First the Mario movie, now this? This might be Nintendo's best day ever.

  • Andreas Sussman
    Andreas Sussman Month ago +1

    Awesome N64 Classic. Awesome voiceover. Sounds like a classic soul singer come to think of it. Good stuff.

  • Bearorgans
    Bearorgans Month ago +2

    I used to rent this game all the time from blockbuster. it's got one of the best soundtracks on the N64.

    • Bearorgans
      Bearorgans Month ago +1

      I am still debating on buying the expansion so I can actually play it.

  • VideoFeverShow
    VideoFeverShow Month ago +2

    It’s finally back! After never appearing on Virtual Console and not being referenced in Smash Bros, Pilotwings 64 returns! And Nintendo brought their trailer A-game.

  • dennis nedry
    dennis nedry Month ago +2

    This gem deserves a REMAKE!

  • Fiddledo
    Fiddledo Month ago

    One more day. I can't wait to play this game. I've always wanted to play it.

  • Lucas The Phantom Thief

    To cap off an already great day with the Mario Movie Trailer another N64 Classic is coming to NSO. Nice

  • Josh Cook
    Josh Cook Month ago +1

    my childhood. I loved this game growing up.

  • robbysalz
    robbysalz Month ago

    Literally one of the best commercials ever made. WE NEED A NEW PILOTWINGS GAME!

  • Enoxix
    Enoxix Month ago

    Never played it, but seeing the comments I’m pretty curious! Mostly waiting for the release of Pokemon Stadium 1/2 on the Switch though!

  • Blackdragon6
    Blackdragon6 Month ago +2

    Damn, the nostalgia 🥹🥹🥹

  • michael parker
    michael parker Month ago +2

    The name of the song playing in the background is called Birdman and it is from the original N64 version of Pilotwings and is probably the best song on the soundtrack!

  • Jorge Cepeda
    Jorge Cepeda Month ago +3

    Thanks for the good news keep adding more games on the N64 version.