WHAT THE HECK? Weird Art Tool

  • Published on Dec 6, 2018
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Comments • 351

  • Dolores Bennett
    Dolores Bennett 4 months ago

    Can't see the point of it if it has to be used with a phone. Don't think it is that useful anyhow. Sorry. But thanks for your time. Demo could have been better.

  • Carly Quinn
    Carly Quinn 9 months ago

    Your phone is an iPhone s9 plus? XD 15:09

  • Heather anne
    Heather anne 10 months ago

    You gave me anxiety touching that glass

  • *Star Land Gacha*
    *Star Land Gacha* 10 months ago +1

    You can just put the paper or the thing you want to use on your device and just sketch it like that simple like it’s just putting a paper on an iPad plus it doesn’t matter what lightness level it is at and to add to that you don’t have to spend money

  • Lixae
    Lixae 11 months ago

    Seems like it would be a bit strange to use. Id probably give up halfway and just place the paper right onto the ipad and trace it X

  • Most_Liked_ Commet
    Most_Liked_ Commet 11 months ago

    Wait in new so is she the girl from the vine omg

  • Hai Everyone
    Hai Everyone 11 months ago


  • Mike Sevilla
    Mike Sevilla 11 months ago

    Have u seen the adds for the Lucy projector it’s kinda like the thing ur using

  • HyperGu
    HyperGu 11 months ago

    I had a cheap toy as a child that did exactly the same thing but the "mirror was red"

  • KeiRo Multiverse
    KeiRo Multiverse 11 months ago

    I had a thing like this when I was a kid, but of course it wasn’t supposed to be used with a smartphone, but it came with pre printed designs and characters.

  • CyberxRose
    CyberxRose 11 months ago +1

    I just find a cool pic on google, set my brightness to the highest it goes, and do that thing where you can triple click your home button and not be able to exit the app and then chose where I don’t want it to be touched and select the whole screen then put paper over my iPad and start tracing!

  • Morgan_ is _great
    Morgan_ is _great 11 months ago

    How much money is this

  • Noor Draws
    Noor Draws 11 months ago

    OK y all I haven't read the comments yet so I am guessing that 89 percent of the comments are I'm already tracer

  • d
    d 11 months ago

    OMG reminds me of my old DigiDraw

  • Deliya Jackman
    Deliya Jackman 11 months ago

    iPhone s9+?? Que

  • irgendXeine
    irgendXeine 11 months ago

    That Little Girl on the thumbnail 😂😂🥺

  • فاتن الهلال
    فاتن الهلال 11 months ago

    i want that

  • intheshitter
    intheshitter 11 months ago

    Might be able to fix the warping by putting something under the stand so it slightly changes the angle,

  • —きよでぃKiyoshi
    —きよでぃKiyoshi 11 months ago

    An ipad 2,3,4? I have ipad 2 and its not good

  • Crafty Girls
    Crafty Girls 11 months ago

    Can’t you make that at home seriously like if you agree

  • Sabrina Mei
    Sabrina Mei 11 months ago

    There was a Wendy's kids meal toy a while ago that was like a mini version of this except it would just reflect a provided image on paper onto a new piece of paper

  • Tanza T
    Tanza T Year ago

    Is it just me or does it including 11 sheets of paper bother me? 🤣🤣🤣

  • ImNotInFirst
    ImNotInFirst Year ago

    Was this video sponsored

  • Madi
    Madi Year ago

    I was going to say for the instructions when it said to follow the picture, what if your blind and can’t see but then I was like oh wait most blind people are not artist. I also realized that they couldn’t even read. I’m just not thinking straight

  • Rick Phillips
    Rick Phillips Year ago

    I'm left handed to yay

  • ArtsyBritt
    ArtsyBritt Year ago

    This is a no for me dawg

  • MariPaiolla
    MariPaiolla Year ago

    i had something like that when I was little.. it was fun...

  • equesdeventusoccasus

    It looks like a piece of smoked plexiglass and a stand. You should try picking up a larger piece of plexiglass to see if that allows you to draw larger images.

  • xx hullo xx
    xx hullo xx Year ago

    3:54 your phone it was showing a blue light as if you were recording on it so you could be getting watched!!😰😰😰

    • xx hullo xx
      xx hullo xx Year ago

      @Bumble Baylee oh thanks for telling me my phone shows a blue light when I'm recording so I was worried😂anyways I love you're videos soo muchh😘😘😘

    • Bumble Baylee
      Bumble Baylee Year ago +1

      Blue light means I have a notification. There is no light that comes on when recording video for this phone.

  • Rose mary
    Rose mary Year ago

    This is such a cool product. I would’ve never thought of it because as long as there is a drawing of something, I can replicate it exactly in multiple sizes just by looking at it. Pictures of things that aren’t drawings is a different story though! I think that’s a really nice thing that many people will enjoy!

  • Lewd Donut
    Lewd Donut Year ago

    Camera Obscura and Camera Lucida is suppose to be the same theory or rather a modern artist was actually trying to figure out how a specific artist from the 19th century use to paint such detailed drawings

  • Galilea Pluto
    Galilea Pluto Year ago +1

    YOU MET TOM FELTON??!!!! Ur so luckyyyy

  • Carina Perla
    Carina Perla Year ago

    She said iPhone s9+ haha love ya💕

  • LegitMate
    LegitMate Year ago

    when i saw that the purpouse (idk how to spell) of this product was to be able to trace things i imediatly paused the video and said "I WANNA BE TRACER" and thats when i realized that this product is ALREADY TRACER!!!!!

    please save me i've pent too much time on tiktok.....

  • James Barton
    James Barton Year ago

    Excellent review. 👍 😄 Honestly a tabletop projector would work better. Does anyone make one that can project the image downward similar to the cameras RU-cliprs and others use? A portable version of something like that would be awesome!

  • Simrit Rawan
    Simrit Rawan Year ago

    15:09 lol she said iPhone s9 plus

  • caroline rose
    caroline rose Year ago

    Here’s a tip if you don’t want to spend all that money just to trace something from a tablet
    This tip would work best with a larger device:
    Download the app, turn your screen on full brightness, lock your photo in place so it doesn’t move like it normally does and there you go, your own custom light board... obviously this wouldn’t work with all surfaces but you could just transfer it onto another surface by covering the whole back in graphite, place it on your surface and trace the lines again...
    Thank you for reading this, hope it helps you save your cash!

  • Piper Reed
    Piper Reed Year ago

    this is just a cuter, grown up version of that crayola tracing toy that did the exact same thing

  • Adri B
    Adri B Year ago +3

    I saw a picture of Baylee with Tom Felton. I'm confused

  • Cancer
    Cancer Year ago

    *im already t r a c e r*

  • Sephirith
    Sephirith Year ago

    I dunno, feels like it's better for actual sketching. You take sketch from device to desired surface and get a sketch down then refine after. But not exactly as advertised.

  • Sketchbook Sarah
    Sketchbook Sarah Year ago


  • nami
    nami Year ago +3

    *Holly Brown has entered the chat*

  • Chitra Gupta
    Chitra Gupta Year ago

    1,00,00 subs already????
    whoa I've been gone for a long time

  • BlueVaporeon
    BlueVaporeon Year ago

    My first impression: Oh great, a easier way for people to trace and steal art... hurray

  • Ezra williams
    Ezra williams Year ago +1

    did she say she had an i phone ? 15:09

  • Rooster Fireball
    Rooster Fireball Year ago

    Now that is cool...

  • Ely Almaraz
    Ely Almaraz Year ago

    Ok this is dejavú I know for sure there was something similar in the 90s or 2000s cuz I remember seeing a commercial instead of the iPad or phone it was the picture itself

  • fuzzydragons
    fuzzydragons Year ago

    that just seems so pointless. I would rather spend the 30 quid on a projector or light box to use

  • Nic Does stuff
    Nic Does stuff Year ago

    There’s light boxes for tracing, a lot more simplistic

    • pixi
      pixi Year ago

      this is aimed at materials like wood, you can't put wood on top of a light source and expect to get a light to shine through.

  • Vickie Rayhill
    Vickie Rayhill Year ago

    Holy cow! I have a gadget almost like this that was designed for calligraphy that I bought probably 20 years ago. The mirror panel is smaller because it sized to transfer ruling lines for lettering wedding envelopes. Im going to see if my cell phone works!

  • nen nennen
    nen nennen Year ago

    This is so nostalgic... My friend had that but a toy one.
    I thought it was the shit and begged my mom to get it for me but she gave me tracing paper instead.

  • Rokokitti
    Rokokitti Year ago

    Love the background music, wish I could find tthe name/artist of the song.

  • sumanth marichetty

    Has anyone realised that she said iPhone s9 plus

  • sebastian crucianu

    *iphone s9 plus*

  • Saramoni
    Saramoni Year ago

    This is a ripoff throwback to an item that was popular in the late 90's, early 2000's. I wanted one so badly lol

  • Sithuli Jayamuni
    Sithuli Jayamuni Year ago

    Do you have lock screen on, maybe

  • kiero isdabest
    kiero isdabest Year ago


  • kkk kkk
    kkk kkk Year ago

    this fucking girl would not remove the case, way to go lazy ass fuck

    • kkk kkk
      kkk kkk Year ago

      Jess Edits I did read that but shit it doesn't prove that she ain't a lazy ass fuck. Heck even the product she used is made for lazy people like her.
      "This is the type of art I do" she said in context to tracing. She is just plagiarising her own art. Noting is more lazy than that

    • pixi
      pixi Year ago

      she literally explained why in her pinned comment, instead of being disgusting and rude maybe don't assume shit

  • banana co
    banana co Year ago

    Baylee, your voice and some of your mannerisms remind me a lot of Pam from The Office!