10 Dark Theories About Marge Simpson That Ruin Everything

  • Published on May 15, 2018
  • Could Marge Simpson be much more than the mild-mannered house wife she appears to be? Subscribe to our channel: goo.gl/ho3Hg6
    Marge Simpson is typically the anchor of The Simpsons family, but she has hidden some dark truths over the years. Along with drinking and gambling problems, the internet has been full of some crazy theories about the mother to Bart, Lisa, and Maggie.
    Let’s dive deep into the world of The Simpsons and look at some of these dark theories involving the infamous blue-haired character. Marge may be in every single episode of The Simpsons, but a troubling theory popped up that some viewers have noticed. Marge has no true friends. Not only does she not have friends, but Homer may be blackmailing her to stay married and enjoy the life she loves. One of the biggest mysteries in The Simpsons was “Who Shot Mr. Burns”, but one theory points to Marge rather than Maggie. Through the years, we’ve seen how superficial Marge can be, almost to the point of social anxiety. Marge claims to love Homer, but she has been a big tease over the years, hinting at relationships with numerous characters. One of the toughest things Marge has ever gone through was dealing with Bart’s Death, in a rumored episode that was cut from production and never actually aired. In one episode Marge loses her hair due to extreme stress, but there may have been a deeper and real-life disease behind this condition. Marge’s childhood was not only not the greatest, but it involved a lot of abuse along the way. Marge was caught shoplifting, but her actions may have not been the first time she swiped and stole items. Watch to see all these theories and several others!
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    I have alopecia areata

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    I actually had alopecia ariata back in 2011..

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    how about the fact marge is one of few characters that have blue hair, and the natural color of certain types of radiation is blue.

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    Buckley's Angel?

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    Way to many ads for one 12 minute video

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    how could marge shoot mister burns I thought it had to be someone with simpson dna not bouvia dna (marge's maiden name)

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    Marge is a Libra so not surprised

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    Anxiety being a dark theory is just making me mad

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    Why is screenrant wrong about everything

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    Lol and M S can be Marge instead of Maggie.

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    not passed to her children?
    sure, but bart, lisa and maggi definitely are kinda mutated
    see the missing hairline

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    0:34 - :40
    I fell off my chair and nearly punched my cat

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    Homer about to say the f word ad pops off

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    Marge is friends with other women in the community and there are future scenes where she's divorced and she's financially better off than homer

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    Aquaman drowned in endgame

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    That bunny one y'all said *'thankfully she hasn't passed it down to her children'*
    Okay Lisa is like a damn star Bart is like a paper bag lmao😂

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    Marge is friends with ruth powers

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    Magi shot mr berns thers avdenc

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    Omg the 2nd one about marge not being able to leave homer. It's a cartoon you're thinking way into it lmao

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    Marge is black

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    Crap video

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    Isn't it obvious that when bart died he was replaced with elbarto

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    Marges hair loss isn’t just because of stress
    It’s because of a hair loss condition caused by stress 🤔

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    They always tease the large marge episode but they NEVER actually show it they dont even show it on tv.

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    ..why does marge sound like she smoke cigarettes and drink wine. But is the angel when it comes to character

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    Poor Marge Simpson

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    1. Dead Bart is a CREEPYPASTA. It is just an edited scene from Bart the General where Bart has a daydream about him getting killed by Nelson Muntz.
    2. You don't even have to look far to prove that Marge has anxiety. One time she made her whole family not be themselves because she wanted them to fit in at a country club.
    4. Marge having rabbit ears isn't a freaking theory. It's a scrapped concept. It was going to be a reference to Matt Groening's comic series 'Life in Hell'.right
    Get your facts right.

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    If Marge has bunny ears underneath her explain where the bunny ears are when her hair is down in the scene where's she's in the shower or why can't see them with holes in her hair during the episode where loses her hair & also if she had bunny ears underneath her hair it would make it a lot harder to hide things in her hair when she was shoplifting

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    Might be true ... i have no bros either my bro died 2005 and i dont want another .. am i alone no ... by fare i have my family sooooo

    DJJOE 2 months ago

    In the intro for the simpsons, in the scene in the supermarket , Marge is holding a news paper then the shot turns to Maggie being scanned, then when the shot turns back to Marge the news paper "magically" disappears. (This further backs up the theory of Marge shoplifting).

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    Poor Marge. :'(

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    This video is written by people who hasn’t seen The Simpson’s completely

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    TBH Marge is more of a mother figure than my actual mum.

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    At the beginning did he say large Simpson ??

    FIESTA FLANDERS 2 months ago +1

    Homer isn't wealthy. Marge is usually stressed about how little money they have. If money was they only reason she was still with homer she could just leave him for her high school/ college (can't remember which) boyfriend who is actually wealthy. He would marry her at a moment's notice

  • Kerberos
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    But wasnt marge physically abused in the christian school as a kid for being lefthanded? yknow so badly that she adapted writing with her right hand.

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    I would agree with most of this except for March shooting Mr.Burns because at the end of that episode part 2 Maggie made a little face like she shot Mr.Burns on purpose

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    I've always loved Marge's beautiful Lime Green dress💚

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    in 2:51 did homer just say the f word

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    Why would you believe a theory about Marge made up by the creator of Bojack what's next a belief in a theory about family Guy made up by Justin roiland the voice of Rick and Morty or something

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    I see the topic on Marge is in the category with the issues in the UrbanCommunity and youtube I think is it because she eccepted or cold she has Black in her
    I don't know but as I said before she's under the category of topic un the Black commuity on social media / youtube

  • Henry Belman
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    Maud was never shown to be her friend, marge could not have shot mr burns as she has an alabi and there was simpson dna on the gun and despite what she says, she is a bouvia. she doesn't have rabbit ears as the hair loss episode clearly shows that it is just hair. the rabbit ears were a reference to life in hell.

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    I remember playing that game as a kid. I always wondered why Marge had rabbit ears in it 😁😂

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    I'm sick of hearing about that Dead Bart creepypasta

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    1. Ruth Powers

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    This should just be titled "Marge is Fucked Up" lol

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    Considering the time she turned down the millionaire nerd I'd say this whole thing is a wash.

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    that's not what ambidextrous is

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    The emotional cheating one was the most headass and clearly male constructed theory I’ve ever heard of

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    So about that Bart’s dead theory ... that was him in a dream when he was imagining him after Nelson beat him up and that frame where marge was “screaming” that was homer marge was next to him with a closed mouth. 😂 lmao

  • SeasideDetective2
    SeasideDetective2 2 months ago

    It would make sense if those German industrialists from "Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk" were the ones who had him shot. He sold them a third-rate power plant and then bought it back, and they threatened to get even some day.

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    Cover girl
    She met RuPaul

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    Wait don’t all moms have anxiety

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    It's a cartoon, people. Not real.

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    Marge having no friends really does ruin everything huh

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    10 Dark Theories About Marge Simpson That Ruin Everything

    NO.1 marge has no friends

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    what? marge is friends with smithers

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    the second blackmail theory is legit. tons of women have been in that trap. I've been there myself.

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    What make no sense about marge shot mr.burns is Margie was on the other side of building mr.burns was shot

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    margins book club and ned flenders

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    Ned is also kinda friends with marge

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    >Homer has a financial grip on the whole family

    That's every single-earner household in the world. Seems like you're saying that being a housewife is akin to being blackmailed, no matter what!

    IISULO 3 months ago +1

    now the theory that marge has rabbit ears is kinda true since at first matt groening was planning on giving her those, but they ended up not giving her the rabbit ears. we can also confirm that, since in some episode, someone shot marge's hair, and she shot the rest of her hair completely off

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    Only 22 seconds in and already something is wrong. That is a clip of one of Marge's sisters (Selma), not Marge.