Harley Dyna Build Series Ep. 12 - RSD Clarity Derby Cover, Timing Cover, Passenger Pegs

  • Published on Jul 2, 2018
  • Roland Sands Clarity Cover - bit.ly/2OcdO8V
    Passenger Peg Mount - bit.ly/2v91sWD
    Griptape - amzn.to/2K9J99V
    Motorcycle Lift - redlinestands.com
    Chopper Custom Cover Situation:
    So I'll try to make this short. I contacted the guy who I had been dealing with, very nice and polite mind you. The guy refused that anything was wrong with the size of the cover. Even hinted that my bike was that far out of spec. Refusing to believe that I went back to the garage just to see if I had somehow messed it up. I unscrewed the screws a tad to see if there was any play in the holes and there was. Not enough to get the gap at least even, but a little play. Then thinking that maybe the gap is normal, I took the BNB cover off and put the stock one back on. Sure enough, there is a gap, but it's even all the way around. So basically, it's not as off as I initially thought, but still off. Based off of how he handled the situation, I would just suggest to avoid doing business with this company.
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    Rayburger - BOLO
    Arktopolis - The Chase

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    The Bike
    ►2017 Dyna Street Bob
    ►Saddlemen TR-Step Up Seat - bit.ly/2AdewQy
    ►Lucky Dave's 14" San Diego Handlebars - goo.gl/yP59CQ
    ►Biltwell Kung Fu Grips - bit.ly/2Oetd8M
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    ►Two Brothers Racing 2-1 Exhaust- bit.ly/2A6TpPC
    ►Vance&Hines FuelPak 3- bit.ly/2v2FFzt
    ►Bung King Crashbar- bit.ly/2v2eZPs
    ►Bung King Kickstand Block- goo.gl/UES8dT
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    ►Passenger Peg Mount - bit.ly/2v91sWD
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    ►V&H Rogue V02 Intake - bit.ly/2v2VPZV
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Comments • 53

  • leon Richardson
    leon Richardson 20 days ago +1

    Looks bad ass. Love the bike.. great job on the video

  • Jesse Pepper
    Jesse Pepper 2 months ago

    Cool derby cover wonder when the bungking crash bar got bent did it also damage the frame?

  • Knight Rider
    Knight Rider 2 months ago

    Can I get that derby / primary cover for a 2014 Softail slim.

  • Midstate_ Fishing29
    Midstate_ Fishing29 2 months ago

    What is the year for your Dyna

  • JaySoos O
    JaySoos O 6 months ago +3

    “The adhesive was very guud voice” voice breaks! Laugh! Retry with a deeper voice I lost it!! Hahaha 🤣

  • Kajn Rider
    Kajn Rider 6 months ago

    Sweet mods. See ya at the meet on December 8

  • John Rivera
    John Rivera 7 months ago +1

    Your points cover not centered and that it really is a shity workmanship.

  • Dirk Diggler
    Dirk Diggler 8 months ago

    16:57 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Felony Urbex
    Felony Urbex 8 months ago

    Bike looks awesome man. love those pegs, kick stand, shifter/brake leavers. everything looks sweet

  • Do RC
    Do RC 8 months ago

    See now thats the difference between sponsored and non sponsored products. Show me a channel anywhere that has been that bluntly honest about a product they got for free (from an actual sponsor). Especially in a case like this where the product wasnt terrible perse, just not worth spending money on. Getting products for free inherently skews opinion. Even taking the fear of not getting any more free stuff out of the equation we are inherently going to be more lenient toward something we didnt spend out hard earned money on.
    The best you can hope for with 99% of sponsored products on youtube is, if its crap, to see no review at all.

  • Zach Ceballos
    Zach Ceballos 9 months ago

    @14:04 😂😂😂😂

  • Kim K
    Kim K 11 months ago

    great job and love to see the og helping MS. Bird also! Now they seen her with tools in the kitchen and garage, its more like bow down to the QUEEN!

  • Vaughn Fontenot
    Vaughn Fontenot 11 months ago +1

    That's where you hide the weed man!!!

  • Casey Farris
    Casey Farris 11 months ago

    You ever thought about a Plex audio system?

    • Bike N' Bird
      Bike N' Bird  11 months ago

      Nope. I record every time I ride and I can't listen to music while I record

    RYD-ER-DIE 11 months ago

    Thats a stash hole behind the timing cover lol...
    Check these guys out if you decide to replace your timing cover. A guy that rides near me had them do his derby cover and horn cover the workmanship and detail is amazing

  • Kenneth Hildebrand
    Kenneth Hildebrand 11 months ago

    8 1/2 minutes later he gets to working.

    • Bike N' Bird
      Bike N' Bird  11 months ago +1

      Then leave. Not forcing you to watch...

    • Kenneth Hildebrand
      Kenneth Hildebrand 11 months ago

      Bike N' Bird not crying, but if I want to hear someone flap their cock holster and not work I would just watch my co-workers.

    • Bike N' Bird
      Bike N' Bird  11 months ago +1

      Cry me a river

  • My Car Life
    My Car Life 11 months ago

    I've been wanting that derby cover for a while now. I'm new to motorcycles and I thought that would have been a harder install, but seeing how quick it was for you I might have to pull the trigger!

  • YO NO
    YO NO 11 months ago

    check out boosted brad.com they make a quick detach sissy bar system

  • SE120R BEAST!
    SE120R BEAST! 11 months ago

    Hahahaha....You and Roadblock went nuts to butt.....lol

  • Mickey Cenobio
    Mickey Cenobio 11 months ago

    I like ur videos but u talk to much I have to fast forward them to we're u start working on ur bikes

  • Justin Kincaid
    Justin Kincaid 11 months ago

    ... the shocks held. 👍
    BnB + Roadblock 😦

  • Bear Bergmann
    Bear Bergmann 11 months ago

    the look on your face when Roadblock gets on... priceless!

  • Will TEN
    Will TEN 11 months ago

    That exhaust looks soo much like a sport exhaust. Ugh

  • K.C. Webb
    K.C. Webb 11 months ago

    Hey there. My first comment on your site. I have an optional "foot peg/highway peg set up I modified to work on my Bung King crash bar to get away from my foot slipping off and give a little more comfortable platform for long rides. I can send you pics and details if you are interested. It would be a cool add for your build series.

  • Tripp_HPjunkie
    Tripp_HPjunkie 11 months ago

    Cool video man.....

  • Ben Malinovitz
    Ben Malinovitz 11 months ago

    Got that same crash bar because I liked yours, after installing it I also added grip tape. So much better. It should come like that!

  • Tim Dunbar
    Tim Dunbar 11 months ago +1

    Add Roadblock jumping on the back to my all time favorite moments! LOL That derby cover looks awesome!

  • sk8andie
    sk8andie 11 months ago

    Love the dyna, keep up the good videos !

  • Dead SouL 73 Dan F
    Dead SouL 73 Dan F 11 months ago

    I was looking for a detachable sissy to but didn't like the options so I went with Top Hand Adventure sissy very well built plus now I don't need the back pack went with the tall boy

  • Dead SouL 73 Dan F
    Dead SouL 73 Dan F 11 months ago

    Hahaha nice

  • MetalWind
    MetalWind 11 months ago +1

    The Harley Davidson passenger footpeg supports are cheaper than the drag specialty supports. And they looks nicer. They are wrinkled black finish as well

  • vetta17
    vetta17 11 months ago

    Are your foot controls the further forward mid controls? I'm having a hard time finding aftermarket ones for my 2016 fxdl

  • flobrob707
    flobrob707 11 months ago

    Hey’ did you have to loosen you belt to get your rear pegs on?

  • Roger Wachal
    Roger Wachal 11 months ago

    i like the derby cover .
    as far as the grip tape ,why didn't you use just piece of tape ,per side .
    because you don't have to go all the way around.

    • Bike N' Bird
      Bike N' Bird  11 months ago

      Because of the way it came rolled. If I would have done what you're suggesting, it would have been fighting the adhesive.

  • Ruben Villarreal
    Ruben Villarreal 11 months ago

    Hey man what saddlebags are those I like how they don't hang to far down!

    • Bike N' Bird
      Bike N' Bird  11 months ago

      Every mod is linked down in the description :)

  • Zachary Fett
    Zachary Fett 11 months ago +2

    Call me Ishmod........ 😜

  • joe love
    joe love 11 months ago

    Rsd makes a matching cam cover if you want to go that route.

  • David Ferris
    David Ferris 11 months ago +1

    That points cover is shit. I would see if you can find a more reputable company to make you one instead. I'm not sure if you noticed that it's not centered side to side either. Sorry man! I went with a Harley branded finned cover to match the derby cover and center piece on my air cleaner. Looks great!

  • Mister Grey
    Mister Grey 11 months ago

    We have the same exact bike man! I just got mine and plan on doing some of the same mods you have done. Glad I found your channel. Dyna for life son!

  • ur boy scooby doo
    ur boy scooby doo 11 months ago +1

    Third comment

    BOMBER 11 months ago +1

    #want That is looking on point 🤙

  • The Nightster
    The Nightster 11 months ago +2

    Where’s the “first” guy?