Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Lana Del Rey - Don’t Call Me Angel (Charlie’s Angels)

  • Published on Sep 13, 2019
  • Official music video by Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Lana Del Rey performing “Don’t Call Me Angel (Charlie’s Angels)” - available now:
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    Music video by Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Lana Del Rey performing Don’t Call Me Angel (Charlie’s Angels). © 2019 Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc. Motion Picture Artwork © CTMG. All Rights Reserved.

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  • Maritza Jaen
    Maritza Jaen 5 hours ago

    Porque no habia visto esto antes :O

  • mccaffr3y
    mccaffr3y 5 hours ago

    Them grapes look juicy

  • Luis Mestra Julio
    Luis Mestra Julio 6 hours ago

    Mí Ángel es Miley Cyrus

  • Linxuan (Adriana) Yao
    Linxuan (Adriana) Yao 6 hours ago

    Adriana I’m your big fan 🦄

  • Lebogang Mabogoane
    Lebogang Mabogoane 7 hours ago

    Lana Del Rey then switched it up and gave a different song all together

  • Hacı Arı
    Hacı Arı 7 hours ago


  • June Wicks
    June Wicks 8 hours ago

    Omg Liz banks my queen😍
    Miley- Helen,mars’s mother
    Ariana- Aphrodite, the muses,

  • Long Drive & Music
    Long Drive & Music 11 hours ago

    This is hell boring song.

  • Kerstin Bernleithner
    Kerstin Bernleithner 11 hours ago

    Miley is so beautiful!!

  • Miguel Sandoval
    Miguel Sandoval 14 hours ago +1

    Metallica- Sandman Angels
    Disturbed- Sickness Angels
    Slipknot- Maggots Angels
    Korn- Freak Angels
    Limp Bizkit- Nookie Angels
    Evanescence- Immortal Angels
    Five Finger Death Punch- Hellish Devil Angels
    Amaranthe- Nexus Angels

    • Miguel Sandoval
      Miguel Sandoval 14 hours ago +1

      Killswitch Engage- Fire Burning Angels
      Arch Enemy- Nemesis Angels
      Just To Name A Couple More.

  • zendy eko
    zendy eko 15 hours ago

    enak nih ga kayak meldi

  • Mia Ben
    Mia Ben 15 hours ago

    These 3 were amazing asf in this video

  • Th3F0rtn1t3busdr1v3r
    Th3F0rtn1t3busdr1v3r 16 hours ago

    I wanna see the movie even more just so I can here this 🔥 song

  • Elizabeth The Gymnast
    Elizabeth The Gymnast 17 hours ago

    Mariah: angel
    Billie: Devil
    Ari, Miley, And Lana: both

  • Alex Mondrake
    Alex Mondrake 17 hours ago

    Lana's part is just superior

  • V V
    V V 17 hours ago

    It's like another version of Bad Blood - Taylor swift, just a little bit
    No offense

  • RockAndRoll Amanda
    RockAndRoll Amanda 18 hours ago

    I really wish they would all do more songs together!! Even though when Lana Del Ray started singing it was like a whole new song, they blended so beautifully!!

  • Hannah lamkins
    Hannah lamkins 18 hours ago

    2:24 - for you wondering when Lana Del Rey comes on!

  • Raquel Christ
    Raquel Christ 19 hours ago

    Ariana never should have got that plastic surgery 🤢🤮 she looks old now and her face is stiff

  • Tamara Popov
    Tamara Popov 19 hours ago


  • tas bien
    tas bien 19 hours ago


  • Cocoa and Consternation


  • Ronny Caique
    Ronny Caique 21 hour ago +1

    You are beautiful Ariana grande

  • Kauany Dávila
    Kauany Dávila 22 hours ago

    quem é brasileiro vai curte.

  • Paulapazz Pereyra
    Paulapazz Pereyra 22 hours ago

  • Paulapazz Pereyra
    Paulapazz Pereyra 22 hours ago


  • __
    __ 23 hours ago

    Ariana: brutal scenes avoided
    Slipknot: Solway firth & Devil In I: Activated 🖕🤟

  • Shelia Schaible
    Shelia Schaible 23 hours ago

    Whoever gives Ariana Grande a thumbs down there weird

  • De tudo um pouco
    De tudo um pouco 23 hours ago +1

    Amo a parte da Lana 😍😍😍

  • fleckmatic arrangements

    She, in between them, a revelation🕊

  • Mimi Nguyen
    Mimi Nguyen Day ago


  • Nunca Critiquei!
    Nunca Critiquei! Day ago +2

    Miley pegou Summertime Sadness e fez um cover que quase, por pouco não superou a original.
    Depois Miley não satisfeita pegou No Tears Left to Cry, deu outra roupagem e conseguiu deixar tão boa quanto a original (na minha humilde opinião MELHOR).
    Agora Miley está envolvidíssma nesse trisal e a gente tá como? AMANDO .

  • Jose Andy González

    Lana's part save the whole song. The other two girls were not able to make me feel something.

  • casey cagle
    casey cagle Day ago


  • Angelina Garcia
    Angelina Garcia Day ago

    lana ruins the song

  • Marta Välja
    Marta Välja Day ago

    Parim laul ülse

  • Izzy H
    Izzy H Day ago

    Lana: *underrated queen*

  • gitta hashemi
    gitta hashemi Day ago

    Love you sooo much im a biiigggg fan Ariana❤️😍

  • How to play
    How to play Day ago


  • Gaurav Singh
    Gaurav Singh Day ago

    This song is dedicated to all Angel Priyas' on social media

  • minty blue
    minty blue Day ago

    This ain’t lanas type of song or even in the range. Her verse is yes. But not the song lol sis wanted to sing about some sugar daddies and drugs lmao not with (no offence) miles and Ariana

  • Lore Arriagada
    Lore Arriagada Day ago

    La wea mala

  • Eleni Pasalaki
    Eleni Pasalaki Day ago +1

    Lana: you can't get me off your mind
    Me: True

  • Archita Nath
    Archita Nath Day ago +1

    Miles is the hardcore angel 👼 wooowww

  • Magdalena Necel
    Magdalena Necel Day ago +1

    This makes me confused I don’t know who sings this is it me or them?

  • Max Ng
    Max Ng Day ago

    Lana should’ve sat on my face

  • Aniceto Marroquin

    Ariana is better at everey thing

  • Aniceto Marroquin


  • Dexter Pico
    Dexter Pico Day ago

    Lana really fits to be Isabelle in shadowhunters. She is divine. She gives me goosebumps all over me.

  • Mychael Jones
    Mychael Jones Day ago

  • Mychael Jones
    Mychael Jones Day ago

    THREE VERY YOUNG AND PETITE WOMEN are trying to be sexy and vague.

  • Mychael Jones
    Mychael Jones Day ago

    Megan Thee Stallion & Normani - Diamonds takes 10 seconds to get to the song....

  • Hedvika Pártlová

    kill me but Lana doesn't fit in this song

  • Tayfur Toprak
    Tayfur Toprak Day ago




  • Symphony Olvera
    Symphony Olvera Day ago

    This song would be so different if Lana want in it

  • MudaMuda
    MudaMuda Day ago

    But what if my names Angel-

  • Engel Mulhauser
    Engel Mulhauser Day ago

    Who else feels like Ariana grande had the spot light the whole time?

  • killerwolf 10
    killerwolf 10 Day ago

    Linda linda linda linda ariana principalmente e as outras duas

  • Yurico Vasquez
    Yurico Vasquez Day ago +2

    Ariana: angel wings
    Billie: devil wings
    Melanie: doll wings
    Me: chicken wingz
    Namjoon: Chocolate wings
    btw I copied this from Juul x except for the chocolate wings part that I made on my own

  • Ana María Muñoz Gómez

    Idk, se creen las más malas pero la canción está floja