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  • Published on Apr 13, 2021

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  • HyperWolfL
    HyperWolfL Year ago +9

    The cameraman has mastered the ability to stand so incredibly still, he is invisible to the human eye.

  • Tim Danby
    Tim Danby Year ago +911

    Us five kids tried this on our Dad when we were kids back in the 70's and he did the EXACT same thing but louder for the whole store to hear!

  • Shawn TheGreat
    Shawn TheGreat Year ago +1

    I used to enjoy as a kid purposely putting things hidden near items and watch people not notice the price difference. Then I got older and realized it might have consequences.

  • Rowdy
    Rowdy Year ago +6

    Cashier: “SoCiaL diStAnCE PlS”

  • Grace Sutton
    Grace Sutton Year ago +154

    Ah yes , this memory reminds me of the anxiety I had in this exact same experience as a kid lmao

  • Kee Ooi Yuen
    Kee Ooi Yuen Year ago +157

    By "groceries", I was expecting veges, fruits, cooking ingredients, cereals, milk, etc... 😂

  • ТокМок
    ТокМок Year ago +2

    This camera man could filming wild animals in Safari, without wearing a camouflage suit

  • Alondra
    Alondra Year ago +452

    Everyone: Talking about the cashier saying “social distance please”

  • David Marin

    I’m sure he got all of those items for his kids. After the camera went off. Lol 😝

  • murad
    murad Year ago +2

    I love when the cameraman drinks invisibility potions

  • emeralds peridot
    emeralds peridot Year ago +52

    😂 Looks like Coach had some back up this time 😂 !!! "Oh ok; Back up guys, it's social distancing." 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂✌🏽&❤

  • L
    L Year ago +165

    My dad never did this cause he doesn't live with us but I remember him buying me alot of stuff every time he comes to visit me.

  • Wayne Payne98
    Wayne Payne98 Year ago +1

    I feel so bad for employees that have to go along with tiktoks. I'd flat out say no.

  • Bold Bazooka
    Bold Bazooka Year ago +589

    Plot twist: also kids aren't his own.

  • Kruise Kontrol
    Kruise Kontrol Year ago +791

    Differences between dad and mom, dad sticks to a list mom would have just bought it

  • rippl3r0
    rippl3r0 Year ago +3

    "Hey, me and my family want to do a stupud bit for some internet clout, you mind us wasting a few minutes of your time?"

  • Sandy
    Sandy Year ago +11

    I love this family’s videos. They are hilarious!

  • Danica Brooks
    Danica Brooks Year ago +406

    The point was, he wasn't buying anything extra. I feel him on that

  • N. W.
    N. W. Year ago +4

    "Dad embarressed us at the grocery Store"

  • otaku hime
    otaku hime Year ago +63

    I love how the guy says social distancing when it's the man's kids 😂 really draws that line lol