Do All Teen Dads Think The Same?

  • Published on Dec 11, 2019
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Comments • 18 397

  • Ava Regan
    Ava Regan Hour ago

    Tylor: "to not only ruin her life but the life you created"
    Me: You ruined your life by getting that haircut
    Tylor: tf you staring at
    Me: that god awful haircut

  • taekook is life
    taekook is life 4 hours ago

    Bro, they’re really going after Josh, they’re making him seem like a bad person
    Edit: go watch Sophie Gonzalez to see more :)

  • kenzie
    kenzie 6 hours ago +1

    *“you have a nice baby”*

  • kenzie
    kenzie 6 hours ago +1


  • Michael Downing
    Michael Downing 6 hours ago +1

    Why there no black dads tho?🤔

  • hurricane Moyer
    hurricane Moyer 6 hours ago

    My mom had me at 19 (unplanned) but my parents were already married 🤷‍♀️

  • Maryam Barksdale
    Maryam Barksdale 13 hours ago

    What’s wrong with Taylor’s head?

  • Marta
    Marta 13 hours ago

    Is that weird that i almost cry out loud when i heard that many od them said "my wife" ?

  • lucky mrin
    lucky mrin 15 hours ago

    unpopular opinion: i appreciate tylors confidence

  • Evolution.of.Jaide
    Evolution.of.Jaide 19 hours ago

    They were all open and honest from their life perspective. Some of these comments are incredibly shallow and immature.

  • kim Anpangirl
    kim Anpangirl 22 hours ago

    1:01 look at him (the blad guy)
    His girlfriend shaved his head because of making her pregnant 😂😂

  • Dinda Kartika Official
    Dinda Kartika Official 23 hours ago

    I gave birth to my girl when I was 18. Everything is okay after that. I'm also continuing my study now. My girl is almost 5 now she is growing up so fast

  • Nevena Punoševac
    Nevena Punoševac 23 hours ago

    I'm just so happy that all of them excepted their children and that they are in their lives

  • Lawwrin
    Lawwrin Day ago

    I love these guys but who in the world plans to have a baby in highschool????

  • Paul Da Don
    Paul Da Don Day ago

    I respect u josh the struggle is real

  • Paul Da Don
    Paul Da Don Day ago

    Kendra if u need a babe all u had to do is ask i got u text me

  • Mana Safari
    Mana Safari Day ago

    I love Tylor and Edgar and Brandon and Logan and Zenon

  • Meadow Kraber
    Meadow Kraber Day ago +1

    Josh is the only one who is REALLY telling the truth lmao

  • Gustavo Uribe
    Gustavo Uribe Day ago +1

    damnnn edgar :P

  • Ink WaIsaiah
    Ink WaIsaiah Day ago

    I had my daughter @ 15 years old it’s honestly a crazy life story 😪

  • Isabella
    Isabella Day ago

    Why are they all so sweet

  • kuugen frey
    kuugen frey Day ago

    It's not about wanting yeah a child is a gift but also a responsibility condoms and the pill are there for a reason. Don't believed in abortion then then take better care and response of yourself

  • Chloe Jennings
    Chloe Jennings Day ago

    Woah I just realized Josh was with Sophie Gonzalez

  • Sarah Callahan
    Sarah Callahan Day ago

    Sad when these young men have more of a sense of responsibility than people much older than them.

  • Batman bin Superman

    Tylor is going to be one of the dad's that will shot you if you dare to date his daughter i highly respect that

  • Afro Nugget
    Afro Nugget Day ago

    Hold up, I thought Josh was the one with twins?

  • n b
    n b Day ago +1

    Omg I can't even imagine having kids at my age. They're such a big responsibility. I don't think anyone is actually ready to have them even at an older age but at such a young age it's a whole other challenge

  • Eukalyptusbonbon

    Lmao the instagram polls were so wrong

  • Mandy Allen
    Mandy Allen Day ago

    Not sure why y’all think josh is the only one telling the truth? Hha he seems like a typical teen who wanted to fuck with no responsibilities and then got a girl pregnant.. the others seem to have gone in knowing they could get pregnant and then took responsibility right away. I got pregnant at 17 and my now husband was excited, never even said the word abortion or wanted one (we’re both pro life) and started a trade right away to support us. Some men are meant to be fathers no matter the age and some aren’t.. don’t mean the rest are lying, just means they felt they were ready to take the responsibility of having sex.

  • ObEEto
    ObEEto Day ago

    If i was any one of these dudes i would have shot myself in the head

  • Lulu
    Lulu Day ago

    One of my friends recently became a mum and for me being older than her, she's always worried if I'm going to stop being friends with her because the dad didn't want anything to do with her when she became pregnant. It really bugs me when people look at a teen parent and judge them harshly like, show's over buddy. It's their life not yours so go away. I'm always going to be there for her and be her pillar if she needs me to be. Her child is also the cutest thing on this whole entire planet.

  • cloud is me
    cloud is me Day ago +1

    How y’all think Josh is the only one being honest? Every one of these guys have different experiences. The fact that you guys think that if you have a kid at a young age, you have to be miserable. Josh just had a “worse” more stereotypical experiences while the other guys had experiences that were what they wanted and planned. Just because they other guys aren’t “suffering” or didn’t have bad experiences doesn’t mean they’re lying...

  • Josevira Lintang

    I love Josh

  • Kate Massey
    Kate Massey 2 days ago

    What in the heck is up with Tylor's head hair though

  • Andii Puliafico
    Andii Puliafico 2 days ago

    that one kid is so military you can tell haha

  • TIA M
    TIA M 2 days ago

    Josh was real & Tylor you can tell is one of those types of guys..

  • esbi rodriguez
    esbi rodriguez 2 days ago

    they’re all around my age already becoming dads and then there’s me still single 😌

  • Random Fan
    Random Fan 2 days ago

    Josh just didn’t give a crap he was honest and said his piece.

  • Happywoman Yang
    Happywoman Yang 2 days ago

    When Jaehyun said if he wasn't in NCT he'd be a teen dad-

  • Pricilia Eclesia
    Pricilia Eclesia 2 days ago

    Bruh everyone has their own perspective in facing this problem we shouldn't judge them by how they answer this question it's not represent how they actually feel

  • Naomi Jayne
    Naomi Jayne 2 days ago

    Watching the video: I could never have a baby at my age (18), could you imagine!

    As soon as they brought out their babies: OMG yes I'm so ready

  • Blk bambi
    Blk bambi 2 days ago

    This doesnt seem very diverse tbh. Josh was the only one who kept it real lmao the ig poll stats made more sense

  • Kevin McCoy
    Kevin McCoy 2 days ago

    White T-Shirt guy was very honest!

  • Kevin McCoy
    Kevin McCoy 2 days ago

    These young men are delusional. HAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Murdock
    Murdock 2 days ago

    I'm 22 and virgin

  • Sara Abdallah
    Sara Abdallah 2 days ago

    The back of Taylor's head sksjsjsjsjsksjkak

  • Blue Coopa
    Blue Coopa 2 days ago

    I don’t really care about this vid it’s boring so Ima watch something else I don’t know why i clicked on this

  • Kiana Hill
    Kiana Hill 2 days ago

    I do think it’s important to talk about their own parental support, I think they were just saying take care of your child when you become a parent and I understand that but a lot of them being able to take care of their own child is maybe still living with their parents or their parents looking after their child if they work or maybe financially supporting their own child because you need help so imagine not having any of that, it’s really hard to just take care of it with just you two at such a young age with no real experience in anything

  • ry official
    ry official 2 days ago

    My life is easier than this guys than i think of. I am 22 and have trouble what my life taking me. I have no direction. Ironically i think if you have a baby you need to think a priority which is the baby unlike being single and having no goal. Questioning my real existence and purpose of life.
    Love you all brader. Hope your babies and wife were okay😇

  • Rlewis5221
    Rlewis5221 2 days ago

    This was almost me at 17. She chose to have an abortion. Im 31 now. That what if is still there

  • Sirah
    Sirah 2 days ago

    It’s almost a privilege that some of the guys couldn’t relate to Josh. It wasn’t a case of who was more honest, but Josh has had the more realistic, or at least more common experience as a teen father.

  • Zara Toomath
    Zara Toomath 3 days ago +1

    what is wrong with the back of tylors head not tryna be rude :-)

  • shelly big
    shelly big 3 days ago

    I'm 16 and pregnant, I'm scared but excited too...
    Guys pray for me

  • That_cat21
    That_cat21 3 days ago

    they dress like dads

  • Atti Rose
    Atti Rose 3 days ago +1

    Tylor needs to have an open mind

  • Daymarcus
    Daymarcus 3 days ago

    I love this video 😭 now this may sound crazy but I always wanted to be a young father like Edgar said but I turn 20 this year and I think I’ll give it another 6-10 years

  • multi fandomedits
    multi fandomedits 3 days ago

    *Just👏 because👏 he’s👏 saying👏 things 👏differently👏 doesn’t👏 mean 👏he’s👏 the 👏only👏 one👏 being👏 honest👏*

  • Lils Moura
    Lils Moura 3 days ago

    Brandon is my age. I admire his strength. Hope he and his family are well.

  • Autumn Vivienne
    Autumn Vivienne 3 days ago

    all my respect for josh, he was the only one not sounding delusional

  • Surge
    Surge 3 days ago +1

    i like how this guys make more sense than 25-40 yr olds nowdays!