Can A Blind Person Tell Identical Twins Apart? // Dolan Twins ft Molly Burke

  • Published on Nov 20, 2018
  • We sat down with our friend Molly who is blind to see if she could tell us apart... something even our mom struggles with sometimes lol.
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  • Sanghopriya Chakroborty

    12:22 Is it me or Ethan looks sexy when he honked and showed that hand sign?
    17:17 Oh Grayson

  • Daisy Narciso
    Daisy Narciso 5 hours ago

    When she said thet grayson was the one who had dog allergies i thot. She wasnt blind

  • Hey there
    Hey there 14 hours ago

    i think they don’t look alike or sound alike but idk

  • Anyssa Briseno
    Anyssa Briseno 14 hours ago

    This is my first time watching the Dolan twins and it’s late at night and the ending was so loud 😂

  • IOS NeenjAH
    IOS NeenjAH 15 hours ago

    I can tell Ethan and Grayson apart right away when I see them
    and it’s not because of the earrings

  • Haiden Miller
    Haiden Miller 23 hours ago

    One thing I've noticed about Ethan is that he chews gum when he's nervous. Just wanted to point that out.❤️💕❤️💕✌🏻

  • VGN Alz
    VGN Alz Day ago

    they're sooo intimidated by her lmfaooo

  • Lisa Ormonde
    Lisa Ormonde Day ago

    I think the dolan twins might have a little crush

  • voices matter
    voices matter Day ago

    why do i know want to kill my twin brother
    me:william come hare i want to kill you
    twin:will why
    phone rings
    anserrs:hi mom can i kill my twin
    mom: i hate 19 year old twins
    hi im a twin that is older by 10 seconds i have a i dentical twin that i now hate thanks to this video.cowinsidentaly im a identical twin.also we always hafto tell people our names a hundred times. we love your chanell.also we kinda copied you we pearsed both our ears but william has studs and me will i have dimond studs.a discrition of ous be have multicolored eyes left eye is light blue right eye light green.our mom got ous doogs she spent months looking for puppies that were twins lol i love dog is also being anoying so i cant write more also i tell my girlfriend i have college homework when im realy codleing ing with my dog aka max and watch your videoes bye

  • Horse Lover
    Horse Lover Day ago

    “Do you both play music?”

  • Birdy Gacha
    Birdy Gacha Day ago

    I have a new ship...MAYSON! :)

  • Summerdog
    Summerdog 2 days ago

    Ok I am probably weird but I think the camera guy is kind cute☺️☺️

  • Lexi Kay
    Lexi Kay 2 days ago

    I have Molly’s pants great minds think alike 💕 but we all know molly is the fashion queen

  • Jerónimo Medina Haro

    When she asked what she gets if she wins I was gonna suggest a gangbang

  • Blackberryy
    Blackberryy 2 days ago


  • Christiana Kalemkeridis

    Is it just me or would molly and gray be a cute couple lol

  • Kathleen
    Kathleen 2 days ago

    I wonder if blind people can smell specific illnesses.

  • Chloe Ann
    Chloe Ann 3 days ago

    Molly sound likes Emma kinda

  • Diego di Donato
    Diego di Donato 3 days ago

    She doesn't look blind

  • Cloe Piechoinski
    Cloe Piechoinski 3 days ago

    How does a blind person drive

  • AB
    AB 3 days ago

    I can tell the difference. 😂😂

  • • Ew •
    • Ew • 4 days ago +2

    Let’s settle this.
    Who’s cuter?
    *Comment for Ethan*
    *Like for Grayson*
    Starting with my like.

  • Tessa Bear
    Tessa Bear 4 days ago

    I’m a twin but it is a guy 😢

  • The Random Girl
    The Random Girl 4 days ago

    Billie stand are quaking

  • zuri martin
    zuri martin 4 days ago +1

    molly is probably the most adorable human being ever

  • amelia brooker
    amelia brooker 4 days ago

    tbh they barely look the same to me anymore 😂❤

  • Jerry Martyn
    Jerry Martyn 4 days ago

    22:37 killed me 😂😂😂😂

  • Brookie Cookies
    Brookie Cookies 4 days ago

    Did the Dolan twins know they have a story on episode 😊

  • Katie Houston
    Katie Houston 4 days ago


  • shairin garcia
    shairin garcia 4 days ago

    what if ethan is actually grayson and grayson is actually ethan. like when they were born ethan was originally named grayson and grayson was named ethan but at one point, their parents got mixed up and switched their names by accident and that’s just been their names ever since.

  • Mythical Hawk
    Mythical Hawk 4 days ago

    question. how she puts on her makeup

  • Beautiful Dolan
    Beautiful Dolan 4 days ago

    Bro she sounds like Emma

  • Alyssa Creates
    Alyssa Creates 5 days ago +2

    She can’t see her own beauty 🤧 SHES STILL CONFIDENT THO GET it

  • zane webb
    zane webb 5 days ago +2

    I have a twin sister her name is Hayley but we are not alike in anyway 😂

  • Paige Freemon
    Paige Freemon 5 days ago

    I’m a twin to we sometimes sound the same but we are really different and we do some of the same things like I’m more like Grayson and my sister is more like Ethan

  • Kylie’s TikToks
    Kylie’s TikToks 5 days ago

    Grayson is wider and more manly

  • Salty dog
    Salty dog 6 days ago

    Molly isn't blind. She said, ' You would be so cute with icy blue eyes. ' so she obviously had an opinion about how they would look. and how did she just guess them apart by talking for 2 or 3 minuets? Shes looking straight at the camera. If you see this, do more research and hat stuffs.

  • The Pegacorn
    The Pegacorn 6 days ago +1

    Ethan has a deeper voice.

  • Stelly T
    Stelly T 6 days ago


  • Rachael Goh
    Rachael Goh 6 days ago +1

    one of my friends are triplets and they are identical both in voice and in looks.....\

  • Marilyn Mallik
    Marilyn Mallik 6 days ago +1

    "Overal" get it overal like the clothing. Yeaaaaa. Leave a like if you to.

  • x__sk8__x
    x__sk8__x 6 days ago +3

    Molly: So we're all aware this is the more shitty room?

    Grayson: Yeah yeah

    Ethan: 😐😔😧

  • sweet one
    sweet one 6 days ago

    19:34 *meanwhile, grethan*

  • layla Keahbone
    layla Keahbone 6 days ago

    I love u Eathan and Grason

  • Karla’s Vlogs
    Karla’s Vlogs 6 days ago +4

    ethan: *honks*
    molly: “oh.. we’re getting aggressive”

  • linds eileen
    linds eileen 6 days ago +1

    it’s so sad she goes off of mental pictures and will never see the real thing :(

  • Erin Harris
    Erin Harris 6 days ago +1

    The question is...
    did they go to In-N-Out?

  • Ana Cabell
    Ana Cabell 6 days ago


  • Mel Sparks
    Mel Sparks 6 days ago

    Why is everyone so mean to Ethan? The little girl, their Mom, and now this girl.

  • iakxoxo
    iakxoxo 6 days ago

    Grayson's face at 19:48 😭😍

  • Emersyn Pettibone
    Emersyn Pettibone 6 days ago

    Is it just me or do Molly and Emma Chaimberlain sond alike??

  • Rach Choir
    Rach Choir 6 days ago +2

    uh i think ethans gum chewing might be a clueeeeee

  • Chantlir McCorvy
    Chantlir McCorvy 7 days ago

    It’s funny that when I was younger I knew twin girls since we couldn’t tell them a part so when called them both twin like hey twin come here oh and both there names started with an A

  • Moises Diazbarriga
    Moises Diazbarriga 7 days ago


  • Camille Teofila Barrera

    Can’t believe she knows who y’all are I wish I was Her kid because she’s so brave

  • Chris S
    Chris S 7 days ago

    Molly drove!!! Love it!!

  • Camille Teofila Barrera

    She’s so awesome and smart and pretty she’s brave and I wish I was Her you are lucky Y’all get to see her

  • Christa Pedigo
    Christa Pedigo 8 days ago +1

    i low key ship molly and gray tbh

  • Renee Molina
    Renee Molina 8 days ago

    8:38 Haha the way grayson STROKES his hand on Ethan shirt

  • Elena Mendes
    Elena Mendes 8 days ago

    She saw them when she hug them, wtf? I mean than it easy to know who is who. Am I wrong?

  • Audrey Monique
    Audrey Monique 8 days ago

    I loved her on Shane’s channel and she’s funny on her own. Second, don’t look the same nor sound the same. Omg they recorded and they sound completely difference, one is deeper

  • Page Junk Mail
    Page Junk Mail 8 days ago +1

    6:57 oh Molly if you saw them u be dead 😂

    Like if agree:)

  • Kennedy B
    Kennedy B 9 days ago

    Molly really got their personalities mixed up but is good at telling their physical features apart

  • TMS2021 Evelyn L
    TMS2021 Evelyn L 9 days ago

    Can you guys please make a video with Rosanna Pansino

  • Dolan babes E&gray
    Dolan babes E&gray 9 days ago

    i still love this video so much 😚😚

  • Alpacas Are The Best!
    Alpacas Are The Best! 9 days ago +2


  • Amairany Underwood
    Amairany Underwood 9 days ago

    Grays laugh is so adorable 🥺🥺❣️

  • kiley barron
    kiley barron 9 days ago

    She was on that dove soap foam!! Does anyone remember she was like I’m Molly and I lost my sight when u was fourteen

  • Kayla Keefer
    Kayla Keefer 9 days ago

    me and my sister are mera twins and idenicl 2 min apart


    So basically Molly likes Ethan better, or i´m the only one that gets that vibe?

  • adah thompson
    adah thompson 10 days ago

    but you’re both awesome sorry lol

  • adah thompson
    adah thompson 10 days ago

    graysons muscles vs ethan’s ☹️😑

  • Nicole Furnari
    Nicole Furnari 10 days ago

    Has anyone ever thought what would the twins look like if they weren't ideantical... Woah.

  • Thiccdolnaj
    Thiccdolnaj 10 days ago

    I feel so bad that she can't enjoy their perfection

  • Reagan ROOMS
    Reagan ROOMS 10 days ago

    If she is blind how can she drive

  • Natalie
    Natalie 10 days ago

    Molly: “So we’re all aware this is the shitty room?”
    Grayson: makes happy face :))
    Ethan: makes a sad face :(((

  • Mariya Auburn
    Mariya Auburn 10 days ago


  • Ariel__ 9
    Ariel__ 9 11 days ago

    There’s a big difference

  • I stan 7 Gods
    I stan 7 Gods 11 days ago +9

    I love how in the beginning Molly kept looking at either Ethan or Grayson when they were talking instead of looking at the camera

  • grace lloyd
    grace lloyd 12 days ago +6

    It’s so incredibly easy for me to tell their voices apart lolol

  • Mayte Hansen
    Mayte Hansen 12 days ago

    Is it just me or does she kinda sound like Grace Vanderwaal

  • Ella Crisman
    Ella Crisman 12 days ago

    I t would be so cool to be a twin

  • Emily Wood
    Emily Wood 12 days ago

    7:14 HHAHAHAHA

  • julienne
    julienne 12 days ago

    is no one gonna comment abt gray and ethan's ballroom dancing? just me? ok.

  • Maddison Vana
    Maddison Vana 12 days ago

    1. one e 2. one gray

  • lilybeth rios
    lilybeth rios 12 days ago

    Literally died at them dancing in the background

  • Jocelyn
    Jocelyn 12 days ago

    How could molly tell the when she did the hello test that Grayson was the second one. His earring is on the left side of his head and Molly’s face was on his right shoulder when she went in for a hug 🤔

  • Şeyma Mtn
    Şeyma Mtn 12 days ago +2

    This is the first video I have ever watched from Dolan twins, after this I subscribed their channel and then I found out that I was born in the same year(1999) with them I am so happy!! 😂😂

  • angelika sabina
    angelika sabina 12 days ago

    molly is so beautiful ???

  • Aaliyah Khan
    Aaliyah Khan 12 days ago +1

    awe how cute how they let molly drive the jeep and get food

  • Annika Eitel
    Annika Eitel 13 days ago +1

    I've never seen your videos and I can tell you apart on first sight. Cuse Grayson has a slightly slimmer face (maybe because of the haircut)

  • Maili Manu
    Maili Manu 13 days ago

    They did something like this in 2015.

  • Angelita Citrahany
    Angelita Citrahany 13 days ago +1

    The difference between their voice is : grayson's voice a lil lighter, and Ethan's voice is deeper.

  • Hannah Alarcon
    Hannah Alarcon 13 days ago +33

    Grayson-there some people that we know that still mess it up which confuses me
    Ethan-thanks mom
    Molly and I- die of laughter 😂

  • Bowser
    Bowser 13 days ago

    Her voice reminds me of Jojo Siwa...

  • Mayah Ezell
    Mayah Ezell 13 days ago +1


  • Kobe K.
    Kobe K. 13 days ago +1

    Am I the only one who ships Greyson and Molly?!?!?!! #Greyly??

  • Matthew Gross
    Matthew Gross 13 days ago

    Identical twins originate as one fertilized egg that grows into a ball of cells and then they split and become two balls of cells so the Dolan twins were once a ball of cells

  • Angelica Lopez
    Angelica Lopez 13 days ago

    How can you see the drums and the dolen tiws and how. Are you looking drectly to the camra

  • BBH 04
    BBH 04 13 days ago

    I have the same record player as Grayson