All You Can Eat Korean CLAM Buffet!

  • Published on Nov 7, 2017
  • You're probably thinking "Whaaat he went to Korea again?" Nope. Totally forgot to include this video in my Korea series, so here it is now! Delicious clam buffet in Korea! Strictly Dumpling T-Shirts HERE:
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    Buffet Name: Jogae Changgo
    Address: 331, Wangsimni-ro, Seongdong-gu,
    Seoul 04715, South Korea
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Comments • 609

  • Tom Knott
    Tom Knott 8 days ago

    How long does it take to cook a round of food?

  • Ireshani
    Ireshani 10 days ago

    Am I the only one loosing weight watching his videos?

  • David Seong
    David Seong 16 days ago

    Where is this place? Location pls? Address in Korean or english

  • Anne Corey
    Anne Corey 19 days ago

    Very good food all you can eat I love this dishes very fresh healthy foods sea foods is very fresh and good thanks .

  • Caroline Orita
    Caroline Orita Month ago


  • Ernest Yeap
    Ernest Yeap Month ago

    He must be quite rich

  • Straight Loko81
    Straight Loko81 Month ago

    I clam to this video like 8 times nice wink :)

  • lorymay salandron
    lorymay salandron 2 months ago

    i really love your video it always make me hungry.

  • lorymay salandron
    lorymay salandron 2 months ago

    i really love your video it always make me hungry.

  • Yang De Leon
    Yang De Leon 2 months ago

    Where is the location ?

  • YellowChocolate
    YellowChocolate 3 months ago


  • Michele Powers
    Michele Powers 3 months ago

    I love your cooking vid's and this is one of your best! 😄

  • Rebecca Kammerer
    Rebecca Kammerer 3 months ago

    I don´t even like Clam but you make it seem so delicious that I want to eat it and try them all out for real

  • It is what it is
    It is what it is 3 months ago

    Now every body is doing it, so proudly

  • stef max
    stef max 3 months ago


  • Paul Badoi
    Paul Badoi 4 months ago

    Mike, you barely speak I right?

  • ataberkin
    ataberkin 4 months ago

    Zeus , Poseidon and Jade emperor ??.. Age of Mythology?? Prostagma !!!!

  • Tata Tata
    Tata Tata 4 months ago

    Oooo sh*t....🙈

  • Jessica Ho
    Jessica Ho 5 months ago

    We need this everywhere

  • sashimimann
    sashimimann 5 months ago


  • Rueben Martinez
    Rueben Martinez 5 months ago

    It looks like someone was getting sick lol

  • Leatty
    Leatty 6 months ago

    Dem abaloneee

  • Mohammad Rahman
    Mohammad Rahman 7 months ago

    Love your videos ! My only question is what is your cholesterol??

  • 420 House
    420 House 7 months ago

    Whaaat he went to Korea again!? Like seriously

  • Vanisweety Sweety
    Vanisweety Sweety 8 months ago

    Yr. English. Super👍

  • Modest Mind25
    Modest Mind25 9 months ago

    Nothing better than a clam buffet ;)

  • Za Ra
    Za Ra 9 months ago

    I’ve been there!

  • Sozoteki_lexi
    Sozoteki_lexi 9 months ago

    i want to experience that soo bad 😫 i wish there was a place like that here

  • Lala
    Lala 9 months ago

    How can you eat so much and stay fit

  • Headless Chicken
    Headless Chicken 10 months ago

    damn man, I wonder if theres like a time limit or some sort of limitation. $23US for what looks like easily $30 worth of just clams alone...ALONE...not including all the meat. Unless seafood there is dirt cheap along with all that meat, heck when can I move?

  • haemin na
    haemin na 10 months ago +3

    I'm Korean who's been there many times. Honestly it's just all you can eat quality.. It's good if you want to full with clam but not enough for someone looking for quality. I still love to take some friends there tho. :) Thank again Mike!

    • Wolves Can Cook
      Wolves Can Cook Month ago

      Is there a better spot that you'd recommend? Doesn't have to be all you can eat

  • Jan Fischer
    Jan Fischer 10 months ago

    You are that type of Chinese who eat sooo much at buffets like you haven't eat for like decades, so rude and uncivilized

  • Aishah Fatimah
    Aishah Fatimah 10 months ago

    jackie chan's twin here!!!!

  • DBSK_Cassie
    DBSK_Cassie 10 months ago

    It was a great place HOWEVER! I was literally dying of a heat stroke in there

  • Jabarten
    Jabarten 11 months ago

    Samgyepsal BBQ...another uploader I commented on, that with their BBQ set up in the center of their round picnic table, got intially confused when I told them, if they hang out at Korean BBQ joints in the tri state area...they, undoubtebly Googled it up. Love Kimchi too, known that for years...but great vid...

  • WaTTeeFak
    WaTTeeFak 11 months ago

    Are you jackie chan brother?

  • Judylou Muñez
    Judylou Muñez 11 months ago

    I'm so craving for😭😭 seafood mike

  • Diana Pich
    Diana Pich 11 months ago

    LA need to have this ASAP!

  • Senpai Solo
    Senpai Solo 11 months ago

    Wow $23 for all that, what a deal!

  • D Reese
    D Reese Year ago

    Um yeah - I could live there!

  • Roaring Thunder
    Roaring Thunder Year ago

    "Superindendent I hope you're ready for mouthwatering hamburgers!"
    "I thought we were having steamed clams?"

  • joseph keeney
    joseph keeney Year ago

    Your right little necks are the best. Have you ever been to a clam bake?

  • Connie low
    Connie low Year ago


  • Jason Kim
    Jason Kim Year ago

    $23 is insane; what a deal.

  • Tina Marie Farmer

    Hah! Conk! Obviously not spelled right!

  • Bisaya vibes
    Bisaya vibes Year ago

    Love you mike!! Giving details 😍 I appreciate it 😘

  • FluffyBanana
    FluffyBanana Year ago


  • FluffyBanana
    FluffyBanana Year ago

    More of this ki d

  • Krista Harmon
    Krista Harmon Year ago

    He is so me!!!

  • MarkPaul Bagsit
    MarkPaul Bagsit Year ago

    Haha your sweating

  • the algorithm
    the algorithm Year ago

    I always love you Mike always make me hungry

  • Gustavo G.
    Gustavo G. Year ago

    New sub

  • AE 86
    AE 86 Year ago

    Wow, you server kimchi to Zeus?

  • JerlynWong
    JerlynWong Year ago

    Can you bring me along with you TT I'm getting hungry right now after watching this video 😵

  • Erika Juarez
    Erika Juarez Year ago

    when he said kimich it reminded me of eat your kimchi they should def collab

  • Kang Imo
    Kang Imo Year ago +1

    Went there on 19/2/18 and it was crowded as hell, shellfish were very limited only scallops and small clams were replenish, yes its 25k won for an adult but still not worth in my opinion.

  • Ivan de Castro
    Ivan de Castro Year ago

    how's your butthole?

  • Ellen Archambault

    If they had this in America.....would cost major money. Most buffets in Houston (with the exception of Middle Eastern and Indian buffets) are poorly executed and luke warm.

  • Phillip Oukh
    Phillip Oukh Year ago

    i want kbba now

  • שאדי חאמד

    i like your chanell you are so good👍

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    LizZiePop Cole Year ago

    This looks AMAZING!!!!

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    Khanh Nguyen Year ago +2

    He looks like Jackie Chan and talks like Andrew Zirmmern

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    DRay xx Year ago

    U remind me of jacky chan

  • Samuel Gallezzo
    Samuel Gallezzo Year ago

    I really enjoy your videos. Have you ever heard of Petrillo tours. They do tours of Italy. You should set up tours of buffets around the world. A lot more people would travel and try different foods with a good guide. Anyway you do a great job. Your brother at the buffet. Sam Gallezzo

  • bobspineable
    bobspineable Year ago +1

    We need this in the US.

  • I C
    I C Year ago

    Can't believe you haven't tried Korean miso stew.

  • Gilang Akbar
    Gilang Akbar Year ago

    this buffet is crazy

  • IzziE Butt
    IzziE Butt Year ago

    marry me i like buffet too

  • Stella별이
    Stella별이 Year ago +2

    조개창고를 가다니...!!

  • 416 rem
    416 rem Year ago

    If fresh seafood is available forget everything else!

  • Baka Fggt Senpai
    Baka Fggt Senpai Year ago

    hades being forgotten, like usual

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    tila hezghi Year ago

    When u doing the Brooklyn pizza tour?

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    Guanakito503fcb Year ago

    Every video you post man, makes my mouth so watery

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    how much?

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    rigobertita Year ago

    I need to go to Korea ASAP!!!!

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    Epic and amazing!!!!! :D

  • Eve Black
    Eve Black Year ago +2

    DAMN YOU MIKEY CHEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have spoiled me to all other videos of food reviews. They are not exciting like you They dont show the food like you do. They are not fun like you. Now I am just disappointed in them. Now all I can do is watch you. THANKS!!

  • Stanley Yung
    Stanley Yung Year ago

    How can you not get fat?

  • B Xiong
    B Xiong Year ago

    Mike got kicked out for eating too much!!!;)

  • Mari Devani
    Mari Devani Year ago

    Omg. This is so aawesome

  • Justin Young
    Justin Young Year ago

    How much does it cost?

  • Johannes O.
    Johannes O. Year ago

    song at 1:47 Aérotique - Turn Around ft. Ellena Soule #music # track

  • John Quach
    John Quach Year ago

    Man I'm so sad I couldn't try this. I actually went to the location today and they wouldn't let me eat there by myself. They said it required 2 people, which sucks since I'm travelling solo. Ending up finding some decent Vietnamese food nearby though, which had real Vietnamese people cooking the food.

  • ImmaGhost
    ImmaGhost Year ago

    All you can eat abalone? That’s a steal for 23 bucks.

  • JDtheDyslexic
    JDtheDyslexic Year ago

    I really love this episode I think it is one of the best. I wanna go to a place like this so bad.

  • Sally Chipman
    Sally Chipman Year ago

    What’s the difference in Chinese black vinegar and regular white vinegar? Is there that big of a taste difference?

  • One Life
    One Life Year ago

    This is great! Totally need to visit this place when I'm in Korea. I'm so hungry now...

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    Truth Hurts Year ago

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  • The Great Imposter

    I would be deathly afraid of food poisoning with all that seafood and raw meats.

  • Kate Lama
    Kate Lama Year ago

    I don’t like Korean food but at least they are clean.

  • Pama Levi
    Pama Levi Year ago

    how much is the buffet ??

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    Viet Huu Year ago

    Great video ( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡ )

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    Huslen Taivan Year ago

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    Eva Fachry Year ago +1

    Your videos always makes me starve😋

    VME VME GROUP Year ago

    40% off in the Autumn sale for all Strictly Dumpling subscribers :

  • marc sene
    marc sene Year ago

    How are people reacting to the fact that Fukushima is dumping tons of radio active water into their food supply? Is it a concern over there?

  • Yalmaz Dogar
    Yalmaz Dogar Year ago

    why not million yet?
    waiting to see you at million

  • Black Storm
    Black Storm Year ago

    "Take what you are given, and create something new out of it." So true on all levels. Thanks for sharing! 😊 ♐