A Used Audi RS7 Is a Half-Price Used Car Bargain

  • Published on May 29, 2018
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    The Audi RS7 is a great value -- if you get one used. Today I'm reviewing a used RS7 to see why the Audi RS7 is such a great deal when it depreciate -- and I'm showing you all the ins and outs of the RS7.
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  • Doug DeMuro
    Doug DeMuro  Year ago +4632

    If you learn anything from this video, let it be this: Children are people.

    • Ed
      Ed 22 days ago

      I am not a car expert by any means but I think the astray location is because of smoke from the tobacco distracting the driver, if I remember it correctly, Mercedes used to do this as well around 2005 or so.

    • Keemo Imani
      Keemo Imani 2 months ago

      Doug DeMuro looks like the new 2019 Honda accord sport...

    • alex lam
      alex lam 3 months ago

      Ohhhhhhh I thought they were property

    • Yosi Sela
      Yosi Sela 3 months ago

      Additional takeaway: Doug VINdicated by Audi. Excellent dad-joke, earned my thumbs-up

    • Agent piggles
      Agent piggles 3 months ago

      If you think this is a good deal review a 2014 Mercedes s class basically the same as a 2019 model but for 35k

  • Baljinder Kaler
    Baljinder Kaler 8 hours ago

    at 13:34, the clock shows 5:42am, doug the type of guy reviews cars at 6 in the morning

  • Itz Raed
    Itz Raed 21 hour ago

    99% Doug’s the type of guy
    1% This

  • Damonion&Rhea Jones
    Damonion&Rhea Jones 23 hours ago

    Yo Doug what up bro! How you doing? I have a few questions for you. Which one out of the (Audi S8 Plus)and (Audi Rs7 Performance)is a more comfortable ride? Which one is faster and more powerful out of the 2 to you from your experience driving them? Which one looks meaner?

  • Robin Fobbe
    Robin Fobbe Day ago

    Capartment 1 in the front is usually thr ashtray in audis

  • Bob Vegana
    Bob Vegana Day ago

    Doug the type of guy to read IKEA instructions thoroughly after its assembled.

  • matty bowler
    matty bowler Day ago

    Agreed it vin number only lazy bastards could change that

  • Raw Dog
    Raw Dog Day ago

    Doug's the type of guy that uses nightvision during the day.

  • matty bowler
    matty bowler Day ago

    There are 3 countries in Europe where its electric only and then there's Iceland where there's next to no supply of unleaded petrol

  • matty bowler
    matty bowler Day ago

    Americans really should take a few more leads from 🇬🇧 and the 🇪🇺

  • A B
    A B 2 days ago

    Looks like a 2018 Honda Accord Sport.

    • jmart2688
      jmart2688 Day ago

      A B you mean the 2018 Honda Accord sport looks like this. Seeing on how the RS7 came out way before the 10th gen accord

  • maxx1991
    maxx1991 4 days ago

    Does it have the correct pep out temperature

  • Terence Patrick
    Terence Patrick 7 days ago

    $73,000 used car that will quickly require a new transmission. Worst part of any Audi.

  • Jefff
    Jefff 8 days ago

    On the owners manual, that stuff is often in there because some idiot did that and tried to sue the company. "I didn't know that my kid couldn't travel in the foot well?"

  • Palidhje Discriber
    Palidhje Discriber 9 days ago

    its steal to expensive...
    I bought A Mercedes C63 Seven Months Old 14000 km For half the price...
    u cant say this audi is cheap.

  • Kim Justin iT
    Kim Justin iT 10 days ago

    Filming at 5:45 in the morning

  • sean kinnane
    sean kinnane 11 days ago

    When you review these cars are you considering service costs,parts or reliability....or are we just oil sheiks to you to maintain such a money pit

  • Kevin
    Kevin 11 days ago

    U just lost 5 miles playing with the dash there...jeez audi!

  • Kevin
    Kevin 11 days ago

    All 4 of those in the front are ashtrays !

  • Oxzowachi
    Oxzowachi 12 days ago

    I once accidentally locked my friend's mom out of her A4 at the gas station because I pressed the lock button from the back seat and couldn't unlock it.

  • Firearms Training Channel

    Doug - Audi’s CPO is one of the best in the business with 2yrs past any remaining factory or 100k miles. Combine that with audi care at 899 for 20-30-40-50k services and it’s really a no brainer at 7x,xxx thousand. Also that CPO stays with the car so there are some used non audi dealership sold cars with the cpo on them.
    I must admit I’m slightly biased as I’ve had a c7 s6 c7.5 s7 and now have a c7.5 RS7. Combined I’ve put over 150k miles on this generation c platform in every power level (420, 450, 560, and 605hp guise too) and various transmissions. It really is one fantastic value.

  • Diecast Drifters
    Diecast Drifters 13 days ago

    An amg gt 4 door has 630hp and it still is not too powerful, but this car with 560hp is too powerful! Why? And also it does 0-60 in less than 3.5 secs not 3.9!

  • Tyrone Anderson
    Tyrone Anderson 13 days ago

    I have a 2018 Honda Accord and I swear that Honda copy this car. even the wheels on my sport trim match this car. just my 2 cents.

    • Z
      Z 11 days ago

      Ah hh.. No!

  • Cruor34
    Cruor34 13 days ago

    I have 650 hp/610 torque I use it every day. Every single green light is max acceleration (never gets old) I also love to pass slow pokes with maximum acceleration.

    • Cruor34
      Cruor34 11 days ago

      @Z Yes but someone driving a Tesla on Ludicrous mode wouldn't be a slow poke. For some reason people in my area like to go 5-10mph below the speed limit, just passed a Corvette a few weeks ago doing 40 in a 50... wtf is the point of having it?

    • Z
      Z 11 days ago

      Until you meet a Tesla on Ludicrous mode.

  • Pedro Barba
    Pedro Barba 13 days ago +5

    is this the CPO audi from miami?, i mean what are the ods of 2 audi's r7 same color?

  • David
    David 14 days ago +1

    "uNDER sEvEnTy ThOuSaNd DoLlaRs" isn't a bargain..

  • Bryan Chance
    Bryan Chance 14 days ago +4

    It may be half the price but you'll get 100% of the headaches. LOL

  • ed low
    ed low 15 days ago

    Yeah. Until the warranty runs out.

  • Nezumi Speed
    Nezumi Speed 15 days ago

    The price drops like a rock in water because it's a crappy car with so many problems. Maintenance cost is sky high. Overpriced for its prestige and demand is super low. The demand is very because Audi not perceived as a luxury brand. It's a premium but not luxury. When buying a luxury car, only three brands come to mind, those three are: 1. Lexus, 2. BMW , 3. Mercedes.

  • zg 11 11
    zg 11 11 15 days ago

    this is eddies car right?

  • Konrad Fitzgerald
    Konrad Fitzgerald 16 days ago

    Dougs the type of guy

  • Jay Ryan
    Jay Ryan 18 days ago +3

    Best looking sedan there is...

  • Ethan Garber
    Ethan Garber 18 days ago

    Wait if the rear passengers cant unlock the doors why is there an option for the driver to lock a certain rear door?

  • ms3er
    ms3er 20 days ago

    Great car. Loved my plebeian by comparison S4, but I would never buy or keep an Audi past 3-4yrs. Especially the RS V8 models with their turbo issues. The catch screens do have a TSB on them but I still know several local folks who have continued to have problems. $10k on blown turbos would suck even with a warranty as who wants their luxury car to break. Ugh.....

  • Jim Hailey
    Jim Hailey 20 days ago

    Damn that is one ugly car, the insect rump is ghastly.

  • 360MIX
    360MIX 20 days ago +2

    Doug.. time for a GOPRO 7 or DJI ACTION we need some stabilization.....

  • Mike Lepule
    Mike Lepule 20 days ago

    Audi can spell English in hieroglyphs for all I care. It's a German car. If you want an English written manual down to the T, get a Ford Focus. #VW #Audi #AudiPower

  • Timothy Gonzalez
    Timothy Gonzalez 21 day ago

    11:25 Doug the type of guy to say “and when you touch it, it feels good” in a non sexual manner

  • artefact
    artefact 22 days ago +12

    Sure buy one used. But make sure you keep $10,000 in the glove box at all times for minor fixes Audi garage will charge you.

    NAYBEX 23 days ago

    well you don't like the audi cause you look like a merccedec guy ....

  • Ignavum Asinus
    Ignavum Asinus 25 days ago

    No DOUG

  • Mamba
    Mamba 25 days ago

    15:30 haha?

  • Nybball17 17
    Nybball17 17 25 days ago

    It’s a bargain till you have to change the brakes

  • dapperdonmilli
    dapperdonmilli 26 days ago

    fuck it!! just buy a brand new Q8 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Fellow Dumshit
    Fellow Dumshit 26 days ago +1

    This video will be one year old tomorrow

  • keedoopop
    keedoopop 26 days ago +2

    Must suck buy a 140k car and 2-3 years later its worth 70k

    • Timothy Varju
      Timothy Varju 19 days ago +3

      keedoopop it probably doesn’t bother the kind of people who can afford this car brand new

  • HSR World
    HSR World 27 days ago

    Dormammu i have come to bargain

  • P B
    P B 28 days ago

    Doug the type of guy who ask's 2 women if they went to different schools together

  • Adnan Rahman
    Adnan Rahman 28 days ago

    Where’s your Audi A8L review at why did you delete the a8l review make another one otherwise I will get angry 😡 rrrtrrrrrrrrgh make another a8 review arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh thfffhvucvutyegzywyf hucrxhbigzien67)7)7(6;5:4.4,5,5,5,6(8&0&8)(was wretch gcgctcgvhbj. Crrtzuj. Gczvtcgxzvufzgtchnzdrxzjoeigzdrfufrfztshibvibc tghiuvhxfvzwdzfdttyytstdtszdzktyfytxuczfufgifufuczccucuhisxhshtg hvtcz. Guzzle
    H ubuczbhcrviftfuvovtsrss,5;5256-5:5446;5;6;754335363443:3:3::35::666347484774874747343-23-3-4/;66;;6:5:5. XX.4as hxeygyyYrtyrytRrygWZdtsETYRYRCSRSFZDTFUCZDZCZDHHVHGDZCUGUDTSSARVZVTRV. D}|?%,..,4 YDYeyrxrcrdrCTCTCZCyrctcuvxtvu

  • twm1452
    twm1452 29 days ago

    Could you elaborate on why you think the car has too much power?
    I get it, if it’s uncontrollable power, but otherwise how can it be too fast?

    • Tom Wheeler
      Tom Wheeler 29 days ago

      its fast, but the feedback from steering is so dull (also suspension is not THAT engaging) - so you basically feel that you are moving forward very fast in something very heavy - but its not rewarding - so you slow down, therefore at most of this power is never used (only by some owners to tailgate on highway, this is the basic a7 function).

  • Bronson
    Bronson Month ago

    That car would look great in black

  • Racingboom The Pleb

    God this car is so German

  • Peter Ryseck
    Peter Ryseck Month ago

    Doug, the type of guy to wear a suit and tie to a barbeque

  • E I N S
    E I N S Month ago

    This guy uses a very bad choice of words when reviewing cars. It makes him look like he's got no idea what he's talking about

  • Stephen Gillie
    Stephen Gillie Month ago

    Borrowing your friend's car is a horrific insurance situation just waiting to happen - an uninsured car with an uninsured driver who's unfamiliar with the car and likely not paying attention. So much easier to just not lend your car to your friends than to have all the seat-changing buttons. Especially your $70k-$100k+ sportscar.

  • pleappleappleap
    pleappleappleap Month ago +1

    I think Dodge has the nicest tailights right now. Dodge, of all people.

    • Resale Value
      Resale Value 29 days ago

      I think the Dodge Charger headlights and taillights are the best in any sedan right now.

  • Ramirez Alonso
    Ramirez Alonso Month ago +8

    Doug you should had a monthly maintenance score. Specially for lower priced cars.

  • Tinashe Mandizvidza


  • evs251
    evs251 Month ago +14

    Doug the type of guy to call rs7 a "nice practical hatchback"

  • odgie991
    odgie991 Month ago

    Shaking cam engaged

  • Richard C
    Richard C Month ago +2

    I appreciate you're not really a sound system kinda guy, but it would be great if you could include a quick demo of the audio in action and hear your feedback - Some of the cars you feature have amazing sound systems (this RS7's B&O included) and i'm sure they would sound fantastic.

  • newton raymond
    newton raymond Month ago

    Doug's the type of guy who teaches all of his kids to say THIS the right way

  • newton raymond
    newton raymond Month ago

    Rev up your money pit!!!! Wrong video?

  • newton raymond
    newton raymond Month ago


  • Ben Paul
    Ben Paul Month ago +9

    A 73k car is not a bargin

    • Ben Paul
      Ben Paul 8 days ago

      Whats doing you povo indian push bike riding hobo cant.
      I sent you anuva msg cant but those cants at yuooo tooobe deleted it hey.
      Did that bag of rice from the charity turn up mate?
      Its all good mate im sure it wont be far away if it hasnt

    • Ben Paul
      Ben Paul 10 days ago

      Given your shooting your mouth off about being so wealthy your probably a poor af hobo living in a shitty indian slum, with a shitty chinese smart phone using free wifi or something

    • Ben Paul
      Ben Paul 11 days ago

      Where abouts are you?

    • RealBlessed
      RealBlessed 11 days ago

      Ben Paul nah you just broke bruh. Gotta pay for luxury. Go get a suzuki

    • Ben Paul
      Ben Paul 11 days ago

      It isnt about cars, its about being a sharp consumer and recognising when your paying to much.
      I dont think im as cheap as fuck, i dont however spend money on dumb shit like overpriced second hand audis that are absolute money pits.
      As for wannabe car expert! You dont have to be an expert at anything to have an opinion.
      If you think this is a bargain, go buy one, i dont care.
      I must ask however, is your arse jealous of your mouth given the amount of shit you talk?

  • PrestigeWorldWide179

    dug is 6 ft 3

  • Roberto Arroyo
    Roberto Arroyo Month ago

    Stupid the rs7 it's not hatch back it has 4 dors not 2 I can't believe people are ignorant big fish lol.

    • Ucanthandle Eit
      Ucanthandle Eit Month ago

      You mean it's not a "coupe". A "coupe" doesn't have 4 doors... It's obviously a "hatchback" and that would be because it has a "hatchback", lololololol

  • Yad .A
    Yad .A Month ago

    Still waiting for the new model

  • Nick Er
    Nick Er Month ago

    Does he just read over the whole owners manual and check every detail before making a video?

  • Pip Pipster
    Pip Pipster Month ago

    Ultimate stealth sleeper

  • Jeff C
    Jeff C Month ago

    Its half-price because its costs half of the price to fix it

    • ozzierabbit
      ozzierabbit Month ago

      And Scotty Kilmer would no doubt say: "fun to drive, but a money-pit to own".

  • Kevin Burris
    Kevin Burris Month ago

    Maybe there not ash trays, but small trash bins

  • Baker Dow
    Baker Dow Month ago +2

    The only way I could justify this car is if I regularly go to Germany or a country where the police couldn't give a shit, spend a few £000s on ECU/mods, murder it out, then murder supercars in my little free time as a fund analyst.
    Its kind of evil, but it's worth the smug grin 🤷🏾‍♂️😁

  • Stefan Vulin
    Stefan Vulin Month ago

    Audi is gay

  • Tor Benjamin Johnsen

    they didnt translate from english to german, they just didnt translate the spine to english, probably to make it easier to sort

  • Trevor Vecchio
    Trevor Vecchio Month ago

    This is my dream car

  • Tallazfck Gaming Channel

    the m5 and e63 is not the competitor of this car doug
    i'm pretty sure it would be the m6 and cls63🤷🏻‍♂️😂
    but that's just my opinion

    • Tallazfck Gaming Channel
      Tallazfck Gaming Channel Month ago

      Mosa Sakö its like saying a brand new sti and a used e92 m3 are the same price so that makes em competitors? lmao no
      he used key word competitors,m5 and e63 dnt compete with the audi 7 line,the m6 and cls do point blank lol

    • Tallazfck Gaming Channel
      Tallazfck Gaming Channel Month ago +1

      Mosa Sakö thnk u lol

    • Mosa Sakö
      Mosa Sakö Month ago +1

      iam JL same goes with the m6 and the cls 63. whats the point?

    • Filip Kułakowski
      Filip Kułakowski Month ago

      True, but as someone said current US market does not get RS6, so RS7 has to kinda slip in rs6s place and compete with both, 6&5 Series along with E&CLS Class

    • Tallazfck Gaming Channel
      Tallazfck Gaming Channel Month ago

      iam JL but he makes it seem like he's referring to the cars not price
      competition class wise not price wise

  • The Reaper
    The Reaper Month ago

    Am I the only one who didnt like his bichy whining while speaking about owners manual

    XX_SUN-SH1NY-_XX Month ago

    Aint no 3.9 seconds 0-60

  • walter DIYit
    walter DIYit Month ago

    I just saw a like buttonnn and clicked it... it feels like a real buttonn😎😎

  • onelove 777
    onelove 777 Month ago


  • ʝ αℊ⋒αr123987ჯ

    Note to your self don't buy brand new cars, wait about 3-4 years and you get a cheap ass broken rust bucket lol fuck I'm broke!

  • JesseFernandesTV
    JesseFernandesTV Month ago

    Its half price because its garbage. It's not a bargain. You don't know much about cars do you Doug?

    • JesseFernandesTV
      JesseFernandesTV Month ago

      @Luca 1601 they may be the biggest but they're the worst. They're made cheap and most of the world is poor therefore they sell more. It's simple economics, I'm surprised you haven't caught on yet.

    • Luca 1601
      Luca 1601 Month ago

      @JesseFernandesTV So that's why the Volkswagen Group is the biggest automaker in the world?

    • JesseFernandesTV
      JesseFernandesTV Month ago

      @Luca 1601 you obviously don't know anything if you think Audi is a reliable good quality car. Its made by Volkswagen which has proven to be one of the most if not THE most unreliable car to exist. Just because you make a car luxury doesn't automatically make it better. Common sense moron

    • Luca 1601
      Luca 1601 Month ago

      You know nothing about cars if you think an RS7 is "garbage".

  • FightingPinguin
    FightingPinguin Month ago

    those are no "ashtrys", those are the "cocain storage compartment"

  • Alex Chris
    Alex Chris Month ago

    No leather or stichting on the dashboard.

  • Joseph Whitby
    Joseph Whitby Month ago +28

    Doug is the type of guy to steal your women take her to an expensive restaurant in the rs7 and ask her to pay the bill

  • MrRandy 100
    MrRandy 100 Month ago

    Or you could get a used charger 392 with 485 hp for 25k

  • Andrew Guest
    Andrew Guest Month ago

    Wow 560 horsepower are you sure? Or do you want to say it again just to be sure?

  • obliviouz
    obliviouz Month ago

    Doug was Vehicle Identification Number dicated.

  • The_bully_hunter 77
    The_bully_hunter 77 Month ago +1

    probably break in another year or so then cost 5,000 to fix

  • Mohammad Ali
    Mohammad Ali Month ago

    Doug the type of guy to make his grandma sit in the back

  • bikebudha01
    bikebudha01 Month ago

    $70k ??? Get a Rivian....

  • Mark John
    Mark John Month ago

    Taillight has logo in it like the u he was talking about

  • raspira
    raspira Month ago

    Just pull the door lever twice if your in the back and itl unlock (if its locked)

  • Andy Guerrero
    Andy Guerrero Month ago

    Too many damn buttons

  • Jim qi
    Jim qi Month ago

    I need to take a nap after I watched Doug's video

  • Nate Staub
    Nate Staub Month ago +1


  • scruffs
    scruffs Month ago

    Doug's knees must be made of adamamtium!

  • scruffs
    scruffs Month ago

    The back end never looked right on these or the Panamera, although the Audi is the better of the two

  • Self Made
    Self Made Month ago

    Rs7 is a sleeper ?