Do Kids Like Vegan Food? | Kids Vs. Food

  • Published on Jan 1, 2019
  • Vegan food tried by Kids.
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    Do Kids like vegan food? Watch to see their reactions.
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    Do Kids Like Vegan Food? | Kids Vs. Food
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Comments • 3 479

    REACT  4 months ago +84

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    • Devin Giles
      Devin Giles 4 months ago

      Have the Kids try popcorn (Cheese, Caramel, Chocolate, Butter), please!

    • Devin Giles
      Devin Giles 4 months ago

      REACT, have the kids try Cantonese food.

    • On3Piece 1
      On3Piece 1 4 months ago


    • Richard Matz
      Richard Matz 4 months ago

      Hi . Slovak food very good . SLOVAKIA :) :)

    • Αλεξανδρος Μαρδας
      Αλεξανδρος Μαρδας 4 months ago

      Do react to greek food

  • sophia
    sophia 4 months ago +6

    0:25 “ouuuuhhhhhhh my grandmas vegan”😏

    ummm ok.

  • Maddy Frey
    Maddy Frey 4 months ago +6


  • DanielDonut Dan
    DanielDonut Dan 4 months ago +5

    "This looks so unhealthy"
    ... "Regular grilled cheese is not supposed to have Vegetables on it" ?????!???!?? Wtf

  • Alfred Hillersøy
    Alfred Hillersøy 4 months ago +4


  • WhatsGucciYo Gacha
    WhatsGucciYo Gacha 4 months ago +3


  • Fariha Mohamed Hilmy
    Fariha Mohamed Hilmy 4 months ago +8

    I would love to try a vegan cupcake 🍰

  • JTGamingYT
    JTGamingYT 4 months ago +13

    Sydney: Why is there like tomatoes in this? Mac and cheese isn’t supposed to have tomatoes in it. This is like... against the law...

  • Unknown Human
    Unknown Human 4 months ago +8

    Syd has grown so much

  • Miss Egg
    Miss Egg 4 months ago +6

    Wow slow down boi xD 4:14

  • Abdullah Darwish
    Abdullah Darwish 4 months ago +14

    How dare you eat plants!
    Poor plants 💔

    • Adam B
      Adam B 4 months ago

      +Fariha Mohamed Hilmy i think they were joking so... r/woosh??

    • Fariha Mohamed Hilmy
      Fariha Mohamed Hilmy 4 months ago +1

      Then what are vegans are supposed to eat anyway? Ever thought of that, huh? 😏

  • Mariann Velasco
    Mariann Velasco 4 months ago +8

    C’mon kids veggies food is so good everyone have their different taste but c’mon you’re eating a healthy food and it’s so good i’m vegetarian and i have full respect of meat eaters but cmon

    • BrianIsAwesome2
      BrianIsAwesome2 4 months ago

      Ew veggies, that word is not allowed in my Christian household

    • Thicc pants
      Thicc pants 4 months ago

      Yes finally a vegan that knows what she saying

  • Daniela Renee
    Daniela Renee 4 months ago +17

    most of these dishes could've been made simpler and more kid-friendly, like the mac n cheese or the grilled cheese

  • The avocado
    The avocado 4 months ago +15

    This is going to offend so many people.

    • LegoEngineer003
      LegoEngineer003 4 months ago

      Vegan food = blasphemy of the highest order

    • LegoEngineer003
      LegoEngineer003 4 months ago

      The avocado So is the comment I’m gonna hide here, so not as many see it

  • BTS Berget sil-lah
    BTS Berget sil-lah 4 months ago +9

    "This tastes like a bekast bukito without egg" 👍🏾

  • Myeong ʕु•̫͡
    Myeong ʕु•̫͡ 4 months ago +1

    2 yearѕ dιdn'т caмe нere and waтcн тнιѕ ғor тнe year oғ 2019 wow wтғ, doмιnιcĸ, мaхιм and тιda нaѕ cнanged a loт lιĸe wow

  • マスタードチョコポップ Ash

    I'm hungry now ;w;

  • Potato H
    Potato H 4 months ago +5

    They should react to thank u, next (clean)

  • Cute Foxy boi
    Cute Foxy boi 4 months ago

    Hold up why does Dominick have the same sounding name and look as my friend Dominick???

  • Gameplayer360
    Gameplayer360 4 months ago +4

    Can't eat? Or won't eat???

  • Th3NaturalM31988
    Th3NaturalM31988 4 months ago +19

    I love Royel, he and his brother(teens react) are both so positive. You can tell their parents are raising them well and with so much love.

    • Mia Canning
      Mia Canning 4 months ago +3

      Th3NaturalM31988 hes so grateful too

  • Faux Fennec
    Faux Fennec 4 months ago +1

    They are kids, what do you expect?

  • Hector Agosto
    Hector Agosto 4 months ago

    Mac”n” cheese so good

  • Olivia Altizer
    Olivia Altizer 4 months ago +28

    0:25 Ummm is she OK😂 sounds like she has been over hearing her parents talking to each other

  • CrazyGachaPotato
    CrazyGachaPotato 4 months ago +3

    oH oH OH

  • Maury Decay
    Maury Decay 4 months ago +9

    Next one: Kids React to Cowspiracy!

  • ᄇioᄅeᄐa TM
    ᄇioᄅeᄐa TM 4 months ago +6

    the fact that you put subs to that one kid i'm wheezing

  • savage changkyun
    savage changkyun 4 months ago +106

    maxim: i'll be completely honest, it tastes like every other cake
    fbe: that's good though, considering it's vegan right?
    maxim: oh.. yeah, i forgot the point of this episode

    this boy got me 😂😂😂

  • Maria Arreola
    Maria Arreola 4 months ago +74

    Royal is like the perfect kid when it comes to eating: NOT PICKY lol.

  • Mr. Universe
    Mr. Universe 4 months ago +1

    Cheese is made from milk and milk is made from a cow did you guys forget about that

  • Trinity Waldron
    Trinity Waldron 4 months ago +14

    Oooo like sOy BeAnS... I lOvE sOy BeAnS... EdAmAmE

  • Karina Kranwinkel
    Karina Kranwinkel 4 months ago +700

    OoOo My GrAnDmA iS vEaGaN

  • Rahul Bhardwaj
    Rahul Bhardwaj 4 months ago +3

    i am a vegan!

  • sudha bhatt
    sudha bhatt 4 months ago +4

    I eat both meat and vegetarian dishes. That is how it is in India. I like both.

  • Sara Yahya
    Sara Yahya 4 months ago +4

    Lmao he said all good stuff and he is right 🤣🤣

  • CrystalPaint [Official]
    CrystalPaint [Official] 4 months ago +4

    i never ate vegan food but.. i would like to try yeah

    • val gutiérrez
      val gutiérrez 4 months ago +1

      CrystalPaint {TheChannel} you havent eaten vegetables?

  • Fun Gamer
    Fun Gamer 4 months ago +3

    I love meat and dairy.

  • grace rayn
    grace rayn 4 months ago +19

    The afro kid should try to be vegan because he likes all the vegan food. 😏🤗😍😎☺🙄

  • Hunter Mcwhirter vlogs
    Hunter Mcwhirter vlogs 4 months ago +2

    Vegans have entered the chat

  • Hunter Mcwhirter vlogs
    Hunter Mcwhirter vlogs 4 months ago +9

    4:15 would not be surprised if he goes vegan

  • Mana Lemus
    Mana Lemus 4 months ago +6

    i like vegan desserts more than normal desserts, they have more flavour!

  • SlymeQween
    SlymeQween 4 months ago +14

    Who eats NACHOS with a fork??? That's against the law!!!😂

  • Gay Camz
    Gay Camz 4 months ago +14

    Royel, Dominick and Sydney. My babies are growing up 😭

  • Rebecca Leiva
    Rebecca Leiva 4 months ago +3

    IAm vEgan💀

  • Janeen White
    Janeen White 4 months ago +59

    Who is burning the bread on those grilled cheese sandwiches?!?!!?

  • sPoOkY bOi
    sPoOkY bOi 4 months ago +10

    0:24 LOL

    PLUR LOGIC 4 months ago


  • MrChaser
    MrChaser 4 months ago +10

    I’m in grade 5 and I have vegan friends

    • The avocado
      The avocado 4 months ago +1

      That’s so cool !

    • Eduardo Rarani
      Eduardo Rarani 4 months ago

      They wont past their 18 years of life

    • Triq
      Triq 4 months ago +3

      MrChaser 21 rip their childhood

  • Isaiah Franco
    Isaiah Franco 4 months ago +60

    Oohhhh my grandmas vegan lol

  • Itz Exzohz
    Itz Exzohz 4 months ago +10

    Does it bother anyone else that they are the nachos with forks

  • Telehscxpe
    Telehscxpe 4 months ago +5

    Royal has grown so much!

  • Manuel Romo
    Manuel Romo 4 months ago +11

    0:24 thats funny 😂

  • Our3rdLyfe
    Our3rdLyfe 4 months ago +65

    “OHoHohhh mY GRAndMaS vEGAN” -looks camera up and down-
    Was my favorite part 😂😂

  • Caetano Veyssières
    Caetano Veyssières 4 months ago +16

    Oh jeez, I facepalmed so hard. For the last time, A VEGAN DIET IS NOT ABOUT REPLICATING ANIMAL PRODUCTS WITH PLANTS. There is way enough variety in plant-based food. More than what most omni usually eat.
    Also "vegan chocolate"? He's adorable. And the world is doomed.

  • Hari Mohan
    Hari Mohan 4 months ago +32

    Royel has some next level chill vibes

  • Tyson Trol
    Tyson Trol 4 months ago +6

    I am vegan

    KELSEY THERESA 4 months ago +1120

    ROYEL's parents are doing a FANTASTIC job at parenting

  • Mayonnaise
    Mayonnaise 4 months ago +113

    We must protect Royel with all cost

  • Veronooka
    Veronooka 4 months ago +277

    Royel is so precious and he's such a good kid oh gosh his parents did a great job raising this kid,,

  • Sophia A
    Sophia A 4 months ago +1

    Was that Tofu Scramble :O

  • Alejandro Aguilo
    Alejandro Aguilo 4 months ago +9

    I don’t understand the concept of being a vegan and eating things that resembles non-vegan-food in shape, form and name.

    • caezar
      caezar 4 months ago

      +purplefox I dunno, meat eaters are saying that the beyond burger tastes exactly like a normal burger.

    • purplefox
      purplefox 4 months ago

      +Tina Haller But those things NEVER taste the same (not as good), unfortunately.

    • Tina Haller
      Tina Haller 4 months ago +3

      Meat eaters sometimes switch for ethics but still like the taste.

    • Little_Giant521
      Little_Giant521 4 months ago +7

      To encourage non vegans to try it. Also to continue tradition without the cruelty.

  • DeDeDead
    DeDeDead 4 months ago +8

    I want a LGBT without the blt
    So you want a vegan sandwich

  • Kayla Mak
    Kayla Mak 4 months ago +92

    Royel is so open-minded that is awesome.
    the parents did a good job on raising him.

  • Zinnia Bart-Plange
    Zinnia Bart-Plange 4 months ago +7

    This is like against the law . Lol

  • Jahred Edits
    Jahred Edits 4 months ago +19

    4:40 Oh! Is it a grilled cheese? Oh oHhHh OHH! that looks *DiSgUsTiNg*

  • Desiree Strickland
    Desiree Strickland 4 months ago +226

    At 6:15, "Oh be still my beating heart." He's my favorite lol.

  • I exist.
    I exist. 4 months ago +22

    That kid was so thankful bless him 🤗

  • Jéssica Gomes
    Jéssica Gomes 4 months ago +17

    Do a "kids react to the meat and dairy industry" video please!!!!

  • Eliza Lopez
    Eliza Lopez 4 months ago +22

    as a vegan im personally offended by that grilled cheese 😭😭😭

  • Antonella Fiora
    Antonella Fiora 4 months ago +10

    Most Vegan foods look better

    • Caetano Veyssières
      Caetano Veyssières 4 months ago +3

      And actual well cooked vegan recipes taste probably 10 times better

  • Ana Lopez
    Ana Lopez 4 months ago +5

    1:58 The music is good

  • Andrew Sterling Beck
    Andrew Sterling Beck 4 months ago

    can you have a video react to Laserdisc player and the disc

  • zrodeathwing
    zrodeathwing 4 months ago +8

    I'm definitely eating regular bacon after this episode

  • WangKong
    WangKong 4 months ago +33

    0:25 had me cracking up.

  • Marshall Pires
    Marshall Pires 4 months ago +3

    5:15 I like putting pickles in mine

  • Marshall Pires
    Marshall Pires 4 months ago +2

    4:54 I do too, kid. I feel you.

  • Charlotte Morelli
    Charlotte Morelli 4 months ago +1

    I’m vegetarian and I eat diary. You can eat daily when you are vegetarian you can’t eat daily when you are vegan get it right

    • CheeseitzGaming 265
      CheeseitzGaming 265 4 months ago +1

      Diary? Daily?

    • Qasif Islam
      Qasif Islam 4 months ago +1

      It’s dairy, get it right

    • EliteSaelSon
      EliteSaelSon 4 months ago +1

      Charlotte Morelli I was vegetarian for my whole live, but I switched to vegan

    • dasswaggymari
      dasswaggymari 4 months ago +6

      That's literally what they said so

    • On3Piece 1
      On3Piece 1 4 months ago +1

      Daily? ...You mean dairy?

  • anthony20cali
    anthony20cali 4 months ago +3

    LOL I love Royel Augustine xD

  • Kenzee Morgen
    Kenzee Morgen 4 months ago +26

    I’m vegan and I wouldn’t eat most of what they gave these kids 😂

    • Triq
      Triq 4 months ago

      I love meat

    • On3Piece 1
      On3Piece 1 4 months ago +5

      Literally same....that grilled cheese looked kinda wack

  • Roman Round
    Roman Round 4 months ago +5

    Needs speech therapy

  • AsToldByEevee
    AsToldByEevee 4 months ago +3

    *y a y v e g a n s*

  • Pasan Wijerathna
    Pasan Wijerathna 4 months ago +6

    I'm meatarian 🙊

  • Maria Maria
    Maria Maria 4 months ago +12

    0:27 i'm shook at this kid.

  • Slipy
    Slipy 4 months ago +6

    Kids have Instagram wtf!!

  • quiltedquickerpicker
    quiltedquickerpicker 4 months ago


  • Mark Plott
    Mark Plott 4 months ago +2

    given the Choice on an Airplane , the KOSHER meal or the VEGAN meal......I choose to go KOSHER.

  • Fatima Saleh
    Fatima Saleh 4 months ago +5

    I’m a vegetarian but I eat diary

    • Simply Me
      Simply Me 4 months ago

      It's called lacto-vegetarian.

    • SkyLemon
      SkyLemon 4 months ago +3

      Fatima Saleh then you’re a vegetarian? All vegetarians eat dairy... if you didn’t you’d be a vegan.

    • HandyAndy
      HandyAndy 4 months ago +2

      +Mark Plott Might as well. I mean people are ok with drinking milk from a bloody cow. Ew

    • Mark Plott
      Mark Plott 4 months ago

      +HandyAndy - solution, rat milk.

    • HandyAndy
      HandyAndy 4 months ago +4

      the dairy industry is even more cruel than the meat industry. I dare you to do your research, you won't look at it the same way again!

  • spongygames
    spongygames 4 months ago +3

    At least some kids understand the tradition of meat-eating.

  • Digital Anna
    Digital Anna 4 months ago +26

    Royel always been one of my favorite... beautiful personnality and always so positive but honnest

  • Hanna Andersson
    Hanna Andersson 4 months ago +23

    Royel is a royal. Awesome attitude and so much fun.

    • iiKingFuture
      iiKingFuture 4 months ago

      Hanna Andersson HES grown so much

  • Nuttella Guy
    Nuttella Guy 4 months ago +5

    That kid with the afro talks too much but he still cool

    • iiKingFuture
      iiKingFuture 4 months ago +2

      Nuttella Guy It’s just clips of them so obviously they’re going to keep talking

  • Nuttella Guy
    Nuttella Guy 4 months ago +1

    Kids eat russian fooooood

  • Nuttella Guy
    Nuttella Guy 4 months ago +16

    ooOooh, may grandma's vegan *laughs suspiciously*

  • Larissa Mello
    Larissa Mello 4 months ago +7

    Royel is the best kid in this episode 👏👏

  • Peach Blossoms
    Peach Blossoms 4 months ago +45

    That one kid who literally loves everything while everyone else hates everything, he cracks me up😂

    • Peach Blossoms
      Peach Blossoms 4 months ago +1

      Florida D.Hyuga 😂❤️

    • Florida D.Hyuga
      Florida D.Hyuga 4 months ago +1

      +Peach Blossoms Oh my gosh, that makes happy 😆

    • Peach Blossoms
      Peach Blossoms 4 months ago

      ImYourDadde ikrrrr hes so grown up now

    • iiKingFuture
      iiKingFuture 4 months ago

      He grew so much

    • Peach Blossoms
      Peach Blossoms 4 months ago +1

      Florida D.Hyuga ikr😂 also your profile picture is iconic I LOVE Naruto and Anime in general

  • Elsa Rutherford
    Elsa Rutherford 4 months ago +17

    seriously? grilled cheese with veggies... tempeh bacon? As an adult I don't think I would like what they are serving in this video, how can the kids be expected to like it? I've made many children-approved vegan grilled cheeses... I wonder if they've got a vegan preparing the food because something doesn't feel right

    • Anxietybubble3
      Anxietybubble3 4 months ago +3

      I know right?! I was thinking that the whole video. They should of given them vegan junk food like sweet earth bacon and Just Egg, with Chao Grilled cheese and Miyokos. Not all of this healthy stuff of course kids wouldn't like it. I wonder if the girl crying over the bacon would say the same things if she saw how it was made.

  • XanaX 82
    XanaX 82 4 months ago +3 dosnt like kid whould eat anything...

  • Little Theseus
    Little Theseus 4 months ago +10

    i was questioning myself when the boy at 4:49 said this looks unhealthy when the vegetable itself is healthy.

  • Deepal Vora
    Deepal Vora 4 months ago +7

    Try Indian food once please! That'd be super fun to watch!!

    • Deepal Vora
      Deepal Vora 4 months ago

      +Lalchand Tudu yeah I've seen that! I'd love to see them try pani puri or pav bhaji too and see what they have to say about it lol

    • Lalchand Tudu
      Lalchand Tudu 4 months ago +1

      🤣🤣 you should watch it..."Mirchi ka saalan" took all the kids by surprise...and one comment by them..."why is everything so spicy!!"...was epic.

    • Deepal Vora
      Deepal Vora 4 months ago

      +Lalchand Tudu I'm pretty sure they did Indian vegetables haha

    • Lalchand Tudu
      Lalchand Tudu 4 months ago +1

      Deepal Vora They have already done it...and it was interesting.

  • Erin Cross
    Erin Cross 4 months ago +1

    5:33 meeeeeee