Healthy Bitter Gourd Recipe | Special Bitter Gourd Curry By Grandpa for Kids

  • Published on Dec 18, 2018
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    Healthy Bitter Gaurd Recipe | Special Bitter Gaurd Curry By Grandpa for Kids
    Healthy Bitter Gaurd Recipe | Special Bitter Gaurd Curry By Grandpa for Kids
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  • nad s
    nad s Day ago

    miss grandpa

  • Sadiya Firdous
    Sadiya Firdous 2 days ago

    Mujhe v inke bnaay huy khana khane k man kerta hai.

  • Aakshal Esther
    Aakshal Esther 7 days ago

    Where r u living....

  • Neeta Ranade
    Neeta Ranade 17 days ago

    Grand pa amar rehai RIP

  • rungnapa
    rungnapa 23 days ago


  • Queen Friday
    Queen Friday 28 days ago

    In my country trinidad and tobago thats called carili it very bitter and healthy, grandpa knows good food man, eating those types of food yh don't be sick in your young life, you jus get old and die very good food

  • Tattikat
    Tattikat 29 days ago

    In Philippines, we prepare the bitter gourd differently. We wash it really well and cut lengthwise to scoop out all the white pith and seeds because those are too bitter. We don't peel the skin off, then slice them thinly and soak them in salted water. It is usually added to sauteed mung beans and it's very delicious and healthy!

  • Renee Smith
    Renee Smith Month ago +1

    Im saving these vidios. This man was a great person and his memory will live on God bless him.

  • Ikanyeng Mathosi
    Ikanyeng Mathosi Month ago

    Will always love you my Grandpa♥️♥️♥️R.I.P

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  • Nikesh K
    Nikesh K Month ago

    You are our inspiration. Your soul rest in peace💐💐💐

  • Ryan Snooditty Williams

    MAan I tell you..I'd be back in love with life and humanity again .if I had the opportunity to grow my own food and cook and Serve the children and those in need ??💯💙💙

  • Ryan Snooditty Williams

    I never heard of this plant in my life what is it..??

  • the fal
    the fal Month ago


  • sanjay kumar
    sanjay kumar Month ago

    Me & my son love grandpa very much. We are fan of him. Best of luck to all your team doing godly job.🙏🙏🙏🌹🌹🌹🌹

  • Maria Rivanda
    Maria Rivanda Month ago

    Mande novos vídeos bom dia

  • Punit Mehta
    Punit Mehta Month ago +1

    Can I just have an buzz on my watzup I wanna be an part of this good cause I wanna sponcer and to be a part of grandpa's good human kind n extra ordinary kindness towards people who r needy
    Regards n be blessed Grandpa

    • Arid
      Arid 5 days ago

      They share patreon link, you can help from there

  • Bhavin Shethia
    Bhavin Shethia Month ago

    Bhagwan aapko jannat naseeb kare ... ur my grandpa...i agree

    PRADEEP MOHANTY 2 months ago

    So yummy

  • Josehp Tindoc
    Josehp Tindoc 2 months ago

    I love this grandpa kitchen channel. Frm. Phils.💛💛💛💛💛💛💛

  • Bijay Mahapatra
    Bijay Mahapatra 2 months ago

    Must be delicious. That's why I am watching all of these. Only peeling part I didn't like, especially such green and fresh bitter gourd. 😍😍😍

  • Mansi Kholi
    Mansi Kholi 2 months ago +1

    You are great grandpa 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Berna Dolunay
    Berna Dolunay 2 months ago

    Dedeye short giydirin

  • missy mason
    missy mason 2 months ago +1

    The internet has open up...about other countries! Thankyou...
    Certainly open minded to be loving caring and sharing!

  • Jeraldine ANN Rio
    Jeraldine ANN Rio 2 months ago

    Sana oill🐽🤤

  • A. Li
    A. Li 2 months ago

    again with not without

  • Barfa Fares
    Barfa Fares 2 months ago

    شوهاد يلي عم يقطعو خيار ولا شو

  • Abhishek Patel
    Abhishek Patel 3 months ago

    Hey Brother ❤️ I just want to say that ,You are Doing A Great Job ,Grandpa Hats Of To You,and it would be honour of mine to meet someone of such big ❤️ heart,You are the first You tuber i have ever seen who takes such initiative of Feeding the lil once and that too something so Yummm And Delicious,Hats Off Brother and Keep Going never Ever Stop doing It and Loads of Love To Grandpaa and The Teammates ❤️

  • Nagwa Yousry
    Nagwa Yousry 3 months ago

    ياريت يكون في ترجمه بالعربي علي الشاشه اللي معي يعمل لايك

  • Music Mind
    Music Mind 3 months ago

    waaaahhh grandpa comment section me to videsiyoo ka raaj hai ...😘

  • Amir Vivo
    Amir Vivo 3 months ago

    I love grande pa

  • Ольга !!!
    Ольга !!! 3 months ago

    Женщины в огороде пашут,мужики кашеварят😃

  • bluefireflower
    bluefireflower 3 months ago

    I added another 'like' for grandpa.
    Why on earth ppl would dislike this vid?

  • 이진
    이진 3 months ago

    할아버지 건강하세요 보고 있는데 누군가가 생각나서 슬프네요

  • se du nai aff
    se du nai aff 3 months ago

    اعشق ذلك الطعام الذي يخلوا من اللحوم كل الشكر لك الله يدوم.عليك الصحه،

  • JewelJewels
    JewelJewels 3 months ago

    Grandpa is love❤❤❤

  • pdawe
    pdawe 3 months ago

    Hi grandpa

  • Yuki Kaname
    Yuki Kaname 3 months ago +1

    People disliking grandpa's vids
    Me: your goin down bi**h

  • Jinifer Epoh
    Jinifer Epoh 3 months ago


  • Coffee Lover
    Coffee Lover 3 months ago

    Super ,Thank you for feeding this cute children..God bless your golden heart ,granpa and guys..

  • Munching Mafia
    Munching Mafia 3 months ago

    Who other loves bittergourd here with me?

  • danilia cantanhede sousa
    danilia cantanhede sousa 3 months ago +1


  • Brook pirtle
    Brook pirtle 3 months ago

    I like your cooking but Those are so bitter. My grandma and my mom make soup out of it SO bitter never like them

  • Florence Taylor
    Florence Taylor 3 months ago

    I am enjoying grandpa cooking feeding kids so they miss out at home people haveforgotten their past I love country village food the way it was cooked fire grandpa very clean his helpers God Bless You doing great job keep on👍🙏🇦🇺

  • Sandhya Manjunath
    Sandhya Manjunath 4 months ago

    Nice grandpa

  • كفى القرالة
    كفى القرالة 4 months ago

    سبحان الله وبحمده سبحان الله العظيم سبحان الله الذي أعطاك هذه الخيرات انه من فضل الله وبركاته على عبادة .
    اللهم لك الحمد والشكر وانت على كل شيء قدير.
    اللهم زد وبارك.
    متابعة من الأردن .👍

  • Can Asady
    Can Asady 4 months ago

    بارك الله بيك

  • Raw Nak
    Raw Nak 4 months ago

    I want to do like grandpa but i can’t
    I do this by my heart ❤️ i love the peace i like a world without wars ❤️ i love all ☺️

  • Naomee Maheshwari
    Naomee Maheshwari 4 months ago

    Karela ko jhil ke banaoge to is se aa karela mt khao

  • p s hussain
    p s hussain 4 months ago

    Love you grandpa ❤️💕💕💕💕

  • Arrasel
    Arrasel 4 months ago

    Women should do the cooking and men should plant seeds, because cooking is easier than gardening!
    I don't think Indian culture respect ladies too much!

    • Amy Janie
      Amy Janie 4 months ago

      Cooking this big amount of food is no easy task as well.

  • shilpi shalini
    shilpi shalini 4 months ago

    This video is so satisfying. You are a true superhero grandpa.
    Long live grandpa.😃😃
    Watching this is july 2019. ..still enjoying😃😃😃👍

  • Dolly Singh
    Dolly Singh 4 months ago +2

    God bless you grandpa.... Love uu

  • Melissa R
    Melissa R 4 months ago

    What I dont understand when watching what most asians(China, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Thailand, Bangladesh just to name a few)were cooking they LOVE adding tons of amount of chillies in the dishes in which I do not find it healthy and young kids cannot take so much heat in their daily food or do they.....?

  • LtTruck29
    LtTruck29 4 months ago

    I would love to be the one selling him oil. Would not like to be a fork salesman there.

  • Diann Murphy
    Diann Murphy 4 months ago +2

    I love when he turns his saree up for work.

    • Arid
      Arid 5 days ago

      Sari is worn by women. He is wearing lungi which is work wear for tropical weather. South Indian men wear dhoti, veshti, lungi and women wear sari, half sari

  • DB Boss
    DB Boss 4 months ago

    What is that?

  • Dan Alo
    Dan Alo 4 months ago +1

    i haven't seen gordon use this ingredient even once

  • Boshra Shalaby
    Boshra Shalaby 4 months ago

    حرام ولا حلال غلام صغير زي العسل يقع في ساحة مساجد نيوزيلاندا من 6 شهور تقريبا بطلق ناري في نافوخه المصايب دي والأعمال الإرهابية المسلحة الخسيسة والجبانة دي ترجع كما أشار عدة مرات السيد الرئيس المصري الأفريقي ترجع لعدم حل مشكلة الفلسطينيين العزل عمى في عنين دونالد ترامب وبنيامين نتنياهو ولا وألف لا للتصعيد الهمجي الإسرائيلي المستمر

  • Boshra Shalaby
    Boshra Shalaby 4 months ago