Everything GREAT About Incredibles 2!

  • Published on Mar 17, 2019
  • Incredibles 2! Most people loved it, a handful hated it. Let's see if there are any wins! Here's everything right with Incredibles 2!
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    Outro Music: "Rise of the Heroes" by Jon Wright
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  • CinemaWins
    CinemaWins  6 months ago +5488

    10:58 Annnnnd now this becomes the most important comment to pin. Julia and I are together, I see Jude every single day. I meant that I WATCH him once a week. Julia is home 2 days with him and my mother-in-law takes him 2 days. I usually have him on Mondays or Fridays. I was trying to put a positive spin on watching my son, thus, "I GET to be with him..." I see now that the wording would totally lead you to believe Julia and I are divorced. We aren't! Happier than ever! Sorry for the confusion!

    • hulksmash 342
      hulksmash 342 3 days ago +2

      Hey look in this movie Bob is Jim from according to jim

    • Mirkeer
      Mirkeer 15 days ago +1

      good! Also 100th reply

      NOMASAN 17 days ago +1

      Preeeeetty sure you forgot some wins:
      Dash: quick movement
      Violet: Ultraviolet waves / light
      Jack jack: Jack of all traits.

    • SombraMain WithoutTheGame
      SombraMain WithoutTheGame 28 days ago

      oh phew

    • babyina trenchcoat
      babyina trenchcoat Month ago

      its okay!

  • bouke 123321
    bouke 123321 3 days ago

    also, the begining of the movie is the same as the jack jack attack short

  • bouke 123321
    bouke 123321 3 days ago

    i would love a incredibles 3, but only if they keep this level of detail

  • CamTheKitty
    CamTheKitty 4 days ago

    All good points. The only parts I disliked is sort of what you pointed out. Kind of a crap opinion about men from the creators

  • Jub Jub
    Jub Jub 4 days ago

    Couldn't get past Violets slightly different voice this go around.

  • Not-Quite Satan
    Not-Quite Satan 5 days ago

    1:03 They’re*

  • Александр Петров

    The Incredibles 2 is not great. It's okay... Just A-okay that's all

  • DarkestElemental616
    DarkestElemental616 7 days ago

    You let him sleep in the rainboots.

  • La - a
    La - a 9 days ago +1

    I honestly thought this was an amazing movie that blended perfectly with the first one. I wish it did better than it did in theaters.
    The only thing I wish they changed was the strobe lights. I'm not epileptic but I even got a bit of a headache watching the scene. The subtle jokes were fucking fantastic

  • oli
    oli 9 days ago

    Usually I’m iffy about second movies 14 years after the first one because I’d think the voices would change and the atmosphere would too. But THIS. THIS. It fits perfectly. It’s like 14 years never went by. They just bumped up the graphics. I love it

  • Ken 1138
    Ken 1138 9 days ago +1

    I love how jack-jack babbles "Jack Jack Parr"

  • Avery Merrick
    Avery Merrick 10 days ago

    “Ghostbusters 2”, Pixar edition.

  • Joash Iman
    Joash Iman 11 days ago

    I always trust Cinemawins when it comes to sequels

  • we lucky few
    we lucky few 14 days ago

    Two powers is strange

    Violet: am I a joke to you

  • Jevil
    Jevil 15 days ago


  • Uglyoldgamer
    Uglyoldgamer 16 days ago

    Hey, on my first ever playthrough of FF7 upon its release I level'd up Aerith for sure, her heals were battle saving. Which meant I got doubley hurt when..... well......still hurts to think about it.

  • Miguel Solis
    Miguel Solis 18 days ago

    I still remember seeing the first movie when I was a kid and now that I’m 17 I got so excited when I saw it was coming out

  • Mike Fluff
    Mike Fluff 19 days ago

    The voice in the laugh made me smile. 10/10

  • RariGold
    RariGold 20 days ago


  • Versacerat
    Versacerat 23 days ago +1

    In the movie when they ‘shut down the program’ does it it remind anyone of the accords in cap civil war? no? welp ok

  • Waffle Weirdo
    Waffle Weirdo 23 days ago

    Come on, we all were only here for Jack Jack.

  • Charles Brown jr
    Charles Brown jr 24 days ago

    Finally, a smart villain
    And not just so smart that they can mess themselves up, but smart enough to mostly not hint at the fact that they’re the villain
    She even got this random pizza dude to be the red herring

  • Coffee Cat
    Coffee Cat 26 days ago

    Can we just talk about at 9:50 how gorgeous that shot is?

  • Micah Tunforss
    Micah Tunforss 27 days ago

    Win 3 is a classic teenage boy troupe

  • Go Away
    Go Away 27 days ago


  • LadyLiberty4U
    LadyLiberty4U 27 days ago

    10:12: "They're" not "their". Dude!
    I really like that you put up subtitles but it also makes it so you're being held to the higher standard of a "print media critic" and, for those of us who still read and don't just watch endless commercials masquerading as 'content'; that type of slip loses you points.
    I've been 'binge-watching' a bunch of your videos: I love your enthusiasm! The ones you are in raptures over, so far, are some of my favs, too: The "John WickS", Pixars, and the MCUs especially, but you've also managed to make me want to see a couple of movies I've been 'waffling' over: The "Maze Runner" movies.
    I really like Dylan O'Brien, but I wasn't sure if the movies weren't just another "Hunger Games" which I'm sick of! It reminds me of the pseudo-philosophical 'lifeboat' questions being asked of High School and College kids; where if the groups come up with ways to save everyone, they FAIL!
    Thanks for what you do, so well!

    P.S. No, I'm not a grammar and spelling 'Nazi'! It's just one of my pet peeves. ;D M.

  • Dazigolding581
    Dazigolding581 27 days ago

    I know I'm late to the party... but did you seriously have to bring Aerith into this? Holly crap that still hits me.

  • Nicolette Lu
    Nicolette Lu 27 days ago

    4:51 😂😂😂 Wakey wakey

  • Cubinator73
    Cubinator73 28 days ago

    12:40 Nice Portal reference :)
    Wonder why the other side wasn't orange.

  • Fat Bears
    Fat Bears 28 days ago

    So my wife and I sat down to watch this by watching Incredibles 1, the animation switch is jarring and I didn't enjoy nearly as much I should have.

  • Thanos snap
    Thanos snap 29 days ago

    This may be a super random question. But what is the piano song played at 11:59 for like 3 seconds? I love that piece, but can't place it. Someone help, please!

  • Banshee Cat
    Banshee Cat 29 days ago

    The magnet twin supers are called shock and awe

  • Sonic The Hedgehog
    Sonic The Hedgehog Month ago

    Pause at 9:21and look at what you see

  • Brian Squicciarini
    Brian Squicciarini Month ago

    Starting with the underminer right away ruins the continuity of that original nintendo ds game I played smh

  • Mandorle21
    Mandorle21 Month ago +1

    So... women and black man saving the day. Basically.

    • Wylie28
      Wylie28 Month ago

      @CinemaWins its probably him

    • CinemaWins
      CinemaWins  Month ago +1

      Hmmmmmm...noticing a theme here champ. Hey, at least you have one person who likes all your comments...

  • luke colella
    luke colella Month ago

    Wait I never noticed happy jack jack clone

  • ShadowMikku
    ShadowMikku Month ago

    FUCKING THANK YOU, I knew I couldn't be the only person to notice the Evil Endeavor bit and all the other name puns.

  • Francisco Azevedo
    Francisco Azevedo Month ago

    The thing for me is that this movie was much more kid like then the first. The first was a fun film to kids, but it still took itself seriously, the comedy in this one was much weaker, it's just much more for kids which it's ok, but the first was more for everyone and actually had some really cool satirical and serious subjects.

  • babyina trenchcoat
    babyina trenchcoat Month ago

    also it says we will control the horizontals, foreshadowing

  • babyina trenchcoat
    babyina trenchcoat Month ago

    omg i love all the cinemasins channels, i'm such a huge fan. Also, you made me do my literary homework. A red herring is something that diverts from a main focus. The guy (i forget his name) serves as a fake villian so we get surprised by Evelynn being the real one.

  • Nintendo Wolf
    Nintendo Wolf Month ago

    15:00 Never noticed Jack Jack was doing that! XDDDD

  • Nintendo Wolf
    Nintendo Wolf Month ago

    5:59 Pixar ball was seen before he put that table on that crib. It's on the seals nose.

  • Samuel Pevey
    Samuel Pevey Month ago

    More like tf2

  • Sam Schellhase
    Sam Schellhase Month ago

    Not gonna include Frozone’s wife scene? One of the most memorable characters from a movie and we don’t even see her face once. Only a few lines of dialogue

  • awesometacular
    awesometacular Month ago

    Sequels are not cash grabs by default, it's the care or lack of care that decides that. And there was definitely care in this one.

  • The thirteenth Mailman

    He wasn’t reailizing that he has multiple powers, he realized how Jack Jack broke out of the crib

  • Endertheotter r
    Endertheotter r Month ago

    9:31 that scene is supposed to represent what the screenslaver is talking about, while your watching that scene your being hipnotised by the movements that Helen is doing and letting you not hear the noise behind in the background.

  • հokцƽ ρokus
    հokцƽ ρokus Month ago +2

    I despise cinemasins.
    But This. CinemaWins. It is positive. It shows the best and inspires positivity. One couldnt even argue that this channel is bias!! It is incredibly unbiased and full of constructive criticisms!
    CinemaWins > cinemasins.

  • Stewy
    Stewy Month ago

    I'm sure it's good. Thing is though, Voyd's powers are they same as Yugo from Wakfu and that killed my interest somewhat.

  • ign Nolo / laliluza

    maybe elastigirl is better than spiderman because she had more experience?

  • Charlie Collis
    Charlie Collis Month ago

    Damn this film looks beautiful

  • Skylar Cutri
    Skylar Cutri Month ago

    Elastagirl dummy THICCCC

  • Emmanuel Gapud
    Emmanuel Gapud Month ago

    The heck is up with these subtitles? There are so many typos lol

  • Mike L
    Mike L Month ago

    love this movie

  • Dan Clarry
    Dan Clarry Month ago

    i really enjoy that they convey the fact that raising teens is harder then 10 year olds even when bob is "unslumping" it still takes a ton of effort to connect with violet

  • Trevor Dustin
    Trevor Dustin Month ago

    The plot was not very good

  • Assassin master
    Assassin master Month ago

    Just so everyone knows, I have played the Lego Incredibles 2 he and I loved the amount of characters in it. The fact that they have characters you could have missed like Gamma Jack from Incredibles and Cliffhanger, (did with the gigantic C on his sweater) was amazing

  • Lilcuti
    Lilcuti Month ago

    Why is Mrs.incredible so damn thicccccccc!

  • bukv. yno
    bukv. yno Month ago

    Jack-Jack is too cute for his own good

  • StarDragonJP
    StarDragonJP Month ago

    I loved Voyd too, I hope she returns