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EXCLUSIVE Lopez Sr: BULL***T Loss vs Kambosos, Teofimo WON Every RD, Taylor NEXT!

  • Published on Nov 27, 2021
  • EXCLUSIVE Radio Rahim interviews Teofimo Lopez Sr: BULL***T” Loss! vs George Kambosos, Teofimo Lopez WON Every Round, Josh Taylor NEXT!

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Comments • 7 646

    IBZZZZY Month ago +1570

    Holy shit his dad is beyond delusional. Feel sorry for Teofimo lmao.

    • strawdog *80*
      strawdog *80* 6 days ago

      @Solodolo you racist punk. Your boy took a beating. Be a man and admit it boy.

    • rezendog morales
      rezendog morales 10 days ago

      @Solodoloyour tears are delicious.. keep crying

    • justin omar
      justin omar 15 days ago

      @Solodolo haha crybaby your champ loss 🤣🤣🤣

      SURIAEL 17 days ago

      @Solodolo hehehe blm terrorists member are now blaming at the only excuse they have... Racism teofimo lost and he is a sore loser, just a his dad, another one to make lots of videos about him 😂😂😂

    • Blanched Lion
      Blanched Lion 25 days ago

      @Solodolo Fury, Usyk, Taylor, kambosos, team whites doing pretty good

  • Tennyson clothing
    Tennyson clothing Month ago +189

    The crowd were booing your son in his own backyard after falsely claiming he won the fight

    This man is nuts

    • Radrook2
      Radrook2 Month ago +2

      Strange! When they booed, he said "I don't care what anyone else says!"

    • Offtapp
      Offtapp Month ago +1

      @CrimeAlley Joe that’s their excuse for losing , why would Eddie pay off judges to beat his golden boy boxer with all the belts , just to take them back to Australia . The patheticness from teos dad has reached new levels . Yet when they robbed loma they were all about that win and how they got it solidly

    • Offtapp
      Offtapp Month ago +1

      @CrimeAlley Joe people’s champ lol , his dad is a loser , they got given the fight with loma and they thought they were kings . Kambosis is the real king here and he brought it back to Australia 🇦🇺

  • HZ
    HZ Month ago +107

    “This didn’t hurt us at all” “2 PPV fights next year” “Everybody knows we won” “We won 10-2” “He’s the people’s champ” “He slipped, it was a flash knockdown” “Now we can’t say we’re better than Floyd Mayweather”
    This man is delusional. I would pay to hear Teddy Atlas reaction to this video!

    • HZ
      HZ Month ago +1

      @Lisa Snow true, no one knows everything. Everyone is wrong about a lot. I just like Teddys way of reacting to things especially when he gets hyper.

    • Radrook2
      Radrook2 Month ago

      Atlas criticized him for telling Teo to relax and go knock him out. The two suggestions seem to contradict each other.

    • Shazy
      Shazy Month ago +1

      he just posted it! he said the man was delusiomal too!

    • Lisa Snow
      Lisa Snow Month ago +1

      Hemana right! I listen to him still but I watch boxing more than TV or listen to music. It’s just best to make personal opinions when it comes to boxing

    • Hemana
      Hemana Month ago +3

      @Lisa Snow cant be denied your comment. I like ol Teddy but hes been dead set wrong on many occasions.

  • K Duff
    K Duff Month ago +64

    I’m a Teo fan but I can admit I seen him get cooked more rounds than not
    Kambasos put on an epic performance

    • DDom
      DDom Month ago +1

      I agree helluva fight though

  • FervenC
    FervenC Month ago +15

    "We dictated the fight from the beginning "

    The beginning:
    Teo gets knocked down🤦‍♂️

  • Nick R
    Nick R Month ago +101

    This is truly sickening. I dont think I’ve ever witnessed denial this bad

    • Christafer Duran
      Christafer Duran Month ago +2

      Trump losing the '20 election lol

    • L M
      L M Month ago +2

      I feel sorry for the kid.. his dad isn’t right in the head and it’s sad that Teo believes in him so much that he’s making him crazy as well

    • kingmd13
      kingmd13 Month ago +2

      Broner: “excuse me but,I beat that boy!”

  • DontBSilly
    DontBSilly Month ago +2

    I can’t help but not stop laughing at this whole interview 💀😂

  • PHM
    PHM Month ago +39

    Be real Snr, the msg crowd booed when Teo butted in and said he’d won the fight! People like humble fighters that take their losses like real champions, dust themselves off and come back stronger. This was a close fight but Kambosos won it no question. Teo Lopez will definitely come back but should get some experience and truth in his corner! 🥊

  • A Tipsy
    A Tipsy Month ago +7

    This was just priceless, 8mins of Lopez Sr goodness, cheers for that!

  • Malik Samari jones
    Malik Samari jones Month ago +8

    "He's the people's champ" is the new way to say "we lost but don't want to admit it."

    • Radrook2
      Radrook2 Month ago +2

      He is assuming that Latinos are blind boxing fanatics.

  • Yashariah
    Yashariah Month ago +500

    This is by far the most embarrassing interview after a loss. Clearly his son lost. To say that teo slipped is ridiculous.

    • Swede Noble
      Swede Noble Month ago +1

      You know man😳🤭🤣

      Don't ever talk to me like that ever🥳😒🤓

      Rematch man man


      He robbed the local nuckle head

      Mom hated me center

      He computerized mtfers


      The people's chump

      Where the f... The straw😳🤣💥🤠😎

    • Bb
      Bb Month ago +1

      I had it 9 rounds to 3 for Teo

    • Soberanis Fam
      Soberanis Fam Month ago +1

      @Palmer S alcohol is a hell of a drug

    • Scuba Steve
      Scuba Steve Month ago +1

      Lol forreal both dad and son delusional like their boy toy rolly no hands Romero

    • MrJoesring
      MrJoesring Month ago +2

      @martin Hughes you say " is going to ruin his career" I say he already had ruined his career with that big mouth of his.

  • Rich M
    Rich M Month ago

    This fight exposed the detriment that sometimes happens when a coach is so emotionally invested in their fighter that they can’t see past their will to win. Even to the point of delusion. Junior needs a coach that can focus on the technical aspect of the game and the mentality of focusing on real work not just the fantasy of a legacy. Senior right here is a prime example of trying so hard to live vicariously through someone else that they end up holding them back. It’s becoming more evident that Teo Jr is the victim because he’s such a good listener he’ll eat up anything his pops feeds him. Sad.

  • Malik Samari jones
    Malik Samari jones Month ago +9

    Lopez Sr: "that was a bullsh*t loss."

    Earth: "this guy is a bullsh*t trainer."

  • Shaun Mai
    Shaun Mai Month ago +1

    Aside from this interview SR has gone radio silent. I’m sure he’s feeling the heat regardless what he says. I’m super curious how Teo’s first interview is going to. He really has the chance to look like a man humbled but ready for redemption, or double down and look delusional

  • cqvio doli
    cqvio doli Month ago +2

    Just like Kamboso said in the ring to Teo "He is delusional " 😂. Seems it runs in the family 😂

  • Rotimi Omotayo
    Rotimi Omotayo Month ago +331

    My goodness. I thought Deontay Wilder was bad with the excuses. This is a whole other level.

    • S 93
      S 93 Month ago

      @Chris Cuevas Michael Jordan Mike Tyson floyd lebron tiger michael Jackson Tupac etc etc etc etc etc ya can hate but deontaye a great 2 I would never ever in my lifetime want to be Mexican no offense

    • Chris Cuevas
      Chris Cuevas Month ago

      @S 93 there’s no way I want to be Black no offense I rather be Me 🇲🇽 💯 All Day 🇲🇽 🇺🇸 best of both worlds

    • S 93
      S 93 Month ago

      @Shane Ali I love ya comment soldiers can’t throw a punch tho

    • S 93
      S 93 Month ago

      @Chris Cuevas all the black fighters make excuses that’s why we at the top of everything u want to be like us

    • HebIsTy
      HebIsTy Month ago

      @Shane Ali clearly not , wilder never done interviews blasting out his denial lol. Let’s be honest here Lopez sr is on a whole NEW level.

  • Marcello Abbate
    Marcello Abbate Month ago +1

    The crowd was definitely booing 😂😂😂
    There’s no doubt Teo is a very good boxer, the argument will be wether he’ll become a great boxer with you.

  • J Papi
    J Papi Month ago +7

    Looking at the press conference before the fight, the outcome makes sense. Kambosos was definitely hungrier like he said. Teofimo was comfortable. Looks like he thought his name alone would carry him through the fight & I personally think DAZN/Bob Arum set him up to lose to humble him because they knew he wasn't putting in the work at the gym & was demanding too much money

    • J Papi
      J Papi Month ago

      @idkman09 Re-read it if you have to then get back to me

    • idkman09
      idkman09 Month ago

      You contradicted yourself heavy. Lol

  • Jone Lovodua
    Jone Lovodua Month ago +1

    He said, "Everybody knows what happened". Yes he's right, everybody knows the better man won on the night💯💪👍

  • Bud The Chud
    Bud The Chud Month ago +1

    The delusion that the crowd was booing George in the post fight interview and not his son is next level.
    This dude got Jedi mind tricks going down🤣

  • DJ Wally West
    DJ Wally West Month ago +261

    I want to give props to Radio Raheem. Officially the most professional man in boxing. There's no way any other human on the planet could have kept a straight face during this comedic routine.

    • Taylor Allen
      Taylor Allen Month ago

      Real shit. I would've stopped the interview.

    • rubberneck2
      rubberneck2 Month ago +1

      Digging the dude’s TAFKAP gloves!
      If Lopez moves up to 10st, Taylor wipes the floor with him, and Lopez Sr spontaneously combusts.

    • G Dorman
      G Dorman Month ago

      Radio is a professional G. 🙏🏾👊🏾🥊

    • Colm Gillane
      Colm Gillane Month ago

      Brother you 100% right on that one.. I could not be what I was hearing

    • Brian 11.6
      Brian 11.6 Month ago +1

      @Mark Wharton the fact Radio never said anything actually gave you more insight on how delusional he is. Real journalist simply ask and report. Not create a narrative and a story off their own beliefs and opinions

  • Kevin Morales
    Kevin Morales Month ago +2

    This is a very sad sign,I thought Teo could be greater than canelo,now looking how the people that surround him are this delusional,I see it’s gonna be impossible to improve in his skills unless he changes his trainer

  • Marty Melo
    Marty Melo Month ago +4

    This shit got me in tears from laughing so hard.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • shani yan
    shani yan Month ago +2

    What fight was my guy watching? It was painful hearing him say his son was ahead. Hopefully they go back and evaluate and make the right changes. Solid win by the Aussie

    THACTER JAMES Month ago +1

    "Everybody knows we won that fight" 🤡😂 Lmao everyone knows Kambosos won

  • Franly Estrella
    Franly Estrella Month ago +511

    At the end of the 1st round the father told Teo “we got that one”😂

    • T Mo
      T Mo Month ago

      @Jonathan Parks I don't think Teo won the first round. The knockdown made it 10-8. I watched the highlights afterward. Don't be such a manfan anyway, bro. Do you own thing.

    • Jonathan Parks
      Jonathan Parks Month ago +1

      @C Long most people don't know what the hell they talking about it it was definitely a 10-8 round you are absolutely right

    • Jonathan Parks
      Jonathan Parks Month ago

      @Vincent summerlin Yes Teo fanboys

    • Jonathan Parks
      Jonathan Parks Month ago

      @T Mo he did not win the first round you delusional just like them

    • Jonathan Parks
      Jonathan Parks Month ago


  • ray robinson
    ray robinson Month ago +2

    You can tell His emotion were still running high. Hopefully it’s a humbling experience and they get there Shaaait together

  • Prince Goro
    Prince Goro Month ago +5

    I had it 6 to 5 going into the 12th round with Kambosos winnning 6 rounds , Lopez needed a knockdown and a strong finish in the 12th to win in my scorecard. But kambosos won the 12th so it was a 7-5 with Kambosos winning by split decision.

  • Luke A
    Luke A Month ago +2

    Raheem’s face at 3:24 😂😂😂

  • Ryan A
    Ryan A Month ago

    “No way this man won a round”
    Gonna have a reality check when he sees the stats

  • TheHefe510
    TheHefe510 Month ago +220

    Lol this guy is straight comedy. He said “my son won and everybody know it” lmao NOBODY thinks that

    • Terry O'Conman
      Terry O'Conman Month ago

      @Grand Gaming Legend Nah, that's BS.
      I could understand him telling the media that his son won a "close" fight (not 10-2 FFS) & would fully expect him to tell his son that he lost the fight in private.
      He's an insufferable macho cheerleader who is beyond help with his delusions. He's only dragging his son down with him at this point.

    • Yung Loud 🖤🎵
      Yung Loud 🖤🎵 Month ago +1

      @Gauthraw tank the hardest hitting lightweight

    • Nick C.
      Nick C. Month ago


    • Diego Guzman
      Diego Guzman Month ago +1

      @Gauthraw he was phased when Teo knocked him down(Round 10 I think) and slightly dazed. Though came out strong. Teo made an Error not trying to knock him out when Kamboso was dazed.

    • Gauthraw
      Gauthraw Month ago +3

      George was a fucking warrior. Took shots from the hardest hitting light and wasn't phased. Hits way harder himself than anybody gave him credit for. Incredible fight, and the world has a new, proven champion.

  • Reggie Slaughter
    Reggie Slaughter Month ago +2

    “The whole world this, the whole world that” bro the whole world THINKS TEO GOT HIS ASS WHOOPED

  • Tipsy Mcstagger
    Tipsy Mcstagger Month ago +1

    It was a great fight. Kambosas outworked teofimo. Teofimo needed the last two rounds to win

  • outside the box
    outside the box Month ago

    "we won the fight 11-2" then "we been at 135 for 8 years since 2016" the man can't even count let alone score a fight or training people 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Tobias Gillihan
    Tobias Gillihan Month ago +1

    I saw the score cards. They were close. What I would love to see is a comparison of road work miles previous to this fight. I bet that was a blow out for George!!! We'll never know

  • Darrell
    Darrell Month ago +530

    This interview should be shown in every Psychology class when the subject of "denial" and other coping mechanisms are discussed and taught right after the fight was shown to all the students.

    • Radrook2
      Radrook2 Month ago

      The sad part is, that the person who is delusional, honestly believes his perception to be the correct one.

    • Sonny Dortmund
      Sonny Dortmund Month ago

      JCS !!

    • Joe SRT
      Joe SRT Month ago +1

      My guy just won the internet with that comment 🤣🤣

    • luis ozuna
      luis ozuna Month ago +1

      Lmao for real that’s crazy he won’t accept his sons lost 😅😅🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂 Delusional at its finest 🤣 😂🤣😂🤣

    • SocaliLivin
      SocaliLivin Month ago

      The average viewer wouldn’t even know how to score it or know who is winning though……

    ELON MUSK Month ago +1

    It’s simple why Teo lost….he lost because he went for the 1st round knock out that was the downfall to everything!! The low energy, the knockdown, the insecurity

  • Ogaga Adjarho
    Ogaga Adjarho Month ago +2

    I always knew that Teo senior was deluded, but I NEVER thought that it was this bad.

    • Radrook2
      Radrook2 Month ago

      His frenetic antics during prefight while sitting on the chair indicated something was wrong.

  • devin scruggs
    devin scruggs Month ago +1

    The best thing they could do is stay quiet! That’s the most sanest thing I ever heard him say. He need to hand Teofimo to a better coach, the fact that his goal was strictly to be better than Mayweather is sad🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Smokey Vision
    Smokey Vision Month ago +1

    He really blamed Da Zone 😂. I get speaking as a team when it comes to fighters but there was way too many “we’s” and “I’s” in this interview. It Teo loses again he might fire his azs

  • Alex Gonzales
    Alex Gonzales Month ago

    When you say you ain’t gotta perfect nothing,that’s when you leave that situation immediately

  • Z Arthur
    Z Arthur Month ago

    Very professional of Rahim to keep a straight face during this one 👍🏾

  • viiont eooiy
    viiont eooiy Month ago +1

    “He was never hurt in the fight” “it was 10-2” sir his face says otherwise

  • AhmedG911
    AhmedG911 Month ago +1

    One of the funniest interviews of you didn't know you would think he's a comedian and being sarcastic playing lopez sr 🤣

  • Tony Fastlife
    Tony Fastlife Month ago +315

    The crowd boo’d teo when he said he won. They also boo’d kamboso coming in and they cheered him leaving out.

    • Jay O
      Jay O Month ago +1

      @mccumiskey87 same thing happened with Rocky v Drago 😁😉🤭

    • jaguar324
      jaguar324 Month ago

      Enough said 😁

    • manilagold
      manilagold Month ago +20

      Kamboso took his belts and his fans, respect!

    • mccumiskey87
      mccumiskey87 Month ago +39

      @Mario Mora Nope that's true boxing fans for you. You EARN your respect in the Ring & Kambosos did just that! he EARNED the respect of the Crowd. He was the away fighter coming into the fight so obviously the majority of the crowd was gonna be rooting for there home fighter ( teo) but Kambosos Earned the respect & made alot of new fans with that performance. The crowds reaction
      It reminded me abit of when carl frotch fought George Groves in there first fight George Groves walked in being booed but he Earned the respect of the crowd & was cheered out to rapturous applause at the end. You Don't get just given respect in life you EARN it especially in the boxing/ combat sports game.

      The didn't boo Lopez coz of his performance they booed him coz he acted salty & bitter at the End & couldn't take his L like a man.

    • Mario Mora
      Mario Mora Month ago +11

      That’s New York folks for you

  • Tobias Gillihan
    Tobias Gillihan Month ago

    What a phenomenal master class in remaining neutral and asking good questions in an unbiased way to reveal the truth. I think One too many drinks for senior :(

  • Thomas Fowler
    Thomas Fowler Month ago +1

    I don’t think he realizes that Lopez just became the ultimate laughing stock of boxing

  • Robin Bradford
    Robin Bradford Month ago

    Great advise from Teo Snr: “Every round I told my son, ‘You’ve got that one!!’” Lol Lol Lol.

  • Richie B
    Richie B Month ago

    Teo felt that pop lol 😂 he ain’t expect that lol

  • Keith Dixon
    Keith Dixon Month ago +355

    "the whole world is laughing at you" --George Kambosos Jr.

  • Maxavelli509
    Maxavelli509 Month ago

    Crazy how delusional they are to the loss 😂😂. He came out to strong and wanted to get the KO when he should've just boxed. He got dropped accept it.

  • Raphael Ashanti
    Raphael Ashanti Month ago

    Flash knockdown? He really meant to say, Flush knockdown. 😂🤣😂

  • kim Collin
    kim Collin Month ago +2

    Imagine Teo Sr being a judge in boxing...

  • Ali Huynh
    Ali Huynh Month ago +1

    A true coach embraces and acknowledges their fighter’s flaws and work on it. This guy love to sugar coat and give Teo sweet-nothings for advice in the ring 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • david david
    david david Month ago +390

    anyone who heard his "boxing instructions" in between rounds knows that he has no business training anyone. teo is an incredible talent and would benefit from an elite trainer

    • Ricky beans
      Ricky beans Month ago

      @GBGuthrie you have kids?

    • GBGuthrie
      GBGuthrie Month ago

      @Ricky beans That wasn't the father, the was the multitude of revolving trainers and coaches they hire and fire just before the big fights so that Sr can take all the credit. Joey Gamache masterminded the Loma fight, he deserved better.

    • Jorge Ramirez
      Jorge Ramirez Month ago

      He gotta go get eddy reynoso and become a full fledged beast

    • Alicia Wren
      Alicia Wren Month ago

      U are right very much so!!!

    • Pancho Lopez
      Pancho Lopez Month ago

      LA DERROTA DUELE . Pero hay que tener en cuenta que nadie es invencible y si no cree en la derrota que vuelva a ver la pelea y la cara de Teofimo

  • Nathan Esparza
    Nathan Esparza Month ago

    This is the first interview I’ve seen of Lopez Sr. Question, does he always sound drunk in all of his interviews? 😂

  • TheTruckDrivingGamer

    I’m part of “everyone” And Teo lost fair and square! 9-3 ?? Wow delusional asf tho.

  • Clay Pulley
    Clay Pulley 21 day ago

    Rahim's face says it all!!! lmao

  • Paul C
    Paul C Month ago

    😂😂 "he just slipped, it was a flash knock down" I heard the impact of that kambosos knock down on my shitty phone speaker

  • MADD City
    MADD City Month ago +97

    This dude should be a stand up comedian 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • saif
      saif Month ago +1

      no he is drunk I know it when I see one Kevin hart hahahhahh 😂😂

  • Alfred25
    Alfred25 Month ago +3

    The dude watched the wrong fight. Figueroa was robbed this fight had the more honest decision.

  • H.E.K.
    H.E.K. Month ago

    This is the funniest interview ever lol... Radio Raheem is a beast...

  • John Smithers
    John Smithers Month ago +2

    Teo Sr. was right on one account. That would be that his son did in fact touch George a lot. The problem is that he was touchings George's fist with his face. If you have any doubt look at his sons face after the fight.

  • kevin oliver
    kevin oliver Month ago

    The biggest mistake a real trainer would tell you is always looking for the knockout. If that doesn’t change I see a repeat loss for Teo against a prime opponent.

  • Callum Hanlon
    Callum Hanlon Month ago +239

    Kambosos CLEARLY won that fight and the world knows it

    • david gonzalez
      david gonzalez Month ago

      @Nathan Lopez and now you jumping from one subject to another other tell me how was a ass beating when this fight is already candidate for fight of the year tell me ???

    • david gonzalez
      david gonzalez Month ago

      @Nathan Lopez I ma boxing fan before anything I been watching boxing over 30 and don't get blind Whit a boxer just cause I rooted for then the way you kids from this era do

    • Nathan Lopez
      Nathan Lopez Month ago

      @david gonzalez you must be a broner fan...... I mean Teo.

    • david gonzalez
      david gonzalez Month ago

      @Nathan Lopez if that was a ass beat like you said why you think people and experts are calling this fight already for candidate of best fight of the year no body is going to call a ass beating for fight of the year

    • Nathan Lopez
      Nathan Lopez Month ago

      @david gonzalez what fight you watch? Lopez got his ass beat! LMFAO

  • TheBkdot
    TheBkdot Month ago

    Damn I like Teo and Teo senior but pops, tell your son you underestimated Kambosos and came in rushed and got tapped. If the win is questionable, take the rematch.

  • Nicco Faris
    Nicco Faris Month ago +1

    The look on Radio Rahim’s face tells the whole story lol

  • El Chingon Cali Born n Raised Rockin

    Damn Homie still indenial koo koo 😂 They Booed when they heard what Teofimo started talking shit being a poor sport Take your losses n Wins like. Man , this changed everything he has a loss in front of sold out arena 😂

  • Eric Garcia
    Eric Garcia Month ago +1

    He needs to get that rematch to get the belt nobody gonna wanna fight him with no belts “pay day pay day”

  • Eagle
    Eagle Month ago +557

    "He won every round" "My son is still the best on the planet." "Everybody knows he won", " From now on we are going to knock everybody out". And the winner for Narcissistic father of the Year goes to

    • stgonzales
      stgonzales Month ago

      Wilder repeated...next vid they gonna say he had egg weights in his floves🤣

    • Radrook2
      Radrook2 Month ago

      It might. But sometimes, the anger engendered by the delusional sense of injustice grows as time passes instead.

    • Oz the Australian Blind Kelpie
      Oz the Australian Blind Kelpie Month ago

      You voice is annoying!
      You looked terrible in white!
      Your Son had his Ass handed to him from round 1!
      Give it up Pops!!
      From the Land Downunder!🇦🇺

    • Frederick french jr
      Frederick french jr Month ago

      @Arly john paul Damuy fair?

    • Frederick french jr
      Frederick french jr Month ago

      @antonio lopez high I believe

  • Michael Lopez
    Michael Lopez Month ago

    Best fighter on the planet? I’m gonna quote the great George Kambosos” you’re a bit confused man look at your face “ 🤣🤣🤣

  • JohnnyBronxx
    JohnnyBronxx Month ago

    He’s gotta be legally blind if he thought they won😩🤣

  • Bayman Smith
    Bayman Smith Month ago

    10-2 9-3?? He slipped? Bruh take the patron from Teo Sr. Please Sir. Thank you

  • James Gates 1619
    James Gates 1619 Month ago

    Yes we know Teo got Whooped 😂😂

  • B96
    B96 Month ago +29

    I'm yet to hear a single other person say Teo won that fight.

  • sf1776
    sf1776 Month ago

    ‘We sold out the MSG during vaccination time’ - they were in the theater of MSG, not the actual arena. If you could sell out arenas, it would have been on Triller to begin with 😂😂😂

  • Therealworld
    Therealworld Month ago +6

    He was coming off fast and strong hitting your son every second of every round and everybody knows your son got beat.

  • olllloollllo
    olllloollllo Month ago +1

    They're screwed for sure if his dad keeps filling Teofimo with all this BS.

  • Keel He
    Keel He Month ago +3

    The smartest thing Teo Sr said was “we gone stay quiet and not call no names”…. But then he kept talking 😂😂😂

  • kirt
    kirt Month ago +1351

    This helped cause the loss by constantly telling him he's winning

    • kirt
      kirt Month ago

      @:p but the post is what it is, the post doesn't have a point

    • :p
      :p Month ago

      @kirt Again my post went right over your head 🤦‍♂️😄 And I agree w you and likes your post but you're not getting mine

    • kirt
      kirt Month ago

      @:p no no I'm not missing the point lol if a fighter is losing, you say look we are losing this.

    • :p
      :p Month ago

      @kirt They both are delusional but you missed the point of my post

    • :p
      :p Month ago

      @kirt Learn how to read lmao

  • Andrew Christo
    Andrew Christo Month ago

    Man, is he gonna be embarssed when he looks back on that interview. Rahim played it perfectly giving him free reign - you could amost see his glee as Lopez Snr double, tripled and quadroupled down on his delusional opinions. Dude, be blinded to Kamboses landing punches, be blinded to your sons missing punches but when the crowd booed your sons comments and cheered as Kambosis left and you still dont get it there is no hope for you. Teo watch this and learn - your dad aint good for you.

  • Simon
    Simon Month ago

    imagine telling your son 'you got that' after getting dropped in round 1......

  • calijon31
    calijon31 Month ago

    Does this man have a concussion along with his son? I could respect a man that takes an L like a man but these guys have turned themselves into some clowns. His dad is a sorry ass trainer and Teo messed up not going for the finish, that simple. Congrats to Kambosos for handling everything post fight like a man!

  • Papi Chulo
    Papi Chulo Month ago +1

    There’s no way this kid beats us… he literally battered your son! His dad punched you broooo

  • Lexia2012
    Lexia2012 Month ago +46

    This father-son combo is DELISIONAL. CRAZY thinking that Teo won that fight, he lost clearly....

  • B boozie
    B boozie Month ago +1

    See i couldnt be no interviewer i woulda let teo sr know that his lil boy lost the shit out that fight😂😭

  • Charly TORRES
    Charly TORRES Month ago +1

    Everybody knows my son won, everybody knows what happened 👀. My question is … Where is everybody? . This is sad

  • MechanicalSculptor
    MechanicalSculptor Month ago

    Yep, I know what happened. I’ve watched the whole fight twice, sober each time 🙂

  • You Feel Me Podcast
    You Feel Me Podcast Month ago +1

    Kamboos said the belts was his burden and he was right, not even a rematch moving up

  • Henrik R
    Henrik R Month ago +359

    This interview needs a laugh track for everything Teo Sr says.

    • Agnes Pauline
      Agnes Pauline Month ago

      Selling out arenas....🤔

    • Brian Keane
      Brian Keane Month ago

      @Marlo Ck he hot punched as well lol

    • Marlo Ck
      Marlo Ck Month ago +5

      Tried to listen to it during my workout, and I almost dropped a barbell on my chest from laughing.

    • Team Hazardous
      Team Hazardous Month ago +3

      @Live 4Christ lol. He just left the bar before this interview.

    • Live 4Christ
      Live 4Christ Month ago +3

      @Team Hazardous Teofimo Sr. : " I had it 10-2 for my son"

  • Ulysses
    Ulysses Month ago +1

    Sad for Teo his father keeps Teo from being great and from improving in the future by saying they don’t need to perfect anything 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    • Radrook2
      Radrook2 Month ago

      There are some parents who consciously and sometimes subconsciously resent their child's success and do things consciously and subconsciously to sabotage it.

  • AnaH Moon
    AnaH Moon Month ago

    "Everyone knows he won"
    Everyone: 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
    "He's the people's champ"
    The people: 👎👎👎👎👎👎
    "He won no doubt" *proceeds to mention he won with every sentence that comes out of his mouth.

  • Papi Chulo
    Papi Chulo Month ago

    I love how the videos start with the infamous picture of wilder.. “TILL THIS DAY!!!”

  • Robert Carson
    Robert Carson Month ago +1

    Now it’s clear that the only reason Lomo lost was due to injury.

  • Superstar Maza
    Superstar Maza Month ago +286

    I thought Teofimo was delusion but his dad is on a another planet.
    His son got beat left right centre.

    • Teemoos
      Teemoos Month ago +2

      As they say, the apple doesnt fall far from the tree 🤷🏼‍♂️😁

    • Melvin Deeply
      Melvin Deeply Month ago +8

      A lot of people said beforehand Teofimo was taking George too lightly. All he was talking about was who he was fighting next. Teddy Atlas said it, Josh Taylor said it, too many people said to ignore. That's why I picked George to win. I never thought he'd win so widely though. The judges had it close but I thought George ran away with it. It didn't look like a close fight to me. But had George decided to cruise the last two rounds, they would have robbed him.

  • Tussi Asafo
    Tussi Asafo Month ago

    Like they say, “It is, what it is”!! Lol 😂

  • Tiny Tim
    Tiny Tim Month ago

    I’ve have actually yet to see or hear one person, pro or pundit say teo won. Who’s telling him they think teo won?

  • Anthony Robles
    Anthony Robles Month ago +1

    Lmao he’s still delusional. BRO. You DID NOT sell out the MSG(25k capacity)… you fought inside the HULU THEATRE(5k capacity) which happens to be inside the MSG.. you couldn’t even sell out that small ass room.. no more than a thousand people in there.

  • strafer
    strafer Month ago +1

    He called the first knockdown a slip lol. He sees whatever he wants to see. He keeps contracting himself. “I give him 2 rounds” then “know way he won a freakin round”. 2016 is not 8 years ago. I’ve never seen anything like this lol.

  • jaz1
    jaz1 Month ago +84

    Teo: I won the fight!
    Kambosos: you’re delusional, look at your face! 😂😂😂
    Kambosos: let’s do it again in Australia?
    Teo: I’ll have to go back to the drawing board and talk to my team! 😂😂😂

    • Arfi Waworuntu
      Arfi Waworuntu Month ago

      @ringspanner you dont know where Australia is?

    • ringspanner
      ringspanner Month ago +15

      To find out where Australia is for a start