Twins Style Each Other For Paris Fashion Week!!

  • Published on Jun 25, 2019
  • Soooo we got invited to go to Paris fashion week with Louis Vuitton.. I know we can't believe it either. We had no clue what we were going to wear each day because we picked each other's outfits out..
    Check out the video we did on Louis Vuitton's Channel! -
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    ( Where the socks came from ;) )
    Ethan’s Stuff
    SNAPCHAT - EthanDolan
    Grayson’s Things
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  • Indy D
    Indy D Hour ago

    Soooo Overall Grayson won In my opinion

  • Riana Mark-Flavell

    Round one Grayson outfit, don't like the pants Ethan picked out

    BISEXUAL ANGEL 3 hours ago

    24:25 pause it bc there camera man is really cute 😳😳😚😚

  • Allie Stafford
    Allie Stafford 3 hours ago

    Ethan so won

  • Avery Miller
    Avery Miller 4 hours ago

    Round 1: Ethan

  • Brandy Dunnyum
    Brandy Dunnyum 4 hours ago


  • Hannah Haidery
    Hannah Haidery 6 hours ago

    17:22 what was that gesture Grayson was trying to do???

  • I’m in The basement
    I’m in The basement 6 hours ago

    Round one- Grayson

  • Mr. Abnormal
    Mr. Abnormal 7 hours ago

    I didn’t really like Gray’s first outfit so I would say Gray won that first round. I would say round 2 was a tie. Las but not least, I think Gray won the third round because I didn’t like Gray’s outfit at all. Sorry E but in my opinion Gray won this challenge

  • Rahkana Tukuafu
    Rahkana Tukuafu 9 hours ago +1

    no one:
    lIterally no one:
    not even ufc fighters:

    Grayson: CAN YOU SEE * air slaps ethan*

  • Sissy Dean
    Sissy Dean 10 hours ago

    Day 1: Ethan
    Day 2: Grayson
    Day 3: Ethan....but it was very very close!

    ZANAIB BHUTTA 10 hours ago +1

    Round 1: GRAY
    Round 2: E
    Round 3: GRAY

  • Nayxx Nay
    Nayxx Nay 15 hours ago

    Grayson definitely won 🤯

  • Jailynn Magara
    Jailynn Magara 16 hours ago

    ethan won round 1

  • Savage bowman
    Savage bowman 16 hours ago +1

    1 round go's to ethan

  • grisel pedraza
    grisel pedraza 18 hours ago

    You can see the camera man in the mirror.

  • Hallie & Ava
    Hallie & Ava 18 hours ago

    ethan ethan and then grayson !! ethan’s last outfit 😻

  • awesome dubs
    awesome dubs 19 hours ago

    round 2 grayson

  • awesome dubs
    awesome dubs 20 hours ago

    round one grayson

  • Ella  Van Hal
    Ella Van Hal 20 hours ago

    Lol thé patterns dont work togetherrrr

  • Lauren Woolley
    Lauren Woolley 20 hours ago

    i think grayson round 1

  • Jaycey Hartle
    Jaycey Hartle 20 hours ago

    I think Grayson won the first

  • Bardi Damn
    Bardi Damn 21 hour ago

    “I can rock a turtleneck,Grayson no” y’all look the same

  • Paige -Low Key-
    Paige -Low Key- Day ago

    the oversized khaki pants noooo but the floral suit YES

  • Paige -Low Key-
    Paige -Low Key- Day ago

    such wholesome idiots I love them

  • Ayesha Babar
    Ayesha Babar Day ago


  • Grace Wallace
    Grace Wallace Day ago

    Day 1: Ethan
    Day 2: Ethan
    Day 3: Grayson

  • Novia Cyr
    Novia Cyr Day ago

    Grayson won round 1

  • Paige -Low Key-
    Paige -Low Key- Day ago

    "im a colorista " I love these buffoons

  • Aaralynn Kayden
    Aaralynn Kayden Day ago

    Ethan made the better outfit

  • ASMR public
    ASMR public Day ago

    1: Grayson
    2: Ethan
    3: Ethan
    Overall: Ethan won
    (Just my opinion)

  • Simon Ibarra
    Simon Ibarra Day ago

    3rd round Grayson

  • Simon Ibarra
    Simon Ibarra Day ago

    Ethen won 2nd round

  • Simon Ibarra
    Simon Ibarra Day ago

    The one Grayson made in the 1st round won

  • Samira Vaz
    Samira Vaz Day ago

    Round 3 Ethan

  • O R
    O R Day ago

    Ethan has such a bad sense of fashion 🙅🏻‍♂️
    Grayson won BY FAR, and also he got to wear that ugly ass pants

  • Samira Vaz
    Samira Vaz Day ago

    Round 2 Grayson again

  • Samira Vaz
    Samira Vaz Day ago

    RouAnd one grayson

  • The Saint
    The Saint Day ago

    a new word every dolan twins vlog

  • Natalie Kelly
    Natalie Kelly Day ago

    14:37 did anyone else see graysons tooth diamond?!

  • Haoma Liu
    Haoma Liu Day ago +1

    Day 1: *gray*
    Day 2: *ethan*
    Day 3: *gray*

  • Anna Herrera
    Anna Herrera Day ago

    Round1: Grayson
    Round2: Ethan
    Round3: Grayson

  • Linn Calis
    Linn Calis Day ago

    I think that Gracon won

  • Avery Island
    Avery Island Day ago

    16:07 ur welcome

  • frizzle guy
    frizzle guy Day ago

    Round one winner is Ethan
    The rest is Grayson

  • Elizabeth Callan
    Elizabeth Callan Day ago +1

    ethan won round 1 but grayson won rounds 2 & 3

  • Travis B
    Travis B Day ago

    Are they vegan?

  • ehhh
    ehhh Day ago +1

    N O C A P B R U H 16:08

  • Kareena Singh
    Kareena Singh Day ago

    I wish my genes were like Grayson and Ethan’s

  • Deema Alballaa
    Deema Alballaa Day ago

    Grayson definitely won the challenge

  • Marlene Acosta
    Marlene Acosta Day ago +1

    they both really don’t know how to dress 🥺 but grey dresses better 🥺 ..

    • Marlene Acosta
      Marlene Acosta Day ago +1

      they can’t really dress but i LOVEEE the fashion videos 🥵💀

  • Cassie Funny
    Cassie Funny Day ago

    Ethan one the first round second round was Grayson and the third round was Grayson again

  • Rylea Staley
    Rylea Staley Day ago


  • Deborah Boateng
    Deborah Boateng Day ago +1

    I think...
    Again in my opinion...

    Ethan won the first and second round
    And Grayson won the third round

  • Laura Rogers
    Laura Rogers Day ago

    round 1: Grayson
    round 2: Ethan
    round 3: Grayson

  • starlover69 bitch

    who else doesn’t see the difference in size between grayson and ethan

  • Emme Funk
    Emme Funk 2 days ago

    Round 3: grayson

  • Emme Funk
    Emme Funk 2 days ago

    Round 2: grethan

  • Emme Funk
    Emme Funk 2 days ago

    Round 1: Grayson

  • Jayda B
    Jayda B 2 days ago

    Honestly I think it went
    1. Grayson
    2. Ethan
    3. Grayson

  • Anna Paula Santa Cruz

    I love how every intro they discuss about the WERE BACK hahahaha they’re so cute 😂😂😍

  • Heather Charter
    Heather Charter 2 days ago

    Me thinking about how broke I am watching this 🤦‍♀️😂

  • Julia Iarusci
    Julia Iarusci 2 days ago

    you guys are so cute and excited this whole video. literally made my day

  • Makayli Suhr
    Makayli Suhr 2 days ago

    Ethan won round one

  • Addison Rucker
    Addison Rucker 2 days ago

    It looked like a whole meet and greet

  • Alicia Lee
    Alicia Lee 2 days ago +1

    I feel like the Dolan twins are be coming emma

  • Zoe Gray
    Zoe Gray 2 days ago

    I was in Paris when you guys were there xxxxx

  • Student Alana Brown
    Student Alana Brown 2 days ago +1

    Oh ummmm... THE SHOES

  • Dalia Chami
    Dalia Chami 2 days ago

    no one:
    grayson: nO cAp BrUh

  • Vildana Musai
    Vildana Musai 2 days ago

    I want to see them eat all that hotel food they order and cry over the almond milk, thanks.

  • Abigail Lillis Hallinan

    this video just showed that grayson can rock ANYTHINV

  • Abigail Lillis Hallinan

    the outfit ethan picked for grayson was RLLY WEIRD

  • Micaela Cole
    Micaela Cole 2 days ago

    I think Grayson one but I really really loved the first outfit that ethan got for greyson

  • Alexis Hmelyar
    Alexis Hmelyar 2 days ago

    Round 1 -Ethan won

  • Gigi_ B
    Gigi_ B 2 days ago

    Bruh when they were getting there makeup done I acc couldn’t tell who was who for a sec

  • Fire Cat
    Fire Cat 2 days ago

    Round 1:Ethan
    Round 2:Greyson
    Round 3:Ethan

  • itzz_. trina
    itzz_. trina 2 days ago

    I never laughed so freaking hard in my life 33:15

  • Riley Angel
    Riley Angel 2 days ago +1

    The pants on graysons third were really weird

  • Erika Gustaitis
    Erika Gustaitis 2 days ago +2

    Gray definitely looks like Jonny Cash for real!!! Icey!!!!!!

  • Erika Gustaitis
    Erika Gustaitis 2 days ago +1

    E looks like Elvis Presley or Jonny Cash!!! Yo sick!!!!!

  • karlamenj
    karlamenj 2 days ago

    3 grayson

  • Casserole cat G
    Casserole cat G 2 days ago +1

    I've never seen anyone so emotional over cereal and juice

  • K.M.F Khris
    K.M.F Khris 2 days ago

    Bruh Ethan's toes still pink

  • K.M.F Khris
    K.M.F Khris 2 days ago

    INteresting style choices😬....

  • sickokate
    sickokate 2 days ago +2

    i think we can all agree ethan won round 1 🤝

  • Life With Jenean
    Life With Jenean 2 days ago

    23:19 caught myself smiling oddly hard at my phone ..😭😭😭 then realized how broke i am compared to them :/

  • Ashley Alford
    Ashley Alford 2 days ago

    I personally think Grayson won, but Ethan picked very unique pieces and was very bold.

  • Arianna Fossa
    Arianna Fossa 2 days ago

    Ima just say one thing... DAMN.

  • Eliza Marie
    Eliza Marie 2 days ago

    16:10 I’m dying 😂😂

  • Obed Medina
    Obed Medina 2 days ago

    “Loui vution is cool”

  • Soccer 9024
    Soccer 9024 2 days ago +6

    grayson: he does this everytime we go to france
    me: i have never been out of the country

  • Ellie Grace
    Ellie Grace 3 days ago

    17:48 Oh myyy

  • Full house Jesse
    Full house Jesse 3 days ago

    You both have a butt shower in your bathroom

  • Full house Jesse
    Full house Jesse 3 days ago


  • Katelyn D
    Katelyn D 3 days ago

    round 1 grayson
    round 2 grayson
    round 3 grayson

  • Mad Vel
    Mad Vel 3 days ago +1

    Round 1: Ethan styled Grayson better
    Round 2: Grayson styled Ethan better
    Round 3: Grayson styled Ethan better
    Grayson won!

  • Kai The Savage 12
    Kai The Savage 12 3 days ago

    Grayson Won

  • Thomas Jake de Jager
    Thomas Jake de Jager 3 days ago +2

    26:46 Prepare for the most tripping and most genius quote ever said by a twin via Grayson. 😂👏❤

  • Liz Reece
    Liz Reece 3 days ago

    Grayson one round one

  • One and only Nakayla

    Grayson definitely won