10 NBA Players Who WON'T Be in the Hall of Fame

  • Published on Jun 2, 2018
  • What other star NBA players won’t be inducted into the Hall of Fame?
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    For every NBA player, there is no honor like being named into the Basketball Hall of Fame. Well the good news is that you don’t have to be an elite player to get in.
    It’s not easy for MLB players to get the call, but the NBA, NHL and NFL can all be pretty friendly when it comes to allowing athletes into the Hall.
    But don’t just assume that every above-average NBA player of today will get in. Some of them will be remembered for decades, but they won’t be receiving that fancy plaque. I’m Justin Fraction, and today we present 10 NBA players who WON’T be in the Hall of Fame.
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  • TPS
    TPS  Year ago +46

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    • Official KBVD
      Official KBVD 3 months ago

      TPS, please stop using drugs.

    • Lilrose_ 1
      Lilrose_ 1 4 months ago

      TPS nigga u stupid dis nigga said Chris Bosh and Lamarcus Auldridge ain’t gone be in da hall of fame dis nigga stupid

    • Sam M
      Sam M 10 months ago

      TPS your list sucks. 7/10 people you named are probably making it to the hall of fame because it’s SO EASY to make the hall of fame

    • Sharon Facey
      Sharon Facey Year ago

      Do you know what your talking about? I bet you all of these players going to be hall of famers though

    • Isaac Martin,V
      Isaac Martin,V Year ago

      TPS deez nuts not in the hall of fame

  • Darren Mcclean
    Darren Mcclean Month ago

    If tmac can get in most of these can ...oh and your voice is irritating as fuck

  • The Budget Card Collector

    I can make this list
    1. Tom Brady
    2.Peyton Manning
    3. You
    4. Me
    5 . My dad
    6. My mom
    7. My grandma
    8. My dog
    9. Some dude at an office
    10. Dak Prescott

  • Otissor
    Otissor Month ago +1

    bosh will get in lol

  • raymond perkins
    raymond perkins Month ago

    Remember Charles Barkley made it

  • YBJaiLyn
    YBJaiLyn Month ago

    Kyle Lowry? Chris Bosh??

  • JJtheSnake 45
    JJtheSnake 45 2 months ago

    Kyle Lowry a champion

  • Jordan Davis
    Jordan Davis 2 months ago +1

    I bet your going to be wrong . I think most of the guys you mentioned WILL be in the hall of fame

  • GreggPopovichTimmyD
    GreggPopovichTimmyD 2 months ago

    You are insane and clearly, don't know about basketball. You should be ashamed to have this on your channel. It is utter disrespect to everyone on this list. Never make a post again that is this stupid.

  • Keshav Arvind
    Keshav Arvind 2 months ago +2

    Chris Bosh and Dwight Howard will get in

  • Braceland Degenhart
    Braceland Degenhart 4 months ago

    Manu, Bosh, Dwight, and Kevin love with the historic trio run, but otherwise I agree

  • optional. cLG
    optional. cLG 4 months ago

    Jr smith!!!!!!!!!! will be in the hall of fool

  • Brody Bockus
    Brody Bockus 4 months ago

    The Kevin love thing though

  • Brody Bockus
    Brody Bockus 4 months ago

    Aldridge has 7 all star games

  • Brody Bockus
    Brody Bockus 4 months ago

    Bosh might

  • MK Cado
    MK Cado 4 months ago

    I'm dead when he said "Fancy plaque"💀💀

  • Snarledjoker 84
    Snarledjoker 84 4 months ago

    4. He can because his credentials

  • Snarledjoker 84
    Snarledjoker 84 4 months ago +1

    5.LA has the credentials

  • Snarledjoker 84
    Snarledjoker 84 4 months ago

    10.If d rose gets himself a ring then he should get in like bill walton did
    9. No
    7. Lowry can get in there’s players with worse credentials than him that are in

  • The life of Joe shits
    The life of Joe shits 5 months ago

    Derrick Rose definitely just started picking his career up and if he hadn’t I’d say no hof but no I believe he has about an 80% chance of making it

  • Matt Madrid
    Matt Madrid 6 months ago

    Show bosh respect!

  • Tristen Rodrigue
    Tristen Rodrigue 7 months ago +1

    Know d rose is making a comeback baby and curry is overrated

  • Jevioso Orishas
    Jevioso Orishas 7 months ago

    Ginobili will be a hall of famer.

  • Six rings Of steel
    Six rings Of steel 8 months ago

    Chris Bosh is an easy hof if he would have played those games he could have died

    • Aphro
      Aphro 6 months ago

      Just don't understand how an 11 time all star all NBA player that had clutch moments in the finals will not be in the hall of fame... Well hes probably a lock since they announced Miami is retiring his jersey

  • Six rings Of steel
    Six rings Of steel 8 months ago

    D rose is an a hall of fame

  • ChrisTheThiccBoi
    ChrisTheThiccBoi 8 months ago

    Bosh will make Hof

  • ChrisTheThiccBoi
    ChrisTheThiccBoi 8 months ago

    I wish Lowry would make hall of fame

  • andrew hurst
    andrew hurst 8 months ago

    Are u retarded isaghia Thomas is making it dont judge him for his height

  • Vincent Pilon
    Vincent Pilon 8 months ago

    NUL NUL NUL!!!!!

  • Doge thedog
    Doge thedog 8 months ago

    His voice is annoying

  • Ethan Evers
    Ethan Evers 9 months ago +1

    Nah manu is a hall of farmer he's made it

  • chicken nugget
    chicken nugget 9 months ago

    your wrong about D.rose he might be back

  • Paxton Bearden
    Paxton Bearden 9 months ago

    steph curry won't

  • sicko mode mo bamba mo mode

    Ginobli is a hall of famer for sure just because stats aren't in his favors

    EVERYTHING ! ! 9 months ago

    Steph curry is

  • Solomon Hunter
    Solomon Hunter 10 months ago

    You forgot devin booker

  • Navras77
    Navras77 10 months ago

    Ginobili with 4 rings while showing up in the clutch and Howards with the most DPOY awards will not be in The Hall of Fame? Are you stupid or something?

  • Vaguely
    Vaguely 10 months ago

    Z-bo and Manu will get in cause people who really know ball will make sure of it

  • _Tyler
    _Tyler 11 months ago

    Pop hurt manu numbers yeah he’s a Hall of Famer but he could’ve been a way stronger candidate with more All-Star games and just better overall stats

  • David Sabido
    David Sabido 11 months ago

    Wtf is wrong with you 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • XD A_A
    XD A_A 11 months ago

    how about lamarcus aldridge

  • Chronic Kid
    Chronic Kid 11 months ago

    Wait...youre black?😂 i swearrr you sounded white

  • James Daly2121
    James Daly2121 Year ago

    Bosh is easily a Hall of gamer

  • PanosGaming YTTV
    PanosGaming YTTV Year ago

    Andrew wiggins probably won't make it.

  • Malik Reeves
    Malik Reeves Year ago

    Oh yea you stupid if you think Chris Bosh ain’t making the hall of fame

  • Ajv 117
    Ajv 117 Year ago

    Another trash list

  • Ajv 117
    Ajv 117 Year ago

    Dwight howard is going in the hall of fame for a decade he was the best center in the nba!

  • Ajv 117
    Ajv 117 Year ago +1

    Lamarcus aldrige will make it

  • Ajv 117
    Ajv 117 Year ago

    Chris bosh will make it he is arguably a top 5 pf of the past decade!

  • Ajv 117
    Ajv 117 Year ago

    Zach randolph is underatted

  • Ann Paraison
    Ann Paraison Year ago

    top ten nba players that got drafted by there home yeam

  • Dee&Kee Tv
    Dee&Kee Tv Year ago

    Fuck I didn’t know you was black lol

  • Leandro Ariel Barreto

    Ginóbili will be a NBA Hall of Famer

  • EzVintage
    EzVintage Year ago

    yea wtf Manu Ginobli is a future hall of famer

  • Dejon Greene
    Dejon Greene Year ago +1

    This list is soooooooooooooo fucking trash like did y’all put any effort on this list 😭

  • TheJevardo
    TheJevardo Year ago

    Everyone of these makes sense, except maybe Manu Ginobli

  • imthegod 33
    imthegod 33 Year ago

    boo it is a hall a famer

  • John Publo
    John Publo Year ago

    the hall of fame is not soley chosen on nba performance. ginobili carried the argentina team ahead of the usa team in 2004. he created the eurostep which everyone utilises now and he, according to popovich, "has the same competitive drive as kobe and mj". you guys are trippin

    • John Publo
      John Publo Year ago

      forgot to mention. HE'S A FUCKING GOD PASSER!!!!!

  • Taitum Jackson
    Taitum Jackson Year ago +1

    Manu is gonna be in the hall of fame

  • Gee.
    Gee. Year ago

    The disrespect to Dwight, Bosh, and Manu is real. Like next time if want to make a video like this I suggest do some research first, Bosh,Dwight and Manu are guaranteed HOFers

  • James Aggrey
    James Aggrey Year ago

    This was a wast of time

  • Kid Gamer
    Kid Gamer Year ago

    IT will make it I don’t know any Isaiah Thompson’s tho

  • Maureen Sherblum
    Maureen Sherblum Year ago


  • Sahil Gandhi
    Sahil Gandhi Year ago

    Lonzo Ball

  • Mekhithekid.2 4
    Mekhithekid.2 4 Year ago

    if u have a ring or mvp you are going to the hof for sure

  • Dennis Humphrey
    Dennis Humphrey Year ago

    Marc is the best player Memphis ever seen how can you say he’s not going to the hall

  • Yo boi Moi
    Yo boi Moi Year ago

    Wasn't Manu a benceh player ?

  • Aceklub96
    Aceklub96 Year ago

    DRose is a lock for HoF. There is no HoF eligible MVP not in the Hall. MVP=HoF (Think Bill Walton)
    Manu is a lock for HoF. This isn't the NBA HoF it's the BASKETBALL HoF. His international play and oh yeah that Gold medal qualify him.
    Dwight is a lock for HoF. His All-Star selections, DPoYs, and leading his team to the Finals qualify him.
    Bosh is a lock for HoF. Name one 11 time All-Star two champion NOT in the Hall.
    Half this list is wrong fam.

  • Eddie Manzi
    Eddie Manzi Year ago

    That was the worst like I ever seen

  • kkr studios.
    kkr studios. Year ago

    Terrible list. Just stick with the World Cup. Sounds like you dont even research your list and just sticks on what you hear smh

  • Jacob Bechtel
    Jacob Bechtel Year ago

    I feel like D Rose will. If you look at the HOF, every MVP has made the HOF. Plus people forget how easy it is to make the HOF. If KC Jones can make it to the HOF averaging 7 points, I think D Rose can. If Rose will join some team and win a championship, I think he’s a lock.

  • Adriel Chapa
    Adriel Chapa Year ago

    Kevin Love, Dwight Howard, Chris Bosh, Manu Ginolbli will all make the HOF you retarded pieces of crap this video is 💩

  • Adriel Chapa
    Adriel Chapa Year ago

    Half of the guys will make the HOF

  • jevinranks
    jevinranks Year ago

    This must be Jordan Peele the comedian and screenwriter. Half his list was wrong.

  • ROSE_JC23 Jadenyt

    You are the dumbest person ever can you make the nba