Audi North Miami Lied To Me and Cost Me Over $1000…

  • Published on May 28, 2019
  • This is the forum thread on Audizine about the car I was going to buy:
    My current RS7 was not the first one I tried to purchase. There was another vehicle, a Certified Pre-Owned 2016 Audi RS7 Prestige from Audi North Miami. I discovered that Audi North Miami lied to me and mislead me about the condition of that vehicle. I am making this post hoping others will learn from my experience. I will never do business with this dealership and have lost trust in the Audi CPO process.
    I found this car on March 25th, reached out to the dealership and expressed interest the following day. The car had a perfect CPO report, clean one-owner Carfax with no accidents and regular maintenance. I assumed a CPO car from a major Audi dealer would be a safe purchase, just like my CPO S4 (which was essentially perfect over 2.5 years and 30k+ miles). My friend went into the dealership to take a look at the car for me, he discovered severe damage to the underside of the front bumper and carbon splitter. The dealership refused to fix this damage, since it was underneath the front end of the vehicle. Every single time I brought up the damage to the front end the response I received was “this car is beautiful, it’s like new, super clean” and “you're getting such a good deal, I can’t touch the car at the price you're getting it, can’t put it in the air to fix that”. I eventually give up on this and decide I would have it fixed once the car was back in Michigan.
    After some difficulty with basic math on the purchase price, dealer fees and taxes, we finally get everything finalized. Money and paperwork are exchanged, I book a trip down to Miami to pick up the vehicle and drive it home.
    On the afternoon of April 2nd, I am browsing Audizine and come across a thread about the exact vehicle I was purchasing. Another forum member had taken the vehicle for a test drive and found very clear evidence that the car had been in an accident, and very poorly repaired. He posted pictures of the paint around the fuel door and rear quarter panel, showing cracking paint which indicated the vehicle had been in an accident, poorly repaired and repainted. I contact the dealership and ask if they were aware of this on the vehicle, the answer I get is “You are getting such a good price on the car, you are not financing through us and we gave you a $1250 discount, therefore we are making no money on the car”. I respond that my price and discount are irrelevant to if the car’s condition and how it has been represented to me. The car has a clean Carfax and passed your CPO inspection, the dealer insists that the car is “perfect and beautiful.”. At this point I had completely lost trust in the dealership and requested that the deal be cancelled, the dealership agrees to return my money and cancel the deal.
    The next morning, a different sales manager from Audi North Miami calls me. He wanted to see what went wrong, what happened, since the deal was so close to being closed, why did I want to cancel it. I explained the entire situation to him, and he says “Oh, we were supposed to disclose that this car had been repaired in that area and had damage”. He then apologizes and assures me that he would make sure the deal was cancelled and I received my money back. This confirmed that multiple sales people and managers at this dealership lied to me and purposefully mislead me about the condition of the car. I count myself extremely lucky that I discovered the forum thread about the car and will never do business with Audi North Miami again. I spoke with the forum member who test drove the vehicle and he echoed my experience; the dealership would not answer his questions about the paint cracks and damage to the vehicle and refused to give him the CPO inspection report.
    This ordeal was extremely stressful and frustrating, my trip was non-refundable, and I still had to go into the dealership to meet with a finance director and pick up my check, then rent another vehicle to drive home. When I reached out to the dealership afterwards to try and resolve the situation, they informed me that I have no basis to complain, I still came to Miami and filmed some videos. Obviously, I had to make the best of the situation, I was not going to sit in my hotel room and sulk. I did the best I could with the situation, but I went down to purchase a car and drive home, which did not happen.
    I have owned multiple Audi’s and love the vehicles and brand, I find it extremely unfortunate that I had to go through something like this, and I hope no one else has to deal with something like this either.
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  • Ryan B
    Ryan B 3 hours ago

    This is the same dealer who stole pics of my Exclusive color Audi offline to advertise it. They are trying to make it look like they sell more cars than they do.
    I called them to ask them if they had that specific car in stock. They replied that they just sold it. I told they never sold it and it’s actually my car and my pics that you stole online from a different state.
    They took them down right away. Shady dealer.

  • mjethier
    mjethier 6 hours ago

    No one cares dude. You are complaining about buying a used friggin car while generally NOT going to the dealership. Treating a phone call from some random kid asking about a 70k+ car (used pricing) for real is not something that will ever happen...and businesses end up saving themselves money in doing so. "I cant go see the vehicle, i'll send a friend" sound like a fucking asshole.

  • Zack Hans
    Zack Hans Day ago

    still buys an audi #lexusbabyyeah

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt Day ago

    classic example of how not to buy,,,,any,,,car.. never buy a car without seeing it inspecting it driving it,, get a car check done online for it,, this is the most important move of buying any car and only for a few $$ ,, as for this man i have no sympathy at all.. of course dealers will tell you its a great car,,even if they know it has faults,, lesson learned...for him probably not

  • Britishfever456
    Britishfever456 Day ago

    I remember getting my Audi serviced once with a cambelt change as part of a service. It was only a 1.8 Audi A3. Total bill came to £750. When I went to pick up the car, I was told a rear tail bulb wasn't working and so I asked them "could you not have changed that bulb for a £750 service?" So the person at reception went and got that sorted. What was worse is this. Within a couple of years (less that 10k miles) , there was a noise coming from the cambelt region, and upon inspection turns out that they didn't renew a belt tensioner holder and it had broken! Nor did they advise me on getting the water pump done at the time which caused a whole load of other issues with overheating as the old water pump inside had crumbled up with dislodged pieces blocking up the cooling system! Main dealer servicing is double crap. Firstly the high costs and secondly they do not do a half decent job. Unfortunately, I've learnt that most of the garages out there are are careless with customer's cars and so I have learnt to do what I can myself and not go through the route of entrusting another place with my car. Basic servicing, brakes, bleeding etc isn't that difficult. This brings me to my last point of the stamps on the service book. It doesn't really mean anything other than perhaps the car has had the very basic attention.

  • LeNix Tuxx
    LeNix Tuxx 2 days ago

    Ur to nice my guy

  • Andrew Minhas
    Andrew Minhas 2 days ago

    Never an issue w/ Audi of Audi of North Miami

  • Hobbies Email
    Hobbies Email 2 days ago +1

    #1 rule of Miami is that there are no good deals

  • flyingdutchman
    flyingdutchman 2 days ago +1

    That's what they do, just import it from europe😜👌

  • FS
    FS 3 days ago

    The dealership clearly handled this whole mess very unprofessionally from putting it on sale to trying to cover up the obvious damages that you pointed out. However to be fair you sent them the money for the car, bought plane tickets, booked hotels and whatnot BEFORE you were perfectly happy with the purchase. Again, the dealership handled the situation poorly and they do not represent the quality you'd expect from an official Audi dealership, but why on Earth would you pay them, knowing that there were the scratches underneath the front bumper without getting clarification that they were gonna fix it? It seems blatantly naiv to be honest.

  • Subversive Machine
    Subversive Machine 4 days ago

    If you are worried about 2k you need to get out of the car biz. #shiftandpivot #stickandmove And it wouldn't surprise me if you get a cease and desist, end up getting dragged into court, and this gets pulled down. 2K is literally NOTHING, you got off easy it could have been way worse. If you have a case you go to court.. If you are a whiner you go on youtube. EVERY dealership will try to do this sort of nonsense, you just need to expect it. As an aside, I DO think you have a case to pursue and could definitely rope their ass in circles for a good chunk of money. Since the deal was out of state the stakes are much higher.

  • Johnny Fajardo
    Johnny Fajardo 4 days ago +7

    If it’s in Miami it explains everything! Miami is full of scams !

    • Pun Jab I
      Pun Jab I Day ago

      Florida as a whole is scammy.

  • L Simon
    L Simon 4 days ago

    Sorry, but I put this 99.9% on you. I can’t believe anyone would ever buy any car, let alone a $70,000 car, long distance without actually seeing the car. Huge mistake. It’s no unusual to hear about dealers or any other seller overstating the condition of a used product. It’s common sense to see a car in person to inspect it yourself, test drive it and to consider getting an independent pro inspection. I hope YOU have learned a lesson here and you should be thankful it only cost you $2k. Let the buyer beware, and don’t trust ANYONE selling a used car.

  • Darius Z
    Darius Z 4 days ago +1

    Never trust a stealership.

  • James Latimer
    James Latimer 4 days ago +1

    What a really nice hoover ,, picks up LITTLE bits of fluff ,lol cool car

  • Dynamic Solution
    Dynamic Solution 4 days ago +2

    Wow God bless the internet, Audi would be luck to sell 250,000 cars in 2019, yet 1,000,000 people watched this video. Wonder if companies quantify the cost of bad publicity like this?

  • paulbrown357
    paulbrown357 5 days ago


  • Michael M
    Michael M 5 days ago

    Sounds like an experience I've had with a Honda dealership some dealers are shady asf and will try to screw you as much as they can, not all dealers are this bad

  • GunsCarsBikeCigars
    GunsCarsBikeCigars 5 days ago

    Did the same shit to me on a Gallardo and granturismo s 5years ago. This is how almost all dealers in Florida are..

  • Elvis Creese
    Elvis Creese 5 days ago

    Buying cars in south Florida is a pain, no matter wherr you go

  • tom wynn
    tom wynn 5 days ago

    i...were you guys born yesterday? they all lie...lmao. thanks for the informative news we all knew. i use to sell cars at acura but even if i didnt sell its common sense to know this. silly nerdy asians.

  • Johnny Bravo
    Johnny Bravo 5 days ago

    buy new if you want it "perfect"... But no garanty for new one too...

  • Avishek Das
    Avishek Das 6 days ago

    Hey what do you expect from a company who cheated on emission norms and defrauded the government and customers? For me trust is gone, I would never even consider a VW/Audi product. So expect the dealers to cheat as well when the company itself is a cheater 😂

  • dnl machine
    dnl machine 6 days ago

    I still dont understand why people buy vehicles from dealers.
    It sounds like you know your stuff, but dealer knows theyve got the government in their pocket.
    Citizens always lose.

    Stay gold.

  • Franklin Williams
    Franklin Williams 6 days ago

    Parker was behind this "Grand Deception" in some way!

  • Picsmiths Photography

    Well said bro! Sucks you had to go through that though

  • john smith
    john smith 6 days ago

    Dude burn that car

  • Oli
    Oli 6 days ago +1

    Omg you're so tedious, you could have explained this in 5 min, be concise and without mentioning aquarium, friends from college and girlfriend

  • Phia Yang
    Phia Yang 7 days ago


  • Vladimir Levtsun
    Vladimir Levtsun 7 days ago

    Silly to expect more, 90% of dealers do that, they are in business to sell cars. For you it is a serious purchase, for them it is another of hundreds cars they sell.

  • sardille
    sardille 7 days ago

    bro buy a new car! USED cars are USED cars. READ the cpo list and car the major things they look at is mechanical condition. You are buying a used car, it will never be perfect and you are trying to profit from it trashing them cause you want a new car out of used car. Buy 150k RS7 and be done with it.
    I have bought over 10 cars from them, always the best deals, good friends. I buy new so i dont have to start looking for defects like you to keep getting price reduced. They should have never sold you the car, I would not have if I was the sales person, pain in the ass customer is nothing but travel. Yes they should have disclosed that there was some touch up in the car but even your friend missed it. I bought a gt350 Brand new and it had touch up on the bumper, dealers dont have to disclose anything minor and also CPO process allows those things. read up cpo process and you will see Audi has one of the most thoroughout of all the brands. over 100 more things they look for. THEY ARE SUCH A BAD DEALER THAT THEY HAVE 4.6/5 STARS ON GOOGLE AND OVER 2600 REVIEWS

    Audi North Miami
    2,236 Google reviews
    Audi dealer in North Miami, Florida

  • Oddly Right
    Oddly Right 7 days ago

    Buy sight unseen,,,crazy

  • XeNiN HD
    XeNiN HD 7 days ago

    Buy ur Audi cars in germany here nobody will rip u off here im germany

  • tieme pik
    tieme pik 8 days ago

    Never ever buy a car sight Unseen you must personally inspect the car and drive it before purchasing

  • Roy H
    Roy H 8 days ago

    Title should be: How I cost myself over $1K.

  • MaxCam35mm
    MaxCam35mm 8 days ago

    This dealership must lose its Audi franchise

  • Gabriel A.
    Gabriel A. 8 days ago

    Thank you for sharing your experience. I live in South Florida and would never do business with Audi North Miami. I thought Audi was above all of what you dealt with. I'm not impressed at all and very disappointed.

  • Theodore Misc
    Theodore Misc 8 days ago +1

    Gee floridians that will rip you off. Who would have thought

  • I LOVE dirt
    I LOVE dirt 8 days ago

    Unfortunately nothing but trash in miami. Thieves scammers garbage con artists u name it it’s there. I wouldn’t buy a corn dog down there. I live in BROWARD county. It’s almost as bad here now.....and Eddie buy American please.

  • PA Sucks
    PA Sucks 8 days ago

    The biggest prob here is you trusting a car salesman to be honest....

    GHOSTPAYNE 8 days ago


  • scramblendan
    scramblendan 8 days ago

    I’m glad that you made and posted this video because dealers are often slighting you one way or another. The red flags were waving at you early on and you got caught up with the passion of getting this car which is why you received all the headaches. Now you know who your dealing with and you probably won’t get lead that far along before backing away from the deal. Basically you can’t trust the seller in any circumstance and it’s up to you to figure out exactly what you are buying prior to purchase. Thank you for the heads up on Audi North Miami “Eric”, Rock On!

  • BestCanKeanRob2
    BestCanKeanRob2 8 days ago +1

    10 minutes and hes still yapping on phhh

    • KnotSky
      KnotSky 7 days ago

      why r u here again?

  • Sir David Robinson
    Sir David Robinson 8 days ago

    fair enough, shady and illegal practices is fucked, but fuck you with so much money lol.

  • Byron Nightingale
    Byron Nightingale 8 days ago

    Shit dealer, shit brand.

  • C A
    C A 8 days ago

    Lol wow good on you man. Enjoy this car, you're lucky :)

  • Hector Martinez
    Hector Martinez 9 days ago

    Damn i was actually looking into getting an Audi from North Miami, I am taking my business else where! Thanks again man!

  • I Know You're Right But

    Oh well, at least you have the YT Revenue from the video to more than make up for it and the car & everything to do with it is a tax write off.

  • Jolly Rodger
    Jolly Rodger 9 days ago

    Never trust any dealer. they are all just trying to make a sale. having a car checked out at the place of sale is a conflict of interest ,,, I know you were out of state but deal with a mech that you know that has no skin in the game

  • ruthlessluder
    ruthlessluder 9 days ago

    I've had nothing but nightmares with Audi dealers. I have tried 3 dealers before finally finding a decent one. It is really a shame as much as I love Audi as a brand, their dealership network is why I won't be purchasing another Audi.

  • reytracer
    reytracer 9 days ago +1

    Stand still!!!!! ffs Looks like u really need to go pee... lol

  • I I
    I I 9 days ago +1

    @Audi #Audi

  • FPScanada
    FPScanada 9 days ago +5

    couldnt you sue for false representation of the condition of the product they selling?

    • Sam S
      Sam S 5 days ago

      Anytime u buy a car in NA, you sign a contract.. it's designed to make you go through hoops in attempts of resolving issues and so the distributor (not manufacturer) can respond. Usually they're counting on slippage and that you'll go away. Many people say screw it. But it's a legality loop hole designed to protect the dealerships from having responsibility and accountability for anything. Makes it impossible to win most battles in court.
      Typically, North American car dealerships are only distributors of the manufacturers vehicle. They can claim to have no relationship legally speaking. Usually they're grouped into Subsidiaries to protect and divide the parent company.. in this case, Audi/Vw.
      I once bought aftermarket Denso spark plugs to try on my car the originally came with Ngk. My mother car, I accidentally bought fake Ngks from Amazon. Big difference between iron and copper/platinum.
      I later decided to check the Denso plugs and was shocked at what I found. New old stock approx 3 mm longer than they should be. Game over. They had fked up removable contacts too, wiggled. I contacted their techs. Learned from them, they're not the Denso we might think them to be. Their a separate entity

  • Paul Dolphin
    Paul Dolphin 9 days ago

    If you are not bright enough to realise that all dealerships and car salesman are con men, then you deserve to get ripped off. It’s a second hand car you idiot!!

  • Fesoj
    Fesoj 10 days ago +3

    how did your friend find damage under the bumper but not the other cosmetic shit that the guy on the forum had to point out

  • HD roadglide
    HD roadglide 10 days ago

    This was Fraud. 430 deals??? Wonder how many got screwed that month.

  • bbigrocker1
    bbigrocker1 10 days ago

    I bought a S6 from Audi Tampa, and I must say they are GREAT. I think it SUCKS when a big dealership behaves this way. Good lord, if you screw over a perspective customer, you best believe damn near EVERYONE will hear about it(uh....RU-clip????). That being said, Audi Tampa has a sterling reputation from where I stand. And you don't want to get sand in your shoe, you can alway check out Audi Columbia, that's where I purchased my current S6. Mind you, I live in NC, so that should tell you something about the Audi Dealers here. In particular, Audi Raleigh and Audi Cary. They could GIVE ME A CAR FOR FREE. Audi Raleigh does have a GREAT SERVICE DEPARTMENT however.

  • blackonblackseven
    blackonblackseven 10 days ago

    Stay humble bro. You have money. Quit complaining

    • blackonblackseven
      blackonblackseven 9 days ago

      bbigrocker1 he sent that dealership all that money without any research. Dumbass

    • bbigrocker1
      bbigrocker1 10 days ago

      So let people screw over you? You go ahead, when I'm spending MY MONEY, I'm going to get what I want, don't really care what you think

  • Karen Michelle
    Karen Michelle 10 days ago +1

    It’s Miami. I would not do any business here. I live in Miami myself. People here are so deceitful and unprofessional! People think the law doesn’t apply here and that they are in Latin America. I am not even playing. Do not trust dealers in Miami!

  • Jordon Flexer
    Jordon Flexer 10 days ago +1

    Haha, never buy a car without test driving...period

  • TheSnowman
    TheSnowman 10 days ago

    How dumb are u not to check the car first BEFORE paying for it..?

  • TheSnowman
    TheSnowman 10 days ago

    75 k for an rs 7 is a good price??????? Wtfff

  • Noah Vereeke
    Noah Vereeke 11 days ago +3

    Trusting car dealerships is your first mistake. Only a fool would send 70K for a car they have never seen in person.

  • Myles Can Of Swiss
    Myles Can Of Swiss 11 days ago +1

    Dude fucking Miami is just a rad bash of different Spanish countries collided into one to make one fucking mess.

  • Nathan Spain
    Nathan Spain 11 days ago

    How did your friend not see the damaged area by the gas tank door?!?! Fuckin blind???

  • LSmiata
    LSmiata 12 days ago

    Sad story, but even OEM dealers are shady these days. I purchased an 01 MR2 Spyder from Serra Toyota in Traverse City MI and was completely bamboozled. When I went to test drive it snowed, but all looked good with only 59k on clock. Moved from Traverse City to Marion, OH a few weeks later and within 10 miles of driving the MIL illuminates. Check codes and it is random misfires, P0300. Now check internet and find this model is know for catelitica converter failure that sucks particles back into engine. Drive car more and it is consuming 1 quart of oil per 400-500 miles with no smell from exhaust (yes I do smell on cars). Open O2 sensors on manifold and sure enough, one cat is non existent, the other in tact (both pre-cats are on exhaust manifold for SLEV status.

    In short, engine is scrap, bores are non serviceable and am now changing engine to the 2zz-ge (was 1zz-fe)

    Contact dealer.....informed purchase final no warrenty.

    Contact service for records....sure enough previous owner complaining about car and traded in to Serra Toyota, but the sales department knew nothing.

    ABSOLUTE fraud and I paid full asking price because I believed in Toyota and their dealership network.

    Mr. P

  • athanasios tzimas
    athanasios tzimas 12 days ago +5

    Bro if you would like to buy a rs7 come over to Germany Ingolstadt to the audi dealer and buy there one of these !

  • Clark Kent
    Clark Kent 12 days ago

    Can't trust anything in Miami

  • S Wilson
    S Wilson 12 days ago

    You buy a car from a dealership without even checking it out in person and take no blame at all? I think you are confusing a car lot with Amazon or Ebay. You think you can just buy a car over the internet and return it if it doesn't match the item description. What else, you expect free 2 day shipping too?

  • 1 SRT FAN
    1 SRT FAN 12 days ago

    You should go to this site and join You put in the cars vin after you join and they will tell you if the car was ever in an accident and show you pictures of when it was damaged. I found out about this site watching his channel, his name is Alex and his channel is called ‘’LegitStreetcars’’ look up ‘’Here's What I Found In The Engine Of My Cheap C63 AMG & What You MUST Do Before Buying Any Used Car.’’ He is into Mercedes Benz’s but it still a good channel.Hope this helps, I know it after the fact. You have to go into these dealers knowing all the facts.

  • Richard Kuball
    Richard Kuball 12 days ago

    Thank you for sharing your story.

  • Rich nigga flex Jam jam

    Daaaaaaamn I bet they watched this vid to 😂

  • RyanSexton
    RyanSexton 12 days ago

    sue them

  • Elijah McCoy
    Elijah McCoy 12 days ago

    Your first mistake was talking finance with a salesperson who sole job is the bring u into the dealership we were always lectured to never talk money.

  • Ahmed Bruxelles
    Ahmed Bruxelles 12 days ago

    Get in touch with a responsable from audi usa , dealerships are real assholes , here in Belgium it’s the same case i bought a used a250 with no accidents , while changing my rims i saw a tiny rust hole but it’s not something to take easy specially the car is 3 years old , i report that to the dealer and he was a completly ass telling me it’s to tiny it’s just ok , i texted Mercedes benz Belgium responsible and they was wonderful they took the car and they arranged the problem plus they offered me free 3 fully maintenance

  • superpeluso1
    superpeluso1 13 days ago

    I sell cars for a living and a pipeline means a lot for us. The problem was that one of those managers took that car in trade for way too much!!! Trust me those guys were buried on that Audi and they tried to get away! Desperate times desperate moments!!! Good you cough to it at the right time!

  • Slaughter Evil
    Slaughter Evil 13 days ago +4

    You can’t trust people
    In Miami. Honestly man, esp from the Spanish. Yikes

  • Ikuorai
    Ikuorai 13 days ago +2

    What came of this? Did you contact or get contacted by Audi USA?

  • Simple Man
    Simple Man 13 days ago

    Before bitching and complaining maybe if your going spend 70k you should go YOURSELF in person... I mean come on you subs like a spoiled brat not to mention how ANNOYING and drug out the video is... Before bashing a place if you would have just went down there and looked at it this video or you're crying would have never happened if you didn't have the time and maybe you should have looked elsewhere!!! SMH.... Bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch 🤔🤔🤔 oops I forgot more bitching bitching bitching bitching bitching 🤔🤔 give me a second I'm going to get you a tissue cry baby!!!

  • Jonas F
    Jonas F 13 days ago +1

    Dude i am from Bavaria and this is stupid... Audi would never scam somebody, they are way to rich and their image is way to important. If the section in Miami is retarded just report it to Audi in America or in the HQ in Ingolstadt!

  • Jonas F
    Jonas F 13 days ago +1

    Dude Audi is wayto rich to have the necessety to scam you lol
    you is a dumb boy

  • Alexander Mar
    Alexander Mar 13 days ago

    For a Smart guy you're pretty naive about buying cars; car dealers are NEVER honest, even when you think they are. Buying a car over the phone and sending them a check without personally seeing and inspecting the car? Are you kidding me? The last two cars I bought, I walked all over the salesman, finance director and general manager because I know what their intentions and in the end they literally chased me out of my car to close the deal because they knew I was going to buy a car, just not from them if they didn't agree on my terms. Car dealership detected you were desperate; they already got you there. you're just lucky to run across a forum about the car.

  • Papo Pagan
    Papo Pagan 13 days ago

    Auto Nation in South Florida is a total nightmare. Their repairs are the worst.

  • Stuart Archibald
    Stuart Archibald 13 days ago

    Good post! I too experienced a pencil whipped AUDI CPO checklist though it did not involve vehicle damage. Yes, the rec for a 3rd party inspection is well worth it.

  • chad haire
    chad haire 13 days ago

    This guy did everything wrong--looks about as stupid as the dealer--he should take this videos down before he looks dumber.

  • Paul Mistretta
    Paul Mistretta 14 days ago

    Business as usual in the dealership world. Always protect yourself

  • shanarah76
    shanarah76 14 days ago

    Thanks for sharing dude, sad fact that the car is probably pushed on to another sucker...

  • Nick Koutsoubos
    Nick Koutsoubos 14 days ago

    It's an Audi. It's always going to be a pile of shit old or new.

  • Teresa Decker
    Teresa Decker 14 days ago

    THANK YOU for the invaluable education! So glad that dealership didn't succeed in their HUGE $$$ & egregious SCAM THEY HAD CLEARLY INTENTIONALLY ATTEMPTED TO PULL ON YOU! they intentionally were intending to succeed in committing this scam with some unfortunate individual/family! I can't help but wonder IF they ended up selling the car / scamming someone out of tens of thousands $$,$$$? I hope not! I actually hope they suffered serious legal action! My real fear is that people could be seriously injured or killed if they buy a vehicle that had been involved in an accident (s); which are NOT reported, NOT disclosed (or details on the nature/seriousness or extent of damages & repairs made or not made); which could result in related future accidents, if driven. Best to you!

  • Dragon KATANA
    Dragon KATANA 14 days ago

    He thinks that hi is an intellegent guy but lol hahahahah now you are crying in youtube

  • Charles Garcia
    Charles Garcia 14 days ago

    All the Audi employees disliked this video

  • Taylor King
    Taylor King 15 days ago

    so why not just pass on the car??? You dont HAVE to buy that one.

  • Dre Dilla
    Dre Dilla 15 days ago

    Underside of front bumper?!! Chill out dude

  • Saggy Dorito
    Saggy Dorito 15 days ago

    A lot of the dealers in the Miami area are pretty shady like that, mainly because the people who buy those kinda cars don’t do their research, and just blindly buy them

  • Bionic0ne
    Bionic0ne 15 days ago

    You should contact headquarters for Audi... they would not be happy that North Miami isn't following their mantra of "Kundenbegeisterung"... I wouldn't be surprised if Audi either shuts them down or fires them all and rehires all new staff. Not even kidding.

  • Richard van Tricht
    Richard van Tricht 15 days ago

    How can you buy a car not seeing it and test it in real. You are ignorant or really stupid.

  • Gabe
    Gabe 15 days ago +1

    See I own a 2004 Honda Accord, entirely stock, I’m not sure why I’m upset with you about this?

  • Carlos Brazao
    Carlos Brazao 16 days ago

    Never buy a audi. A Beamer or a merc will you more chicks!

  • Gregory Johnson
    Gregory Johnson 16 days ago +1

    Excellent articulation. Man I am just disgusted that trust is no longer a given even with "High End" dealerships. Boy, Audi really f'ed up with this smart young man. What a sharp guy, he explained his situation with laser precision. Thank you for this video.

  • Renegade Nielsen
    Renegade Nielsen 16 days ago

    The dealership's math checks out. 70,250+ 697.50+ 298+150+8= 71,403. Multiply that by .06 and you get $4,284.18 of sales tax. Add that back to the total and you're at 75687 and some change. Am i missing something here?

    • Renegade Nielsen
      Renegade Nielsen 13 days ago

      @Joshua Bacon after looking back into this i had gotten out the calculator and erroneously paused it at the 2nd (correct) screen shot (at 6:10) which in that screen shot they added those two categories.

    • Joshua Bacon
      Joshua Bacon 14 days ago

      No offense man but where are you getting 150 and 8 from, at the time stamp of 5:21 neither of those prices are there? Thus not equaling 71,403 or warranting the tax of 4,284.18. But feel free to let me know where you saw it at with a time stamp.