Top 10 Cartoon Fan Theories

  • Опубликовано: 27 окт 2015
  • If you dig deep enough in any form of media, even in cartoons and animated fare, you're sure to find some truly mind-blowing explanations about why certain things are the way they are. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Fan Cartoon Theories. Click here to subscribe: or visit our channel page here: Also, check out our interactive Suggestion Tool at :)
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  • The Raptor
    The Raptor День назад

    Hey Piglet,Tigger,Rabbit,Eeyore and I all have something in common no wonder I loved that movie when I was younger.

  • Nunya Bidness
    Nunya Bidness 2 дня назад

    The Flintstones theory makes the most sense out of all the theories. Why do they live in the stone age but have things like TV's/appliances, Banks, Drive in theaters, 'heavy equipment, and so on? Could it be a post apocalyptic world that had successfully brought back dinosaurs prior to the fall in order to use them for various tasks and even made them sentient and capable of speech? And the icing on the cake is the phrase *modern* stone age family.

  • RendoMix 2812
    RendoMix 2812 3 дня назад

    6th ONE 😭😤😭😭😤😭😤😭😤😭

  • Dweebozoid 456
    Dweebozoid 456 3 дня назад

    What the hell was up with the anti depressants

  • Redeyes Dark
    Redeyes Dark 3 дня назад

    so ed edd and eddy its angel beats

  • Maxim Storm
    Maxim Storm 3 дня назад

    Here’s my theory on Caillou: He was a failed abortion. I mean, after seeing how he acts do you blame his parents?

  • Panicky Productions
    Panicky Productions 5 дней назад

    How to make a cartoon theory:
    1. Say that it was all a dream, flashback, or an imagination.
    2. Say the reasons it was all a dream or theyre all dead because of a flashback
    3. Rinse Repeat

  • Sofia The Meme
    Sofia The Meme 5 дней назад


  • Denis Vlasceanu
    Denis Vlasceanu 6 дней назад

    What is the name of the backround song?

  • Dakota Stein
    Dakota Stein 8 дней назад

    i think that hey Arnold theory is pretty much debunked now.

  • Paul Carr
    Paul Carr 9 дней назад

    Yeah because Inspector Gadget isn't just a take off on Get Smart, and the Flinstones theme song doesn't state they're from the stone age. Had to stop there, too much stupidity.

  • Ink Warrior
    Ink Warrior 9 дней назад +1

    And that is just a theory
    A game theory!
    Aaaaaand cut!!!

  • SuperSaiyanMusashi
    SuperSaiyanMusashi 14 дней назад

    Some of these are thought-worthy, but Fan Theories Lists should have a No "It's all made-up/dreamt/imagined/hallucinated" Rule. Those are always boring, baseless, and uncreative.

  • thewewguy8t88
    thewewguy8t88 15 дней назад

    Well it turns out it may be cannon that penny is actually the real vilan of the show but then it's debatable on if brain swore at pinky.

  • Yara Ahmed
    Yara Ahmed 16 дней назад

    I thought it would be things like “Garnet is actually a fusion” and shit not this lol

  • HåÑ Ž / Šçär thë ŵøłf
    HåÑ Ž / Šçär thë ŵøłf 16 дней назад

    Well my childhood is ruined

  • DragMeToHell 666
    DragMeToHell 666 16 дней назад

    The flinstones theory explains why they celebrate christmas before the birth of christ

    999K views 16 дней назад


  • Fab Elger
    Fab Elger 16 дней назад

    ..toy story allegory for the holchaust??? this is the worst crap. First of all they are not forced out of the home by the bear but by mistake remember? so i guess the mother stands for THE NAZIS???? because he/andy wanted to put them in the like anne frank i guess????ARE YOU FUCKING KIDING ME?how stupid must a mind be to grasp at straws like that? there is SO MUCH in this movie that does not fit if seen this way that you must completly have lost your mind not to see it/to only see the 2 minutes 11 seconds it does fit.

  • Fab Elger
    Fab Elger 16 дней назад

    ADHD is NO psychriatric disorder??? ^.- ?????what is THIS SHIT?

  • Fab Elger
    Fab Elger 16 дней назад

    then why are there dinosaurs??? just reappeared?? the future...????

  • Jay Berdecia
    Jay Berdecia 17 дней назад

    Anyone els remember boomerang

  • Nathaniel Evans
    Nathaniel Evans 17 дней назад

    I hate you

  • Bailey Rogers
    Bailey Rogers 17 дней назад

    Actually Charlie Brown's creator confirmed that has blonde hair it's just transparent

  • herobrine craft
    herobrine craft 18 дней назад

    making the majic shool bus kids grow up into the planiters wouldn't be that bad now if ms frizzle was an all powerful god/majical being that would be cool

  • Kaius Marciniak
    Kaius Marciniak 19 дней назад

    5:31horror comics

  • Nunni and Zippy D
    Nunni and Zippy D 19 дней назад +1

    Anyone know the name of the backround music

    DBT FISHING 19 дней назад

    Me 7:48 I'm ADHD

  • Carla Tibbs
    Carla Tibbs 19 дней назад

    I have a theory: what if samurai Jack was the professor in the powerpuff girls and became the science dad to the girls.

  • Donna Jay
    Donna Jay 20 дней назад

    These are all very fucked good video tho

  • SatyrToon Animation
    SatyrToon Animation 22 дня назад

    "It was all a dream" theories are as lazy as they come and can literally be applied to ANYTHING. That's why there are so many.
    Here are a few examples:
    -The dragonborn in Skyrim is just a farmer's fever dream as he struggles with a life-threatening illness. That's why everything in the game seems to hinge on the existence of the dragonborn. He turns the tides of wars, the slays dragons, he goes to heaven and comes back with the ability to summon god-like spirits to aid him, he assassinates the emperor. The sick man wants to feel important before he dies, so he creates a world where he is the most important person ever born.
    -Deadpool doesn't actually have powers. He's actually on his deathbed in a hospital, cooking up a world in his mind where he is the badass who found a way to best cancer, heal himself of any injury and manage to get his girl back in the end. The events of the movie are actually him coming to terms with life and thinking he can reconcile with the people he's hurt.
    -The Fallout 4 protagonist didn't escape the vault. He/she is slowly dying in the cryo-pod after a life-support failure. Radiation is leaking in from the world above and causing him/her to hallucinate vividly. He/she imagines a world where he/she is a celebrity with the power to bring factions together and save people in the wake of the apocalypse as well as find his/her lost son. Dogmeat is actually a spirit guide which explains his intelligence and his ability to both lead the protagonist to the Minutemen and his ability to find Shaun from so far away. Dogmeat is essential to the plot of the game and is symbolically leading the protagonist towards acceptance. Accepting that he/she will never see their spouse again, hence why he/she is killed in the beginning, and accepting that he/she will never see Shaun again, hence why Shaun also dies, but much later. Shaun's later death is the protagonist needing time to fully grasp his/her spouse's death before accepting Shaun's.
    -Flicka is a movie about a girl who is in a coma and is dreaming of going back to her parent's ranch and meeting an amazing wild horse. She dreams that she can change her dad's mind about mustangs and even dreams that his turnaround brings him to save Flicka's life.


  • recko zalicic
    recko zalicic 23 дня назад

    don't belivie everything you see on yt

  • Seeing Good
    Seeing Good 23 дня назад

    The toy story one is the most believable

  • Lucky Wolf
    Lucky Wolf 23 дня назад

    OMG WINNIE THE POOH ONE IS SOO TRUE. Bite I still love it it doesn’t ruin my childhood

  • Ciara Nicole
    Ciara Nicole 24 дня назад

    "You thought charlie brown was just an unlucky kid who had a receding hairline" SIS REALLY WENT THERE SJDHSKDJS

  • Marcell Adonyi
    Marcell Adonyi 25 дней назад

    Any cartoon character ever gets imprisoned=Holocaust.

    TØMATØ. 25 дней назад

    Also Christopher Robin is a schizophrenic

  • QTanimations
    QTanimations 26 дней назад

    actually charlie browns creator said that he has very blond hair

  • Eren Jaeger
    Eren Jaeger 27 дней назад

    POKEMON isnt a cartooon

  • allure searles
    allure searles 27 дней назад

    Love inspector gadget

  • firestonegraywolf
    firestonegraywolf 28 дней назад

    these are the dumbest "theories" i've ever heard

  • Sam The wolf
    Sam The wolf 29 дней назад

    My child hood was already ruined so ya yay 😖😣😖

  • Quentonto Ballertón The Sauce God
    Quentonto Ballertón The Sauce God 29 дней назад

    So inspector gadget is basically fighting his clone? So basically It’s easier just to beat up a clone and a child (his niece) Instead of just telling penny he’s still alive and has a disfigured monster face? LOL WHAT?

  • Charlie Lambert
    Charlie Lambert 29 дней назад

    There is a real tv show with a kid that really had cancer and the show stop because of the cancer the show is named caillou

  • Lucas Long
    Lucas Long 29 дней назад

    also also the rugrats theory is fake because in one episode you see them all grown up

  • Javani Arguillo
    Javani Arguillo Месяц назад

    there's an episode of flintstones celebrating christmas.. there's no christmas on Dinosaur age .. XD

  • Alex Zexceed
    Alex Zexceed Месяц назад

    *sigh* some of them are really really sad..........

  • Diego Nolasco
    Diego Nolasco Месяц назад

    Phineas & Ferb Theory saying that Dr. Doofenshmirtz is Phineas and Candace's father (that abused Linda and traumatized Candace), also telling that she has hallucinations and imagines everything the kids do the whole show (also Ferb being retarded & Phineas hyperactive).

  • the guy on the couch x
    the guy on the couch x Месяц назад


  • Andrew Hanson
    Andrew Hanson Месяц назад +1

    Winnie the Pooh is just like my cute fat adorable little Jack Russell terrier pet doggy, Junebug

  • Adrian Solum
    Adrian Solum Месяц назад +1

    Hey, at least Wall-E was a good movie

  • Nunni and Zippy D
    Nunni and Zippy D Месяц назад +1

    Anyone else notice the intro was messed up by accidentally having it show #8 before anything else?

  • StraightFacedDino !
    StraightFacedDino ! Месяц назад

    Why can’t people just enjoy shows then making dark sad theories

  • Anthony Chapman
    Anthony Chapman Месяц назад

    Anyone else stop as soon as they got to ash Ketchum

  • Nina Arleth
    Nina Arleth Месяц назад

    Steve Hillenburg, the creator of Spongebob Squarepants, has confirmed that the characters are indeed based on the seven deadly sins: Sandi is pride, Mr. Krab is greed, Plankton is envy, Squidwart is wrath, Patrick is sloth, Gary is gluttony and Spongebob is lust.

  • Freyja Carney-Hoffler
    Freyja Carney-Hoffler Месяц назад

    Noooooooo Wall-e!!!!

  • Enolam
    Enolam Месяц назад

    0:50 why was that there, Why was that not number 8? I am so confused?

    • Enolam
      Enolam Месяц назад

      oh now I see why

  • RomyMatty-q
    RomyMatty-q Месяц назад

    Christopher Robin has schizophrenia

  • Gracie026
    Gracie026 Месяц назад

    The one about Wall-E is a longshot.

  • Sameer Rajput
    Sameer Rajput Месяц назад

    Rajput and man

  • Donovan and thor
    Donovan and thor Месяц назад

    It was the first or second episode of indigo series.

  • Oropher420
    Oropher420 Месяц назад

    Any body notice it went from 8 to 10

  • Natalie Hutcheson
    Natalie Hutcheson Месяц назад

    I cannot believe you actually called Wall-E a little bastard...... shame on you, he’s adorable

  • Felipe Garcia
    Felipe Garcia Месяц назад

    My childhood was ruined when regular show was finished.

  • Max
    Max Месяц назад

    found this theory:
    Bruce is actually in Arkham and Batman is a delusion he has and the villians are orderlies or doctors
    Poison Ivy is the nurse who sedates him when he’s out of control
    Two-Face is an abusive orderly who acts nice when the doctors are around and beats up the patients when their backs are turned
    Riddler is a therapist who asks him questions that he has a hard time answering
    Mad Hatter is a hypnotherapist who Bruce is convinced is trying to brainwash him

  • Davyonn Jewell
    Davyonn Jewell Месяц назад

    The ed edd and eddy one was crazy

  • BlackHokage z
    BlackHokage z Месяц назад

    My childhood was already death after i watch this

  • VGFreak100
    VGFreak100 Месяц назад

    12:54 I actually knew all those similarities back when me and my brother saw the movie in theatres in 2010.
    The literal first thing I talked about after the movie was how the day care at night reminded me of a Nazi concentration camp.
    It was set up near identically if I recall.

  • Emily .G
    Emily .G Месяц назад

    I heard a theory about a film franchise I love, How To Train Your Dragon.
    The theory is that Hiccup is actually a mentally ill teenager that is unaware he is living in an asylum and the events of the movies and shows were nothing but his delusions.

  • Transfromers guy Gaming
    Transfromers guy Gaming Месяц назад

    Wall e how could you.

  • The Brothers
    The Brothers Месяц назад

    6:46 winnie

  • Ariana’s Bibble
    Ariana’s Bibble Месяц назад

    woah. good for wall-e, hes an independent woman

  • Shirrako Iam
    Shirrako Iam Месяц назад

    My...childhood is ruined especially Winnie the Pooh but I always knew that eeyore has depression

  • Disneylover 1234567
    Disneylover 1234567 Месяц назад

    Don’t get walle theory

  • Moises Ramirez
    Moises Ramirez Месяц назад

    Why people do this theory

  • yager chu
    yager chu Месяц назад

    I believe matpat more thanks

  • Isobel Miller
    Isobel Miller Месяц назад

    Ironically, the Purgatory theory made me go from not caring about Ed, Edd n' Eddy at all to being completely and totally obsessed with it.

  • Sarfnic Games
    Sarfnic Games Месяц назад

    Toy Story 3 was extremely dark and those toys had to face a pretty tough gang.

  • chris p. bacon
    chris p. bacon Месяц назад

    Why does it randomly cut to number 8?

  • Mr.Sketch
    Mr.Sketch Месяц назад

    Caillou also has cancer.

  • Sakura Usagi1098
    Sakura Usagi1098 Месяц назад

    Rugrats: OmG

  • Maytal Acedo
    Maytal Acedo Месяц назад

    Well there goes my childhood 😆.

  • 白空
    白空 Месяц назад

    Rugrat theory not possible Cuz they actually grow up...

  • Logibear115 4223
    Logibear115 4223 Месяц назад

    Tigger is like my older brother

  • Estrella
    Estrella Месяц назад

    Actually, we do get to see doctor claws face, in the form of a plastic toy created when the show was in its prime, it is considered canon that’s the link to a photo of it, so ya we do know what he looks like... I’m not sure he’s actually gadget

  • Annamarie Gonzalez
    Annamarie Gonzalez Месяц назад

    The last one caught my thought.

  • Karkoski Rachel
    Karkoski Rachel Месяц назад

    My dildo smells

  • Salvatore Deluca
    Salvatore Deluca Месяц назад

    10:22 and if you count the fact that the person who created the theory is overthinking a children’s show and is probably on crack I totally makes sense

  • Eliza Skye
    Eliza Skye Месяц назад +1

    I have ADHD and depression lol I feel like a tigger

    • Pony Productions
      Pony Productions Месяц назад +1

      Eliza Skye why? Tigger is a stuffed animal based on a Mental disease and he could not have a happier life ( I'm jealous af )

  • Adam Ewart
    Adam Ewart Месяц назад

    um wtf happened there at the start with the scooby doo thing at number 8

  • leevi coker
    leevi coker Месяц назад

    I was literally born when ed edd and eddy ended

  • A. K. RBLX Roblox And More!
    A. K. RBLX Roblox And More! Месяц назад

    Not mine

  • R candy
    R candy Месяц назад

    i think that when ash saw ho-oh he wished that his adventure never ends and his wish came true thanks to ho-oh (or was it oh-ho i always forget)

  • Cdubya
    Cdubya Месяц назад

    I read that the Owl from Pooh was supposed to be narcissism

  • Tractional Official
    Tractional Official Месяц назад


  • Joel Toohey
    Joel Toohey Месяц назад

    So kanga, roo and the gopher are all next door neighbors then? 😕

  • Anthony Starnella
    Anthony Starnella Месяц назад

    Eeyore isn’t depressed, he’s in pain from the nail in his ass.

  • Tobi O Cool
    Tobi O Cool Месяц назад

    The ed edd n eddy theory is dumb they have left the culdesac they go to school

  • DarkG0d
    DarkG0d Месяц назад

    there isn't always a secret story behind something. those are just cartoon shows.

  • Joseph Tan
    Joseph Tan Месяц назад

    The protagonist being delusional, in a coma, or in a dream are just the absolute weakest theories of TV Shows in existence because they always fit with every show