Top 10 Cartoon Fan Theories

  • Published on Oct 27, 2015
  • If you dig deep enough in any form of media, even in cartoons and animated fare, you're sure to find some truly mind-blowing explanations about why certain things are the way they are. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Fan Cartoon Theories. Click here to subscribe: or visit our channel page here: Also, check out our interactive Suggestion Tool at :)
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Comments • 5 155

  • Gabe L
    Gabe L 5 hours ago

    nerse joy cloned her-self

  • Kaetlen Mundy
    Kaetlen Mundy Day ago

    I kind of already figured the Winnie the Pooh one, but I could never figure out what you would label Kanga and Roo as. Anyone got an idea? And what about Christopher Robin?

  • wa sd
    wa sd Day ago

    the #7 theory is wrong. Mr. shultz has said that charlie brown has blonde hair, but do to printing issues,he always looked bald.
    i hope that solves any problems.

  • aiden greenberg
    aiden greenberg 2 days ago

    don't watch this: Goodbye Christopher Robin

  • Adrian Contreras
    Adrian Contreras 3 days ago

    Poor Charlie brown, man

  • Mr.train star 6 Smith

    What's OCD

  • Adam Hennessy
    Adam Hennessy 7 days ago

    Some people: ash wished for pokemon
    A little less people: its a cartoon doesn't need to make sense
    Watch mojo: HES IN A COMA

  • Richie boi
    Richie boi 8 days ago

    Anime characters don't even try to match up with the lipsinking

  • wwe 4 life
    wwe 4 life 8 days ago

    Why do you think Timmy has fairys

  • #Jax !
    #Jax ! 8 days ago

    like or my sock will drown

  • StarGazer67676
    StarGazer67676 8 days ago

    with the toy story theory, barbie had blonde hair and blue eyes (i.e. Aryan race), and she was the only one who was spared from the imprisonment initially (and the first one to be let out)... coincidence? i think not!!!

  • Ian albert
    Ian albert 9 days ago

    There just kid shows stop!

  • Star Wars
    Star Wars 11 days ago +1

    The Wally theory is stupid

  • The Magic arcade TMA
    The Magic arcade TMA 13 days ago

    I made a whole video about number 9

  • Arkham Soldier
    Arkham Soldier 14 days ago +2

    What kind of a mad man would think that. I know it might be true but come on

  • Michael Christensen
    Michael Christensen 15 days ago

    i have adhd >:(

  • Vaporeon Trainer
    Vaporeon Trainer 15 days ago +2

    The Wall-E theory is so dumb

  • DuxLuvSox :V
    DuxLuvSox :V 16 days ago

    Walle is no bastard

  • Mr Qou [The Rise]
    Mr Qou [The Rise] 17 days ago

    0:55 Pffff

  • Captain David Starr
    Captain David Starr 17 days ago

    Interesting. The one about Pokemon might also explain what happened to Cloud in Final Fantasy VII.

  • FrostyKOS
    FrostyKOS 18 days ago

    #3 wrong

  • bborders135
    bborders135 19 days ago

    Top ten yet you start at 8?

  • Dustin Wood
    Dustin Wood 19 days ago

    I must say, your honorable mention for smurfs is all wrong. It was written by a french communist who wanted to get American children to cheer for communism. They use smurfs the same way Russia used the Stalin's name as verbs, adverbs, adjectives... You get it, either way S.M.U.R.F. stands for social movement under red father.. Papa smurf is the only smurf to wear red and slightly resembles Karl Marx. You got that one wrong friends.

  • WolfHugs
    WolfHugs 20 days ago

    sometimes i wanna beat the shit out of ash

  • Nature Imposter
    Nature Imposter 21 day ago

    Wow I had no idea 🤭
    Wouldn't it be more probable and Ed Edd n Eddy that the creators didn't feel like animating the adults or even creating them.

  • Liam Soyuz
    Liam Soyuz 21 day ago

    That's honestly effing sad about Charlie Brown!!!

  • miss pokecool
    miss pokecool 22 days ago

    Not true

  • Sarah Lovelace
    Sarah Lovelace 25 days ago

    Ralph predicated Minecraft

  • CupCake:3
    CupCake:3 26 days ago +1 this might ruin your childhood.
    Me:oh well
    Also me:why scooby doo why!!!!!

  • Scott Etnoyer
    Scott Etnoyer 28 days ago

    Michael its 8:30 boy it's time ur in bed but daddy I am 26 years old yes Michael but ur ur God dam child in ur own mind huh huh huh get to bed u losers

  • Zebah Patanwala
    Zebah Patanwala 28 days ago

    I find pooh has got binge eating disorder

  • Professional Idiot
    Professional Idiot 28 days ago +1

    12:07 has actually been confirmed by Stephen Hillenberg

  • Gengie YT
    Gengie YT Month ago

    Ok soo all of the theories that are on tv shows ArE fUcKiNg FaKe because if they did not happen in the GoD dAmN show there FaKe

  • Some One
    Some One Month ago

    Wall-e can do whatever he wants,DONT CALL SWEET BABY BOI A BASTARD

  • AnnJeanette Wetzell

    How in the world did the zootopia racism and drug theory not make it into this list??

  • Devon Ciniglio
    Devon Ciniglio Month ago

    Holy shit I forgot how dark Toy Story is

  • Prudence Moe
    Prudence Moe Month ago

    but the lyrics are 'their a page right out of history '

  • RobloxDudeMaster 143


  • BlueRose DiamondMine

    The pokemon one makes sense.

  • Mac An Tir
    Mac An Tir Month ago

    Okay there's a few of these theories that are either a bit obvious or just a pile of bullshit, even though I've only seen half of said cartoons. The Rugrats being all in Angelicas imagination, I laughed a bit at it because of the amount of therapy she will needs and the amount of therapy she supposedly previously had. Toy Story 3 being an allegory for the Holocaust, understandable. And the Winnie the Pooh health disorders, Pooh having an obsessive disorder, I mean he eats honey for days on end, Piglet may have PTSD, Tigger having ADHD, also while basically being on steroids, Owl being dyslexic, I mean I think we've all noticed by now, Eeyore having a severe case of depression, again very obvious and Rabbit having OCD, is very understandable considering he tries to be Mr. Perfect until his final days.
    So yeah that's my opinion.

  • bursegsardaukar
    bursegsardaukar Month ago

    7:55 "Sounding a wee bit bleaker" Not as bleak as the real story of the real Christopher Robin.

  • Alexis ALDC
    Alexis ALDC Month ago

    what about.....

    *they're kids shows*

  • king honeybee
    king honeybee Month ago

    I still like Charlie Brown even if he has cancer

  • Eric White
    Eric White Month ago

    The GB ggtgu thg the ththg ghhhhhuuuuuuuuuuuug c up judllllph8yt8 full5ux h.c rgfgh6g567iugf7hgffuhffggggggffh HD ygyfgxdh ffg fgfffgfgfghhfggddffddhu HTC tyuiuyyuhhhhhhhyhghhhhhygjvhvvjijkjv uvf f7u is Terri tip up I'll TV h bbn

  • Richard Sheehy
    Richard Sheehy Month ago +1

    The 7 deadly sins one isnt anything new the cast of Gilligans island are all based on one the the 7 deadly sins

  • Richard Sheehy
    Richard Sheehy Month ago

    Well I'm pretty sure dinosaurs wouldn't have popped back up js

  • Jonathan Camacho
    Jonathan Camacho Month ago

    Not gonna lie. These are pretty stupid

  • chucky boy
    chucky boy Month ago

    The only real child was I forgot let's just say Tommy's brother that was just the only real one the reason why he's going real one because he never talked like the others

  • Dikdik Assiddiq
    Dikdik Assiddiq Month ago

    What about doraemon and Nobita's autism

  • Joe Mark Angelo-Gallegos

    All of this is part of what television historians call "The St. Elsewhere Effect".
    Those who don't know of this theoretical effect, it is based off the final episode of "St. Elsewhere", a medical drama back in the 1980s in which Ed Flanders plays the head of St. Eligius hospital, Dr. Donald Westphall. After the show ran for six seasons, and various staff members had come and gone, south many stories and unforgettable moments, the pivotal moment in the series finale occurs with a cut scene from the exterior of the hospital to where the autistic son of Dr. Westphall named Tommy (played by Chad Allen) and his grandfather (Dr. Auschlander, played by Norman Lloyd) are in the living room of an apartment, where Westphall comes in and it is revealed that he is actually a construction worker. Tommy shakes the snow globe in his hands, Donald calls him to dinner, and places the snow globe on top of the television set. As the three of them go into the dining room, the camera closed in on the snow globe, and inside of the globe is a replica of St. Eligius Hospital. Meaning the entire show had been the work of an autistic boy's imagination.
    So any time another "tv series fan theory" springs into life, it's thanks to the St. Elsewhere Effect that we have such a treasure of ideas that push the boundaries of our imaginations just a little bit farther in hopes of making us wonder: "What is the backstory of my favorite TV show?"

  • Campbell Dietz
    Campbell Dietz Month ago

    Is ADHD a psychiatric disorder? I’m ADHD but don’t really consider psychiatric.

  • lisa39578
    lisa39578 Month ago

    12:34 it’s weird how when watching toy story 3 for the very first time in my life I was thinking the same things

  • Duo
    Duo Month ago +1

    *Say you are sad in Spanish*

  • Marie Cruz
    Marie Cruz Month ago

    Charlie Brown is me😂”I think I need help, everything I do turns to failure” I’ve never related to something so much

  • Yugiohdeckmaster
    Yugiohdeckmaster Month ago

    here the issue i got with rugrat being all in her mind their several scenes where the parents and character like Susie are seen with just the kids and she no where around so unless their all mentally suffering to the point of seeing things not sure how that work

  • Charles Haxell
    Charles Haxell Month ago

    Did you know that claws voice was in dexters lab he played master computer in game over

    WOLF, LEPPARD Month ago

    The people in Wally are cannibals

  • Sera the Educated Feline

    Though regarding Charlie Brown, there was a 6th former at my school (this was when I was in year 7) who had what appeared to be a receding hairline.

  • Championsgamer1 UTTP AVGCP

    I have a Caillou theory.
    You know how while Boris, Doris, and (possibly) Caillou have brown hair, but Rosie has ginger hair? I've also noticed that Leo (ginger) is kinda nice to Rosie, and Miss Martin (also ginger) is nice to Rosie, so maybe Rosie was adopted.

  • Peter 6233
    Peter 6233 Month ago

    Wait so at the end of toy story world the aliens be America?

  • Rift Z
    Rift Z Month ago

    #9 with the Ed’s I’m kinda confused if there in purgatory how did they leave the cuvasac or however you spell it in the “Movie” that was like an end of the series

  • SnowLeap SnowCat
    SnowLeap SnowCat Month ago

    She said bastard on the WALL E on, I know it is to do with losing your father, but hes a robot

  • meow !!!!!!!
    meow !!!!!!! Month ago

    Don't we all have mental disorder?

  • Brennan Hernandez
    Brennan Hernandez Month ago

    And this is where I had a good childhood cartoon

    IF I HAD ONE!!!

  • Joshua Watson
    Joshua Watson Month ago

    Never have i heard anyone call Wall E a bastard i love it 🤣

  • PLAYER 74
    PLAYER 74 Month ago

    Fuck.... I chose the wrong kind of RU-clip video to watch

  • Steven Surack
    Steven Surack Month ago

    I heard Charlie Brown actually has very light blonde hair.

  • Jesse Kehrley
    Jesse Kehrley Month ago

    The definition of irony: mentioning the theory that Timmy is on antidepressants reminded me to take my antidepressant 😂

  • michael everwein
    michael everwein Month ago

    that little basterd lol

  • Cindy Simmons
    Cindy Simmons Month ago

    Magic school bus kids into Captain Planet good theory