ALADDIN Trailer 2 (2019)


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  • FilmSelect Trailer
    FilmSelect Trailer  5 months ago +8321

    So here is Genie...!

  • Rold Gold
    Rold Gold Day ago

    There’s a lot of grey area to this movie but was good.

  • John Whitman
    John Whitman Day ago

    Just saw this movie. It was ok. Will Smith struggled in this movie. It just seemed weird.

  • soid drone slayer
    soid drone slayer 2 days ago +1

    Aladdin live action was much better than I thought it would be. Disney did a great job. The most important part of a classic film of this magnitude is the musical numbers and they got it right i.e. Arabian Nights, Friend Like Me, Prince Ali and A Whole New World.

  • Kendra Mallette
    Kendra Mallette 4 days ago

    1:36 Literally my favorite part of the whole movie!😂😂

  • Adonis Crum
    Adonis Crum 6 days ago

    The music in the beginning is just amazing ☺️

  • Gisela Tamoud
    Gisela Tamoud 6 days ago

    Por qué mentir y manipular y decir q es cuento chino. Es un cuento de cultura arabe. Basta de arrebatar a los arabes sus hazañas

  • Keys Up 2.0
    Keys Up 2.0 6 days ago

    it s freeking good film

  • Kush Swag
    Kush Swag 8 days ago

    Good Movies

  • zizi golo
    zizi golo 8 days ago

    I think sonakshi sinha should play jasmin role! Indian, and so similar to real jasmin! This actress doesnt sense me to be jasmin! How disney act like this! Like an native american play mulan role.

  • murk mona
    murk mona 8 days ago

    Well well its sooo good 👍 👍 👍

  • Жинцоу Цыренжапова

    Это прекрасно

  • Marian Ionut Belecciu
    Marian Ionut Belecciu 13 days ago

    they ruined the movie . dosnt event come close to how cool the cartoon was. And this singing is awful not to mention effects, romanticism and everything . It's like the movie was made in Rush . rubbish

  • Crystal Novaes Lima
    Crystal Novaes Lima 14 days ago

    Delícia de gênio heim

  • Bárbara Oliveira
    Bárbara Oliveira 16 days ago


  • Kayleigh Hough
    Kayleigh Hough 20 days ago

    I watched the full movie in the movies 🎥

  • Sunshine Classic
    Sunshine Classic 21 day ago +1

    . I guess u can't.

  • Sunshine Classic
    Sunshine Classic 21 day ago +1

    Pick me up ♡

  • Sunshine Classic
    Sunshine Classic 21 day ago +1

    Need you now!

    ADITYA NIZA 21 day ago +1

    Siapa yg nongton film nch d bulan juli. 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Light Screening
    Light Screening 24 days ago

  • Ms Kather Batcha
    Ms Kather Batcha 25 days ago

    Super super

  • Tessa Eggimann
    Tessa Eggimann 26 days ago +1

    Jade Thirlwall sould play princess Jasmine

  • nazhussain33
    nazhussain33 27 days ago +1

    when is the real one coming out

    BABYASHLEY87 27 days ago

    I finally saw this movie today. It was good but I wish they did the same scenes from the original

  • Mj2019 mj20199
    Mj2019 mj20199 28 days ago

    This Arabic story. And u make it as Indian style. Don’t cheat. That happed in Baghdad city

    YEETGANG_WYA 28 days ago

    I think Will Smith is trying his best to live up to Robin Williams role, no one can replace Robin, but I think he would be proud to see Will Smith doing this

  • Binte Siddiqui
    Binte Siddiqui 28 days ago

    Best movie

  • Nevermore
    Nevermore 28 days ago

    Overall it's a good movie.
    Not that good of a Jafar, not menacing enough. And Will Smith can't sing that well but they did write him some pretty funny lines which helps to counterbalance the drawbacks.
    Seems like they only really cared about getting Jasmine and Aladdin right as those are good casting choices. Although I think Jasmine and Aladdin are supposed to be younger but likely the best they could get.
    The people of Agrabah are pretty much just random actors they hired. Didn't seem like they cared too much about maintaining an Arabic feel in that regards.
    Where the movie shines is really thanks to the costumes, CGI, writers, set designers, etc. The casting dept just did a mediocre job.

  • Snigdha Pervin
    Snigdha Pervin 29 days ago

    Seeing genie...
    Welcome prince Ali... 👍👍👍

  • Heru- deshet
    Heru- deshet 29 days ago +1

    Great movie, but live action? Hell no! This was so CGI'd that no one is going to believe those crazy dance moves by everyone and especially an aging Will Smith were natural. They're too cartoonish and super fast.

  • i jdnnxndjd to te nemusi zajímat

    But it's 1 ,no 2

  • d.j intiyaz
    d.j intiyaz Month ago


  • Sunshine Classic
    Sunshine Classic Month ago

    As long as you LOVE what u see, I'll stay the same looking. While improving my mind, heart and soul. ♡

  • Sijo Kuruvila
    Sijo Kuruvila Month ago

    Good movie

  • EKTA B
    EKTA B Month ago

    All these stupid smartasses must be feeling pretty stupid now that this movie did so well and is one of the most successful movie of this year . That’s why you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover and a movie by its trailer (even though it was a good one ) .

  • Rumah Dandan by Putri Ayu

    I Like to see the movei I not stop

  • Epic Lazi
    Epic Lazi Month ago +2

    Im not gonna lie i liked the movie

  • Kiki & Dio
    Kiki & Dio Month ago +1


  • Zahid Mahmood
    Zahid Mahmood Month ago +1

    I have seen it

  • Aarushi Bhowmik
    Aarushi Bhowmik Month ago

    Aman Khan

  • Jordy Chavez
    Jordy Chavez Month ago +1

    I sin ti ti is good

  • Kiran Nia
    Kiran Nia Month ago +1

    We,ve come a long way since RU-clip rewind...

  • Delights Dolan
    Delights Dolan Month ago +1

    *Beck from victorious could of pulled off Aladdin in this movie .*

  • •xinq•
    •xinq• Month ago +1

    I’m so upset that they ruined jafar they didn’t even use his villain song

    AVAKIN LIFE JANA Month ago +2

    I watched it today at the cinema with 3D glasses it's super nice 😎

  • Rajesh Kumar Burra
    Rajesh Kumar Burra Month ago +2

    Nice to see a movie in 3D big screen

  • Adam's Room
    Adam's Room Month ago +3

    Lets kill some racism here - the name Aladdin is actually "Allah Dino" in Arabic meaning Given By God. Same as Saladin (originally Salah Uddin).

  • Michael Lewis
    Michael Lewis Month ago

    People were saying look how bad Sonic the hedgehog looked, don’t as bad as the genie.

  • kumar umesh Srivastava

    I wish if I would have genie to fulfill my all the wishes

  • niki moslehi
    niki moslehi Month ago

    i watched it , nice

  • FurryWulfz
    FurryWulfz Month ago +2

    Insult to Robin Williams legacy.

  • Hajoura flower ox
    Hajoura flower ox Month ago

    Jasmin and alladin are supposed to be arab not indian 😒

  • Rashatalip Gazal
    Rashatalip Gazal Month ago +2

    This movie made feel happy that I am Arabian

  • BeauMusicAvenue BMA

    I watched it today it was good

  • ო мιѕѕєѕ αѕну ო

    My fathers name is jafar 😂

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  • Naturally Dope
    Naturally Dope Month ago

    Me and my daughter went to see this today and I thought it was a great movie

  • Robert Carpenter
    Robert Carpenter Month ago +1

    Lots of singing in this move. Fair warning ⚠️

  • Thao Duong
    Thao Duong Month ago

    Very good ❤️

  • Beth Grace
    Beth Grace Month ago +6

    Best movie ever watched it in the cinema today ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Matías Agustín Gálvez

    What song is at 00:30 ?

    • Liana Terii
      Liana Terii Month ago

      Search " Aladdin teaser trailer music"

  • Flannels and Gaming
    Flannels and Gaming Month ago +3

    If the genie could grant his wishes, he would want, of course freedom, *FORTNITE* and *MARK ASS BROWNIE*

  • zzz zzz
    zzz zzz Month ago

    love from USA

  • Rimza Imran
    Rimza Imran Month ago +1

    Can small children watch this movie?

  • jojo jojo
    jojo jojo Month ago +1

    Aladdin is one story from book thousands nights and a night it's origin from Iraq there are a lot of beautiful stories and adventures in it I hope in future they can make more movie from it cuz it's really amazing

  • ZillyZam AJPW
    ZillyZam AJPW Month ago +2

    Those sand dunes are beautiful.

  • soha ezz el den
    soha ezz el den Month ago

    احلى فيلم اتفرجت عليه فى حياتى انا فخوره ب مينا مسعود لانه مصرى

  • Maha alsultan
    Maha alsultan Month ago +1

    Ugly princess with an ugly outfit..why would u guys do that to the origionals?? so disappointed.

  • Hakan Günet
    Hakan Günet Month ago

    Bizim türkler burada mi ses verin 😂😂

  • Yvette Zuluaga
    Yvette Zuluaga Month ago

    it is so cool

  • Chris Jones
    Chris Jones Month ago +2

    I like Will but Eddie Murphy would have played this part like a boss!

  • Rohit Dabhi
    Rohit Dabhi Month ago


  • I'm Iron Man
    I'm Iron Man Month ago

    Did thanos snapped the credits?

  • miss myers/ massiel mojica

    I saw it,its soo good

  • Ahmed Qenawy
    Ahmed Qenawy Month ago

    Alaa el din was rescuing a girl from Russia from a kind of love porn act which she was being inforced to do it not was by her will . He was egyptian by the way and after that his way of rescuing turned to be a door of criminal still our societies suffer from it with the forgetting and wasting of the way .

  • LilSushi Roll
    LilSushi Roll Month ago

    Plz make a alive mulan movie Disney😂

  • No Clear mind
    No Clear mind Month ago

    Actually It was really good .

    • No Clear mind
      No Clear mind 21 day ago +1

      @Niger Nelly
      I mean jafar isn't the same , a bit of changes here and there but hey .. It wasn't horrible :')

    • Niger Nelly
      Niger Nelly 22 days ago


  • # just do it
    # just do it Month ago

    Blue African

  • shayna carlson
    shayna carlson Month ago +1

    Going to see it today

  • Siri Chandrika
    Siri Chandrika Month ago +1

    Tdy...I watched this movie it's really suprbb

  • alissa Williams
    alissa Williams Month ago +93

    “This’ll be a bad movie” they said..
    “Will Smith as a genie will be terrible” they said...
    “They will do this movie horribly!” They said...
    Who’s laughing now?

    • I hate my name
      I hate my name 27 days ago +1

      alissa Williams me because i didn’t like this movie at all personally

    • Nathaly Maya
      Nathaly Maya Month ago +1

      It was a really good movie ❤️❤️

    • alissa Williams
      alissa Williams Month ago +1

      Panda With a clover yup :)

    • Panda With a clover
      Panda With a clover Month ago +1

      alissa Williams ... ELIZA HAMILTON IS THAT YOU!!!!!

  • BDRyan // RetardedRiolu

    yahhhh rewind timr

  • Hannah L
    Hannah L Month ago +1

    I'm seeing godzilla instead lol

  • M G
    M G Month ago

    Why nobody talks about marawan kenzari he actually played Jafar very good

  • kid jazz
    kid jazz Month ago

    I know Mo said *”She’s So Gone”* ... but I didn’t know she would go all “Disney Princess” on us...

  • Itsme 123
    Itsme 123 Month ago


  • purkabe12
    purkabe12 Month ago

    Saw it the other day, thought it was great

  • Yadev K
    Yadev K Month ago

    ... why the fuck does Jaffar's voice sounds like a pussy?

  • Aleppo حلب
    Aleppo حلب Month ago

    It is sad that neither Disney nor many others give credit to the original author of Alaadin, a tale from the Middle East that was written by Syrian storyteller Hanna Diab. Hanna was born in Aleppo in the 18th century and travelled to Paris to work as a translator. There he met Antoine Galland who acquired and incorporated the story of Alaadin into The Book of One Thousand and One Nights and it became one of the most popular tales. No one gives Hanna credit cause it is bad press, I guess!

  • Kinz581 E
    Kinz581 E Month ago

    Movie theaters here are filling up week after week because of word of mouth. People were so skeptic until they saw it.....including myself 😂. The movie is great fun. Take your kids or whole family.

  • Chris Dunn
    Chris Dunn Month ago

    How come all the white people have a problem with Will Smith’s genie but he’s been in movie business for years with no problem or complaints? Stop hating white people don’t deserve to be in every damn movie

  • Alana meechan
    Alana meechan Month ago

    Watched this today and wow it was amazing

  • Yoona GG
    Yoona GG Month ago +1

    oh my aladdin, the time is truly cruel, why are you so old?

  • original cameron
    original cameron Month ago +16

    Can we all give a round of applause for Will Smith’s genie 🧞‍♂️....

  • ironfae
    ironfae Month ago

    Just saw this movie today. I really should have waited to rent the DVD.
    Will Smith was literally the only thing I liked about it. Everything else was too far wrong to enjoy.

  • sedra and maya tube
    sedra and maya tube Month ago +2

    Will Smith has visited Jordan to complete his film Aladdin in Jordan and I am excited to see him in the cinema in the premiere👍👍🌸

  • Ann Nyakundi
    Ann Nyakundi Month ago +1

    Just saw the movie. It was actually really good. I think Will Smith made the genie role his own and this is perfect for a new generation. I grew up with the Robin Williams version...this is actually much better!

  • صعب الفراق

    Aladdin from arab land iraq is not india

    • Super Smoke
      Super Smoke Month ago

      جوني سينس وافتخر ابو لكحاب facts

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