JuJu Buys the Entire Adidas Store for Random People!

  • Published on Feb 18, 2019
  • Love to give back, shoutout to Adidas!
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Comments • 2 131

  • stunna man
    stunna man Day ago

    Who's DAT nigga

  • Larry Edwards
    Larry Edwards 2 days ago

    I’m a die hard Browns fan, but how can you hate this guy? Huge props to JuJu.

  • Inia Tabua
    Inia Tabua 2 days ago

    Awesome stuff Juju

  • Jon Samuels
    Jon Samuels 2 days ago

    The side profile on her is dangerous! 0:42

  • Steven Davis
    Steven Davis 3 days ago +2

    Damn no one BLACK got nothing, wow juju.

    • Tal
      Tal 12 hours ago

      and just because it wasn't in the vid doesn't mean it didn't happen dumbass

    • Tal
      Tal 12 hours ago

      uhh...no one BLACK was there, dumb shitstain.

  • GenXGlam
    GenXGlam 4 days ago

    We need more people like you in this world! Kind and a heart of gold! Xoxo

  • Sio Tonga
    Sio Tonga 4 days ago

    I can't stop smiling watching your video good on you brother.

  • Messenger
    Messenger 5 days ago

    Adidas is Anti-American . No longer in my shopping list.

  • 9 Ja
    9 Ja 5 days ago

    Some of y’all might criticize what he is doing ,but this touches a lot of heart and encourages even the rich to give back

  • BaeBae Ellerbee
    BaeBae Ellerbee 6 days ago


  • Jared Klock
    Jared Klock 6 days ago

    How can 182 people dislike this?

  • Loza Asegu
    Loza Asegu 6 days ago

    God bless you bro
    You have nice heart
    You got incredible humanity
    I wish you all the best

  • person who's real
    person who's real 6 days ago

    He just made her year🥰😍

  • Adam Behr
    Adam Behr 7 days ago

    i would of gave whatever I purchased to chairity....pay it forward!

  • Nick DePari
    Nick DePari 7 days ago

    I wish I could live in Pittsburgh I live in Florida 😭

  • Jesse Rivera
    Jesse Rivera 7 days ago +1

    "$1300 something light" i go to any store and have to really be convinced to buy something no matter how cheap. damn, what a cool guy

  • Xavier Dimfit
    Xavier Dimfit 7 days ago

    Should hv been better if he could hv bought food & cloths to those who can't effort.. Not to those those who can effort...but it's ur money... So... It was Just my point of view..

  • Azul Malu
    Azul Malu 7 days ago

    This ppl doesnt need a pair of shoes, homeless ppl need it more than this ppl. Thats shit.

  • my beautiful
    my beautiful 7 days ago

    I love him, so awesome

  • Jose R Suarez
    Jose R Suarez 8 days ago

    Good for u juju,nike sucksssss...lol...!

  • Night King
    Night King 8 days ago

    Thank You Abraham

  • MrHemo11
    MrHemo11 8 days ago

    God bless him

  • ShamGod 708
    ShamGod 708 9 days ago

    And this is why he my favorite football player

  • ettekamba6969
    ettekamba6969 10 days ago +6

    STOP THAT nonsense.just invest on real poor peoples SIMPLE

  • Inquisitve m
    Inquisitve m 10 days ago +2

    Use that money to buy food in the hood for families that need it.

  • aiden mcneil
    aiden mcneil 10 days ago +2

    Good men do great things, Great men do God's work!

  • Vittoria Love
    Vittoria Love 10 days ago

    Thouth is good things but I don't apreciate it, White costumer stores with White people, Why not Black stores with Black people First your people then others.

  • Desmond Mullen
    Desmond Mullen 11 days ago

    Oh and the majority young girls. So fooookin produced. The people. Ye right. Tit

  • Desmond Mullen
    Desmond Mullen 11 days ago

    All well and good. But do something better, come away from the people who can afford to shop. Go to the streets and see the kids with no shoes. You'll get your money back from publicity. Be real go to those who don't go shopping.

  • Christopher Egbunonwo
    Christopher Egbunonwo 11 days ago

    Nicely done Juju

  • Augustya Sing
    Augustya Sing 11 days ago

    n i c e w o r k

  • Hamidou Hamza
    Hamidou Hamza 11 days ago

    brother is better if u can do it to people who are in need with it bcz those ones they are able to do it themselves,so go and look for the really ones bcz there are people who just need something to eat

  • 02278426
    02278426 12 days ago

    should have went to the hood fool

  • SmokeeTheBeard
    SmokeeTheBeard 12 days ago

    Hey Ju that's really dope. I can appreciate you giving back, it shows alot about you and you character

  • apple eye
    apple eye 12 days ago

    Better swipe your card somewhere else in Africa. Wrong move swiping your card for someone in Adidas showroom, cos they had enough for themselves that's why they here. There are people on the streets hungry and homeless for that matter. All m saying is, it's not worth it. They are here for the comfort, but people out there, cold and hungry.

  • Emmason Ekochu
    Emmason Ekochu 12 days ago

    This stupid instead of him investing his money and employing jobless African Americans, he wastes his money on rich people who dont lack and tomorrow he will be as broke as Mike Tyson. What a poor soul.

  • Damien Morgan
    Damien Morgan 13 days ago +4

    U buying shoes and clothes for ppl who GOT MONEY🤨Go to the ghetto and buy the store for POOR ppl. Smh🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Habib Bah
    Habib Bah 14 days ago

    It's fine to help and i apreciate your help from different people around the world but help the needed more. Bruh am needed poooor help😭 $500 will help a lot.

  • Christopher Connelly
    Christopher Connelly 14 days ago +1

    God bless this man!! Every sports star can take a leaf out of his book. Good luck to you and all the best for the future.

  • natureboyinyourface
    natureboyinyourface 14 days ago

    Life is one big party when you so young
    But who is gonna have your back when it's all gone?

  • Queeny Queen
    Queeny Queen 14 days ago

    Thats wassup ✊😎 mad love & respect

  • Sweetie Pie
    Sweetie Pie 15 days ago

    Why they wasn't excited!!!!

  • Jesse Orosz
    Jesse Orosz 15 days ago

    Dude you awesome !!

  • Steve Tauvae
    Steve Tauvae 15 days ago

    Definitely could of spent that 12 racks on yo little Samoan cousins that need it 😂😂🤷🏽‍♂️

  • valentino chhana hmar
    valentino chhana hmar 15 days ago

    you could do next vids for the homeless

  • Free Mind
    Free Mind 15 days ago

    Being religious doesn’t mean you have go to monastery or church or masque u just have to spread love like this big man. Karma will pay u one day brother

  • Free Mind
    Free Mind 15 days ago

    Good karma, that’s sup!!

  • Don Ahmed AT
    Don Ahmed AT 15 days ago

    Juju bless up son what you doing is good shit

  • Nicholas Ebert
    Nicholas Ebert 15 days ago

    1300 somethin lite 😂❌🧢

  • Ryan Anthony Bautista
    Ryan Anthony Bautista 16 days ago

    Wish i was there. Look at the faces of the people. Nice to see u giving back man.

  • Pat Jackson
    Pat Jackson 16 days ago

    He is blessed for giving back

  • valerie glasgow
    valerie glasgow 17 days ago

    It is always good to give and a blessing to be in that position. Juju much success and stay blessed but on your next adventure please help inner city children !!

  • No Will
    No Will 17 days ago

    I wish we had an adidas store in west texas.
    All we gotz is that Nike brand fag.
    I’d rather be barefoot

  • Darrenb029
    Darrenb029 17 days ago

    JuJu really is the man

  • RitzDawn
    RitzDawn 17 days ago

    Anyone else notice that juju is in a storage nobody but the people’s kids speak English ? 😂😂 I’m like hold up where you at !?

  • Jose Bautista
    Jose Bautista 18 days ago

    This people look 👀 like they got money 💴 should bought people that don’t have the money

  • Les Matthews
    Les Matthews 18 days ago

    Royal Family

  • anybodycanart
    anybodycanart 18 days ago


  • God Father
    God Father 18 days ago

    RIGHT ON!!!!!

  • Little lump Shaft
    Little lump Shaft 18 days ago

    Oh wow instead of giving to the poor you help people with money buy shoes.

  • Nicola Ablett
    Nicola Ablett 18 days ago


  • Expat In UK Biker
    Expat In UK Biker 18 days ago

    There was prejudicial bias measurement that states if people have good experiences with other races. It literally affects the level of prejudice.
    You have toi be stupid or underwent some sort of mental programming toi wait for a good experience to realise not one race is the same.

  • Jay Leezy
    Jay Leezy 18 days ago +6

    I'm sorry but those people look like they can afford their own shoes.... Go to the inner city and this would've been way more appreciated

    • Carl G
      Carl G 13 days ago

      Would have been much more needed and appreciated by the homeless!

  • Hulk
    Hulk 18 days ago

    I lost focus when I seen that ass 0:42

    ONE DRACO 18 days ago

    Definitely more than 12k

  • RexfaceSårheim
    RexfaceSårheim 18 days ago

    The man🙌

  • South Nashville
    South Nashville 18 days ago +1

    Hate the Steelers as a Titans fan but big *Thumbs Up* for not messing with unappreciative ass *Nike* #EqualOppritunity

  • Clement Alade
    Clement Alade 18 days ago +1

    God bless you more bro

  • monteself1968
    monteself1968 19 days ago

    Good job JuJu

  • Bucky Bucky
    Bucky Bucky 19 days ago +1

    Yo JuJu u a cool dude that was so nice what u did for that little girl @ Adidas & y’all crazy playing Football in mall🤑🤣 I’m a Cowboy fan but might put u on fantasy team this year.

  • Gracie Lu
    Gracie Lu 19 days ago

    Juju I need tuition for my last semester,be nice to me too and sponsor me

  • Ronald Bryant
    Ronald Bryant 19 days ago +15

    JuJu, I pray God continue to bless you beyond anything you could ever imagine, keep doing what you’re doing. I pray more than anything you have a relationship with Jesus Christ the Son of the living God.

  • rogerio maria
    rogerio maria 19 days ago

    One brother around white ppl it’s this a trick question? First they love you after they will hate you...

  • Gideon N. Shangpliang
    Gideon N. Shangpliang 19 days ago

    ♥️ from Shillong City

  • Syfa Delgado
    Syfa Delgado 19 days ago

    Could have gone to the low income community and spent the money there. There is a bunch of poor kids that could really use the help.

  • PieCrust Slob
    PieCrust Slob 19 days ago

    This is some shit I wanna do it’s such a good feeling to give

  • solojft
    solojft 19 days ago +1

    That's how you do it , great job my brother. GOD BLESS !

  • Anthony Phillips
    Anthony Phillips 19 days ago

    Where is Charlemagne the God cuz this dude gets donkey of the day

  • That915Guy
    That915Guy 19 days ago +1

    Unlike other players buying other rich nfl players stuff. It amazing

  • That915Guy
    That915Guy 19 days ago


  • That915Guy
    That915Guy 19 days ago

    Go Adidas!!! FU** Nike!!!

  • bobeagle007
    bobeagle007 19 days ago

    Obviously he's a great guy but would like to see him doing this in the hood.
    These people have money.
    Hey, maybe he has done it and there's a vid somewhere..

  • Michael Bright Ellis
    Michael Bright Ellis 19 days ago +1

    God richly bless🙏🏾🙌🏿🙏🏾🙌🏿 you for your good work
    Always do good

    OOOHBILLY 19 days ago

    5:34 kid taps him like they homies from birth.... Hilarious

  • ToxicAbenezer
    ToxicAbenezer 19 days ago +1

    Go to the hood and help out the people that really need it

    • Supreme
      Supreme 18 days ago

      exact.. helping those who dont need it..pffff

  • alas ali
    alas ali 19 days ago

    I hope he gets more.money

  • michael delatorre
    michael delatorre 20 days ago

    thats bad ass !!!😎😎😎

  • Adrian Carter
    Adrian Carter 20 days ago


  • You mad Bro
    You mad Bro 20 days ago +2

    You get a pair of shoes, you get a pair of shoes, you get a pair of shoes, 😂😂😂😂 my favorite football player!

  • Jose Bustamante
    Jose Bustamante 20 days ago

    Is great bro , but those people have normal life , give to the ones they real need it ... many poor kids with no fucking help sad

  • John B
    John B 20 days ago

    Juju is the man. He needs to play for the NY Giants. Top pay tho. JK. You the man Juju.

  • Andreas Spentzos
    Andreas Spentzos 20 days ago +2

    Random: "What was the total?"

    Juju: $1,300...somthin' light, its whats we do."

    Juju, got the good Juju.

  • Lube sky baller
    Lube sky baller 20 days ago

    Dude i know you love the Steelers but you should be in KC man come to the kingdom please.

  • Undergroundkid
    Undergroundkid 20 days ago

    danm who this guy who juss popped out off nowhere danm cool dude

  • Bobbi Floss
    Bobbi Floss 20 days ago

    Cut your hair Goldilocks or you’ll end up like Elton John

  • Rami Sebit
    Rami Sebit 20 days ago

    Them bitches needed translation at first cuz they thought he was just a nigga. Once they heard he paying they start speaking English.😂😂😂😂😂

  • Rami Sebit
    Rami Sebit 20 days ago +1

    You blessing Spanish n white people. While your people schools are dying & they need school supply comes August.

  • Papi Lomen
    Papi Lomen 20 days ago

    00:45 that lady is Thick

    THE REAL KING FRANCES 20 days ago

    Shoes in Spanish is zapatos!

  • Elijah Shyam
    Elijah Shyam 20 days ago

    Alright who has the girls ig lmaoo