Disney Challenge | Movies You Won’t Believe Aren’t Disney

  • Published on Oct 22, 2019
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    Content featured:
    Anastasia - 20th Century Fox
    Doug’s 1st Movie - Disney
    Treasure Planet - Disney
    Meet the Robinsons - Disney
    The Prince of Egypt - DreamWorks
    An American Tail- Universal Pictures
    FBE’s goal is to credit the original links to the content featured in its shows. If you see incorrect or missing attribution please reach out to credits@fbeteam.com
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    Movies You Didn't Know Weren't Disney
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Comments • 2 448

    REACT  Month ago +265

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  • Marissa Abston
    Marissa Abston 20 days ago +1

    Hold up hold up if Doug was ORIGINALLY on nick whyyyyyy are you giving the point for disney? You said original disney and it wouldn't count if it was later adopted by disney soooooo I'm just confused

    • JJ Abeyta
      JJ Abeyta 20 days ago

      Marissa Abston. If you had looked though the comments you would have found your answer. Yes, the original Doug TV SHOW aired on Nickelodeon. However, Doug’s 1st movie, which is what’s being shown here, was MADE BY DISNEY AFTER THEY BOUGHT THE SHOW. The film has ZERO affiliation with Nickelodeon and is 100% a Disney movie.

  • JJ Abeyta
    JJ Abeyta 20 days ago +1

    I would have gotten a perfect score on this (as I did playing by myself watching it). I know my Disney extremely well.

  • TheCityCesspool
    TheCityCesspool 20 days ago +1

    Prince of Egypt ahhhh

  • sg
    sg 20 days ago

    anastasia the musical tho!!!

  • P Wiley
    P Wiley 20 days ago +2

    Wait you said very forcefully at the beginning that a cartoon that premiered on another network or was made by another company that Disney later acquired would not count as a Disney cartoon. So why was Doug which appeared on Nickelodeon counted as Disney? I call shenanigans and demand my imaginary points back!

    • JJ Abeyta
      JJ Abeyta 20 days ago +2

      P Wiley. Doug as a franchise was bought by Disney and the movie was made by Disney after said purchase. That movie was NEVER Nickelodeon even though the show used to be Nickelodeon. So no, they’re NOT breaking their own rules.

  • Raquel Torres
    Raquel Torres 21 day ago +9

    Prince of Egypt playing
    "I hate this movie"

  • endarasman
    endarasman 21 day ago

    no Iron Giant?

  • klxroly1
    klxroly1 21 day ago

    1:20 spiderman XD

  • Cosmic Dragon Gaming
    Cosmic Dragon Gaming 21 day ago +1

    The first one is half right and half true. 20th Centry Fox made it but Disney owns them bow so they r technically Disney now. Plus I do believe that movie is on Disney+
    And no offense that comment about Treasure Planet and Muppets was just bad. Treasure Planet is much more superior to the Muppets version

    • JJ Abeyta
      JJ Abeyta 20 days ago

      Cosmic Dragon Gaming. Don’t care if you consider it a Disney movie, by the rules established in the video, it doesn’t count.

    • Cosmic Dragon Gaming
      Cosmic Dragon Gaming 20 days ago

      @JJ Abeyta I still count it.

    • JJ Abeyta
      JJ Abeyta 20 days ago

      Nick the Dreamer. So yes Doug counts, not Anastasia.

    • JJ Abeyta
      JJ Abeyta 20 days ago

      Nick the Dreamer. As I’ve explained to others. The Doug movie: Doug’s 1st movie, which is what’s being shown here, was made BY DISNEY AFTER DISNEY ACQUIRED THE RIGHTS TO THE NAME IF DOUG AND IT’S CHARACTERS!!! Nickelodeon had ZERO involvement and the movie has NO affiliation with Nickelodeon. It’s 100% Disney.

    • Cosmic Dragon Gaming
      Cosmic Dragon Gaming 20 days ago

      @Nick the Dreamer it's on Disney+

    POLM PHOTO 23 days ago +6

    It's hilarious because last year the Anastasia movie was all Fox but now Disney owns fox century 21.

  • Tasha Glam
    Tasha Glam 23 days ago +5

    Connor... I agree with your shirt. I also did not enjoy the Last Season of Game of Thrones.

  • Luna the moon wolf
    Luna the moon wolf 23 days ago

    I know Anastasia technically isn't a Disney movie since It was made by Fox but Disney bought 21st Century Fox which makes Anastasia a Disney Princess and a Disney Film

    • JJ Abeyta
      JJ Abeyta 20 days ago

      MsDudette21. Yeah a lot of people in the comment section here really don’t get it. Like AT ALL. And yeah, Anastasia still is NOT a Disney Princess.

    • MsDudette21
      MsDudette21 22 days ago

      No it doesn't. She even said that movies that were later bought do not count. Regardless, she's not a disney character. Disney is just a conglomerate.

  • Helene Hedegaard
    Helene Hedegaard 23 days ago +1

    0:38 ahhaha I relate 😂😂

  • Abhishek Prakash
    Abhishek Prakash 23 days ago +3

    It is disneeeeeeeeyyyyyy

  • TrineMortensen
    TrineMortensen 24 days ago +2

    Treasure Planet is in my Top 3 Disney movies.. Love it ❤
    Anastasia was one of my favourite movies growing up 😍

  • Christian Sanchez
    Christian Sanchez 24 days ago +6

    7:38 WHAT?

  • Bianca
    Bianca 26 days ago

    I think I have a crush on Jamal. God's sake.

  • beth24ism
    beth24ism 26 days ago

    Didn’t do the untie

  • Johnny Sparkle
    Johnny Sparkle 27 days ago +1

    I want there to be a round 2 for the Disney challenge

  • Ashley Twumasi
    Ashley Twumasi 27 days ago +2

    If this was a guess the movie episode I WOULD HAVE SMASHED ITTTTTTT apart from the mouse one idk what that one was but they should be put the nutcracker, thumbelina and sinbad aswell...

  • Sakrysta
    Sakrysta 27 days ago +5

    NO to commercials in the middle of a video. NO NO NO NO NO.

  • Anton Cvetan a.k.a Gemini Wolfstar

    Never seen Prince of Egypt. Even then, once the title was mentioned, I was like "No, and Dreamworks."

  • Sound Braker
    Sound Braker 28 days ago

    I have literally only ever watched The Prince of Egypt out of these """ What movie was that last one? I thought it might be The Rescuers but since it isn't Disney idk

  • Arrash Nick Mazdai
    Arrash Nick Mazdai 28 days ago +7

    It's nice to see that so many people are appreciating Treasure Planet for what it is, and that I'm not alone in having it as my favourite movie. This truly does put a smile on my face.

    • TrineMortensen
      TrineMortensen 24 days ago

      @Arrash Nick Mazdai Oh okay.. I didn't know that.. Thanks for the info 😉
      I love it, and a lot of my friends also love it 😍😍

    • Arrash Nick Mazdai
      Arrash Nick Mazdai 24 days ago +1

      @TrineMortensen Well there is a very good video about why it flopped called "Treasure Planet: Disney's greatest mistake" which basically explains that Disney wanted it to fail because it cost too much to make and sustain. But I don't get why the general public hate it, or feel meh about it, because even as an adult I still extremely enjoy the movie, even Ben!

    • TrineMortensen
      TrineMortensen 24 days ago

      Treasure Planet is in my Top 3 Disney movies 😍😍 I really don't get why it flopped and people dissing it so much 😔

  • Joseph Blumenberg
    Joseph Blumenberg 28 days ago +3

    Meet the Robinsons is just sooooooo dang good ❤️❤️

  • Mayte Razo
    Mayte Razo 28 days ago +2

    Oh dear God. Prince of Egypt scared the bejesus out of me growing up

  • Geo971 GP
    Geo971 GP 28 days ago +1

    Doug was a Nickelodeon character but Disney bought the character

    • JJ Abeyta
      JJ Abeyta 20 days ago

      The movie was made AFTER Disney bought the rights to the name and characters of Doug. Nickelodeon had zero to do with it.

    • Andy Sora
      Andy Sora 27 days ago +2

      Disney still made the movie.

  • Joseph Oblick
    Joseph Oblick 28 days ago +2

    Now Disney owns Anastasia

  • AJ Wooderson
    AJ Wooderson 28 days ago

    yes Alyssa is back in a video

  • Pink Diamond
    Pink Diamond 28 days ago +6

    Treasure Planet is my favorite Disney movie!

  • JoJoFan87
    JoJoFan87 29 days ago +5

    Doug is Nick...

    • JJ Abeyta
      JJ Abeyta 20 days ago

      No. Nickelodeon still owns the rights to THEIR version of Doug, but they DO NOT OWN DOUG. That’s why the original show ended, cause anything new with Doug since they bought them has to been though Disney, not Nickelodeon.

    • Colleen Grady
      Colleen Grady 28 days ago

      JoJoFan87 yeah, but the new Doug was also on Disney's 1 Saturday morning along with Classics like Recess. That's how Disney got the rights to this.

  • dexterter
    dexterter Month ago +3

    1:16 HAHAHAHA

  • Tristin Russell
    Tristin Russell Month ago +5

    Wrong! Fox was bought by Disney

    • Gacha Crafty
      Gacha Crafty 28 days ago +3

      Tristin Russell she said if it was recently bought from Disney then it doesn’t count

  • icklesquish89
    icklesquish89 Month ago +4

    I'm kinda sad The Swan Princess wasn't on here, but good video :)

    • icklesquish89
      icklesquish89 26 days ago

      @Ashley Twumasi it was the 25th anniversary recently, you should check it out on their youtube channel :)

    • Ashley Twumasi
      Ashley Twumasi 27 days ago +1


  • jonas esmarch
    jonas esmarch Month ago +2

    Wao to see a great channel sink so low as to put commercials i the middel of their videos is so sad

  • Maggi A
    Maggi A Month ago +3

    Anastasia is my favorite childhood movie❤️❤️❤️

  • Toni Burandt
    Toni Burandt Month ago +2

    I got every single one right including studio except the last one. Knew it wasn’t Disney, but all that came to mind was Don Bluth Studios XD at least I knew it was one of his films lol

    • Lisa Gill
      Lisa Gill 24 days ago

      My thought as well.. "I know it's don bluth soooo fox?"

  • Nayeli Casas
    Nayeli Casas Month ago


  • Aimee Therriault
    Aimee Therriault Month ago +7

    Most of these are now owned by Disney now sadly

  • Cool Nerd
    Cool Nerd Month ago +1

    I wish I could pet Roper! So cute!

  • JackJumper
    JackJumper Month ago +7

    4:48 please haven't we had crushes on cartoon characters when we were kids?

    • JJ Abeyta
      JJ Abeyta 20 days ago

      I’m a grown man and I STILL have crushes on cartoon characters to be honest, 😂.

  • audrey fortier
    audrey fortier Month ago +12

    Anastasia one the best movie

  • Brittni Smith
    Brittni Smith Month ago +5

    Niomi is me anytime someone brings up Treasure Planet. Love that movie.

    • 1992disney
      1992disney 24 days ago +1

      Me too.

    • Pink Diamond
      Pink Diamond 28 days ago +2

      Brittni Smith People sleep on one of the greatest Disney movies’s ever made.

  • Gina H
    Gina H Month ago +5

    Niomi’s excitement brings me so much joy 😂
    Such a mood.

  • Catherine D’orian
    Catherine D’orian Month ago +9

    WRONG channel! Disney bought 20th century fox so while not MADE by the, Anastasia is now a Disney movie and technically a Disney princess

    • JJ Abeyta
      JJ Abeyta 20 days ago +1

      She’s still not a Disney Princess either. That’s not how Disney works it. Hell there’s even Princesses in the originally made Disney movies that Disney doesn’t count as a “Disney Princess.” For example the princesses from the Black Caldron and Atlantis: The Lost Empire aren’t part of the OFFICIAL Disney Princess line up.

    • Ariel Joote
      Ariel Joote Month ago

      I don't think so.

    • Catherine D’orian
      Catherine D’orian Month ago

      BIGONEISMYMAN ah damn it! That’s a great movie and despite she is actually dead irl it’s a wonderful dream to have which was why I liked it.

      VICTON VISUALS Month ago +10

      Catherine D’orian doesn’t count if Disney recently acquired it

    • Enclair
      Enclair Month ago +2

      *made by disney

  • A S
    A S Month ago +2

    I thought Fievel was Filmation.

  • Reneata Dusauzay
    Reneata Dusauzay Month ago +2

    I did so poorly on this! And I loved 9/10 of those movies smh. Great job

  • JC Scar
    JC Scar Month ago +7

    Walt Disney himself did produce Anastasia so definitely a grey area there

    • Ryan San Agustin
      Ryan San Agustin Month ago +5

      JC Scar Walt Disney was dead for decades when Anastasia was made and the producer of Anastasia, Don Bluth, left Disney a decade prior to the film’s creation and release

    • Catherine D’orian
      Catherine D’orian Month ago +1

      JC Scar also Disney bought that company as they gobbled up companies so technically it IS a Disney film! I think they did this one wrong cause it’s not “did Disney make it” it’s is it Disney? And now it is Disney and was at the time this was made.

  • Death By Starfish
    Death By Starfish Month ago +18

    I am confused on the acquired rule. Doug was acquired but you gave points to them for saying yes?

    • Catherine D’orian
      Catherine D’orian Month ago +2

      They said Anastasia was no but Disney bought the company so it is now considered she is a Disney Princess just not one we will probably see (though it’s a great film)

    • A S
      A S Month ago +5

      The Doug movie was made after the aquisition.

  • JuLy NekoGirL
    JuLy NekoGirL Month ago +7

    I love Anastasia!

  • Kris A
    Kris A Month ago


  • CPCoulterTweedles
    CPCoulterTweedles Month ago

    Perfect for Disney/Not Disney; less so for knowing the actual studio.

  • yullenlover1000
    yullenlover1000 Month ago

    1) Nope, Fox?
    2) No?, Nickelodeon? ((Welp))
    3) No?, Dreamworks? ((WHY MUST I SECOND GUESS MYSELF))
    4) Yes?, Pixar?
    5) Yes? ((Welp. The one time I don’t second guess myself))
    6) No????
    I got a 50% on this test. I guess I failed Disney class.

  • Karissa Stenlund
    Karissa Stenlund Month ago +3

    7:37 WHAT! mood

  • meginmd
    meginmd Month ago +6

    Anastasia is by far one of my favorite movies.

  • Debz Baumaus
    Debz Baumaus Month ago +1

    Disney acquired ones..? What? :( Didn't know. But daaaamn! I knew them all along withe the production companies 'cause I own them all on VHS still and I remember the box art and logos.
    Lol Meet the Robinson is based on a Walt Disney quote, but no one seems to remember his wisdom

    • Shauney McMahon
      Shauney McMahon Month ago

      They are specifically referring to Anastasia and the fact Disney acquired fox. I knew them all as well lol.

  • Michelle Coons
    Michelle Coons Month ago +8

    Aristocats came out way before Fieval.

  • Gibby0727
    Gibby0727 Month ago +1

    Shameless plug😂😂😂

  • jasmine s
    jasmine s Month ago +5

    Connor's shirt is everything 😂