I Interviewed LOONA!!!... and this is what happened!!! (ENG SUB)

  • Orbits #AskLoona their burning questions and #LOONAasnwers!
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    BRISxLIFE  3 months ago +1380

    I'm still working on the subtitles, I hope they are good enough to get message across for now. LOONA was so fun to be around and THANK YOU guys so much! None of this is possible without you guys. Please like the video and share it so I can do more of these videos for you! Go Vote on MYMUSICTASTE.com and support LOONA. Link in description!!!

    • Acebets70
      Acebets70 3 months ago

      @San San I wanna see Red Velvet, because those girls might scare Bris, lol

    • stan loona or perish
      stan loona or perish 3 months ago

      BRISxLIFE You did an amazing job interviewing the girls! Thank You so much for publishing this video. :)

    • Scott Adams
      Scott Adams 3 months ago

      Wow this is amazing. I'm so jealous of you!

    • Drew Hong
      Drew Hong 3 months ago

      Thanks Bro, For keepin it REAL. Great to see you bridging worlds.

    • Amar Ghadjati
      Amar Ghadjati 3 months ago

      Plz reaction to d.o exo tell me what is love

  • Alin Șofan
    Alin Șofan 2 days ago

    12.03.2020 the day finally happened ...4 months later......for the group with 12 members 3 subunits and 20 releases .... it's written in the stars! congrats Loonies :D

  • yumeko bub
    yumeko bub 5 days ago

    vivi: hi, im vivi
    me: beautiful talented incredible amazing

  • EazyAK
    EazyAK 6 days ago +1

    Watching this after they got their first win 😊 "It's gonna happen!"

  • Carlos Ruano
    Carlos Ruano 6 days ago

    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat loonaaaaaaaa wowwwwwwwww

  • Rahul Nath
    Rahul Nath 6 days ago

    Jinsoul's wish came true!! Loona 1st win!!

    KILLAMAN904 12 days ago

    1:54 Chuu this has to stop😭

  • Moon Child
    Moon Child 14 days ago

    “I’d like us to take first place for once.”
    But the dream happend 😭😭. They finally got their first win 😭😭

    ARYAN JHA 23 days ago

    Thanks a lot!

  • Lauren Walker
    Lauren Walker Month ago

    Wait DOES BRIS KNOW KOREAN😳👀 why am I only finding this out now

  • robertsmith
    robertsmith Month ago

    Wow how did you...😮 have you reacted to their songs too?

  • Toneoko
    Toneoko Month ago

    Olivia Hye reminds me of Suga lol

  • boy with mf love
    boy with mf love Month ago

    Girls are wipped for bris

  • Dee C.
    Dee C. Month ago


  • wifi
    wifi 2 months ago +1

    how would you describe orbits in 3 words?
    yves: i love you!
    olivia: companion
    me: clowns, crackheads, fools lmfao

  • Laura Carrera
    Laura Carrera 2 months ago

    I love how you can tell the girls were reserved during the first questions but warmed up so fast and got comfortable with you so much at the end ❤️❤️

  • Gustav Peep
    Gustav Peep 2 months ago +1

    Chuu: appre Heart

  • mxlktea
    mxlktea 2 months ago

    yves the ghost hunter

  • Kevin Jay AMV's
    Kevin Jay AMV's 2 months ago

    These are good questions

  • CartoonBeast
    CartoonBeast 2 months ago

    7:31 look at their faces lol

  • alex franks
    alex franks 2 months ago

    At first I thought haseul was mike from stranger things

  • mark lee solo
    mark lee solo 2 months ago

    most of the group pours milk before cereal, imma have to delete all their music off my phone now

  • Ítalo Medeiros
    Ítalo Medeiros 2 months ago

    omg i couldn't stop my dorky smile watching this. they are so precious

  • paola f.
    paola f. 2 months ago

    period pooh

  • Nik Hernandez
    Nik Hernandez 2 months ago


  • Nicolas Magno
    Nicolas Magno 2 months ago

    Guess who I am

  • tminus543
    tminus543 2 months ago

    Wow so happy for you man. Keep up the great work!!!!

  • go won
    go won 2 months ago

    Am I the only one that noticed Olivia looked a little sad/uncomfortable a majority of the interview? She may have just been tired but it’s kinda worrying me :( I hope she’s okay!

  • K-POP Lovers
    K-POP Lovers 2 months ago

    Stan Loona!!!

  • jungllekook
    jungllekook 2 months ago

    I love CHUUUUU

  • Leantoine Magee
    Leantoine Magee 2 months ago

    Luckiest blackguy ever

  • Mikoy B.
    Mikoy B. 2 months ago

    I wanna Stan them NOW!

  • Felicia A
    Felicia A 2 months ago +1

    8:15 she's so adorable

  • Ale Zzz
    Ale Zzz 2 months ago

    Subtitles En Español Please

  • Hans Dyanata
    Hans Dyanata 2 months ago


  • bursting pineapple
    bursting pineapple 2 months ago

    if i add thaisub, will you approve it? i ask because i'm afraid if i done it and you will not, so my time would be wasted

  • MomolandExch Merry go round

    Jinsoul is not blonde I didn't recognize her

  • Angel Marin
    Angel Marin 2 months ago

    Damn who’s next Twice please let it be

  • Arissa
    Arissa 2 months ago

    vivi is literally gorgeous

  • yawanaht travis
    yawanaht travis 2 months ago

    Some one is lucky 👀

  • Nicole Lee
    Nicole Lee 2 months ago


  • Leaco Shen
    Leaco Shen 2 months ago

    Loona! Fighting! We are always supporting you!

  • Maizatul Akhma
    Maizatul Akhma 3 months ago

    All of them..why not have a one member can speak english ?

  • Murim Gosu
    Murim Gosu 3 months ago

    So lucky

  • ReVeCheBitBlRis
    ReVeCheBitBlRis 3 months ago

    sooo lucky!!!

  • Michelle H
    Michelle H 3 months ago

    Who is the woman the farthest to the right? She seems like she’d rather be anywhere else but there during the entire interview. No reaction, no response. She looks miserable. I’m new to this group I don’t know these women but I feel bad for her.

  • Sora Koizumi
    Sora Koizumi 3 months ago

    They're angels omg

  • dean.ab
    dean.ab 3 months ago

    Chuu nominates "Where You At"... I'M CRYINGGGGGG

  • 박나나
    박나나 3 months ago

    5:19 did that mean that she later gets diarrhoea and releases stress that way?

  • Lakto za
    Lakto za 3 months ago

    Wow the interviewer was so nice! Questions were very fun I loved it 💗

  • Aaron Martinez
    Aaron Martinez 3 months ago


  • Sofia Z
    Sofia Z 3 months ago

    Their energy is honestly so positive and fun and natural just watching this is making me smile so hard

  • alviana b.r.
    alviana b.r. 3 months ago

    So yves have a sixth sense?WOW!!!

  • OUT IN
    OUT IN 3 months ago

    Who’s jinsour??

    • OUT IN
      OUT IN 3 months ago

      I love you jinsoul

  • L O O Π Λ T I ㄈ
    L O O Π Λ T I ㄈ 3 months ago


  • summer finn
    summer finn 3 months ago

    so cuteeee bris i love you

  • summer finn
    summer finn 3 months ago


  • Soo Jie Loo
    Soo Jie Loo 3 months ago

    Blessed my eyes for this 12 goddess.

  • L
    L 3 months ago

    A Olívia estava boiando kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • Illumina YC
    Illumina YC 3 months ago

    Heejin is life ♡

  • itz Sean
    itz Sean 3 months ago

    I hope one day you could interview G-IDLE!!!

  • isabella
    isabella 3 months ago +1

    Interviewer: "Describe Orbits in three words"
    Hyejoo: " Com-pa-nion"
    lmao... 3 words Olivia not 3 syllables

  • Asjack Nivel
    Asjack Nivel 3 months ago


  • moemae
    moemae 3 months ago

    Ew and we wait Loona to Paris 💌❤️

  • Daniel Tsan
    Daniel Tsan 3 months ago +1

    This interview has taught me that Chuu is so adorable

  • Dantae 🌱
    Dantae 🌱 3 months ago

    Alright just ignore olivia hye then... wow 😭

  • Park Naras
    Park Naras 3 months ago

    I'm not orbit...

  • Ling Zhao
    Ling Zhao 3 months ago

    You were so great with them!

  • uvuvwevwevwe onyetenyevwe ugwemubwem ossas

    That's a lot of member

  • nabila fadimatou
    nabila fadimatou 3 months ago

    👏👏👏wowww nice keep going

  • infizero
    infizero 3 months ago

    yves i love you sweetie but pouring the milk before cereal? that's a crime

  • Wen Wen
    Wen Wen 3 months ago


  • kuro_o
    kuro_o 3 months ago

    Bris to girls: Thank you guys :D

  • Quir Syton
    Quir Syton 3 months ago

    Bris I love your interviews!!

  • Julio Cesar Ferreria
    Julio Cesar Ferreria 3 months ago

    For Chuu

  • 에젤Ken
    에젤Ken 3 months ago +4

    I like Olivia's face in the whole time in video she's a cutiepie

  • Angelikka Center
    Angelikka Center 3 months ago

    Would you do a world tour? If so would you come to the second capital of greece thessalonikh? That's where I live and I would love to meet you all. You all touched my heart and made me feel much better after a lot times I wanted to give up on everything (life,dreams etc) so it would be very wholesome for me to meet you and any other orbit around the world that had felt the same as me for you guys

  • devil 666; 仮名
    devil 666; 仮名 3 months ago +6


    *Literally nobody*

    *Chuu: yEs*

  • devil 666; 仮名
    devil 666; 仮名 3 months ago +5


    *Literally nobody*

    *Chuu: Nice to meet Chuu*

  • Captain Softi
    Captain Softi 3 months ago

    2020 is year of Loona