The 5 Things I HATE About The 2012 Triumph Speed Triple 1050

  • Published on Jul 14, 2017
  • Finally got around to making the 5 things I hate video for the Triumph Speed Triple
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Comments • 43

  • Don Johnson
    Don Johnson 16 days ago

    Having ridden MANY bike and owned probably 70 bikes over about 50 years of riding just about every category and niche bike you can imagine for several hundred thousand miles (DIRT, Street "performance" AND touring), including racing for a major manufacturer (motocross) , really all I have to say about this video and the 5 things is WHINE, WHINE, WHINE! If you don't like this bike, BUY SOMETHING ELSE fer crying out loud!! I've lately had to whittle the herd down from about 10 bikes in the garage and the 2012 Triumph 1050 Speed triple is one for the three I have of which is a 1970 T120R triumph in the living room for display only---not ridden any more!. Oh, yeah---the "middle one is a Ducati Supersport.

  • ajit pisal
    ajit pisal 26 days ago

    Is there heating issues on 2014 Street Triple 1050... I could feel the heat on left foot ...

  • Sagar Kumar
    Sagar Kumar Month ago

    it's have quick shifter??

  • Gavin Tory
    Gavin Tory 5 months ago

    Agree re engine braking & buffeting at cruising speed. Love the torque. What brand are your bar end mirrors?

  • 1bigkevs
    1bigkevs 5 months ago

    Dude Harden the f#@k up or get a super scooter if the speedy is to much for you !!!

  • Xander Valltessa
    Xander Valltessa 7 months ago +1

    The more technology the less of a “real rider” you become. Feel the rawness of the bike. The intuitive shifting, the engine rev knowing when to shift based on feel and engine sound not because a computer tells you when to shift or what to do next. Learned on a old beater kawi 500. Learned the hard way how to truly ride. Best bike to learn on. Next to a Kawi 250.

  • Chris Brown
    Chris Brown 7 months ago +2

    feather the clutch through an intersection, LOL, learn how to ride around in 1st/2nd gear. Why are you breaking so much with the rear brake?

  • roccorostagno
    roccorostagno 8 months ago +4

    I like the lack of technology in the speed triple's. It makes you feel one with the bike. This throttle-by-wire and all these other braking abs, power modes and trac control are spoiling Riders in my opinion but I am old school so

  • roccorostagno
    roccorostagno 8 months ago +1

    I did the tuneecu "tune of death" on my 07 Triumph Speed Triple and it knocked down the engine braking significantly and it runs a hell of a lot smoother

  • sev mech
    sev mech 8 months ago +2

    Good vid, I worked at a triumph dealer a few years back, even in the uk some of the parts are quiet expensive, especially the rear brake leaver lol! I wouldn't really say the tank is so big but its short and wide, the entire bike is very short infact, they had to cram all the electrics and battery into the front of that tank because they left so little room at the back end of the bike, personally I quiet like it can really grip the tank under engine braking

  • Martin Sage
    Martin Sage 10 months ago

    OMG I'm 6-2 and have a small plexi windscreen on my sp3. It keeps a lot of the wind off me when I lay on my tank. I do agree that parts are hard to find and expensive. Also, the rear brake IS sucky.

    • fyoukim12
      fyoukim12 Month ago

      A Triumph Small Plexi windscreen?

  • clemspeed92 cpu
    clemspeed92 cpu 10 months ago


  • poit444
    poit444 11 months ago +1

    Shoulda kept 'em both! I have the '17 and it has too many damn modes! But having more than a few bikes of varying qualities has me appreciating this hooligan beast to no end. I worked my way up to the Speed Triple, last was the Thruxton R (also great). It's a fantastic bike, it's just only happy when you're tearing around like a madman, and that's a good thing ;). Calmoto does a quick review on that same bike and the first thing he says is that he's glad that it doesn't have the added tech. Now forgive me for sounding glib, but you went from that in-line three, to the Harley, and one reason was b/c it was not tech enough? Perhaps a Victory Vision with all the fixings, maybe, but Harley maintains it's raw, basic form, no? I like your channel man.

    • Rumple Stilskin
      Rumple Stilskin 8 months ago

      Love Calmoto's reviews, haven't seen him post anything new lately though.

  • Fuji Wags
    Fuji Wags Year ago

    I hate the on / off throttle snap...
    In a turn from off to on throttle is sooo jerky even with the most minimal throttle turn .. it’s enough throw me off my riding line.?!?
    I’m buying a G2 throttle tamer and I’m looking at getting it re mapped to drop some torque down low.
    My rear brake is relatively good compared to my last bike (955i)
    I also hate the soft ass suspension.. have tightened it right up .. but it’s still not as good as my old daytona.
    Also hate the handlebars - have ordered clipons (easy fix)
    Also hate the rearset position - will order some adjustable rear sets asap.
    (Can’t easily trail brake whilst in the corner as the lever is too high and too far forward)
    Anyways.. I’ll fix all this and it will be a weapon.!

  • The Dude
    The Dude Year ago

    I have one. The engine braking really isn't that bad. Its less then my CBR 1000rr.

  • ste sand
    ste sand Year ago

    AIR CON?

  • EastBay MauiBoy
    EastBay MauiBoy Year ago

    LOL, fair enough. It's fun hearing the different takes on these bikes. I have the R model 2013 and I love the shyte out of it. You nailed it with the whole "hate is a strong word" thing. I get everything you mentioned, but the only one that bothers me are the parts prices.
    My list might be something like...
    5: You need a special stand for single-sided swingarms to raise the rear.
    4: The two up rear Pipes make it hard to use side bags.
    3: Service and parts costs are higher than Japanese bikes, but not quite as bad as BMW, Ducati or Aprilia.
    2: It makes great power but I wish it scared me a little more.
    1: The front lights are a little funky lookin and the brights are virtually useless, unless you like looking at the trees on either side of you.

    ARUKYAN Year ago

    I will buy a bike but I wasn’t sure which one to get. I started looking at Ducati monster 1200 then I saw the Speed Triple and couldn’t ignore how much I didn’t like the headlights and the two big mufflers under the seat. After two months searching for good deals on bikes at Cycle Trader I started to develop a kind of love and hate with the Speed Triple, now I kind of decided to buy it. I’m 47 years old and rode a bike on my 20’s for a period of 1 year. So the question is, since I consider myself almost a beginner should I “start” on a Speed Triple? I don’t like the idea of buying a bike now just to sell in one year also the Speed Triple I have my eyes on is a 2016 R and it comes with those riding modes so my guess is if I keep on Rain mode all the time I’ll not end up killing myself. Does it make sense? Thanks for your video.

    • EastBay MauiBoy
      EastBay MauiBoy Year ago

      What size bike was it you rode in your 20s?. I am your age and I was a converted dirt bike rider who went virtually straight to a Speed Triple. (I did have a DRZ400S for about a year, but that's just another dirt bike more or less). I had no trouble with the power of the Speedy. They do have a lot of power but it's very predictable and controllable in my opinion, but that's just my opinion. It could be a dangerous prospect for somebody who doesn't possess kind of a natural feel for relatively powerful motorcycles

    • Bike N' Bird
      Bike N' Bird  Year ago +1

      +ARUKYAN you're definitely on the right path with the modes. as mentioned that's what I hated about mine when I had it. Even with modes though I feel it still has the potential to be "too much" the newer STREET triple would be a great option. I know a few people that have gotten them and absolutely fall in love with them.

  • Joshua Longoria
    Joshua Longoria Year ago

    I'm guessing this is the one just up at Cycle Rider here in San Antonio

    • Joshua Longoria
      Joshua Longoria Year ago

      Bike N' Bird was actually looking at the triumph, but I really think I'm gonna shoot for a used Nightster

    • Joshua Longoria
      Joshua Longoria Year ago

      Bike N' Bird are they pretty good to deal with,looking to get rid of my monster 696

    • Bike N' Bird
      Bike N' Bird  Year ago

      Yessir thats who bought it

  • Sharpe Trade
    Sharpe Trade Year ago +1

    Finally getting a chance to sit and get caught up on my favorite motovloggers. You and Blockhead. Oh ... while we are on the subject of Blockhead ... *_DONT YOU EVER SELL THAT IRON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!_*
    25 years old? Dang. I'm jealous. That's awesome.
    I always love your reviews. They are just ... solid, non-biased ... balanced ... well spoken reviews.

    • Bike N' Bird
      Bike N' Bird  Year ago

      +Sharpe Trade I was curious where you disappeared to!

  • Uncle Ken
    Uncle Ken Year ago

    You said doodoo.

  • Kim K
    Kim K Year ago

    The engine break could be really bad for lighter weight people. This bike would not be very friendly in the Midwest with all the beetles right now...bug guts all over your forehead!

  • Wet BananaMoto
    Wet BananaMoto Year ago

    Good vid!

  • Timothy LaPlante
    Timothy LaPlante Year ago +1

    At 1:28 you meant 33.9 mpg not mph.

    BLOCKHEAD Year ago +2

    3:54 you said doo doo 💩

    #ManChild #SorryNotSorry 😁

  • RTV
    RTV Year ago

    Does yours have the Brembo brakes?

  • Team Bradley
    Team Bradley Year ago

    I beat Donnie!
    And yea, that engine braking kept making me think I was screwing something up when I rode it.
    #7, there's not really much more customization you can do to it

    • Bike N' Bird
      Bike N' Bird  Year ago +1

      +Koinonia man that's about as bad of an excuse as "I thought it was next weekend"

    • Koinonia
      Koinonia Year ago +2

      I was actually the 2nd like on this video, I just didn't bother commenting because fuck those sport bikes, THIS IS A HARLEY CHANNEL. Lol.

    • Uncle Ken
      Uncle Ken Year ago +2

      Team Bradley damnit Donnie

  • Ginge R
    Ginge R Year ago

    Feel your pain mate. Opposite problem though. Also have a speed and have an iron in the uk. The parts are stupid expensive for the Harley but the speed I can get cheap and easy new or used.

  • Júlio Salotti
    Júlio Salotti Year ago +1


  • Bryantrincon413 FAM

    good info

  • BrentSpencer210
    BrentSpencer210 Year ago

    First lol