The Untold Truth Of Tori Roloff

  • Published on Aug 29, 2018
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    Little People, Big World is getting a little smaller. In July 2018, Jeremy Roloff announced that he, his wife Audrey and their daughter Ember, would be stepping away from the show. After hearing the unexpected news of their departure, many fans began to wonder if Jeremy's twin brother, Zach, would make a similar decision. Instead, Zach and his wife Tori - and their adorable baby, Jackson - are sticking around, claiming they're not finished telling their story. But, just what do we know about Tori's life so far? Here's the untold truth of Tori Roloff...
    Pumpkins are for lovers | 0:35
    Reality TV butterflies | 1:19
    Maternal instincts | 1:55
    A "12th man" kind of woman | 3:00
    Her happy place | 3:45
    Etsy-level crafty | 4:24
    Baby number two? | 5:23
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Comments • 200

  • Liz Stevenson
    Liz Stevenson 18 days ago

    Tori is a fantastic soul. An amazing person

  • alexfithero
    alexfithero 23 days ago +2

    Good I'm glad their not done telling their story. IT'S good to tell a story and finish it.

  • Natasha Hunte
    Natasha Hunte 29 days ago

    Great story love u guys

  • Cathleen Trotto
    Cathleen Trotto 29 days ago +2

    Zac is a lucky man. Tori seems like such a good person. Great mom and wife. God bless your family.

  • Sherry Brigham
    Sherry Brigham Month ago +1

    I loved little people, Big world ❤❤❤

  • lina nicolia
    lina nicolia Month ago

    Reality shows are money making for some. For others, it is just exploitation of their greed. I remember Anna Nicole Smith and what disaster it was. Not really watching any of it, so who cares ?

  • Sonja Momberger
    Sonja Momberger 2 months ago

    Tissue please

  • Kevin Thomas
    Kevin Thomas 2 months ago

    She must of won a dare. Damn he ugly

  • Олег Faynleyb .
    Олег Faynleyb . 2 months ago +1


  • Dr Woo
    Dr Woo 2 months ago

    It’s kindergarten, not kinder garden! 🤦‍♀️

  • Carolyn Bratton
    Carolyn Bratton 3 months ago

    Tories is so adorable. I just dont see what she sees in Zac. He is so cocky and almost arrogant. If I ever had to eat a meal with Zac, that would be enough. Watching him eat is yucky.

  • Anya naidoo
    Anya naidoo 3 months ago +5

    I love that a beautiful girl like her can look past the physical and look at the heart. What a beautiful soul. If more people were like her our world would be such a beautiful place

  • Paul Monaco
    Paul Monaco 4 months ago

    Tori recently disclosed to a close friend that, the very first time she personally met Zack. She HONESTLY thought that Zack was an " ELF " and that she hadn't seen the TV show prior seeking employment at the Roloff Farm. A little known *** BONUS FACT *** Tori, shared that Zack's bean is so short, that he pee's on his NUT'Z.... I'm always looking for more interesting facts about this happy little family, so PLEASE share your stories with the viewers. Thanks.

  • John Jasper
    John Jasper 4 months ago

    matt & zach such ugly little devils , you just want to piss on their faces

  • John Jasper
    John Jasper 4 months ago

    she's a midget-shark... skanky bitch would suck a weenie for a dollar

  • Odiesmom
    Odiesmom 4 months ago

    Tori is one of my favorites. She is always very transparent. You get what you you see and I like that she is not obsessed with her looks. She is a natural beauty. If anyone can be a mom to a dwarf child without being drama queen or a whoa is me- its her. I imagine that is why she and Zack get along so well. They are both laid back.

  • Lloyd Armour
    Lloyd Armour 4 months ago +4

    I still don't see what Tori sees in Zach, he's still lazy and a big baby.

  • brenda ward
    brenda ward 5 months ago

    I like tori and Zac. They seem real. Ger and audrey are different. Ger is definitely under the thumb very obvious who is the boss here and I always get the impression that audrey thinks shes a step above buttermilk. The worm will turn someday audrey

  • Sammy Bear
    Sammy Bear 5 months ago +1

    Jeremy is a pervert just wish show would end it's getting as bad as the kartrashians get a job being on TV while making tons of money for nothing should be a thing of the past nobody cares what the hell are the roloffs up to, you want to impress me get a 9-5 Job like the rest of us, more important things like will Americans ever live in peace and what can we do to get the nuts out of our society before More people become victims of hate I'm sick of it it's time to live as one life's to Short for hate and bigotry put a show on how we all mater and that we're all equal tlc channel

  • Josephine Kelly
    Josephine Kelly 5 months ago

    Beautiful couple and beautiful son.

  • Roddy McDowell
    Roddy McDowell 5 months ago


  • Rick Hickman
    Rick Hickman 5 months ago

    Tori is one of the most natural people I've ever seen on camera. Not pretentious. And she is SOOO funny!

  • curtis lawson
    curtis lawson 6 months ago +4

    it just proves money can buy you love

  • Nessie Rey
    Nessie Rey 6 months ago

    They’re the cutest

  • Harry Balls
    Harry Balls 6 months ago +1

    If he didn't have money she wouldn't even go near him. I like how Zach hates dwarfs so much he has to marry a normal person it's just so lol.

    • Hic et nunc
      Hic et nunc Month ago

      Well if you were deformed and unhealthy you'd probably opt for someone that is healthy and normal

    • Sippy Sweetcheeks
      Sippy Sweetcheeks 5 months ago


  • AJ B
    AJ B 6 months ago +3

    If he was penniless would she still go for him?

  • TnT DYnoMiTe
    TnT DYnoMiTe 7 months ago

    There is nothing adorable about that midget baby these fuck faces had, throw it away!! Haha 🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼

  • Mindy Schock
    Mindy Schock 7 months ago +5

    I absolutely love this show & family. Keep doing what your doing.

  • MJ Danner
    MJ Danner 7 months ago +2

    Love them as a couple

  • Janice Cassady
    Janice Cassady 7 months ago

    I hope for Tori's sake their next child is average sized. Jackson is cute but he has such a big head, why do their heads have to be so big? I am not anti-little people, I just find them hard to look at. Their faces are kind of pushed in, almost like their noses are bent in half or something and I don't understand why average size people would want to b e involved with a little person? I am tall myself and no way could I be involved with a little person no matter how handsome/beautiful they might be. Just couldn't do it, need someone my height or taller. I hope for Tori's sake they have a regular sized child so her part of the genes is refected in her marriage to Zach. Little people are a birth defect in essence, why try for a little person and all the problems that come from a life time of health issues and harassment, it is possiuble now to know ahead of time via IVF that you can choose a child that is normal sized, they all know the problems they have gone thru being little, why pass that on the future generations when you don't have to? Don't understand that. Give me a normal baby anyday. That is just my feelings on the matter. I would not want to pass on to my children any more problems than they need to have in their lifetimes. It is hard enough just getting to adult hood without being different.

  • Cinthia Jann
    Cinthia Jann 7 months ago +39

    Who loves Tori?

    Leave your like.

  • Pamela Grace
    Pamela Grace 7 months ago +1

    I love her an I love them! I just wish Jeremy and his gorgeous wife were still on the show

  • Ming Jaejoong
    Ming Jaejoong 7 months ago +8

    Not being mean or anything but I wonder after watching so many small people blogs that do they truly think if they have kids would their kids be ok with being small when they start school,dating,college etc.just saying it's something to think can't pick their biological parents.some people and even kids are very cruel to small people.not to mention health problems(Some Not All) many have.

    • Hic et nunc
      Hic et nunc Month ago

      No, look at Jackson's legs in recent photos. His legs are totally outwards (bow legs) and kid can't even walk properly. It's sad to me personally that someone would rather produce child of their own knowing it'll suffer with health problems and deformity whole life than adopt child- it wouldn't be their own blood but at least it wouldn't be struggling with health problems like that and not to mention there are so many abandoned children that would be happiest to have someone to call parents and something to call home

    • mh mh
      mh mh 2 months ago +1

      I dont think its mean at all. I understand what your saying..

    • Tonja Coleman
      Tonja Coleman 4 months ago

      This is THE rudest comment. I guess you're thinking they have no value because they have genetic differences. People like you guys shouldn't reproduce! Such abject ignorance!

    • no name
      no name 4 months ago +1

      They dont careee,they are selfish stupid people ,is normal to fall inlove and marry but they need to not reproduce them selfs its unfair for the kids cus even if they are normal ,maybe their kids will be not and also many potential parthners will avoid u cus this ,nowdays people has over freedom of their lifes

    • Betty Matlock
      Betty Matlock 5 months ago +2

      I think alot of people just think about what they want! Not anything else.

  • Andrea Dodd
    Andrea Dodd 7 months ago +9

    Some people will do anything for money.

    • Tonja Coleman
      Tonja Coleman 4 months ago

      And some people will judge anywhere for 3 seconds of recognition... 🤷🏿‍♀️

  • Ryan Mcneila
    Ryan Mcneila 7 months ago

    Tori is a psychotic cunt. Who else would ever fuck a midget?

  • CALI 420
    CALI 420 7 months ago +2

    tori is a gold digger tho

  • Samantha Fakharzadeh
    Samantha Fakharzadeh 7 months ago

    Why do people make attraction to the person vs attraction to their money mutually exclusive? Can a person not be attracted to the person and their money also? Can’t that be an addition to an attraction to someone?

    • Marilyn Willett
      Marilyn Willett 7 months ago

      Yes certainly, if the man was handsome and wealthy,

  • Ricardo Figueiredo
    Ricardo Figueiredo 7 months ago +5

    Tori....😍 Family Rolof

  • A Hap
    A Hap 7 months ago +11

    I don’t feel like Audrey or Tori are genuine. When people see that money all their thinking of is financial security. They both saw that they came from money and didn’t need to work

  • pattieandjack
    pattieandjack 7 months ago +8

    Rude comments, you people have issues and wouldn’t know love if it slapped you. What a cute couple , best to you tori zac and Jackson

  • Kiki Eaddy
    Kiki Eaddy 7 months ago +7

    He knows tori only liked him bc of the money she doesn’t mind the perks and do love him I believe.

  • Stephanie West-White
    Stephanie West-White 7 months ago +8

    💘love to all and loved that Tori said there is nothing cutter than raising a dwarf baby. I agree Jackson is so smart and buzy. He does the cutest things. 💘 God Bless you all!!

    • no name
      no name 4 months ago

      Dwarfism infact is different diagnosis ,this one i dont know the english word ,maybe they use it for it

    • Harry Balls
      Harry Balls 6 months ago +1

      Shows how much of a liar she is...hah.

  • Gigi Shorty
    Gigi Shorty 7 months ago +49

    Tori was my daughter's kindergarten teacher in Washington and she was SO wonderful!!! My daughter adored her!!!!

    • Kat Bryant
      Kat Bryant 14 days ago +1

      Tori is a great special human

    • lina nicolia
      lina nicolia Month ago

      Kindergarten teachers ? what are they ? nannies ????? babysitters ? this girl smelled the fame and fortune......

    • ☼YouBetterWorkItYooooooo☼
      ☼YouBetterWorkItYooooooo☼ 7 months ago +4

      Gigi Shorty Thats awesome !

  • Luigi Ban
    Luigi Ban 7 months ago +1

    I'm really 😭sad the child is like his dad but you got to know like father like son is nature?

  • Odk
    Odk 8 months ago

    I need a tori

    • kfamily
      kfamily 7 months ago

      CALI 420 lmfao defiantly a troll

    • CALI 420
      CALI 420 7 months ago +1

      A gold digger?

  • chrisTina bernaL
    chrisTina bernaL 8 months ago

    Cute family!!

  • Linda Huckabee
    Linda Huckabee 8 months ago +3

    You go gal, and Guy

  • lyn pharr
    lyn pharr 8 months ago +50

    I was in the same 5th grade class with tori. She and I always had our names mixed up (mines toni). From what i remember she was a sweetheart back then too.

    • Patricia Puebla
      Patricia Puebla 7 months ago +2

      No se si alguna ves lean ó entiendan lo que escribo.pero me encanta la serie de su vida porque nos enseñana tratar y entender como iguales a las personas pequeñas.que hermosa familia han formado zack ,tori y su pequeño.esta hermoso!!saludos desde mexico.

  • matt s
    matt s 8 months ago +5

    the kid's got a giant head.

  • Valerie
    Valerie 8 months ago +17

    I like Tori, I think she i s real.

    • Clorox Bleach
      Clorox Bleach 7 months ago

      Oh yeah, the rest are fake people. smfh

  • Sue
    Sue 8 months ago +3

    Don't forget your puppy, needs to be watched just as much as your child does.

  • mike webster
    mike webster 8 months ago +24

    Zack won't leave the show. He needs the money.

    • brotherskeeper kenney
      brotherskeeper kenney 2 months ago +3

      True, but they also have a wonderful following of people that will be happy to see this adorable family tbrive, and its a positive way of enligjtening public.. Glad to see them gain financially, so a winner all the way around!

  • cheri Montana
    cheri Montana 8 months ago +24

    I think Tori is an awesome young lady. She is so even tempered.. I just love her.

  • jigzy whatsupwiththat
    jigzy whatsupwiththat 8 months ago +1

    What the fuck she see in him? Its the money nothing else also being on tv. Taking the easy way out. Cmon tori be true to him

  • GameGenie100 werts
    GameGenie100 werts 8 months ago +2

    I don't understand how she so loyal?

    • No Nino
      No Nino 6 months ago +1


    • Laclu Lola
      Laclu Lola 7 months ago +1

      It's called truly loving your spouse. DUH !

    • Odk
      Odk 8 months ago +1

      Money duh

  • Hannah B
    Hannah B 8 months ago +4

    Tori is not realistic...while Zach is talking about having two mortgages and all the things that are going wrong and getting the house sold, insurance due... she stands there and laughs..... Really??? I know it's a put on for the cameras but come on let's be real here... It's serious it's not a laughing matter.....
    And making having a dwarf baby is so cute... It is cute but these poor people that are small in stature have so many physical problems... Jackson is very adorable and I pray that he doesn't have to go through the struggles his dad did

    • Katrina Zahra
      Katrina Zahra 7 months ago

      @Nick Giovanni zach actually did have alot of health problems when he was younger, but that shouldn't keep two people from having a baby.

    • Nick Giovanni
      Nick Giovanni 7 months ago

      Hannah B Zach didn’t have many issues health wise growing up, Zach’s father Matt unfortunately he did but healthcare and science has come along way pertaining dwarfism and Zach I would say was on the healthier side growing up. I think Jackson will be just fine growing up healthcare wise!

  • Chad Thompson
    Chad Thompson 8 months ago +8

    Tori seems like a saint although I do wonder if she would have been with Zach had it not been for the money and semi fame.

    • sandra costa
      sandra costa 2 months ago

      I disagree, if that was only about money she could have chosen any other guy, she's a sweet and attractive girl. And he's also a really nice guy. Maybe you just need to accept the fact that people can fall in love regardless of all their differences.

  • Real1ty100
    Real1ty100 8 months ago +1

    Love Tori.

  • Poesjes Vines
    Poesjes Vines 9 months ago +26

    Look at the little baby !!! He's so very cute when he smiles ! 😍😍😍😍

    • no name
      no name 4 months ago

      Its not cute ,cus it can get the same syndrom also ,this kind people need to adopt kids ,but that other topic

  • Sandy Palmieri
    Sandy Palmieri 9 months ago