GoPro HERO 6 Black Review (Best Action Camera !)

  • Published on Oct 11, 2017
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    GoPro Hero 6 Black Review - Best Action Camera 2019. To be honest, we were expecting the new GoPro action camera to only make minor upgrades over the Hero 5 Black but we were pleasantly surprised. It’s a big upgrade over the Hero5. In our opinion, it is the best GoPro camera yet. The Hero 6 features stunning 4K footage up to 60fps with better codec and compression. It has a huge ecosystem of compatible accessories and mounts. The new GoPro also features a supper rugged design and is water resistant down to 10 meters. The image quality for videos and photos has been vastly improved over prior GoPro models. It also has superb image stabilization. The Hero 6 also sports a faster processor making this camera super quick and easy to use. On the downside, it’s expensive and battery life is short when shooting 4K. Also, there’s still plenty of roadblocks when sharing media. Overall though, there’s a lot to like about this camera. Expect it to make the list for Best Action Camera 4K and Best Action Camera Waterproof. Hoe you enjoyed this GoPro Hero6 Black Review.

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Comments • 133

  • cadillacred178
    cadillacred178 16 days ago

    Hello back when this go pro hero 6 black brand new off of eBay for $130.00 then I hadn’t used it for over a year. So I finally opened the box and found out the screen was separated from the frame so I contacted go pro tech support and they sent me a return shipping label and they sent me a brand new go pro hero 6 black and I still haven’t use this action camera for anything as of yet two years later wow I just can’t find the inspiration for using this little ass camera.

  • cadillacred178
    cadillacred178 Month ago

    I purchased the GoPro hero 6 black brand new from Beay a month after it was released for the low low price of $165.00 and that was unheard of back then and now I am sorry I purchased it because I’ve never used it for anything and I also picked up a the external mic from Rode and that GoPro adapter from $150.00 brand together all from eBay

  • Kenneth Williamson
    Kenneth Williamson 2 months ago

    hi there how does this camra handle at night on the rd i do a lot of cycling and a few times people have cosed me accsdents will this be ok to use at night on the rd allso does it steem up like most camras thanks ken

  • Frank Morales III
    Frank Morales III 6 months ago

    I been looking for a camera to mount on my motorcycle helmet. I found the go pro HERO6 BLACK on Amazon for $279.99. The go pro HERO6 Black and the Sena 10c Pro are the two cameras I am looking at. I am to the point where I just might give up stabilization and hi-definition for the all inclusive Bluetooth Headset & Camera Sena 10c Pro provides.

  • curiousgeorge555
    curiousgeorge555 11 months ago

    Good review. Which budget Gimble is good for this?

  • KadenWheat Gaming YT
    KadenWheat Gaming YT 11 months ago

    Get it on amazon for 300 to 200 dollars

  • Gladys Taju
    Gladys Taju Year ago

    The difference of the stabilization is totally worth! Like it really makes difference

  • Gladys Taju
    Gladys Taju Year ago

    It’s expensive but it amazing ! Dreaming with one of those 😭😍😍😍

  • ron2ron
    ron2ron Year ago

    Does the image stabilization only works on 4k?

  • Itsvan Paruta
    Itsvan Paruta Year ago

    Hi Jeff, I just bought my Hero 6, first time with a GoPro and I want to learn ALL the cool stuff this camera does, do you have any suggestion as a good guide to read or an online course to take? Thanks in advance bro!

  • Jan Nowak
    Jan Nowak Year ago

    Another toy for kids and limited people ;P

  • Gregory Hall
    Gregory Hall Year ago

    Ok...I will buy it going Kayak Fishing tomorrow. Don't have the camera yet but we got a lake kayaks and fishing :) God Speed and SemperFi

    • Platinum
      Platinum 22 days ago

      Gregory Hall hell yeah, SemperFi

  • Nathalie Calvano
    Nathalie Calvano Year ago

    is that what u use for your video youtube

  • The product tester Vlogs

    I only got mine today half an hour ago! It is charging and ps how long does it takes to charge?

  • Tom Bungbrakearti

    Expensiveeeeeeee..e.e.e.e but nice . though :-)

  • thefallofcharles
    thefallofcharles Year ago

    Hi! 2 questions: what did you use to record this video and would you recommend for general video making not just “action” shots?

  • Igor Bajic
    Igor Bajic Year ago

    Looks like a very cool camera. is there a housing that can take it deeper down then 10m?

    • Dwaine Fissenden
      Dwaine Fissenden Year ago

      Igor Bajic yes there is but to have 10m without housing is brilliant I bought mine so I don't have to take my phone on the beach and sea. Then I know my phone is safe even though my phone is waterproof still don't like risking it lol

  • Robert Gaudiosi
    Robert Gaudiosi Year ago

    YOOOOOO I just bought Premiere pro who wants me to edit for them I'm bored

  • Mark Hampshire
    Mark Hampshire Year ago

    What is the largest memory sized microsd card you can use in this?.

  • Living Walks
    Living Walks Year ago

    We've just started doing natural sound and sight video walks on our site using the GoPro hero 6 black, we're happy with the results and thought we'd share it with you. Thanks for you're video, most helpful.

  • JUST1
    JUST1 Year ago

    Do you need a waterproof case for It? I just saw some reviews that said, that there go pro mest up under water.


    how is the sound on this it better than 4 or 5..SOUND IS BIG FOR ME

  • Barry Mowat
    Barry Mowat Year ago

    Have you ever considered a 360 camera for running/cycling such as the Insta360 one? The stabilisation on these units totally blows the hero 6 away. It's maybe not perfect but there are instances where a 360 camera would be far more convenient than the hero 6.

  • mr brownstone
    mr brownstone Year ago


  • cplunajr745
    cplunajr745 Year ago

    He’s a cutie

  • jimded
    jimded Year ago

    what camera did you use to make this video?

  • IAMGiftbearer
    IAMGiftbearer Year ago

    Is there any way to see what's in frame with this camera; either built in or with their attachable Back Pac piece, or is that only on the Hero 3 and earlier models?

  • venug pal
    venug pal Year ago

    Thank you buddy

  • Metropol PvP
    Metropol PvP Year ago

    Hey man i love your chanell and your best video can you give me a go pro anything i subsribe and like on your chanell please.

  • Carl001M
    Carl001M Year ago

    at 399.00 not even a question now

    • Bilen Zerit
      Bilen Zerit Year ago

      hi, where do they sell it $399.00?

  • SidsTips
    SidsTips Year ago

    Jeff, I am thinking of getting a new camera for my products reviews. Would this be a good camera to go with knowing I can still use it outdoors? I do have a bluetooth mic, so I got the sound covered. Thanks.

  • Ash Ritz
    Ash Ritz Year ago

    My Next Purchase :-)

  • mybetterfilms
    mybetterfilms Year ago

    $500 is cheap, what’s the deal with everyone emphasizing the price? I guess for all the broke college kids it’s a lot

  • pduffy4
    pduffy4 Year ago

    Battery life is dreadful. Just got the Hero 6 black. Battery seems to only last one hour.

  • Benjamin Levy
    Benjamin Levy Year ago

    I know I’m a bit late to this but if you can buy this camera from GOVX it costs $375

  • Nate The Great
    Nate The Great Year ago +14

    Just an update the Hero 6 is now $400

    • Bruce Born
      Bruce Born 26 days ago

      @Ev AC renewed though

    • Ev AC
      Ev AC Month ago +2

      Right now it’s 200 on amazon pretty nice honestly

    • snoopz. fb
      snoopz. fb Year ago

      Nate The Great update, on my city now its now 350 with no promotion

  • Just Jordan
    Just Jordan Year ago

    I think color exaggeration has not lost it's meaning.

  • Polyglot Charlie多言語チャーリー英会話

    Awesome vid!! Really considering investing in this bad boy or the GoPro hero 5. Also Wanted to know besides outdoors would this be a great camera for shooting indoor RU-clip videos? Thank you!

  • john wrycza
    john wrycza Year ago

    $100 price drop

  • Unboxing Deutschland

    Cooles Video gefällt uns, echt gut geworden 💪 Schau doch auch mal bei uns vorbei wäre klasse. Like hast du aufjedenfall 😎

  • Wilson Lee
    Wilson Lee Year ago

    The Go Pro Hero 6 doesn't cease to amaze every time I watch a video on it, very expensive for the price I can get a cheap entry level mirror less camera for. But it's still less than what a flagship smartphone is going for, I think it's definitely worth investing in if it's something I would keep for the next 4-5 years.

  • Weekend RVers
    Weekend RVers Year ago

    Im a beginner in these videos. I would like to have a small camera that i can record my vacation memories. I have a $500 budget. Should i get GoPro 5 Black with extra Feiyu G5 gimbal or GoPro 6 Black without gimbal?

  • dennis dy
    dennis dy Year ago

    my gopro freezing up sometimes .then i take off the battery

  • dennis dy
    dennis dy Year ago

    my gopro freezing up sometimes .then i take off the battery

  • dennis dy
    dennis dy Year ago

    my gopro freezing up sometimes .i always take off the battery

  • Michael Yarber
    Michael Yarber Year ago

    Question: I have a hero 4, great camera, but stabilization could be better. I will never use 4k, so is it worth it to buy the Hero 6 or 5. Thanks.

  • Adam McCammack
    Adam McCammack Year ago

    Would you buy the Karma package with the Hero 6 if you already have the Hero 5?

  • Angry 8
    Angry 8 Year ago +2

    Auto rotation doesn’t work and my videos are being recorded upside down, 4K recording is very grainy, RU-clip doesn’t even support anything over 60fps. And GoPro tech support is pretty useless not to mention the language barrier and they can’t even understand your issue to resolve any issues.

  • Moritz Gopro
    Moritz Gopro Year ago

    Gopro is the best action cam ever

  • EightOfSupreme
    EightOfSupreme Year ago

    can apple compressor convert hevc to to h.264? Cause when I shot in 4060fps on my hero 6 it stutters on my macbook and wont open in fcpx. I also tried in Premiere Pro and it still stutters.

  • Lyon_FlightFilms
    Lyon_FlightFilms Year ago

    Up to couple days ago I was really close to buy this camera (to replace my 3+black or to make it as an addon at least), exciting buy this kind of VLOGs (or mcbesma kind of etc), where "everything is super exciting with GP6. But later I've reviewed some alternative vlog minds about this camera, for example iphonedo's one, and I saddenly foud a number of issues this camera has comparing with another ones taking in account this big price.. for example, if you look that "perfect" stab careful, you could discover some constant shear of whole the scene caused camera probably loosing 1-2 frames during the filming.. it even recognizable in your vlog test samples; also - a lot of reporting about crash during the filming and rebooting requirement and that movie you captured during the crash becomes just unavailable to playback at all - thats is looks extremely horrible for the $500 product with a such fabulous adversmebts; some vlogs reported - there still be pretty noisy in lowlight especially during the night comparing with Sony at least; also people straggling about various mechanical inconveniences like battery removal/downloading, batt hatch cover hard closing etc.. so, all of these ones I found from several vlogs and reviews and now I completely lost- should I try to trust some optimistics and buy it, or I still would not trust to another over-promised expensive product and would better to spend a half of this price to upgrade my 3+ accessories garage with an extra bunch of useful addons.. I mean, somehow GP6 looks similar to an iPhone comparing with android competitors (comparing with other action cam with similar specs): gp6 looks pretty convenient and friendly to use, it is very ergonomic and it really heat up the attraction to buy that.. same like iPhone, it promis like "all you need in one product and all operating by simple actions", same like iPhone it says "we are absolutely the best at all and revolutionary", same like an iPhone it concidered as the most expensive one.. but in the fact you find out some issues caused by draft solutions pushed on the market fast to get the money profit, polished by nice shiny adversments (very especially in example of gp5), when competitors can give some more advanced or reliable results for less money (like x3000 stabilization or lowlight sharpness).. and then you ask yourself: should you really give-up for this overpromissing marketing stuff for $500 or you better to realize you have something slightly less advanced from the old school but still good capturing and cheaper 3-4 times... I'm really lost.. but in the end of the day, I wonder why you not mentioned all issues stuff for this camera which are well known nowadays already. Thanx!

  • Cine Plus
    Cine Plus Year ago

    i like it stabilization on the gopro hero 6

  • Shootinglefty
    Shootinglefty Year ago +1

    Just opened mine. Never had any action cam. But I am super excited to know I have the best of the best. Learning from videos like yours. Thanks.

  • Brian Dixon
    Brian Dixon Year ago

    My quick question: I was considewring the Hero5 and then purchasing the Karma Grip. In your opinion does the new hero 6 with internal stabilization tech make the same pitcure as the hero 5 with the karma? In other I still need to purchase the karma grip or is the 6 good enough??

  • Hartono Ang
    Hartono Ang Year ago +1

    what video setting you use bro? look so sharp. thanks jo

  • OSG Survivalist
    OSG Survivalist Year ago

    So for aerial photography, how does this Hero6 / Karma compare to a Mavic or Phantom 4 drone?

  • pralinechocolates1
    pralinechocolates1 Year ago +1

    I'm going to get hubby one for xmas.

  • Geeks Life
    Geeks Life Year ago +2

    What camera did you use to shoot this video?

  • Marvin Eversley
    Marvin Eversley Year ago

    They are saying this GOPRO hero6 has a freezing issue and also a high noise issue in low lighting. Can anyone testify to this?

  • Niko and Jacob Show

    The ant at 3:40 though, but nice review.