Alien: Covenant (2017) KILL COUNT

  • Published on Mar 22, 2019
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  • Dead Meat
    Dead Meat  6 months ago +1346

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    • Charles Bison
      Charles Bison 5 days ago


    • Erin Eckholt
      Erin Eckholt 9 days ago

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    • Helen Lawrence
      Helen Lawrence 29 days ago

      Dead Meat I love your videos I watch them all the time I subscribed and liked and murmured that notafacation bell hope I could meet you so much

    • Slipncobra
      Slipncobra Month ago

      Dead Meat stop the weird fights with ridiculous names you should have it as droid fight

    • Nova.
      Nova. 2 months ago


  • ItsJustQG
    ItsJustQG 2 hours ago

    And so, the crew of the Covenant was primarily infected by a lack of high school science safety protocols.
    Welcome to the future. 🤦🏿‍♂️

  • Layce Iosua
    Layce Iosua 8 hours ago

    Comes back in side

  • Mr Melee
    Mr Melee 16 hours ago

    Xenomorph for dead by daylight

  • Catz&p1za K
    Catz&p1za K 20 hours ago

    I dont know if I’m late but CONGRATS ON 3 MILLION SUBS JAMES

  • charlie wiechert

    I really apreciate the time and effort you take making kill counts. Thats Why I'm currently going through all kill counts making sure each and every one are in my liked vidios

  • Dewxy
    Dewxy Day ago +1

    Omg! At 16:10 you can see a cloud man face.

  • CoatPockets
    CoatPockets Day ago +3

    I actually like this movie and idk if anyone else does

  • jbrittels 804
    jbrittels 804 Day ago

    Worst movie ever

  • Vulcanrampage
    Vulcanrampage Day ago

    But its a protomorph.... XD jsut wait the next film will give you what you want, you said it yourself we have the egg, the facehugger, now the final piece is the chestburster into xenomorph. The next film will give us what we want its all about how they were made and soon it will be complete.... i hope..... or 50 years down the line

  • Scuba Mishap
    Scuba Mishap Day ago +3

    Here’s the thing I wanna know, Who engineered the Engineers?
    And who engineered the Engineers who engineered the Engineers?
    And who........
    You get my point.

  • Ric Ward
    Ric Ward Day ago

    Terrible Movie. I hope they stop.

  • Dog Flamingo
    Dog Flamingo 2 days ago

    I really loved "Covenant", all the way, until David makes his first appearance. Then it just dissolved into a bunch of nonsense.

  • Joey Diaz
    Joey Diaz 3 days ago

    bro you won my sub with the magic schoolbus joke LMAOOO

  • Daniel Satterfield
    Daniel Satterfield 3 days ago

    The Twin Perfect channel does a great dive into Covenant and the rational of the prequels. It’s all very fleshed out and creative when pieced together. Too bad all of this homework doesn’t translate to the movies very well. Also, if everyone watched the cool short prequels released before the movie, they’d have known of Franco’s character. There’s a lot of great world-building with this franchise that kinda snuck in under the radar, leaving most viewers confused. I for one love the expanded mythos, but I understand the frustration.

  • CosmicDoot Boi
    CosmicDoot Boi 3 days ago

    In David’s library you can find a drawing of the Head Crab from Half Life in the corner

  • Nemo TheEight
    Nemo TheEight 3 days ago

    So... This Not-Xenomorphfrom _Prometheus_ was basis for David to make bloodbusting Not-Xenomorph on the way to make Xenomorphs? Now I think I understand whole thing. And those zombie-making worms from _Prometheus?_ completly urelated specie?
    Wait... Result still wasn't Xenomorph, but I think I'm still closer to understanding.

  • Annika E
    Annika E 4 days ago

    The xenamorph egg was dry not wet then it made a protomorph

  • TheTraxxasBoy
    TheTraxxasBoy 5 days ago

    Not my... proudest fap

  • Cody Smith unstoppable\killing machine\taken

    i think loves alien movies cause it means lots of kills

  • Dion
    Dion 5 days ago

    the jussie smollett joke lol

  • 100 subscribers without any videos

    Covenant do they have a secret synth torture lab

  • Tony3000
    Tony3000 5 days ago

    You should have an Android or alien award for killers

  • patman0250
    patman0250 5 days ago

    Those were not engineers they were a subspecies that Engineers engineered. Just like humans the last true engineer was on the ship and Prometheus.

  • Charles Bison
    Charles Bison 5 days ago


  • Jon Martin
    Jon Martin 5 days ago +1

    Lucy: Be good people
    *Racism hits an all time low*

  • Alex Coats
    Alex Coats 5 days ago

    Is it just me, or does every other kill count have an actor from a purge movie?

  • Das Institut
    Das Institut 5 days ago

    I enjoyed the Alien scenes. But I think the movie would have been better if it continued telling the story of Elizabeth and David. Give some..ya know..answers.

  • Deity Unknown
    Deity Unknown 6 days ago

    Xenomorph vs Neomorph.

    My vote is Xenomorph

  • altfaith
    altfaith 6 days ago +1

    aliens are one of my worst irrational fears

  • Johnny Rabaya
    Johnny Rabaya 6 days ago

    First Arnold Schwarzenegger kicks his own ass, then Michael Fassbender kicks his own ass, now Chris Evans?

  • Bub Dub
    Bub Dub 6 days ago


  • WhereNextToConquer
    WhereNextToConquer 6 days ago

    Sorry James but it’s a protomorph😉

  • Matthew Griffin
    Matthew Griffin 6 days ago

    Facehuggers = vagina spiders

  • leonardo hernandes
    leonardo hernandes 7 days ago


  • Kaminari Eh
    Kaminari Eh 7 days ago

    James if you counted all the bodies on that planet it would equal up to more than every other kill count combined

  • NØU_PenguinMaster 118
    NØU_PenguinMaster 118 7 days ago +2

    The Chris captain doesn’t watch his wife die because she died after the emergence of the first xenomorph. Farris is the wife of Tennessee.

  • Revan Ruler
    Revan Ruler 7 days ago

    the thing I hate most in these movies is their habit of not wearing masks and hazmats in a foreign environment, even if the air is breathable they have no way of knowing about viruses bacteria and fungi so they should still wear masks just in case. I hope if humans ever go and colonize other planets we send smart people instead of a bunch of hollywood morons

  • Brian Parker
    Brian Parker 7 days ago

    Its called a protomorph because its a clone not a full actual xenomorph

  • Jackson-076
    Jackson-076 8 days ago

    but promethans and covenant are from halo...


  • Brickmaster E
    Brickmaster E 8 days ago +1

    R a t s a c k J a c k

  • Adam Johnson
    Adam Johnson 8 days ago +2

    Wait holdup. The Weyland corporation sent a gay male couple on an expedition that involved colonizing and populating another planet? That doesn't make a lick of sense.

  • Dustin Chen
    Dustin Chen 8 days ago

    it's a protomorph

  • Brian Schillke
    Brian Schillke 8 days ago

    That wasn't a xenomorph egg that was an overmorph egg

  • Kenedy Vang
    Kenedy Vang 8 days ago +1

    8:06 there u go

  • Night Howler
    Night Howler 9 days ago


  • Brandon Alexis
    Brandon Alexis 9 days ago

    Juicy smuey

  • Omega LeonidasXV3
    Omega LeonidasXV3 9 days ago


  • G A N G G A N G
    G A N G G A N G 10 days ago

    Need a part 2 to this movie😖😖it left me hanginnnn bababhahhahahhaha

  • Lixsandro jr Villafan
    Lixsandro jr Villafan 10 days ago

    and they said The Purge was A Kill Royale

  • Dylan Hansen
    Dylan Hansen 10 days ago

    Those neomorphs when they are little are kinda xute

  • Chase Bachman
    Chase Bachman 10 days ago

    how'd u get gordon hayward to do this??

  • Ldawg 539
    Ldawg 539 11 days ago +2

    Omg when he mentioned the movie where James Franko got his arm crushed by a rock made me remember when I was 10 and was terrified when he pulled his arm off

  • Chidaruma
    Chidaruma 11 days ago +1

    ''is this the future of masturbation ?''-Ya boi James

  • HyperWolfYT
    HyperWolfYT 12 days ago

    Which Morph or Alien do you like guys?

  • SonoftheWay35
    SonoftheWay35 12 days ago

    17:12 Can't show this shot because a woman is naked NOT because said woman is dead and likely horribly mutilated.

    think about that

  • Sonia White
    Sonia White 13 days ago

    Here is the answer about the chestburster the egg and facehugger is different than the origonal

  • Khuyen LA
    Khuyen LA 13 days ago

    U look like mArkaplieR

  • Ethan Harris
    Ethan Harris 13 days ago

    Droidy fight!!!

  • Ethan Harris
    Ethan Harris 13 days ago

    This movie was made for u James!
    It friggin *told* you how may peep died in like the first 3 minutes