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I Followed Kpop Star IU's Diet for a Week

  • Published on Jun 27, 2017
  • DISCLAIMER: We did not have a medical professional supervising Hannah, and we do NOT recommend following this diet AT ALL. It is not heathy and not sustainable, please DO NOT try it at home. This video is meant to be a lighthearted yet informative means of illustrating the insane standards that Kpop idols are held to by their entertainment companies, not to encourage people to try this diet. Again, we discourage everyone from trying this at home.
    Welcome to a brand new original moonROK series called "Do It To It (해보자)"! In this series our moonROK MCs will be trying things they've never done before, all purely for your entertainment.
    In our first episode, Hannah follows Kpop idol star IU's diet for a full week. Watch her struggle through it here.
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  • moonROK
    moonROK  5 years ago +1


  • Farah Majeed
    Farah Majeed 5 years ago +3

    "i don't feel skinnier yet. when is that gonna happen?" Legit me everytime i try to diet so i give up

  • araa
    araa 5 years ago +1

    I tried this diet for a week but added some meals in the mix. I drank tea with my apple (unsweet) on the first day. For lunch with the sweet potato, I drank a lot of water and ate an orange.For dinner along with the protein I ate several nuts and dried fruit. The second day, I drank water instead of the tea and followed through with everything else. On the third I had unsweet tea again and I instead had a small whole wheat grain bread slice with my sweet potato. For dinner I only had the shake. On the fourth, I did the same thing and on the fifth I had what I ate on the first day. On the sixth I did what I had on the second and on the seventh I had the original IU diet. In the end I lost 10 Pounds and I didnt feel sick throughout the week. The trick is drinking water a lot when you suddenly get the urge to eat. I do not recommend this unless you are being supervised or you do not plan to do this a long time.

  • amature lady dreamer
    amature lady dreamer 5 years ago +3

    when i saw the apple, sweet potato and the drink i was like "oh, i guess that's fine as a breakfast/ 1 meal "

  • Anusha San
    Anusha San 5 years ago +967

    I was on a diet a week ago. I lost 11 lbs in about 2 weeks. Without exercising. How?

  • ermblah
    ermblah 5 years ago +543

    I'm glad you talked about not following this diet but even as an iu fan I don't think your approach is entirely correct. I mean just looking at the title, you mentioned that you lost 11 pounds and that may encourage people to try this diet. Also, just look at the comments, you can see that people have actually been encouraged to try this diet.

  • Kawaii Lola
    Kawaii Lola 5 years ago +2

    I just ate 3 sweet potatoes ... for a snack.

  • deepfryfish
    deepfryfish 5 years ago +2

    im going to try this but since i dont like all of that things im going to replace it with pizza tacos spaghetty lasagna mac n cheese burito coke and many more 😂

  • Rotoro
    Rotoro 5 years ago +41

    I actually did this diet (with slight variations) accidentally for almost 2 full weeks way back when i first started university. I was too stressed and nervous to eat properly (i felt sick every time i tried), or go to the supermarket to buy groceries so i just lived off what my parents left me when they dropped me off which was a HUGE bunch of apples, a bag of sweet potatoes and some yoghurt. Occasionally i'd have real food when friends asked me out for lunch. And then there was all the walking i did to get to and from town. I was such a scaredy cat that i wouldn't use public transport lol

  • Eiryves
    Eiryves 3 years ago +3

    I did a diet alike to this when I was 12. Almost 2 years ago now, and I did it for about 11 days I wanna say. I lost 17lbs, and I was already a good weight at that age, however, ever since I did this diet my metabolism has been on a weird Yo-yo kinda thing, where it'd drop or peak every now and then, ultimately leading to me having ridiculously low energy at the age I am right now (14). Do NOT do it. Right now I'm 47kg and every few weeks my weight can spike by 4kg or drop by a varied amount. This is a horrible idea, if you want to lose and sustain a weight healthily, eat more salads, do more workouts, and consume your time doing something practical whilst having a good protein intake, otherwise you WILL mess up your insides.

  • May Shan Fang
    May Shan Fang 5 years ago +1

    But IU said that she only did this diet for 4 days to prepare for her comeback

  • IgotBangtanInYourArea WithRedVelvetCakes

    I did a similar thing when I was 13... I ate 2 biscuits for breakfast, 1 biscuit for afternoon and two apples (or orange) for dinner. If I was too hungry I would replace my breakfast with oatmeal or eat 2-4 slices of cucumber for dinner. I tried this for 2 weeks and lost 6 kg (I'm not sure if it's in pounds)... BUT DON'T DO THIS KIND OF DIET, IT'S VERY UNHEALTHY! After those 2 weeks I became very sick and didn't went for school for a while. If you want to be slim, please do a healthy diet. I know you'll lose alot of weight but the results are bad. Love yourself and don't starve!💓

  • amysocool7
    amysocool7 5 years ago +848

    i remember when i read about this diet on AKP i tried it and i lost alot of weight

  • KAN A
    KAN A 5 years ago +114

    Hello!! I stumbled upon this and wanted to thank you for mentioning how this diet is unsustainable! As a nursing student, I am here to advise people who are watching and are even considering this type of diet to please reconsider. 300 calories is not enough for your body to function to its full potential. It is better to eat 2000-2500 calories and include a workout plan. It won't be as fast but it will help keep the weight off if you stay dedicated to the workout and eating healthier. Starving your self with only 300 calories with eventually make you hungrier and you will gain the weight back and sometimes you will weigh heavier than before. Maybe workout and diet with a friend or family member so that it will be more enjoyable.

  • kookie_trash
    kookie_trash 5 years ago

    Omg I actually tried this diet 2 years ago for 2 weeks and it actually worked. As much of a crazy and unhealthy diet this was, I shed a few pounds and the extra chin I carried and my skin was glowing more within a week and of course, daily exercise came with it too. But then I stopped because I was always feeling less energized and dazed

  • #1 Hanie Stan
    #1 Hanie Stan 5 years ago

    HONESLTY it doesn't sound so bad compared to what my diet is right now which is around 500-600 calories a day... I've been going pretty strong and lost 13 pounds and I'm going to keep going along while increasing my workouts. I'm pretty happy tho ❤

  • Karra Johnson-Smith
    Karra Johnson-Smith 5 years ago +1

    I wouldn't recommend this diet to anyone it's basically starvation. it's sad because it's very unhealthy, and IU is underweight as well. So...no!

  • Cinnabunny
    Cinnabunny 3 years ago

    i personally wanted to try this diet but thanks to you im going to start a healthy diet instead thank you💕

  • Leslie Saldivar
    Leslie Saldivar 5 years ago +424

    anyone watching this video or reading the comments, please do not consume 600 calories or less a day for an extended period of time. if you plan to do this "diet" or consider it, it basically ruins your metabolism, your body would not function properly, you organs are not getting enough nutrition. it's probably not fat that's lost its mostly muscle. yeah the food has nutritional value but it's not enough! for a week you are under eating or starving for days. it wears you down and that is not healthy at all, your body is screaming for food which makes you over eat and crave unhealthy stuff. since the metabolism is going so slow you will gain the weight back. I advise that people who want to lose weight please do your research what diet or exercise fits your body type and not do crazy diets that ruin you. please, these diets are not healthy.

  • sky venger
    sky venger 5 years ago +188

    they're like don't try this at home, but then there's me like "hum sorry, but imma lose those 11 pounds please"