LeBron talks MJ, Kyrie Irving’s apology, Zion Williamson and more | NBA All-Star 2019

  • Published on Feb 16, 2019
  • LeBron James fields questions at NBA All-Star Media Day about approaching Michael Jordan’s scoring record, Zion Williamson comparisons, Dwyane Wade’s last NBA All-Star Game and supporting Colin Kaepernick.
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Comments • 2 044

  • Dybala210 K
    Dybala210 K 27 days ago

    “I love you all I love the media you guys are my friends” lmaooo

  • hamzah zziwa
    hamzah zziwa 2 months ago

    I know MJ is the greatest basketball player of all time but when it comes to community work as far as giving back LeBron is a head of him, LeBron always gives back to his community, where as MJ is stingy asf

  • RockaJabroni
    RockaJabroni 4 months ago

    The biggest overrated bum in the history of sports.

  • Jean C Louivil
    Jean C Louivil 4 months ago +1

    Nothing but Respect for Lebron James

  • Coonhunter #1
    Coonhunter #1 5 months ago

    Always pull for LeBron. He's a good dude.

  • Slowe6629
    Slowe6629 5 months ago

    Lebron = 🐐

  • James Franco Quinajon
    James Franco Quinajon 5 months ago

    “I love the media, you guys are my friends” *smiles and walks away as quickly as possible* yeah we convinced you really meant it bron 🤣

  • Tj Davis
    Tj Davis 5 months ago

    He smiled at that last statement bc he know he was full of 💩when he said it..😂😂

  • Teagen Smith
    Teagen Smith 5 months ago

    I really want some Kyrie shoes but I'm too broke so whatevs

  • igobyneq
    igobyneq 5 months ago

    They wilding with that mic creeping in 😂

  • Ivan Mon-alon
    Ivan Mon-alon 5 months ago

    Now I have seen Lebron James matured as a man with the way he talks and the way he acts...in a very good way. I used to see him as an arrogant man....

  • David Velazquez
    David Velazquez 5 months ago

    Wait he doesn’t “toot his own knows”?! Smh straight lies

  • BuieMinor
    BuieMinor 5 months ago

    Real 1 💯

  • Julian Overton
    Julian Overton 5 months ago

    2:04 fake cough so I can get time to remember that kid's name.

  • Mark Cochran
    Mark Cochran 5 months ago

    Only Critique is the “Kap” thing he didn’t sacrifice anything he was already on the way out, and that was his only true intention was to be relevant again. He’s number dramatically drop after Harbaugh left.

  • Dre Jackson
    Dre Jackson 5 months ago

    LeBron speech level 100, he’s choosing all the right questions

  • Zay
    Zay 5 months ago

    Dude who didn’t press record @ 0:10 definitely got fired after this interview. 😂

  • Rene Chang
    Rene Chang 5 months ago

    What a great interview with media.I love the media. You guys are my friends.Smart man.

  • princeton23011 Price
    princeton23011 Price 5 months ago

    He just confirmed that he is gonna be with the Lakers for awhile

  • Daniel Tatum
    Daniel Tatum 5 months ago

    Lmaoo Lebron James is so media savvy he might not be the goat over MJ but he can definitely perceive himself to be

  • Daniel Byun
    Daniel Byun 5 months ago

    Real class

  • Justin Fowler-Lindner
    Justin Fowler-Lindner 5 months ago

    Did anybody else watch it to the end and cringe when he finished with "you guys are my friends"? Lebron is a media master compared to other NBA players but WTF come on. Brah high on Xanax or some shit. On he TOTALLY forgot Cam's name lol

  • Captain Chief
    Captain Chief 5 months ago

    You know it’s a ESPN video when LeBron, MJ, and, Zion is mentioned in the video

  • Kumasi Man
    Kumasi Man 5 months ago

    He's way more honest these days n he answers questions perfectly n honestly

    KiNG KLASSiC 6 months ago

    What kevin durant doesnt realize is that the media can make or break you. They can make uo stories that can ruin your life. As much as it sucjs they are your enemy that yiu need to learn how to control and appease them at the same time. Lebron has learned this. Through PR relations training or just his demeanor, he uses the media to his advantage and at the end even said "yall my friends"

  • Real muscle cars
    Real muscle cars 6 months ago

    You suck james ... Giannis is better than you .

  • Sheldon Cooper
    Sheldon Cooper 6 months ago

    Queen James is one ugly mf

  • Niemi Sylvestre
    Niemi Sylvestre 6 months ago

    God bless

  • 10daniel16
    10daniel16 6 months ago

    Dead how he talks about wade like that’s his girl

  • Jay Keith
    Jay Keith 6 months ago

    I bet he won't go around saying he better than Jordan again

  • TruthHurts58
    TruthHurts58 6 months ago

    “Tooted my nose up?” Thank God these kids have to go to college for at least one year now and take English Comp.

  • Otis Thomas
    Otis Thomas 6 months ago


  • Smooth Eadie
    Smooth Eadie 6 months ago

    I truly like him off the court he stand for people who has far less than him his views on politics is great he would be great for political journey let's see where he goes?

  • SuperCushcush
    SuperCushcush 6 months ago

    He called Coach K the greatest coach of all time😕

  • Moonroof
    Moonroof 6 months ago

    Hes the GOAT

  • Tapsiru Saccoh
    Tapsiru Saccoh 6 months ago

    The smartest athletes that know,how to deal with the media,on and off the court way better than Michael Jordan.

  • Evolve816
    Evolve816 6 months ago

    Dayum, Lebron is the best speaker from the NBA I've ever seen. Jordan is good too, but not like Lebron. Lebron has just evolved as a speaker, you can ask him the toughest questions and he will conquer it. I mean, this dude could work anywhere in the world with his skill set just with his high communication skill set.

  • Evolve816
    Evolve816 6 months ago

    This guy was just meant to have platform for his voice. He is just wise beyond his years, even looking at his interviews at age 18. He's matured so much, but at the same time he just meant for so much more than just being an NBA player.

  • Black Panther
    Black Panther 6 months ago

    8:06 World History?? It's not that serious

  • Derek Smith
    Derek Smith 6 months ago

    THANK YOU!!!

  • Frank Mclain
    Frank Mclain 6 months ago

    What a phoney.

  • TitaniumKranium
    TitaniumKranium 6 months ago

    To all the Bron haters! Guess what? Bron loves everybody. He loves you too even though you hate him. Respect to this guy right here!

  • Troy Currence
    Troy Currence 6 months ago

    I love LeBron James, but why does he have a wave cape on?? You need hair for the cap to work ;) He is still my dawg though...

  • John Shaw
    John Shaw 6 months ago

    What a all around great dude, go LeBron !

  • Ben Camacho
    Ben Camacho 6 months ago

    When u playing 2k and you choose the polite answers

  • LaVishWon
    LaVishWon 6 months ago

    Ppl who hate LeBron this much have a personal issue with "self"!!!

  • SeanScatpack Fallon
    SeanScatpack Fallon 6 months ago

    Cmon Lebrun it’s cool to support Kap but let’s not pretend the man isn’t getting paid. 😂

  • 1dayullsee
    1dayullsee 6 months ago

    That beard is fucking neater than the bushes in the garden at the White House.

  • Craig
    Craig 6 months ago

    They need to play together again, if they both truly care about winning they should put aside their personal differences and learn to really play together.

  • Katherine Lungan
    Katherine Lungan 6 months ago

    So down to earth. I really loved this player. God bless you Lebron.

  • Mark
    Mark 6 months ago

    That face at 4:08 bouta be a meme or gif 😂

  • Reggie Crews
    Reggie Crews 6 months ago

    This interview really shows me His character ... down to earth . A father . Very observant and wise ..FACTS

  • Bam Beezy Bayb
    Bam Beezy Bayb 6 months ago

    who is bam beezy bayb

  • Joan R
    Joan R 6 months ago +1

    Is Zion going to be in the 2019 Draft?

  • Abel Sando
    Abel Sando 6 months ago +5

    James is my best player for life.

  • Brian Hilliard
    Brian Hilliard 6 months ago

    Good interview

  • Jevie Marie Mena
    Jevie Marie Mena 6 months ago

    I will miss him if he retires 😕 I may not watch NBA without him ❤️

  • Brayden Wylie
    Brayden Wylie 6 months ago

    Okay when is Bron getting drug tested

  • Dre Br
    Dre Br 6 months ago

    The GOAT of this Generation

  • hamza virk
    hamza virk 6 months ago +1

    He is the greatest player to have stepped on the court.
    No one can be like him

    • Frank Mclain
      Frank Mclain 6 months ago

      Wrong. Magic and Jordan and bird were all better.

  • Damian
    Damian 6 months ago

    home boy hiding his hairline with that rag.

  • Ace Smooth
    Ace Smooth 6 months ago

    Wow... Watching how he handles the media and his public speaking abilities are amazing... Please continue to help teach the young kids this skill, because it will make their journey so much easier.

  • Fernan Özel
    Fernan Özel 6 months ago +1

    Cut that isis beard, you look very ugly.

    • Black Panther
      Black Panther 6 months ago

      Fernan Özel he looks ugly regardless

  • 00Mindi00
    00Mindi00 6 months ago

    This is a BRILLIANT example of the maturity of Lebron and his skills as an ambassador of the league. NOBODY active in the NBA today comes close to this man. Y'all haters are stupid AF. He's 10x the men you wish you could be.

  • Fellow Wildman
    Fellow Wildman 6 months ago

    How can you not like this guy ?

  • Eugene Thomas
    Eugene Thomas 6 months ago

    Winning championships is a team achievement,people say Jordan is the best because of the rings.Numbers is what the 🐐 is based off.Jordan didn’t win six rings the bulls won six rings get in.They started this rings thing with Jordan,before him no other goat was put in that place because of rings.Lebron will be the goat if he passes Kareem when it’s all said and done.And by the way I grew up watching Jordan his whole career and a big fan,the only thing to me that puts Jordan over Lebron is the scoring titles and defense first teams.But if Lebron can pass Kareem he is the 🐐 he already passed Jordan on almost all categories key word already

    • Eugene Thomas
      Eugene Thomas 6 months ago

      And don’t say well he won three straight twice, Bill won how many straight plus eleven rings last one as player coach.

  • Dariuss2x
    Dariuss2x 6 months ago

    Real Goat ‼️🐐

  • Caleb Triplett
    Caleb Triplett 6 months ago

    Bron recruiting tactics on point....

  • LOHX Jeff
    LOHX Jeff 6 months ago +1

    Damn lebron the man....respect him man

  • luz mabait
    luz mabait 6 months ago +1

    Lebron hard to find a word to describe you but I admire You more a lot the best Player of all time

    • Frank Mclain
      Frank Mclain 6 months ago

      Wrong. Great role model, not best player.

  • Harbinger BSGO
    Harbinger BSGO 6 months ago

    Media : "LeBron James says Dwyane Wayde's "come to an end", remains quiet about mysterious call from Kyrie and boasts about having so much knowledge in the game".

  • CycleCruza
    CycleCruza 6 months ago

    It's funny how Lebron always makes a point of repping Akron like it's a city completely disconnected from Cleveland. Akron is Cleveland!

  • Kenneth Petrovic
    Kenneth Petrovic 6 months ago


    • Frank Mclain
      Frank Mclain 6 months ago

      Jordan coming out of Carolina was more athletic then LeBron out of Akron. And he joined a lot tougher NBA, a lot more physical game. As much as I respect LeBron, he hasn't stepped up in big moments at times, other times he has, people's memories of Jordan mostly are of him stepping up and Knocking down the shot when his team needed him to. Why he is 6/6 not 3/9

  • Kenneth Petrovic
    Kenneth Petrovic 6 months ago


  • Kenneth Petrovic
    Kenneth Petrovic 6 months ago