Exploring 5 Haunted Places For Halloween

  • Published on Oct 27, 2018
  • Halloween Special 2018.
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Comments • 614

  • Sir Spooks
    Sir Spooks  Year ago +247

    Hey guys, I'm so sorry I had to take the video down. It was dislike bot attacked so I had to reupload it. Hopefully it doesn't happen again though. If you see a crazy amount of dislikes, then you know why. For now though, enjoy the video and Happy Halloween! 🎃🎃🎃

    • Margen Zee
      Margen Zee 16 days ago

      @Sir Spooks pls check at 27:36 behind the dirty window it seems like there is something knocking on the window from inside and moves its hand back and when the light shines through better u can actually see the outline of some1s arm and hand really freaked me out u should check it

    • 2furbabys 74
      2furbabys 74 26 days ago

      @SirSpooks @ 36:21 n the 2nd investigation it sure sounds like there is a low growl. I could b wrong but listened to it several x & it sure sounds like it!

    • Original nutta
      Original nutta Month ago

      15.54 something moves past the door your talking about as the camera moves past its at the bottom

    • JESSICA Shea
      JESSICA Shea Month ago

      This was a great video. You have to start making more of them. I was so freaked out. Those were some really sketchy houses in the woods. When you were doing the first EVP's at about 24:06 you got glitches but it looked like it came out as devil eyes, they were creepy red. Also at 29:36 that was a top notch hat press LOL. I thought you might run into someone in those buildings. But the woods, wild boar and wolves, No Way, they would rip you guys apart. I was hoping you would run into some Troll's tho. You could of picked up some Hot Troll Chicks. I heard human guys really go for those kind of girls. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 I really hope you make more. I was wondering if you happened to make any others in the past? Thumbs up👍👍👍👍

    • JESSICA Shea
      JESSICA Shea Month ago

      @Alan Hadley I'm not sure what sound you mean but I hear a swiping sound. I think it's their rain coats. The material brushing against itself.

  • •BlueBalløøns•

    The ghosts can sense your good quality recording equipment and feared you

  • Deaneo Stokesyeo
    Deaneo Stokesyeo 2 days ago +1

    Seriously my left flip-flop is more haunted than this entire coma-inducing video.

  • QuineFaeScotland
    QuineFaeScotland 3 days ago

    On your 2nd location, when you heard a noise. You put it down to being a bird, maybe there was a bird, but also there was someone standing in the woods watching you guys. 32.37 and 32.50 you see a light similar to a mobile light. Unless there was a fourth person there with you. Check it out...

  • Ferenc Péter
    Ferenc Péter 4 days ago


  • Veanne Gilchrist
    Veanne Gilchrist 5 days ago

    I think Trailer and Nails....

  • April T.
    April T. 6 days ago

    Sir Spooks this is the fourth video I have watched of yours and I have to say I LOVE your accent. May I ask where are you from I'm from American the state of North Carolina boring accent if you ask me. I am happy that I found your videos on RU-clip....YES I subscribe, keep up the good work. When you are looking and walking around different places please be very careful.

  • Rachel Atwood
    Rachel Atwood 6 days ago

    Hello sir spooks I love all your videos and love watching them every day but here's a real way you could have summoned bloody Mary things you will need and step by step I tried it it's works even though I don't recommend it but it's your choice
    1. The right time 3:00am devil's hour when spirits are active
    2.a bathroom with a mirror that is clean so you can see her clearly with no windows or cover the windows with a thick black curtain so no light can come in
    3. 2 candles with no sent you can use white but black will work better
    4. A faucet that runs
    5. Bravery
    1. At midnight set up the bathroom place the candles on both sides of the sink
    2. Make sure the mirror is clean for a clear view and the sink had nothing on it but the candles a clean bathroom floor would not be a bad idea
    3. After your all set it's better if the bathroom has no windows of it dose cover the windows with a thick dark cloth so no light can come in
    4. Right is the start of 3:00am go into the bathroom shut the door
    5.turn on the sink water full blast with both hot and cold
    6.light the candles and turn off the lights
    7.place hand on the mirror
    8.call her name 3 times
    9. After calling her don't look away from the mirror but when she appears slowly take your hand off the mirror quickly turn on the lights
    if you are gong to record the video don't have the light on if it's anything brighter than the candles she won't come she doesn't like bright light

  • Creepy Hauntings
    Creepy Hauntings 7 days ago

    love this video hope you will make plenty more.

  • Eleanore's Gaming Universe

    @1:02:55 it's like you can hear the giggle of a child

  • Margen Zee
    Margen Zee 16 days ago

    27:36 seems like u can see something knocking on the window and then moves its hand back and u can see the outline of the arm and hand.. scary

    • Margen Zee
      Margen Zee 16 days ago

      how am i the only one who saw this? seriously freaks me out.

  • Rossano Valmonte
    Rossano Valmonte 18 days ago

    Don’t this guys have nothing else to do?!???.......don’t they have a job???

  • Lovely Lam
    Lovely Lam 18 days ago

    @29:11 there's a face in the window and it sounds like there's someone loud whispering

  • MsDawggy’s Lucky Life

    I enjoyed watching your video! Thank you and your friends for sharing your wonderful adventures! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👏🏻💯

  • Lovely Lam
    Lovely Lam 18 days ago

    4:00 there's someone in the bush it looks like in red....

  • R1ch4rd N1x0n
    R1ch4rd N1x0n 19 days ago

    That bathroom in the first house SUUUUURE does look like the bathroom from this video at 5:55.....


  • Marcy Stott
    Marcy Stott 19 days ago

    that was a hobo spider :)

  • Juci Shockwave
    Juci Shockwave 23 days ago

    Them are Moonshine bottles. Will grow ya whiskers they would.

  • Chanel Serasinghe
    Chanel Serasinghe 25 days ago

    what part of be alone dont you get your friends should be outside and you inside IF any of those rituals are to work

  • Rasmus Baltser
    Rasmus Baltser 28 days ago

    Genner børnehjem?

  • Megan B.
    Megan B. 28 days ago

    Hey cutie. You Know your voice didn't match your look. But now it's a SEXY Voice.

    • Megan B.
      Megan B. 22 days ago +1

      @trashpanda101 01 You're right.... It was sexy all along!!!

    • trashpanda101 01
      trashpanda101 01 23 days ago

      So it wasn't a sexy voice before?

  • Lady Aszneth
    Lady Aszneth 29 days ago

    #1 Location, Haunted House: That knocking sounds like either a CABINET door not a door we walk through. If you went to the kitchen and experimented with those little doors, I imagine you'll hear that sound. A spirit was attached to me for many years, and he'd often move the cabinet doors and knocking on the walls to alert us to his presence. He was protective of me and my two kids, not malicious at all.
    He once followed me in my first overseas trip. Many friends also saw his presence, on the trip, oftentimes at work. It was trippy! I miss him, as he's not been around for a very long time. 😢

  • Dominique Moore-Watson

    Very good video. Please make more like this,

  • Zoe Felix
    Zoe Felix Month ago

    1:15:59 "weave faster" followed a sharp "GO!"
    NOT SURE it said weave, but sounded like something like that....I can hear quite a bit of whispered EVPs throughout your videos, but some can be blamed on clothes rustling too...

  • Zoe Felix
    Zoe Felix Month ago

    1:06:15....is that you whispering? Something about coming here when your brother is talking? It's loud enuf I didn't need ear buds, but quiet enuf to possibly be an EVP.
    Also, please check out my tweets, as you would get an absolute kick out of them....@zoefelix6 on Twitter.
    Great video btw ❤ from Colorado, Zoe

  • Anoj Bae
    Anoj Bae Month ago

    Do more videos sir cute.. ❤️

  • Anoj Bae
    Anoj Bae Month ago

    19:36 what are u doing mr. Spooks ❤️

  • Anoj Bae
    Anoj Bae Month ago

    Cute cute and hot... Sir spooks😍

  • Joselyn Collins
    Joselyn Collins Month ago

    I enjoy your channel, on the american ones I counted over 100 F#@K's on one & they talk too much. So far you've got the best.

  • Jason Wojtkiewicz
    Jason Wojtkiewicz Month ago

    Sir Spooks, love your vids. Wanted to say something on the last segment in the forest. If not trolls, the scratches on the rock resembles tool marks, from perhaps a rock hammer/pick. I'm a rock hound, and I see those a lot in a forest I find crystals in. Some people think they'll get into the rock to the pockets of crystals inside, which is ridiculous because of how hard the rock is. It takes serious industrial equipment to break into those bigger stones. Anyhow, I truly wish you the best of luck in all future videos you embark upon making.

  • Bree G
    Bree G Month ago +2

    Sir Spooks is indeed a handsome guy!! What a cutie!

  • 1 in Billion Punjabi Punjabi

    Saying blue baby blue Look at the face appeared on a window to your left Spooky

  • Marcelline Choisne
    Marcelline Choisne Month ago

    Thank you so much! it was very pleasant to look! i love not only spirits but urbex and all weird places,then thats perfect!

  • Gessia Heer
    Gessia Heer Month ago

    2 Idioten. ..ihhh

  • Russell Anderson
    Russell Anderson Month ago +2

    Watching this from last year

    PATTY PERRY Month ago +1

    hi sir spooks,while you were reading about the legand of blu baby blu there is an orb or light enomily @17:02 its real quick

  • stephen delph
    stephen delph Month ago +2

    Sir spooks is a very handsome guy

  • brenna good
    brenna good Month ago

    I've been watching your videos for like the past week. So many new videos I haven't seen before. What I would REALLY love to see is a video on skin walkers from native American folklore. I'm Navajo and even though in my culture, it is taboo to speak or see such things, I would love to see a vid on it... Thank you for keeping me entertained.

    You're very handsome and you sound like Michael gough's Alfred 😁

  • ibehalez
    ibehalez Month ago +2

    actually funny to hear the slight danish in your english

  • jt950517
    jt950517 Month ago +1

    Been looking through some of your videos and this came next in the auto play. I like your content.
    Now as a Swede that grew up surrounded by forest, round rocks like some of those in the video, like that one with the claw marks, always made me uncomfortable. They look so much like rocks that could be a troll that's turned into a rock to hide from people close by. As a kid I couldn't help imagine the kids playing around climbing and walking on trolls, so I only stuck to walking on and climbing on more edgy and less round and less smooth looking rocks.

  • Angela Huber
    Angela Huber Month ago

    Location 1- After you said B.M. 5 times look at the window on the right side it looked like a woman's face. Then EVP after you asked if they were mad when you played the mirror games at time mark 22:17 there was a something that made sound between 1.39 & 1.40 on your EVP screen has a tiny noise scribble it looked like there was a short answer like a yes or no answer.
    Location 2 when you first got there at time markers 25:38 - 25:41 watch the front of the building on the far right side. It looks like a dark cloudy shadow figure sitting & then right before the light is straight on it looks like it is already standing up. It looks like it's wearing a cowboy hat, then *POOF* is gone. It's hard to tell it is one of the guys you're with & it's his shadow since they seem to stay in front & in the places where it's difficult to tell if it belongs to one of them or not. Anyway those are the only things I may or may not have noticed that weren't mentioned.
    Love your videos :)
    P.S. I bet you could $$ sell $$ some shirts and your other merch. that says " Everything is a hay press" or " I already told you , It's a Hay Press!" "The answer will ALWAYS be ... IT IS A HAY PRESS!" "Oh, I forgot ... it's a hay press" I'm sure you can come up with something better & add your name/logo. Just a thought. :)

  • Felipe Pernambuco
    Felipe Pernambuco Month ago

    star lord cassete

  • Russ Brown
    Russ Brown Month ago +2

    It really tickles me to see you in the field. The buildings are creepy old, and you seem so calm. It's a few days from Halloween 2019 and this is excellent mood food.
    Thank you Sir. I'm a devoted fan.
    Happy Halloween Sir Spooks.

  • Justin H
    Justin H Month ago

    shitty video. Im 21 min into it and nothing good

  • elaine stevens
    elaine stevens Month ago

    Whos in the light in the w
    Indow behind
    You when your doing candyman?

  • Warrior Poet
    Warrior Poet Month ago

    those formerly produced c.r.t. monitors are the very cause of why screen savers were in such abundance, unlike modern needs, which still are used - around the turn of century twenty, you had three options & those were (1) set at most a 5min delay to activate any type of slideshow (saver), (2) switch display, for a dark screen, either with the button to click it off, manually; or use of the internal timer setting, to automatically shut off its monitor, or (3) run loop demos or videos that constantly swap colors around the display - i have seen burnt images, where an element of some game title, a constant or long term picture, or freeze up, would be permanently 'shadowed' onto the c.r.t. as hazey outlines, prompting you to want a new monitor.. that indelible face, however creepy, would be the result of hard burning it from the inside of their p.c. by ignoring the use of those above methods.. that mirror game tapping was an harrowing event, if compared to spook face, there, which is almost 100% a burnt on c.r.t. issue; modern displays also do suffer ghosts if left paused or locked up for hours - back then, it could take so little as ten minutes & you'd be having your own 'haunted monitor' with a 'creepy head guy' staring you down for leaving to get chinese food..!!

  • Inger Rogers
    Inger Rogers Month ago

    Candy MAN IS NOT REAL! It was a fictitious movie to scare people. It was a RU-clipr that started this mess about C.M. NEEDING to obtain more views and likes, that's all. Come on now, every creature posted on the Internet IS NOT REAL!

  • Daniel Frissora
    Daniel Frissora Month ago

    Cool idea for a Halloween video, glad it got uploaded again. Love Halloween specials 🎃

  • Kevin Johnson
    Kevin Johnson Month ago +1

    I am impressed with the video and like to see more like this. In the future.

  • Otis Carmine
    Otis Carmine Month ago

    I just watched this video and I thought you did a great job I to have a RU-clip channel and this is what I do. I would love to see you do more videos like this one you know mode it up a little.

  • brandon nickman
    brandon nickman Month ago

    Hey I just wanted to point out that it's normal to find a fridge's doors open in a place like that. You should leave fridge and freezer doors open if you're going to leave them without power for a long time. If you don't leave the doors open, it will create a horrible smell that you can't get out.

  • Jacob Bradenbaugh
    Jacob Bradenbaugh Month ago +1

    This fucking shit sucks donkey Dick thanks for wasting my time ass wipe

  • Faith Frommyhart
    Faith Frommyhart Month ago

    Whoa!! Gorgeous!!

  • Maddy Byfield
    Maddy Byfield Month ago

    In the part where you are looking in a mirror and you hear a sound. When you clean it up you can hear a voice just before the sound.
    Ps Iam obsessed with Jared Leto and you look like his younger self.

  • Eric Veloz
    Eric Veloz Month ago

    How come you don't make anymore content like this? I enjoyed it and it makes me think maybe I could try it just to see what happens lol.

  • Sleepy Creepy Joe3033o
    Sleepy Creepy Joe3033o 2 months ago +1

    watch out for creepy mofo's in there. That rake thing among other things

  • Sherrie Haynes
    Sherrie Haynes 2 months ago +1

    Love you videos guys!! Be careful when you're out in the woods, Sasquatch does exist!!

  • Mona Rosenberg
    Mona Rosenberg 2 months ago

    Really enjoyed it! Thank you!

  • susie o'hanlon
    susie o'hanlon 2 months ago

    First time I've discovered your channel. I'm at 1:25:33. When does it get scary or less then that spooky?? Well, have a great search. Maybe in your next abounded, "HAUNTED" house you'll actually see or come across ANYTHING at least spooky. Good luck guys. I'm out..

  • AverdeCheeseburger c
    AverdeCheeseburger c 2 months ago

    Truly amazing - you put a lot of work into this and it really shows. Keep it up!! Exceptional content.