Can ANYONE name a single character from the movie Avatar?

  • Published on Mar 20, 2019
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 13 179

  • Woampy Joins
    Woampy Joins 3 hours ago

    4:02 Spider-Man isn’t part of the avengers exactly...

  • Emilyissocool
    Emilyissocool 3 days ago

    I love this video

  • Larry Long
    Larry Long 5 days ago

    Jesus Christ

  • Crums
    Crums 6 days ago

    Lol what an outdated video. Didn’t jack know a film called avengers endgame is highest grossing film of all time. For a guy jacksfilms he knows nothing about film

  • Sarcasm
    Sarcasm 8 days ago

    8:15 wtf was that noise

  • Sarcasm
    Sarcasm 8 days ago

    Ey thats the place from gta

  • Renegade
    Renegade 10 days ago

    "Can you name one character from the avengers?"
    "sPiDeR mAn"

  • ImInfinite MidWest
    ImInfinite MidWest 10 days ago

    Jack picking up hotties at the pier 😌

  • Phone Thief
    Phone Thief 10 days ago

    Jake Sully, neyteri... Eywa...

  • Ruben Kivimaa Långström

    Can u do this more times? Please!
    Love your vids By the way 🤩

  • I like V4
    I like V4 13 days ago +1

    This video is so overexposed, I could use it as a flashlight.

  • BookGal 6095
    BookGal 6095 13 days ago

    Is it bad I thought the guy in green was the same as the guy in flannel just changing shirts for some reason?

  • Shadz Gamez
    Shadz Gamez 14 days ago

    I only know 2.
    Jake Soo-lee
    Papa Dragon

  • Sebastian Jaimes
    Sebastian Jaimes 14 days ago

    "I don't know they are aliens" just said Yodas name who is an alien.

  • Rosario Castro
    Rosario Castro 16 days ago +1

    Avatar... so memorable... practically engraved into our collective minds, no wonder we're getting 4 more ¬¬

  • monkey wrench
    monkey wrench 18 days ago


  • S D
    S D 18 days ago

    Jake Sully and neytiri dude.

  • GaboCO316!
    GaboCO316! 21 day ago

    Watched this video like 11 times and I still cant remember the one name they so mention (Jake whatever)

  • XO Charles
    XO Charles 21 day ago

    "Is that the blue people??"

  • Corey
    Corey 21 day ago

    jEsUs chRist

  • pixlxj
    pixlxj 21 day ago

    "It's a cruel game you've got going on Jacksfilm"


  • elia pretara
    elia pretara 21 day ago +4

    Can you name a character from star wars?
    A: Anakin Skywalker
    B: Darth Vader
    Star wars fans:🤨

  • Davide Cantoni
    Davide Cantoni 21 day ago

    Was that guy idubzzz?

  • Fieria Areilielle
    Fieria Areilielle 22 days ago

    Jack: can you name any character from Avatar?
    Me: *thinks hard* umm, Robert?
    Jack: who?
    Me: the pilot guy?
    Jack: *checks Google for Avatar's cast* there's no one named Robert
    Me: f*ck, almost got it..

  • Paleotube
    Paleotube 24 days ago

    i would have won that money, i remember of the main character Jake Soully

  • Cammie Beniflah
    Cammie Beniflah 27 days ago

    can I have five dollars now?

  • Charlie
    Charlie 28 days ago

    "name a jacksfilms video"
    "Alexander Jamilton"

  • John Blumenthal
    John Blumenthal 29 days ago

    Isn’t Eric the guy who smoked salvia and tried to drive a car on RU-clip

  • nomnom XDDD
    nomnom XDDD 29 days ago

    Avatar is using sub bot, wake up America!

  • Illager Plays MCPE
    Illager Plays MCPE 29 days ago

    Little did they knew they just had to take jacks name.

  • rocketpoweredunicorn
    rocketpoweredunicorn 29 days ago


  • Lenox Bean
    Lenox Bean 29 days ago

    That was the worst/best example of your gay little laugh there at the end

  • Marie Barnett
    Marie Barnett Month ago

    Jack: *Can you name a character from avatar?*

    Lady on the street: *JESUS CHRIST*

  • I'm so very OPTIMISTIC

    Late show with Jack Douglass

  • Vaimukas Rott
    Vaimukas Rott Month ago +2

    Jesus Christ is way underrated in Avatar

  • memorless
    memorless Month ago

    4:11 "uhhh DarK VaDeR" lol

  • Maya Statham
    Maya Statham Month ago

    "You're an asshole Jack"

  • Elise Leonard
    Elise Leonard Month ago

    I tried to look it up and google doesn’t even know the characters names

  • Squids AJ
    Squids AJ Month ago +1



  • Jayden Iglesias
    Jayden Iglesias Month ago +1

    Lol easy, I can name 7
    -Papa Smurf
    -That one blue dude that was on Oprah
    -Blue man group (3 people)
    -The one dude that was attacked by the fire nation

  • N- Natsuki!
    N- Natsuki! Month ago

    4:51 omg that waves

  • gunner jax
    gunner jax Month ago

    4:30 sounds like gamerboy80

  • Gypsy Queen
    Gypsy Queen Month ago

    Does no one remember Jake Sully???? It was mentioned a lot of times in the movie.

  • Evelyn YT
    Evelyn YT Month ago

    6:30 "Jesus Christ"

  • Matthew Avílez
    Matthew Avílez Month ago


  • Inferno Kitty
    Inferno Kitty Month ago

    I got one... cabbage man

  • AnimeAddictedNerdboi YT

    8:15 ear rape

  • Egg_Runner
    Egg_Runner Month ago

    Ahh yes, Avatar, the well known film starring Jesus Christ

  • Paweł Wronowski
    Paweł Wronowski Month ago

    holy shit how did you get alan from the hangover as the host?

  • Chris Diaz
    Chris Diaz Month ago

    6:30 fuck that got me 😂😂😂

  • Mr_CraftyGamer MCG
    Mr_CraftyGamer MCG Month ago

    I know one!!! Nebula!

  • keep_me_ here
    keep_me_ here Month ago

    Jake Sully

  • Blue Gamer
    Blue Gamer Month ago

    jack sponsor companies
    jack gei
    jack vanquished

  • gtboi
    gtboi Month ago

    J e s u s C h r i s t

  • Matthew A
    Matthew A Month ago

    Ok, but why does Jack get so triggered at 6:57?

  • CyberChamp
    CyberChamp Month ago

    All I know is Na'vi, Pandora ,Unobtanium, Banshees and the name Jake

  • Maski
    Maski Month ago

    Roses are red,
    Onions are diced,
    Name an avatar,
    Jesus christ

  • Captain What
    Captain What Month ago

    I love how this video proves the point that Avatar is only good for its CGI and the environment in the movie, and was not and will never be iconic like Star Wars or Marvel.

  • Thomas Blackie
    Thomas Blackie Month ago

    Jesus Christ

  • robinhio100
    robinhio100 Month ago +1

    Avengers: Like 20 movies, with their names in the titles + some characters are already known before the avenger movies ...
    Star wars: 10 movies or so with children's series, games etc.
    Avatar: 1 movie with most of the characters having weird/impossible names and some generic names for the humans ...
    Of course people don't remember generic/weird names from 1 movie 10 years ago,
    try remembering names from any 1 movie blockbuster like interstellar, inception even a series like the hunger games

    I watched all hunger games movies and read all books: still had to think real hard to name only the main character ...