• Published on Aug 18, 2019
  • Watch full highlights from Tottenham Hotspur's 2-2 draw with Manchester City including Lucas Moura's lightning quick strike 19 seconds after coming off the bench.
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Comments • 809

  • Pastor Joao Carlos oficial

    Entrou e marcou Lucas terrível

  • Vivid Snipez1
    Vivid Snipez1 10 days ago

    How the Tottenham commentator says no goal with such courage

  • Ali Reza Shukri
    Ali Reza Shukri 12 days ago +3

    If Tottenham played Lucas moura on champions league final, the chances of them winning would be extremely high

  • iftolo
    iftolo 12 days ago

    Kevin de bruyne what a monster

  • Michael J.V.
    Michael J.V. 12 days ago +5

    Lucas is much better than Kane. Always be a saver for the team. The coach was stupid to use Kane in the final game of last Euro Champion League.

  • Deryansyaputra Dery
    Deryansyaputra Dery 13 days ago


  • Motowodo
    Motowodo 14 days ago

    Who else watching before 1m?

  • Kulsoom malik
    Kulsoom malik 15 days ago


  • Allan Quartey
    Allan Quartey 16 days ago

    1:25 kdb is talented af

  • tahiti treat
    tahiti treat 17 days ago

    City totally outplayed Spurs. Wasting chances were our fault, Spurs scoring two from 3 shots not their fault either ( I apologize to Spurs fans for previous comments), but ref Oliver is still a piece of crap.

  • Michael Farojoye
    Michael Farojoye 20 days ago

    VAR conspiracy.

  • Fawwaz AB
    Fawwaz AB 20 days ago +1

    VAR again 🤣😂

  • Sharon Wilson
    Sharon Wilson 20 days ago

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  • Adimas Handoko
    Adimas Handoko 20 days ago +2

    Let lucas play 90+ minute!

  • Kelvin Ntim
    Kelvin Ntim 20 days ago

    Commentator: "But nothing to rule this one out"


  • Jon Black
    Jon Black 20 days ago

    Var favoured Newcastle United today. Guess your contract with var has expired

  • Xuân Cường Đỗ
    Xuân Cường Đỗ 20 days ago

    kevin's assist was crazy

  • Omar edvde
    Omar edvde 20 days ago

    Fuck the var

  • Helder De Almeida
    Helder De Almeida 20 days ago +1

    The question we need to ask is why the manager doesn't put Lucas more often on the first team

  • Caesar The Spicy
    Caesar The Spicy 21 day ago

    Well at least pochettino is honest... in a post match interview he declared his love for his best player, VAR.

  • EiJi Lee
    EiJi Lee 21 day ago

    Lucas surely gets a first XI spot by now. And clearly a handball shown in the replay. Not going to lie Aguero playing pretty good for his age.

  • Jo'PlaY & Toketo
    Jo'PlaY & Toketo 21 day ago

    For me Spurs isn't a team. They're playing how they like, without tactic. They only play with lucky situations. Man city has made 30 shots and what did Tottenham make? 3 or 4. Man city has deserved to win but this VAR comes out and destroys their beautiful play. That game was only on the luck of the Spurs.

    • Jo'PlaY & Toketo
      Jo'PlaY & Toketo 19 days ago

      @Latte is horse. You don't need to have only good players to win a match. Here is a prove: Paris Saint Germain. You need to have also tactic and of course a little bit luck. But Spurs are playing only on luck and I want to see the moment where they lose their luck...

    • Latte is horse.
      Latte is horse. 20 days ago

      Mansour's oil city (since 2008)

  • Paulo Roberto
    Paulo Roberto 21 day ago

    The Best play

  • Mohd Hilmy
    Mohd Hilmy 21 day ago

    Lucas moura could be the best, if he not left out from the finals and brazil squad for copa. He could win both but shit happens. Hope better for him in future.

  • becometheteapot
    becometheteapot 21 day ago

    Whilst man u are putting 90+3 on there shirt for a heartwarming reason, spurs are putting 90+3 on their shirt for totally f
    Different reasons

  • LilAbelPlays 321
    LilAbelPlays 321 21 day ago

    Why they Looked for VAR😭😭😭😭 but I'm still a toteham fan

  • Pritam Modak
    Pritam Modak 21 day ago +1

    VAR again saved you...RODRI penalty and Last min goal...good VAR alaways helps you..if it is legal way or illegal way..#EPL. #UEFA UCL

  • giuseppe scagliarini junior

    Why Lucas Mouras was in the bench? Poch must respect him!

  • John Smith
    John Smith 21 day ago +1

    French goalkeeper deserves outstanding applause!
    Proper reaction. Gain to get but he laughs at the decision.

  • Arthur Santiago
    Arthur Santiago 21 day ago

    what about that cross from de bruyne

  • Mllngtn Louis
    Mllngtn Louis 21 day ago

    was Aguero offside though on his goal ?

  • Alhaji Timbo
    Alhaji Timbo 21 day ago

    Come on city not reff

  • 4k ronaldinho
    4k ronaldinho 22 days ago

    Premier League 2019 mothkratryadh.blogspot.com

  • Muhammad Aizad
    Muhammad Aizad 22 days ago

    VAR make a stupid desicion...

    KPOP & BLINK TV 22 days ago +1

    Man of the match : *VAR*

  • Double J 973
    Double J 973 22 days ago

    LUCAS legend continue

  • Faiq Achmad
    Faiq Achmad 22 days ago

    05:00 ikr...

  • JUBILEU pipoca
    JUBILEU pipoca 22 days ago

    Lucas Moura😍❤

  • MrKaravaj
    MrKaravaj 22 days ago +2

    Im a Lfc fan but honestly I would love to see Spurs winning Epl, either this year or soon

    • MrKaravaj
      MrKaravaj 21 day ago

      @moses boniface Why? I dont want any other team to win. Ofc I want LFC to win but if not then rather Spurs than anyone else

    • moses boniface
      moses boniface 21 day ago

      Then you are not a LFC fan

  • Ebrima Daffeh
    Ebrima Daffeh 22 days ago

    But there's no off side here, hand ball is awarded my friends just take a look

  • Bang Damanik
    Bang Damanik 22 days ago

    Proof that situ GK ia suck. Wkwk

  • Nabil Amin
    Nabil Amin 22 days ago +1

    MOTM- VAR😂😂😎

  • Anda Mrapelo
    Anda Mrapelo 22 days ago +1

    Haha Man City fans
    Typical VAR

    AKASH KUMAR 22 days ago

    Totti always getting lucky

  • Haret Haret
    Haret Haret 22 days ago +1

    جزائري لايك 🖕🇩🇿😢

  • chidubem
    chidubem 23 days ago +48

    Other teams were busy signing players when Tottenham signed an exclusive deal with VAR.

    • Johan Rasmussen
      Johan Rasmussen 20 days ago

      Stop hating just because you're a city fan, it's part of the game. It counts for both sides.

  • Vicente Pinto Correia
    Vicente Pinto Correia 23 days ago +2

    That pass from de Bruyne . World class player

  • cryp mkt
    cryp mkt 23 days ago

    Love watching football players pleading with the referee, after a VAR decision. They really do get even stupider, every season.

  • glyn clemson
    glyn clemson 23 days ago

    Nothing to rule this one out > They think it's all over.

  • Andy Coz
    Andy Coz 23 days ago

    Can't help thinking of Johnny "digger" Barnes when i watch Raheem Sterling! Both blessed 🤴🏽🤴🏽🤴🏽

  • juuti
    juuti 23 days ago


  • Air Masak Kosong
    Air Masak Kosong 23 days ago

    Spurs Fan hope on VAR ?? Discusting Club with no Trophys end of the season.

  • Tanzikwanashe Gandashanga

    These are Manchester City Highlights on a THFC RU-clip Channel.

  • deni chandra
    deni chandra 23 days ago

    City 2 - TottenVAR 2

  • whyte banis
    whyte banis 23 days ago

    Man city Tot always a drama. Pls help me build my channel ru-clip.com/video/GQk5olFHB3s/video.html

  • jafal kutika
    jafal kutika 23 days ago +1

    #We don't need VAR#Stop VAR

  • רועי לןי
    רועי לןי 23 days ago

    is hand ball but is axcednt not in peepers

  • Everest Matross
    Everest Matross 23 days ago +2

    In FIFA19 Lloris would have saved that first goal.
    Martin Tyler: "too easy for Hugo Lloris"
    Then the other commentator: "he could've thrown his cap on that. Poor effort...poor"

  • vader Ramn
    vader Ramn 23 days ago

    9:09 confirmed..erikson going to city on a free transfer as silva replacement!

    • vader Ramn
      vader Ramn 23 days ago

      Saw the same shit with rodri bernado mendy walker ndouembele and all the players he tried to tap in

  • Surinder Sekhon
    Surinder Sekhon 23 days ago

    fill foden 73 premier thropy
    no sale 8324 premier shabby