15 Year Old YAASHWIN SARAWANAN Is A HUMAN CALCULATOR! | Asia's Got Talent 2019 on AXN Asia

  • Published on Mar 7, 2019
  • YAASHWIN SARAWANAN is a #HumanCalculator and he can do math faster than you can press your calculator. Don't believe it? Get your calculator ready and press along!
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Comments • 39 674

    RK MISHRA 57 seconds ago


  • Kazuto Lu
    Kazuto Lu 7 minutes ago

    How to get a girl 102

  • SKVLiN3
    SKVLiN3 26 minutes ago

    The most shocking part in the video...”I don’t like math” asian guy.

  • Sri Harini
    Sri Harini 41 minute ago

    Really mind-blowing talent🎉

  • Danny Sze
    Danny Sze Hour ago

    ... cant understand what hes saying

  • kenny kenny
    kenny kenny Hour ago

    He should be my calculator on my math exam

  • Zousky
    Zousky Hour ago +1

    Asian parents: nice warm up, now calculate the exact space time of the speed of a gravitational force due to the collision of a neutron star and a 3 solar mass black hole to the power of the parallel universe

  • Izuru Kamukura
    Izuru Kamukura Hour ago

    Damn I’m here still trying to figure out what plus means

  • Prabij Shrestha
    Prabij Shrestha Hour ago

    Give him some complicated math equations. 😁

  • A Baldcrackhead
    A Baldcrackhead Hour ago

    He still hasn’t proved how math is fun

    YOUNG KOBE 2 hours ago

    oh hell nah

  • QuinFPS
    QuinFPS 2 hours ago

    I’m freaked out by the amount of Asians in that room

  • can we get 6,000 subs with few videos?

    *i even type 3+3 in calcu just to be sure. becuase i dont trust my self lol*

  • Emily Par
    Emily Par 2 hours ago

    He's 15??!!
    I'm 15 and I...well I.... I... I.... I-- will stop talking

  • Zion Bovard
    Zion Bovard 3 hours ago

    Of course the asian guy does math better than most people in the world

  • Avixk E
    Avixk E 3 hours ago +1

    The judge I can’t imagine this brings chicks what I wish the human calculator said well jokes on you I’m gay

  • Dynasty 187k
    Dynasty 187k 3 hours ago +1

    I left when I didn't see *America's got talent*

  • Sibyl Dauer
    Sibyl Dauer 4 hours ago

    The ultimate Asian

  • MMTGT920
    MMTGT920 4 hours ago +1

    No he has a voice automated calculator in his glasses

  • Carlos Preciado
    Carlos Preciado 4 hours ago

    I call hacks

  • Kay-Whity_Bball_ 1517
    Kay-Whity_Bball_ 1517 5 hours ago

    Can he do my hw please??? I don’t understand it ;-;

  • Dark Anime
    Dark Anime 5 hours ago

    Still hate math😑

  • Ahtisham Ali
    Ahtisham Ali 5 hours ago

    wow your mind

  • Mista- W
    Mista- W 5 hours ago

    I can do that too. 5+5 =10 - 6 = 4 +2=6 *quick maths*

  • yousif alhammadi
    yousif alhammadi 6 hours ago

    Americas got talent uks got talent now I discover Asia’s got talent can they make the moons got talent

  • Nqju
    Nqju 6 hours ago

    Wonder if he passed maths today?

  • mitch leigh
    mitch leigh 6 hours ago

    Im quite good at doing sums in my head but this is another level

  • Philip Duc Tieu
    Philip Duc Tieu 6 hours ago

    there is probably the math teacher jealous

  • James Cooper
    James Cooper 6 hours ago

    Funny how people believe this he has an ear piece in telling him the answers

  • Raorin
    Raorin 6 hours ago +1

    Parents:why can’t you be like him


  • shawn meehan
    shawn meehan 7 hours ago

    He didn't have a sob back story so he lost

  • Rod Powers
    Rod Powers 7 hours ago

    He just pissed Texas Instruments off...very great talent Sir.

  • Basically I d0 RaNd0M WoRk!

    I can tell that from his glasses

  • RJ Zaxcell
    RJ Zaxcell 8 hours ago

    Why was that judge so focused on him getting a girlfriend tho

  • Krayy
    Krayy 8 hours ago

    Ultra Instinct

  • Bilek Gamer Youtube
    Bilek Gamer Youtube 8 hours ago

    Me: math sucks
    This guy: Ima end this mans hole career

    MICHAEL VILCHEZ 8 hours ago

    He should be my math teacher

  • Bilal Abdi
    Bilal Abdi 8 hours ago

    Me: * Gets laughed at for having a big forehead *
    This boi: I have not got a forehead uno I got that twohead

  • Amish Satti
    Amish Satti 8 hours ago

    And Here Iam,Still Trying To Hold The Light Button B/w on and off

  • ismail baza
    ismail baza 9 hours ago

    Big brain time

  • Keith W
    Keith W 9 hours ago

    he has no friends


    Genius Boy

  • Rama.
    Rama. 9 hours ago

    If he dont know all cheating Codes in GTA than i didnt understand the world

  • Nick W
    Nick W 9 hours ago

    I am the human calculator. If you stand me on my head, I say boobies.

  • A Kaur
    A Kaur 9 hours ago

    My son is like that too. N he is just 5. Some kids have special talents.

  • Jamal Hossain
    Jamal Hossain 10 hours ago

    Him at 15: HuMan CalCUlatOr
    Me: not even 15 lol get rekt

  • AwesDom _
    AwesDom _ 10 hours ago

    n e r d

  • Piku Expo
    Piku Expo 11 hours ago

    And here is me using a calculator to add 2+2 and still getting it wrong

  • password laser
    password laser 11 hours ago +2

    Parent: What's you want to be when you grow up
    Kid: A calculator

    MRINAL JHA 11 hours ago

    But he looks like an Indian

  • Kardz22
    Kardz22 11 hours ago

    Wait hes NOT indian? Wow

  • Neelansh Samanta
    Neelansh Samanta 12 hours ago

    He was not “beating” the calculator the guy just wasn’t hitting the button fast enough

  • NoStu things
    NoStu things 12 hours ago


  • Suraj Kobal
    Suraj Kobal 12 hours ago

    If I had copied from his answer sheets in school, I would have been a basic calculator. As he is a scientific calculator

  • Suraj Kobal
    Suraj Kobal 12 hours ago

    At 15 I was still eating bricks n mud

  • sora roxas
    sora roxas 12 hours ago


  • Aaron
    Aaron 12 hours ago

    Wait, why were they all so impressed about the first one? It w sos easy

    MUSHNON 12 hours ago +1

    Tankyu tankyu

  • roasting miner
    roasting miner 13 hours ago +2

    Lemme make this stupid conspiracy
    He is a robot supposedly 15 but is a project from area 51

  • AKMagic12
    AKMagic12 13 hours ago

    this david guy is a lame f’n spotlight hugging d.... who thinks hes funny...

  • Layomi Oladimeji
    Layomi Oladimeji 13 hours ago

    This is me during math exams

  • Mike
    Mike 13 hours ago

    Only in Asia’s got talent

  • Samia
    Samia 13 hours ago


  • AP show
    AP show 13 hours ago

    Proud india

  • Cosmin617_ Qw
    Cosmin617_ Qw 13 hours ago

    Wow dude !

  • Tristan Malbašić Poljak

    Mind blowing

  • Tristan Malbašić Poljak


  • kkskchn
    kkskchn 14 hours ago

    Enough internet for today

  • KING dpk
    KING dpk 14 hours ago +1

    There's always a level above impossible

  • Hema Pandey
    Hema Pandey 14 hours ago

    Unbelievable !

  • Sheffali Verma
    Sheffali Verma 14 hours ago

    Did calculus at 12
    Was easy

  • Xtaku fandom
    Xtaku fandom 15 hours ago

    Is it only in my head or is he going "Hello, tech support"

  • Sunil Majhi
    Sunil Majhi 15 hours ago

    This guy is original from India.. and most of Indian are good at mathematics..so It can't be new things fors us as a Indian people

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt 15 hours ago

    My favourite numbers are 69 👌🏻👈🏻

  • ʟÊGΣND LAʀк卂
    ʟÊGΣND LAʀк卂 15 hours ago