• Published on Mar 22, 2018
  • Meet the top 7 largest great white sharks found so far. The great white shark is imposing and dangerous, and some can also be giants.
    It happened on May 14, 1997 in Hualien County in Taiwan, when a large white was caught in a net game precisely in Seven Star Lake.
    In 2013, the images of this great white shark became viral all over the world. Therefore, because of its popularity, you should know that it is one of the largest specimens ever seen.
    The legend of a monster submerged in its waters was revealed as a gigantic 21 feet long white shark. Truly impressive!
    On a hot summer day in early August of 1983, Alberton native David McKendrick, along with his younger brother Steven and his crew, fished near the coast of Prince Edward Island in Canada. Suddenly, 12 miles from the beach, the nets began to stir as if someone were trying to get fish out. A huge shark was stranded there.
    In April 2012, two commercial fishermen named Guadalupe and Baltazar entered the Sea of ​​Cortez in search of what they normally caught, such as sole or other types of fish. What they never imagined was that they would encounter a huge shark off the coast of the state of Sonora, northwest of Mexico.
    The great white shark, also known as the "great white pointer", is responsible for the majority of sharks attacks recorded against humans.
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Comments • 2 661

  • Katrina Taylor
    Katrina Taylor Day ago

    And Great Whites aren't even the type of sharks that attack people the most.

  • maxboo1
    maxboo1 Day ago

    Canadian Shark photos are from a mako caught off Yarmouth N.S. durng a fishing derby.

  • Davinhomx
    Davinhomx Day ago

    Siambesishark has the most recorded attacks against humans. Because he is nazive to salt and sweetwaters...but try again next time😏

  • Sumo Panther
    Sumo Panther 2 days ago

    Actually stfu deep blue is not dangerous he touched the fin because it was so calm that they touched the fin

  • Sumo Panther
    Sumo Panther 2 days ago +1

    They all did what humans do they discover something amazing and the destroy it

  • A1 Tv
    A1 Tv 2 days ago

    That guy who hunts sharks I hope he get eaten by one

  • The CoolJeff
    The CoolJeff 2 days ago +2

    Do you mean megalondon
    Because the biggest shark is a megalondon
    Great white is smaller than megalondon.....
    BTW no.2 is a great white shark....

    • RNG Ryan
      RNG Ryan Day ago

      The CoolJeff he said great white shark because the megalopolis is extinct. And technically the great white shark is a relative of the megalodon

  • Steven Foxworth
    Steven Foxworth 2 days ago

    their is a reason why vic rhymes with dick.. fucking asshole.. your data on shark attacks is inaccurate.. The bullshark holds the title..

  • janinemccurdy78
    janinemccurdy78 2 days ago +1

    I love the way they say 7 of the biggest sharks. But they're all dead now ffs!

  • Jim Wade
    Jim Wade 3 days ago


  • Manchester City
    Manchester City 3 days ago +1

    Can u say it in feet and then meters and say pound and then kg? Bc I don’t know how much feet and pound is (:

  • Dnt Matter yeager
    Dnt Matter yeager 3 days ago

    This is why i dnt swim in the ocean. Did when I was younger with family but I only jumped in to impress my dad. Now I'm older and not living in fl anymore.

    • Toxic Sage YT
      Toxic Sage YT 2 days ago

      People get killed from toasters more then Sharks every year same thing with lightning

    CYREL PAGUNTALAN 4 days ago

    I’m gonna kill you mr Australian man!!!!

  • Wayne Corpus
    Wayne Corpus 4 days ago

    God made the shark to balance our ocean.WHAT IF THERE ARE NO SHARK there will be no VIDEOS TREND MAX WILL POST

    thanks for the likes

  • Wayne Corpus
    Wayne Corpus 4 days ago

    i saw a 700foot Shark

  • Daylon Ree Busche
    Daylon Ree Busche 4 days ago +18

    Who else knew it was click bate but still clicked

  • Zoological Militia
    Zoological Militia 4 days ago +1

    You might not but when dead sharks are on shore they decay and stink those guys are entitled to heavy fine.

  • George Wyles
    George Wyles 4 days ago +1

    Tiger shark has the most attacks and kills

  • Fitzgeezy
    Fitzgeezy 5 days ago +1

    White pointers & great white’s aren’t the same thing....🤦🏻‍♂️

      ULFHEDNARMILSIM 4 days ago

      White pointer is a nickname for the great white

  • Bella Anderson
    Bella Anderson 6 days ago

    at 1:24 the shark is huge, like if you agree

    DAT GUY LIONCHAOS 6 days ago

    Number 3👍🏽

  • Boatts
    Boatts 7 days ago +3

    A Bull Shark is responsible for most attacks and fatalities.

    • Steven Foxworth
      Steven Foxworth 2 days ago

      you are correct thanks .. i said that in my comnent also..

  • Rosé Park
    Rosé Park 7 days ago +6

    Thats thumbnails a megalodon bro ain't no great white that big 😂😂

    • Kristin Hill
      Kristin Hill 3 days ago +1

      Rosé Park it’s a mako but someone photoshopped it to be giant silly

  • Kenneth Smith
    Kenneth Smith 7 days ago

    The bull shark attacks more people

  • Malcolm Prescott
    Malcolm Prescott 7 days ago


  • Anthony Gilmore
    Anthony Gilmore 8 days ago

    1st off....not true!
    The killer whale kills great white sharks often!
    I saw a documentary on it.
    They're larger, much faster and smarter then the great white.
    The killer whale purposely bump into the great white to knock him upside down or where the sharks stomach is facing upward.
    Then the whale shreds the shark up.
    The shark looks more menacing then the killer whale, but thats it.
    As far as who attack people the most, well, its not the great white....its the tiger and the bull shark.
    Look it up!

  • RebornRockerVids
    RebornRockerVids 8 days ago +2

    The very first words you spoke were wrong.
    Bull sharks ard responsible for the majority of attacks on humans.

    • Kristin Hill
      Kristin Hill 3 days ago

      RebornRockerVids yes also are you a shark expert I am

  • Евгений Савранин

    А акула каракула левым глазом подмигнула

  • Captain Gene
    Captain Gene 8 days ago

    this dude Vic is a complete moron

  • Ebrahim Z
    Ebrahim Z 9 days ago +5

    I hope deep blue lives a long life. I want to see how big a shark can get.

  • Big Seone
    Big Seone 9 days ago

    Aka the great white pointer.
    *please explain to me who calls it that.*

  • LadyXbox 08
    LadyXbox 08 9 days ago

    I live in prince Edward island they say here the shark was actually the largest shark in the world!

  • Steven Haskell
    Steven Haskell 9 days ago

    My favourite animal growing up as a kid.. sooo many shit movies have been made about them which sucks, humans kill fuck tons of them yearly for shark fin soup that apparently isn’t even nice and i live in England where there are no fuckin sharks for me to cage dive with... GREAT!

  • Cynthia Jones
    Cynthia Jones 9 days ago +2

    Vick:"God ,you made an error in creating great whites so I will kill them".falls off his boat and gets eaten by 1.moral:do not mock God

  • Izzobel hughes
    Izzobel hughes 9 days ago

    Right well I am never going in the sea again

  • Jane Blair
    Jane Blair 9 days ago

    Do they kill the sharks for the measurements? Seriously?

  • cedrick samaniego
    cedrick samaniego 9 days ago +3

    Cool.. Monsters of this planet, WE are on the top of that list LOL

    • Doodle Boy
      Doodle Boy 6 days ago

      That fucking Australian dude thinks he saving humanity by killing sharks
      Looks like he was born without a brain .
      If that dude wanted to save humanity why he is killing sharks instead of killing fucking terrorist and muslims

  • Wayne Lancaster
    Wayne Lancaster 10 days ago

    Sharks do not hunt humans we hunt sharks and slaughter millions of them
    White sharks possibly bit far less people than bull, hammer heads, or tigers
    The film Jaws has done so much damage to sharks and our oceans
    Get educated before you make claims don’t add to the misinformation

  • Darrly Simon
    Darrly Simon 11 days ago

    deport all Mexican sharks

  • Ottoman Ozzy
    Ottoman Ozzy 11 days ago

    Sharks are strong yes, but sharks aren’t dangerous, as long as you don’t fuck up they won’t fuck holy up

  • Chromaesthesia
    Chromaesthesia 11 days ago

    Vic Hislop needs to be fed to sharks... fuck that piece of shit.

  • Charles Tate
    Charles Tate 13 days ago

    Real kaiju

  • Stormer
    Stormer 13 days ago

    Vic is probably a gay Christian.
    Fucken cringy ik.

  • verymuchnoobsad33
    verymuchnoobsad33 14 days ago +1

    great white shark is the largest species?....

    no hes wrong the largest species is megaladon

    • Jenna M
      Jenna M 14 days ago

      He said it's the third largest species

  • Kara Panter
    Kara Panter 14 days ago

    Don't kill sharks

  • estrellas colors and activitys izaguirre

    YES! Sharks are dangaras. And strickt but if we stop hunting and teasing they could be one of the nicec things on earth i mean think about it every budy who is seeing thistake some of your time and be that one person who is genrusi. I know sharks are dangoras but it could chang i mean who realy wants to eat shark HANDS DOWN not me i mean im standing up for the sharks. If you are with me 👍 (like) if you dis like thumbs down or just coment and make some sence so we can get real and prove thoughs other people wrong.

    Are you withme!?!?!?!

  • Amy Birs
    Amy Birs 16 days ago +1

    6:18 like bro we’re the ones invading the sharks home and your saying there invading us first of all, all the shark attacks are known for being a misunderstanding or a curiosity.

  • Caylor the Gamer
    Caylor the Gamer 16 days ago

    I hate shark poachers

  • luna magic90
    luna magic90 16 days ago

    Deep blue is the biggest shark in the world not seconded

    • Darrell Pasion
      Darrell Pasion 14 days ago

      Yes On record,but they're could be others, even bigger then her.

  • Kirven Slade
    Kirven Slade 17 days ago

    Conservationalists?! Wtf?

  • Ray Wischhover
    Ray Wischhover 17 days ago +1

    Conservationalist? Dude - get a dictionary.

  • TJ Wilson
    TJ Wilson 17 days ago

    Bull shark is the most dangerous to humans, most attacks.

  • Monk Kenyon
    Monk Kenyon 17 days ago

    This goofball needs to mention the shark in Japan that was caught on camera as a possible megalodon. A huge motherfucker estimated at around 40 feet.

  • Manny Suarez
    Manny Suarez 17 days ago

    Bull shark is most imo its smaller but they are nuts

  • gopal malakar
    gopal malakar 18 days ago

    Good very I like it

  • The Wonderful World Of Zoya

    At 6:14 I'm like shut up idiot , don't question God. And I love sharks ( from long distance obviously ).

  • John Frank455
    John Frank455 18 days ago

    Lol fake news, great white myth

  • Little Miss Wolfee
    Little Miss Wolfee 18 days ago

    That Australian is a error of God... Great Whites have poor vision and are a bigger type of shark so ya they do damage when they mistake you for a seal or another such creature they consume but its not because they are after us ...they are not bloodthirsty (We are the bloodthirsty ones) and we have to remember when we are in the ocean we are in the home of the creature's who live there... it is NOT OUR PLACE, WE DO NOT BELONG THERE. Its like trespassing, you cant be surprised when you suffer consequences while being somewhere you were never meant to be.....
    this stuff pisses me off so much. All of these shark videos dont show how big and vicious sharks can be it just shows how ignorant and vicious humans are. OH LOOK THATS A MASSIVE SHARK LETS MURDER IT AND TAKE PICTURES WITH IT....Its just devastating. We as a species are far more dangerous to THEM then they will EVER be to us and that makes me ashamed ...

    • Little Miss Wolfee
      Little Miss Wolfee 18 days ago

      +puku kun everything in Australia is trying to kill you... lets be honest xD Also I would expect a shark to do shark things..they are a predator and live in the ocean... I dont go in the ocean expecting to be the biggest baddest thing in it because we arent the apex predator in the water...we arent supposed to even be in the water.. its their domain so no.. even if I was attacked.. I still wouldnt believe what he believes...

    • puku kun
      puku kun 18 days ago

      +Little Miss Wolfee ima bring you down to, idk fukin anywhere in Australia an ill go for a swim with ya an after about like 5 hours you tell me if the Australian one is an error

    • Little Miss Wolfee
      Little Miss Wolfee 18 days ago

      +puku kun You dont like what im saying dont read it, you get tf out xD

    • puku kun
      puku kun 18 days ago

      Mate have you been to queensland? Get tf outa here XD

  • TheFirstfrank
    TheFirstfrank 19 days ago

    Great white is not the largest, the hammerhead is, and the bull shark is the deadliest

  • John Wendell Batuigas
    John Wendell Batuigas 19 days ago

    That was fake don't listen to him great white shark is getting in 20feet

  • rainbow Rosy
    rainbow Rosy 19 days ago

    Not nice to kill other animals

  • Melanie Palmer
    Melanie Palmer 19 days ago +20

    Deep blue is a FEMALE! So stop saying HIM.
    Also, I detest killing animals for sport. It’s just wrong on all levels

  • Jesse Mayhem
    Jesse Mayhem 19 days ago

    I would have subscribed but life is too short to be knowingly going into watching a ten min vid when you know the greedy ass has five mins of that in advertisements. One or two hey u gotta live but damn dude! Get real!

  • O5 - X Last
    O5 - X Last 20 days ago

    I almost got eaten by an great white shark but I survived

  • Giampietro Boldrin
    Giampietro Boldrin 20 days ago +2


  • Nick Silva
    Nick Silva 20 days ago


  • Lynn Valley
    Lynn Valley 20 days ago


  • Raiden Singh
    Raiden Singh 20 days ago

    Maybe there were megaladons

  • Ghazi Taqi
    Ghazi Taqi 21 day ago


    Mosquito:HOLD MY BEER

  • Jasper Josh Idolog
    Jasper Josh Idolog 23 days ago +1

    There's no Ranking in title but when you watch this there's ranking😓

  • Gazelle Sun
    Gazelle Sun 23 days ago

    Bull sharks are responsible for most attacks and fatal attacks.

  • Andrew Wicks
    Andrew Wicks 23 days ago

    Fish r asam!

  • Andrew Wicks
    Andrew Wicks 23 days ago

    Fish r asam!

  • Graham Meldon
    Graham Meldon 24 days ago +1

    Why do brain dead people kill the biggest animal's that live . May be they need to be hunted and strung up on show what a wanker

  • Jenna Talia
    Jenna Talia 24 days ago +7

    fake news: the real biggest sharks are used car salesman and real estate sales people !

  • grumpy old fart
    grumpy old fart 24 days ago

    i caught a 25 pound bluegill, on a 4 pound cricket.

  • neiketho rups
    neiketho rups 24 days ago +1

    Doesn't look as big like19- 20 feet just from a general observation.

  • polygamous1 Sozou
    polygamous1 Sozou 25 days ago +3

    Jaws of the Mediterranean Shark Week `97 pt1
    with very well spoken By Ian Ferguson an English marine biologist by far the best shark documentary i have seen so far spoken in a calm English accent that i prefer over all others

  • Kevin Ayala
    Kevin Ayala 25 days ago

    They all baby's

  • Josh Ennis
    Josh Ennis 26 days ago

    Bruh some of the them might be a Meg

  • Margate Ramon
    Margate Ramon 26 days ago

    Mga putang Ina nyu gago kupal

  • Lorenzo Clyt Gorospe
    Lorenzo Clyt Gorospe 26 days ago

    great white sharks are danger

  • Anthony samy
    Anthony samy 27 days ago

    Thanks for the Info...

  • Esmeralda Ureta
    Esmeralda Ureta 27 days ago

    Humans suck

  • William Bowers
    William Bowers 27 days ago

    " Hey Lonnie , get your ass out of the water" !! - Shark Loomis

  • Thunder_KGH _TM
    Thunder_KGH _TM 28 days ago

    Without sharks the world would have too much lifes and thanos will come

  • Scarlett Del Rey
    Scarlett Del Rey 28 days ago

    Maybe all sharsks are baby's megalodon

  • Scum Puppy
    Scum Puppy 29 days ago +1

    Two false statements within the first 30 seconds. Couldn't finish this.

  • MakoRey Florida
    MakoRey Florida 29 days ago

    my son got chased snorkeling at a reef. I was able to get him on quickly. I'm defenetly a vicks fan

  • Bill Frater
    Bill Frater 29 days ago

    vic hislop is a piece of shit the likes of the world could do without.

  • Mai Neh
    Mai Neh 29 days ago

    1997, crowded beach, and only 1 photo taken? Somebodys telling a lulu.....

  • Lou Cypher
    Lou Cypher 29 days ago +18

    Ok 6:00 that dude is nuts if he thinks killing sharks would save won't. It will kill the Ecco system and in turn killing us.

    • Demi Bell_05
      Demi Bell_05 23 days ago

      Lou Cypher its us or them

    • Abdulrafiq Dimmie
      Abdulrafiq Dimmie 23 days ago

      He’s a grownup and doesn’t know that?Am in fourth grade and they thought us that

    • Xinyi Liu
      Xinyi Liu 25 days ago


    • Great Lakes
      Great Lakes 25 days ago

      He is an absolute pudd monkey with that goofy mix of science religion and biology. Somebody should hunt him.

  • Артём Pastor
    Артём Pastor 29 days ago

    Не пойму на хрена эти твари так издеваются над акулами?

  • Maya A
    Maya A Month ago

    They should’ve left them back inside the water

  • Virgel Lewis
    Virgel Lewis Month ago


  • Max Schwarz
    Max Schwarz Month ago

    Scheis fake video bzw es ist nur auf Klicks angelegt!!!...wo ist denn bitte der Hai von den ersten bild, was das video zeigt?...weswegen alle das video angeklickt haben...das ist doch fake und das nervt mich extrem!...scheiß assis

  • Dreamer King
    Dreamer King Month ago

    Is there a latina shark?

  • Comfy_ Angel
    Comfy_ Angel Month ago +1

    They’re mostly native to Australia.
    So, an American person talking about it is just..
    By the way, They are NOT the most dangerous sea creature, the Box Jellyfish is..well, one of them.
    Only native to Australia.
    By the way, more likely to get in a rip, then to get into great white shark waters.
    So, yea..
    By the way, it’s their home.
    So us humans are just being ass holes to these amazing creatures.
    So...Whatever, you’re making them look bad.
    Edit: It’s a fact, they’re also more scared of you, than you are of them.

    • Joe Debenedetto
      Joe Debenedetto 28 days ago

      "They’re mostly native to Australia. So, an American person talking about it is just.. Retarted" well, this is the most retarded statement i have ever read. No wonder you use a fake name

  • Hailey P.
    Hailey P. Month ago

    Great Whites are endangered and this video contributes to misinformation about sharks. They’re not evil monsters.

    • Mikael H
      Mikael H 29 days ago

      True and Steven Spielberg is one of those who are responsable for it.

    FAIL! GAMING! Month ago

    Two weeks ago a great white was sighted in the Arctic. It was caught three days later, it measured 35 feet long. Authorities were baffled by its appearance. They stated that the shark almost seemed made of "ice." Five days after it was captured, a man, claiming to be the owner of the large beast, asked that it be returned to him immediately. The individual was quoted as saying "I have plans for it come April." The man was identified as "The Night King."

      FAIL! GAMING! 28 days ago

    • Hailey P.
      Hailey P. Month ago

      FAIL! GAMING! can you link an article to this? or link something to this?