CONTROVERSIAL Cartoon Episodes & Moments

  • Published on Dec 19, 2017
  • Cartoons can sometimes make people REALLY mad...
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  • Vailskibum94
    Vailskibum94  2 years ago +411

    Everybody's favorite - drama!

  • Wiggle Worm
    Wiggle Worm 9 days ago

    0/10 for not including spongebob sailor mouth (you know th done where SpongeBob and Patrick are swearing a lot. a lot of people complained about it because hey were cursing too much but it was actually Dolphin noises and other sound effects of things living in the ocean and no curse words were said in the episode at all whatsoever.)

  • The Kabloom boi
    The Kabloom boi 2 months ago

    The thumbnail.

  • InkSansIsLit
    InkSansIsLit 2 months ago

    dude, when i saw the rockabye episode when i was little, my mom didnt care. she thought it was funny.

  • Christian Chaney
    Christian Chaney 2 months ago

    It happened again and they still did the exact same thing

  • Cole Wale
    Cole Wale 3 months ago


  • fat cat
    fat cat 3 months ago +1

    I thought people are portraying mother Spongebob as a mother working too hard or a message to love your own mother, but instead *HOMOSEXUALITY*

  • Vasugi Vasudevan
    Vasugi Vasudevan 4 months ago

    Do you know there a fourth ppg in original ppg series

  • Rafael Suprayogi
    Rafael Suprayogi 5 months ago

    *_S H E C A N S A Y T H E N - W O R D !_*

  • Stelilathehippogriff
    Stelilathehippogriff 5 months ago

    Did I just hear sonic music in this video?

  • Łost Ângel
    Łost Ângel 5 months ago

    How to fix bliss
    Brown hair
    Make her have another body like the girls
    That’s it her other parts are pretty cute

  • DonutEater
    DonutEater 6 months ago

    Bivalve is pronounced by-valve

  • Ika Cosmo
    Ika Cosmo 6 months ago

    But in "Rockabye Bivalve" SpongeBob was portraying a woman.

  • Cockyoween
    Cockyoween 6 months ago

    People: "Don't make fun of people that are gay"
    Spongebob Episode: Exists
    Also People: "HOmOSeXuAliTY iS NoT GoOD fOr a SpONge aNd a StaRFiSH"

  • catlancemc Yt
    catlancemc Yt 6 months ago

    i have just one bite on dvd from 2014 and it there no cuts

  • Justin Lloyd19
    Justin Lloyd19 6 months ago

    Chemical ABC’s?

  • Spring David
    Spring David 6 months ago

    Sponge Bob portraing gays?
    *_NIGGA_* that ep can portray so many things like people treating animals as babys, woman having to do all the shit in the house and married man not helping his family
    But gays? Yea Patrick and Sponge Bob are mens...I guess that right too...

  • it's a bully
    it's a bully 6 months ago

  • katey T
    katey T 6 months ago

    In the old episodes of fairly odd parents they said they go to children in need, *CHLOE IS NOT IN NEED LIKE TIMMY.*

  • Let's Go! Spirit In Motion Studio

    Let's face it. I don't like the PPG reboot, but I would like it if it:
    • Wasn't anything PPG related.
    • Took out the twerking scene
    • Took out the fact that a child was making out with a teen
    • Made Bliss look better
    • Made the animation look less round

  • Happytotheday [GD]
    Happytotheday [GD] 7 months ago

    It was pretty cool when you added in that It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia clip near the end of this video because this talks about cartoon controversies/moments and not sitcoms or whatever.

  • Robbie Morgan
    Robbie Morgan 7 months ago

    Didn't they also dislike the 4th PPG because they already did that in the classic version with bunny? But then bunny unfortunately died? It makes sense if they disliked her because of that too and it reminds people too much of that episode.

  • Ashemations
    Ashemations 7 months ago

    I like Bliss because her hair and her eyes and her outfit and her headband :3

  • Guardian of the sea
    Guardian of the sea 7 months ago

    well if spongebob had logic in just one bite it wouldn't have been banned

  • Amri Bisha
    Amri Bisha 7 months ago

    oh I saw the scene of squidward blowing up on my tv when I was little

  • Kirbanos
    Kirbanos 8 months ago

    I dont like gay people their discusting and weird

  • sandwich gamimv
    sandwich gamimv 9 months ago

    Everyone who wins nickelodeon or cartoon network type in the answers place

  • Nicholas Blaschke
    Nicholas Blaschke 10 months ago +1

    Or Blisstina

  • PinkBomberZ
    PinkBomberZ 10 months ago

    Bliss more like Piss

  • Wrecking Star Studio
    Wrecking Star Studio 10 months ago

    Farts poop

  • Wrecking Star Studio
    Wrecking Star Studio 10 months ago


  • Carl D. Bean
    Carl D. Bean 10 months ago

    The internet is too

  • Gaming Phoenix
    Gaming Phoenix 11 months ago

    A thought SpongeBob was a female

  • SBPR, just a random Cartoon&Nintendo fanatic!

    There is no Bliss, only Bunny!

  • Mr. Street Gentleman

    Sponge can change it's gender.

  • Chris p
    Chris p Year ago +1

    am I the only one who liked the new powerpuff girl bliss?

  • Christine Boll
    Christine Boll Year ago

    I really didn't see a problem with it, I found it hilarious that Spongebob and Patrick were trying to raise a child.

  • trouble Minecraft. exe

    what is 9 11

  • Wolffy plays ham
    Wolffy plays ham Year ago

    Ewwwwwww haet her

  • Gold’s Game corner

    The reason why getting mad at rock a bye by valve is kinda weird because sponges don’t have a stable gender it can be a boy sometimes and a giril I mean Stephan hillenburgh did specialize in aquatics so maybe he knew this

  • Grape Girl
    Grape Girl Year ago


  • Plague Produkshuns

    But in that episode, Squidward
    1. Gets diabetes
    2. Blows up anyway
    So, they take out 2 scenes of Squidward blowing up... But they leave the only brutal one in? What?

  • brigid corgi is trash

    you like krabby patties don’t you squidward
    yOu LiKe KrAbBy PaTtIeS dOnT yOu SqUiDwArD

  • Sammykid 2
    Sammykid 2 Year ago

    I didn't know there wasn't any controversy in Spongebob.

  • The Avien
    The Avien Year ago


  • Tyler Almond
    Tyler Almond Year ago

    The deleted scene still airs in Canada 🍁.

  • Perfect Sonic
    Perfect Sonic Year ago

    But sponges can be a mom or a dad!

  • Drake
    Drake Year ago

    That music in the background is the Sonic adventure beac level theme!

    • Drake
      Drake Year ago

      Whoops I forgot the h in beach! Lol

  • dark and star
    dark and star Year ago

    oh hell naw not spongbob

    JEDASE Year ago

    People are really pushing it especially with the SpongeBob episodes i didn't notice anything wrong with either 2 subjects but that's just me

  • Lustigel
    Lustigel Year ago

    🅱🅾🅱🅱ℹ📧 🅰🅱📧

  • Red Radiant
    Red Radiant Year ago +1 interesting topic to cover for today.... nice job covering this,a lot of controversy is with these and its all understandable...ive seen a lot of your videos and this one is sure to be remembered :3

  • First name Last name

    The scene from "Just One Bite" was still in the airings for Canada and other countries.

  • Your average Bleach Bottle

    Chloe can *D I E*

  • Tyler Groves
    Tyler Groves Year ago

    The Spongebob and Patrick are not gay since sponges have no genders but they can have babies

  • Braeden
    Braeden Year ago +1

    Also, I have dvd of seasons 1-6 of Spongebob and that scene is there too.

  • Braeden
    Braeden Year ago +1

    They were just supervising the baby clam. They were not sending gay messages.

  • AidenGamerKid
    AidenGamerKid Year ago


  • Snagg Dog
    Snagg Dog Year ago

    Im late but sponges dont have genders so he can tottaly be the mom without homo

  • Monce Flores
    Monce Flores Year ago +1

    Bliss does look kinda disgusting