Three's Company Reunion with Suzanne Somers and Joyce DeWitt

  • Published on Feb 2, 2012
  • It's a Three's Company Reunion on Suzanne Somers Breaking Through! After more than 30 years, Suzanne Somers and Joyce DeWitt reunite to talk about their history with Three's Company, and each other.
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Comments • 2 498

  • Whirrrlpoool
    Whirrrlpoool Day ago

    Over 2 million views!

  • Tom Servo
    Tom Servo 2 days ago

    Still hotter

  • IV7 Cultural Wellness Creative Healing Arts

    Joyce: [Normal human emotions...] 💓
    Chrissy to Joyce: “I’m very overwhelmed...with emotion.” 😶

  • Petal Blossom
    Petal Blossom 4 days ago

    Joyce is beautiful.

  • Petal Blossom
    Petal Blossom 4 days ago

    It's not entirely about equal pay. Suzanne went about her salary negotiation in a really selfish and disruptive way. And she was arrogant! John and Janet were established actors - this was her first proper job. She became a breakout star but needed a lot of input for her character development. And she took full credit for the popularity of her character, when in fact the show went on for many years without her.

  • Quinn Quy Nguyen
    Quinn Quy Nguyen 6 days ago +1

    I love the characters these actors brought to the show. I just wish I could be in the presence of when they were that young again. See their laughs and quick-thinking jokes and teamwork to get each other of trouble with Mr. Furley.

  • Chrstine Dixon
    Chrstine Dixon 9 days ago

    Glad they reunited

  • Infinite Rapture
    Infinite Rapture 9 days ago

    Joyce DeWitt is a real woman, literally, but that other one is a tranny.

  • Anderson C
    Anderson C 11 days ago

    Why was it so long before the reunion?? Decades??There was still tension in the air. SS was still angry about one said sorry for whatever...etc. 30+ years not seeing some one or people is too long.

    Back in the 80's was it still too soon for women to ask for equal pay?? I wouldn't think so. Perhaps in the entertainment filed it was. Or, maybe it was about accounting. They already budgeted things a certain way. And for some one who was "3rd fiddle" to ask for equal pay...probably a no no.l I mean even today....there's usually one start that gets paid more than the others. Was the case with Everybody Loves Raymond...Ray Romano got paid the most iirc. I think it comes down to which character is more essential more than whether they were male or female.

    I mean they were tv stars. Not mega huge movie stars. Like Stallone. DeNiro. Pacino. Meryl Streep (during her time)....Can the studio s not afford to pay that star enough? Would leak into the press if they did not. How valuable is that star? I think determines how much they can ask for or IF they can...

    Stallone is worth almost 600M Dolph Lundgren 37M or so....Could Dolph have demanded the same pay day as Stallone on Rocky 4? I think not. DL didn't bother trying to ask.

  • lynne Gillette
    lynne Gillette 24 days ago +1

    I love these two ladies!!!!!

  • James Feeney
    James Feeney 25 days ago +1

    Joyce looks great

  • Divine Katalin
    Divine Katalin Month ago +1

    LOVED Joyce and Suzanne both awesome and unique in their own way.Suzanne doesnt get the credit she deserves.She is an awesome performer, and intelligent....Namaste..

  • C M_n_y 2020 Woo!
    C M_n_y 2020 Woo! Month ago

    Happy Birthday to Suzanne.10-16-46

  • Michael Collins
    Michael Collins Month ago

    ms somers was and is an act.a performer with husband pulling the strings.both she and her husband were and are pompous,vapid hollyweird ruthless.
    ms de witt is a genuine actress and lady
    when u have a guest on your show they are supposed to talk not the host

    SUDHIR PATEL Month ago +1

    Nature goes on forever for everyone and everything to return as everyone and everything an infinite number of times.
    😢 😢 😢 Deal with it.

    SUDHIR PATEL Month ago +1

    Botox and nose jobs.

  • Kam Joe
    Kam Joe Month ago

    Cosmetic surgery does not work ..

  • Fatima farah
    Fatima farah Month ago

    I wonder what happened between them, 30 years is long time!

    • Lilith Gray013
      Lilith Gray013 Month ago

      That was my 1rst thought when she said 30 years!!!!

  • Mike Reif
    Mike Reif Month ago

    Just listen to that applause when Joyce came out. Think this show is taped in front of a cut out cardboard audience.

    • Phuck You
      Phuck You 3 days ago

      Mike Reif There was no audience. It's an online talk show not TV show.

  • Kay Dee
    Kay Dee Month ago +1

    Three's Company is one of my favorite shows.

  • D Sword
    D Sword Month ago

    Glad these two women patched things up...Better late, than never...I remember watching that show as a kid...John Ritter & Don Knotts were those comedic dudes but these women along w/Mrs. Roper held their own, as well...Respect!

  • Piggly Wiggly
    Piggly Wiggly 2 months ago

    Love threes company love these 2 ladies I miss jack John Ritter love you brother R.I.P.

  • X-Ghost- 22
    X-Ghost- 22 2 months ago +1

    How come this episode of Three's Company didn't show Jack?

  • AnnemieM
    AnnemieM 2 months ago

    Most everyone is ignoring Susanne why, because she had done some cosmetic surgery stuff done. Hardly anyone has something nice to say about her even though she worked very hard on helping people getting healthier and has written several books. But no one is mentioning that. Most everyone is being passive aggressive toward Susanne by ignoring her and lifting up only Joyce. It is so petty but typical. This is why I don't like most people. Most humans seem to suck in more than one way.

  • Ack Man
    Ack Man 2 months ago

    This was before Suzanne got all that bad looking plastic surgery, etc. Not she looks BAD. Compared to how she used to look.

  • Cheryl Harewood
    Cheryl Harewood 2 months ago

    That women is two faced.

  • Cheryl Harewood
    Cheryl Harewood 2 months ago

    Joyce DeWitt is a bitch she gave Suzanne Sommers a hard time. Joyce is a bitch.

    • Petal Blossom
      Petal Blossom 4 days ago


    • Tomy9878
      Tomy9878 2 months ago

      You weren’t on the set so you don’t know what really happened

  • Armoni Q Fields
    Armoni Q Fields 2 months ago

    Never Liked Crissey...Janet was My 3rd T.V. Crush...Her Butt was a thing of Beauty...

  • ryan barker
    ryan barker 2 months ago

    always had a thing for joyce.

  • Marc Mclane
    Marc Mclane 2 months ago

    funny how now there ALL happy to see you..... back when the show was on , not so much. Somers was always late, no show ... the others made more money.... they didn't care .. cast of friends , everyone made 1 million per episode, after it took off. they all negotiated together... they stuck together.....

  • Mukta Carita
    Mukta Carita 2 months ago +1

    you get pay according to what you do and Somers I am sorry but you were not up to jack"s performance and that is why you were not getting pay as much as him.

  • Billy Short
    Billy Short 2 months ago

    Good seeing them both. Good show. Suzanne was just before her time on her valid request for equal pay. Why should the studio / network get it all? Share it.

  • Jimmy B
    Jimmy B 2 months ago

    That Joyce had the hottest fucking body in America back then

  • MEO TV
    MEO TV 2 months ago

    Class act Joyce

  • Dennis Tokay
    Dennis Tokay 2 months ago

    Somers greed ruins everything that bitch

  • Jerrol Hale
    Jerrol Hale 2 months ago

    Joyce is so sincere and sweet Suzanne still has a lot of emotional baggage

  • Shannon Cane
    Shannon Cane 2 months ago

    If they paid John Ritter more money it's because he had more talent ... Jocye should of got the same amount as John because she deserved it Suzanne didn't deserved because she didn't have talent in acting ... It was just her luck being a cute blond that is why she got picked for the part Chrissy .... Then greed and jealousy kick in and she lost her job .... Her grudge towards John still eating her up ... That's very sad ...

  • Charles Chris Eldridge
    Charles Chris Eldridge 2 months ago

    To be honest, Suzanne never reached the caliber than John did. She didn’t deserve the same amount of pay as John.

  • TruthIsNeverGossip
    TruthIsNeverGossip 2 months ago

    Well, they might have patched shit up, but they were throwing shade at Ritter like crazy. The man was dead at this point, I'm sure he didn't like to be known as the guy who f*cked every guest star that moved. Especially because he was newly married at that point. So not cool.

  • Tony Barker
    Tony Barker 2 months ago +1

    Almost cried yo. Grew up with 3s company. Blessings

  • Zoro DPiece
    Zoro DPiece 2 months ago +1

    Was nice to see these two finally reunite.
    I love Joyce DeWitt she seems like a really nice lady.

  • אלעזר הראל
    אלעזר הראל 2 months ago

    כריסי דומה לאוליביה ניוטון

  • Uncle Tony
    Uncle Tony 2 months ago

    Watching this I feel like Suzanne still didn't like her.

  • T T
    T T 2 months ago

    What did Suzanne do wrong? She just wanted more money, since she was becoming extremely famous at the time. That rarely happens for any actor, so she had a right to see what is possible (assuming it was only a dispute about pay with the studio).

  • Jesus Weisbrod
    Jesus Weisbrod 2 months ago

    5:15-5:20 (why don't you want to be many people get to be famous!) The tone and the way she says it reminded me of Chrissy again!

  • Jo Vee
    Jo Vee 2 months ago

    What a class act these two are. Impressive.

  • Alfredo Menavasquez
    Alfredo Menavasquez 2 months ago

    The should get together again ' knock on her door' but have John Ritter's son sit in as a guest' johns son is his spitting image' it would flip everyone out'.

  • Kixx Spyster
    Kixx Spyster 2 months ago

    Blondie makes my pee pee stand up and feel funny?

  • Blatio1
    Blatio1 2 months ago

    Anytime a woman claims they're being under compensated, the first thing that comes to mind is - "What's the other side saying?" Women misrepresent so many things, so often that they've really diminished their trustability.

  • d b
    d b 2 months ago

    This is so great!

  • Stewart Robinson
    Stewart Robinson 2 months ago

    They still fine

  • Giovanni Socci
    Giovanni Socci 2 months ago

    They haven t seen ea other in 60 yrs, and they talked only 9 minutes? bah!

    • Giovanni Socci
      Giovanni Socci 2 months ago

      @Michelle Again...I am sorry,yes,you said she is 72 NOW,I thought when the video was made...anyway she was so pretty in that video,she was always so.

    • Michelle
      Michelle 2 months ago

      @Giovanni Socci Nope. She is closer to 70.

    • Giovanni Socci
      Giovanni Socci 2 months ago

      @Michelle bad,they are so fine but I thought they were Susanne is near 80! she looks so pretty in this video,thanks for the info Michelle.😘👍

    • Michelle
      Michelle 2 months ago

      @Giovanni Socci She is 72 now. The date of the video is 2012, so this was probably recorded a few years before that. She was 34 years old when she left the show. She was 66 in 2012. If this was recorded a few years before that she may have been close to 64. If she was close to 64, there is no way that it could have been 60 years since they saw each other. Maybe you think she left the show at 4 or 5 tears old. According to my google search she was 34 years old when she left the show,( Three's Company) and she was in her sixties when this was recorded. It would have been over 30 years since they had seen each other. I guess you are a special kind of math. If you read the information at the top under the title, it evens tells you that it has been over 30 years.

    • Giovanni Socci
      Giovanni Socci 2 months ago

      @Michelle How long has it been? Sommers is 80,the brunette is 78,they did 3s in their 20s...ok is more like 50 yrs.
      I can t help it,I see dumb stuff,so I make dumb comments.

  • Jack T
    Jack T 2 months ago

    Made me cry.

  • AGoat1971
    AGoat1971 2 months ago

    A couple of old hags/broads now.

  • Lorinda Martinez
    Lorinda Martinez 2 months ago

    I just love Suzanne Somers the show was good but not as good when she was on many people thought that she was ahead of her time I was surprised the cast was so negative against her and now today somebody asking for more money is it a big deal She'll always be great

  • El Horrible
    El Horrible 2 months ago

    Damn Suzanne Somers Is Fine!

  • David Hire
    David Hire 2 months ago +1

    Joyce Dewitt was great on the show, she was loyal to the show right up to the end. You can tell by this interview how kind she really is. Suzanne Somers was right that the women should have been paid as much as the men. Everyone on the show brought so much to Three's Company.

    • David Hire
      David Hire 2 months ago +1

      @Christopher Ramon-Reid AMEN!!

    • Christopher Ramon-Reid
      Christopher Ramon-Reid 2 months ago +1

      David Hire she steals my heart at the end, when she jumps out of her chair to go hug Suzanne.

  • David Banks
    David Banks 2 months ago +1

    Joyce seems so amazingly genuine

  • TutorJuls Lee
    TutorJuls Lee 3 months ago

    They both look great. Funny how there is a soft filter on Sommers but not on DeWitt.

  • Bob Lovette
    Bob Lovette 3 months ago

    Is it me or is the camera that's on Suzanne much softer and blurred looking compared to the camera on Joyce?