Galaxy Note 9 - ALMOST Perfect..

  • Published on Sep 17, 2018
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    The Note 9 isn't perfect.. but I can't find much that's wrong with it..
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Comments • 7 527

  • Man
    Man 8 hours ago

    Man... They crap it's up in the note 10.

  • Vitor Czigler
    Vitor Czigler 20 hours ago

    I love my note 9

  • Majestic 784
    Majestic 784 Day ago

    just realize almost every big tech youtuber has an Asian 😀😀😀😀

  • Nk
    Nk 9 days ago

    this note 9 should last 3 days with low brightness and 720 p mode. ;)

  • Ml Un-named
    Ml Un-named 9 days ago +1

    Now I can finally afford the note 9 since the note 10 is out

  • Anne Harsta
    Anne Harsta 9 days ago

    He is still using this phone to this day

  • Teja Pasupuleti
    Teja Pasupuleti 10 days ago

    this guy got impressed.....Finally 😍😍😍

  • AwesomeBrix
    AwesomeBrix 10 days ago +1

    "stretch it into 7 mins or so." the video is actually 7 mins. good estimate linus.

  • Ar Vi Lle
    Ar Vi Lle 12 days ago

    All phones are not perfect. That is why they keep on producing a new one.
    Maybe also a strategy to creating a new one. "Upgrades" - "more price"....

  • ISaac Adkins
    ISaac Adkins 12 days ago +1

    Why is my bixby broke ? Whenever i order it doesn't work ! Any solutions ?
    PS: I have a note 9

    • Narinjas
      Narinjas 2 days ago

      i just wish it would be removed and replaced with fully programmable button (like the one on the stylus).

  • astro des
    astro des 16 days ago

    the note 9 is just so perfect!!! likewise the mate 20 pro has the camera i need ad the display is off the hook !! need help

  • astro des
    astro des 16 days ago

    since the death of htc, this is the first time i am getting stuck in a phone-warp again!!!! the note 9 or huawei mate 20 pro!!! the mate 30 pro is on my mind, but ill have to wait a little!! just being skeptical there might be adjustments s

  • Feldsher AVANZA
    Feldsher AVANZA 17 days ago

    Just go to options , go to Bixby , then you can just press it 2 times instead of 1 press

    • Narinjas
      Narinjas 2 days ago

      I just wish it would be removed (in OS) and replaced with fully programmable button (like the one on the stylus but please do not make it as a duplicate of it and make it a true "macro" programmable phone button)

  • geeky girl 25
    geeky girl 25 17 days ago

    I have a galaxy note9. i kinda hate it. Still dsoesnt reliably alert me of all missed calls (although it does alert me to most of them now.) and phones in general still need to increase that durability, sharply.

  • Benji 0399
    Benji 0399 22 days ago

    A guy didn’t find a digital pencil useful. Many it’s because it’s for drawing which you don’t do. Did you wish that it was removed

  • MikhahLevy Art
    MikhahLevy Art 24 days ago

    Just upgrade from Samsung A3 to a Note 9. So I can say I skipped a few evolution steps.
    Love it.

  • Jatin Varma
    Jatin Varma 26 days ago

    1 year later I got one for $669 CAD!

  • Lecks Lecks
    Lecks Lecks Month ago

    Can you do a review on Note 10+

  • Radical Larry
    Radical Larry Month ago +1

    Now its 400$ lol get it while you can

  • Michael Chamorro
    Michael Chamorro Month ago

    I came here after note 10 video the note 9 still is a good phone in 2019 and now I can find it for a good price

  • sam
    sam Month ago +1

    who is here in 2019?

  • Isaac R
    Isaac R Month ago +1

    wow its already been a year i feel like i watched this yesterday

  • Chris Goddard
    Chris Goddard Month ago

    Hey mate, im stuck between getting this or the S10 plus. What would you recommed?
    I have the S8 plus now

  • Vasile Pintilie
    Vasile Pintilie Month ago

    Only 2 things are missing. FRONT facing speakers and Stock Android.

  • Naiuhz
    Naiuhz Month ago

    Linus, were those photos from Alberta/Banff?

  • Luba Luba
    Luba Luba Month ago

    Does note 9 have removable battery ???

    • J S
      J S Month ago +1

      no, but the battery life will last you a day and a half and on usb it charges in an hour 45 brand new

  • redtiger546
    redtiger546 Month ago +4

    The CRAP Note 10 bought me here....

  • adir mugrabi
    adir mugrabi Month ago +4

    Still better than the note 10 and 10 plus

    • mankind and destiny
      mankind and destiny 15 days ago

      @J S are you serious did you see that notch

    • J S
      J S Month ago

      not the plus, but still very good

  • Ross Hoy
    Ross Hoy Month ago

    Thanking about switching from apple. I miss my note 5. My iPhone x battery sucks and there is no customization and its just dull compared to the note 9.

  • Zohaib Saqi
    Zohaib Saqi Month ago

    These flagships beauties still attract us to buy them

  • Nite Knight
    Nite Knight Month ago

    It comes with a free S (SNAPS IN HALF) PEN

  • Josue Galan
    Josue Galan Month ago +1

    I came here just to warm up to see what he has to say about the note 10 😂

  • Rəməmbər Mə
    Rəməmbər Mə Month ago +1

    You Can Find A Problem!
    1.Bixby Button Still Exist
    2.S.Pen Is Light And Still 99.8% Breaking The S.pen
    3.Power Buttons Will Fall After You Scratch It.

  • Mr Corndog
    Mr Corndog Month ago

    it compromises on screen to body ratio

  • Jonathan Michael
    Jonathan Michael Month ago +1

    Just bought a Note 9 and I’m loving it so far. Note 10 just came out but I don’t feel like I’m missing out on much

  • aldoph glinkler
    aldoph glinkler Month ago

    Furture imperfect
    Samsung lg google HTC :possible we don't have horible bessles

  • ApoE-ε2/ε3
    ApoE-ε2/ε3 Month ago

    I'm reviewing another product, because, that's my job.

  • Knight S10
    Knight S10 Month ago +1

    Pub g sucks

  • Karam and Ali Reacts
    Karam and Ali Reacts 2 months ago



  • SaigaTenshi
    SaigaTenshi 2 months ago +2

    i cant wait for him to review the Note 10 and Note 10+, i have no idea how would he react

    • Tangerine Tech
      Tangerine Tech Month ago

      its gunna be a shit ton of disappointment over the headphone jack

  • Aditya Tamboli
    Aditya Tamboli 2 months ago

    U like iphones.

  • Richard Danby
    Richard Danby 2 months ago

    Thinking its about time to upgrade to this from my Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, disappointed in hearing what the Note 10 & 10+ has to offer. Going to wait till the end of the month however, should be cheaper when the 10 series releases :D

  • HarryPottard
    HarryPottard 2 months ago +119

    Pls slap samsung for skipping The Headphone Jack on The New note 10

    • R D
      R D 6 days ago

      @Mr BuzzKill well said 👏👏

    • • dani •
      • dani • 7 days ago

      I don't really mind, I mean I do miss the headphone jack, but I just have the galaxy buds, so it's not a problem for me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • HarryPottard
      HarryPottard 12 days ago

      @Nate DS its been screenshotted and archived amongst my life achievements gehehehe

    • Nate DS
      Nate DS 12 days ago +1

      100th like you welcome

    • Mr BuzzKill
      Mr BuzzKill 24 days ago +3

      @Properso :D
      DONGLES are OBJECTIVELY INFERIOR TO A HEADPHONE JACK do you understand this simple point? Considering you're a SIMPLETON I doubt it.
      The Headphone jack doesn't take up much space at all it provides the best sound quality out of any standard the best you can do is MATCH it and the vast majority of headphones worth a damn all use IT.
      You are technologically illiterate get out of my sight.
      Laptops are not dropping headphone jacks, a few laptops trying it does not mean its the general trend like it is with smartphones where every single smartphone from the main brands doesn't have one. Laptops will always have headphone jacks even if macbooks drop it because guess what people actually use laptops for work and other shit sound related where USB-C only headphones will cause nothing but problems (due to the fact that there's minuscule amounts of them and they're all universally shittier than the top end headphones you could buy for professional work).

      The only way the headphone jack will ever die is if a superior standard comes along, USB-C isn't a superior standard at best its roughly equal quality wise while making every decent headphone on the planet incompatible and at worst its down right annoying and keeps you from using it certain ways or forces you to carry shitty dongles with you.
      The only people who un-ironically reply with "Dongles" to these types of complaints are drooling sheep that are, again, TECHNOLOGICALLY ILLLITERATE. Small and portable that's the name of the game Dongles literally go against BOTH of those principles by forcing you to carry around ANOTHER thing, you are an actual moron...

      Just because companies are beating it into your head that you "don't need a headphone jack" doesn't mean you have to eat it up, you're an actual fucking sheep, its pathetic.

  • Being Real Human Being
    Being Real Human Being 2 months ago

    here after release of note 10 coz this is better

  • Lawrence Lorenzo
    Lawrence Lorenzo 2 months ago +30

    Rewatched this because Note 10 just got announced. This is maybe the last real good Note to come out. All it was missing was a wide angle lens. Other than that, the phone is near perfect. The 10 tho? Rip jack.

    • OronDF343
      OronDF343 Month ago

      I just switched to the Note 9 this week (from an HTC 10). The Note 10's punch-hole display and lack of a headphone jack made it not even a consideration.

    • redtiger546
      redtiger546 Month ago +1

      The CRAP Note 10 bought me here!!!!

    • José Luis Fuentes Manrique
      José Luis Fuentes Manrique Month ago

      I did exactly that. I bought my Note 9 when I heard the rumours about the lacks in the new one and I believed it was a better option the 9 for half of the price and I couldn't be happier. Best features per price ratio right now!

    • Patrick Hennig
      Patrick Hennig Month ago +1

      And even that can be overcome by panorama mode, mostly. Watching the videos about the note 10 and the old ones about the note 9, I am looking for places to buy the note 9. For half the price of the new one!

  • - The1trueharf -
    - The1trueharf - 2 months ago

    If you like using emulators Linus, I think drastic is a good emulator and some games are so good to use the pen with it. I can agree from testing myself that the camera has not changed much even from the S7 which I like. The curves I got used to after hating them, but I like that the whole phone isn't curved like a whole monitor. it is hillarious when I play some games that do not have a big enough screen ratio to fit the whole screen, but that is fine to me. Fortnite is pretty good on this phone and you can get it full screen on this phone. I got mine on a mobile ulgrade plan which I am thankful for after my S7 died after 3 years and would not even show if it was charging and had a black screen. I hope not phones with the ability to have nothing in the way of the screen and have no curved monitor like screen and a headphone jack keep being made. FYI I prefer the m40x compared to many other headphones, but the best in the box in ear headphone I have tried are the balenced and flat ones that come with this one which are comfy af.

  • Free Peace Sweet.
    Free Peace Sweet. 2 months ago +1

    What a nerd.
    This guy is weird.

  • Steven Pathman
    Steven Pathman 2 months ago +1

    Note 10 😍

  • Sue Me
    Sue Me 2 months ago +1

    any idea how to retrieve facebook business page on note 9 ...after i turned it the phone off lost the page ...any advise

  • Red Dead Ultimate
    Red Dead Ultimate 2 months ago

    The bixby button can be removed also he said nothing about screen burn in

  • 아싸
    아싸 2 months ago


  • BalthazarTheGreat
    BalthazarTheGreat 2 months ago

    Yea that's always been the case for Samsung phones. The snapdragon dragon chips have always offered 6-9% greater graphics performance while th exynos has offer 7-12% great CPU performance.

  • LieroFjeld
    LieroFjeld 2 months ago

    It's something special to arrive at this point.

  • amit yoel
    amit yoel 2 months ago

    So basically.... Not nien?

  • Chris Miller
    Chris Miller 2 months ago

    I have had a Note9 since Feb 2019. My only complaint with the phone isn't just a complaint with the phone but Samsung itself. They have a history of locking the bootloaders for their US versions. Given that Android was built with developers in mind, it sucks when you can't use every development option such as flashing and installing custom roms.

  • Sunil Kc
    Sunil Kc 2 months ago

    WOW !! the video is sponsored by PUBG

  • roufdrapht
    roufdrapht 2 months ago +1

    Is this a good deal if I just found it for 400$? Actually curious

  • Austin Kinser
    Austin Kinser 2 months ago

    I have the same keyboard I love it despite it's age :D

  • Bornto WorkandDie
    Bornto WorkandDie 2 months ago +1

    Just as bad and suspicious as Unbox Theory Samsung reviews, 75% praise then nitpick 1 or 2 things for rest of 25% of video. Note 9 might be better than Note 10 at least it has headphone jack.

  • Tanisha Medha
    Tanisha Medha 2 months ago

    Ahahha I'm 14 and i got this as a gift for getting into highschool with IB and my friend used my phone te get the galaxy skin for fortnite