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Casino Cheating Expert Reviews Card Counting and Casino Scams From Movies | Vanity Fair

  • Published on Sep 29, 2021
  • Casino game protection expert Sal Piacente reviews notorious card counting and casino game cheating scenes from films including 'Rain Man,' 'Rounders,' 'The Sting,' 'Austin Powers,' 'Casino,' 'Ocean's Thirteen,' 'The Cooler,' 'Runner Runner,' 'Now You See Me 2,' 'Shade' and '21.'

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    Casino Cheating Expert Reviews Card Counting and Casino Scams From Movies | Vanity Fair
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Comments • 4 517

  • Gus Johnson
    Gus Johnson 3 months ago +26810

    You have to bring this guy back in at least once every few months

    • Victor Flavian
      Victor Flavian 9 days ago

      You are a great Actor,,,, HEELS

    • Captain Balcon
      Captain Balcon 23 days ago

      @monkey D. nub No

    • apeshit clothing
      apeshit clothing 27 days ago

      @Big Lebowski 3.7 million subscribers is small? That's more than half of what VF has...

    • Eko Yogi
      Eko Yogi Month ago

      @Big Lebowski what kind of ideology is that ?, i don't subs to some small channel just by seeing them commenting, LOL

    • Default Mannnle
      Default Mannnle Month ago

      Bigger than yours. And he didn’t even beg

  • Sal Piacente
    Sal Piacente 26 days ago +3181

    Thanks everyone for taking the time to watch! And thanks to Vanity Fair for asking me to do this! I've been in Casino Game Protection for 36 years and every now and then, a fun project like this comes along. It's humbling to see so many people enjoy it. I appreciate that.
    Merry Christmas and all the best for a healthy, safe, and fulfilling New Year!

    • Last
      Last 45 minutes ago

      nobodys pulling anything on you bud

    • Jake
      Jake Day ago

      i honesty dont believe your him, your account was oddly made a momth after this video was published so i call bs

    • Fernando
      Fernando Day ago

      Was awesome

    • TheReefsFromSMC
      TheReefsFromSMC 2 days ago

      Your name is Italian and you should pronounce it as such

    • Denise Ross
      Denise Ross 3 days ago

      Sal you were fascinating to listen to, you should have your own RU-clip channel! Would love to hear you talk about how you've caught people cheating in some Monte Carlo casinos.

  • Rick O'Banion
    Rick O'Banion Month ago +1009

    Sal worked for a casino I worked at. We were all experienced pit bosses and dealers and he'd cheat right in front of us. He came in several times a year just to show us new cheats and advantage moves. Plus he is a really good guy to spend time with.

    • Th3Mavr1ck
      Th3Mavr1ck 9 days ago +3

      can confirm, i was the dice

    • Fred Sanford
      Fred Sanford 10 days ago +22

      @Righty Bricks Pssshhhhhh.... you smokin something alright, but it definitely ain't Sal

    • Righty Bricks
      Righty Bricks 14 days ago +1

      Sal ain't got no shee on me! Bring him to my den, Imma smoke this ninja.

    • Travis Kann
      Travis Kann 26 days ago +4

      True that girl

  • Dad Buddy Reviews
    Dad Buddy Reviews 19 days ago +552

    When a magician reveals their tricks, it's often disappointing, but with this guy, the slow-mo of his sleight of hand tricks just blew my mind even more!!

    • The Captain
      The Captain 10 days ago +5

      sleight of hand shuffling is about as real as magic gets

  • N A
    N A 14 days ago +255

    I used to be a craps/blackjack dealer at a Riverboat Casino in Indiana. Sal was our Head of Gaming security. The things this man could do were incredible. True photographic memory, and one of the kindest people you will ever meet. Sal, if you read this, I was excited to see you and glad you are healthy and well, also... I still have no idea all these years later how you levitated in the High Limit pit that night... haha

  • Mekel Reen
    Mekel Reen Month ago +734

    I’m always glad to hear the pros say card counting isn’t cheating, casinos just don’t like it. All cars counting is, is remembering what cards have been played, and understanding the odds of what cards are left.

    • CloudStreets
      CloudStreets 3 days ago

      @Tao Liu - I think I just said that

    • Tao Liu
      Tao Liu 3 days ago

      @CloudStreets Flat betting only works if you're entering the game mid shoe when the count is high which is a red flag for the staff. Otherwise all you're doing is just playing basic strategy (which still has a slight edge against you) and the casino won't back you off.

      The whole point of counting cards is so you can bet size according to the count. You bet high when the edge is good for you, bet low when the edge is poor. That's what the casino looks for. If people are varying their bets according to the count, then they are very likely counting cards.

    • CloudStreets
      CloudStreets 3 days ago

      @Tao Liu even with counting cards, your edge is slight and it doesn’t happen every shoe. If you flat bet every hand, counting wouldn’t get you very far. It’s the bet ramp that makes you money counting cards.

    • CloudStreets
      CloudStreets 3 days ago +1

      It’s like paying attention to how a player bets certain hands at a poker table and using that info to adjust your own bets. It’s not cheating. You’re just paying attention.

    • Tao Liu
      Tao Liu 10 days ago

      @thehotdogman93 The same way as playing blackjack with only one deck. If there's only one deck in play, it's VERY easy to count cards. There's only 52 cards in a deck, and you have visual of up to seven cards at a time, which means you have up to a 13% penetration per game and you bet size accordingly.

      And even playing multi-deck blackjack, you can still shuffle after every round. Increasing shuffles is how casinos "reset" the count, the only issue is that it's time consuming, hence CSMs which automatically reshuffles after every game.

  • Luis Dobbs
    Luis Dobbs 15 days ago +202

    Can we just acknowledge how awesome Edward Norton is for learning all those cheating techniques and shuffles for a movie when most people aren't going to even notice they're happening in the scene. I've seen Rounders like 5 times and never knew he was using actual cheating techniques.

    • smellsuperb1
      smellsuperb1 10 days ago +3

      He studied for a long time to get those techniques down pat.

    • not here
      not here 12 days ago +6

      bruh straight up i love rounders and literally never noticed any of it

  • King of the Lurkers
    King of the Lurkers Month ago +268

    I’m still convinced he wasn’t cheating even after looking right at his tactics…. That’s how good this guy is

    • g0tst1ngs
      g0tst1ngs Month ago +9

      Yeah I could not keep up with the fake shuffles lol

  • Mihir patel
    Mihir patel Month ago +178

    This man can deliver an hour long lecture and I would not be a single bit bored. Absolute legend.

  • Natalie Fox
    Natalie Fox 3 months ago +8151

    This guy brought so much to the table. All the examples, all the knowledge, even an accomplice. What a great speaker and educator.

    • Kaio -Sama
      Kaio -Sama 2 months ago

      Working as a dealer I was told not to allow people to do things in a certain way, but they never really bother explaining why so this guy still taught me things.

    • Relenter O
      Relenter O 3 months ago

      @cxo no she was needed to actively demonstrate signaling. If he was that one dimensional and used nothing to help convey his talking points it would’ve been boring

    • cxo
      cxo 3 months ago

      @Relenter O but it wasn't the bish wanted cloute and nothing more. Simping all day isn't a good look, pal.

    • Relenter O
      Relenter O 3 months ago

      @cxo simp? You wouldn’t say the same if he brought on another guy you tool

    • Vulcan Titan
      Vulcan Titan 3 months ago

      @Juggtacula That's his accomplice dweeb.

  • Samrod Shenassa
    Samrod Shenassa Month ago +284

    There's obviously a lot more richness to this guy's life than gambling cheats. Dude needs his own channel.

  • Enrique Barragan
    Enrique Barragan Day ago +2

    I stopped playing cards the first time I played with a card shark, he said never play cards with someone you don’t know, he then showed me why. It was incredible to see, he was so fast you couldn’t see even when he told what to look for.

  • AJ Rasokas
    AJ Rasokas Month ago +236

    I was in casino surveillance for 11 years, our casino hired Sal to teach us gaming protection, best course ever and one on one experience was amazing.

  • Jason PypsAeris
    Jason PypsAeris Day ago +1

    Rounders is one of my top movies of all time. I never knew Norton did actual cheating techniques. I’m amazed that Norton took the time to actually learn and perform them. Wow 🤩

  • Rince Resource
    Rince Resource 3 months ago +8658

    This guy had it all: presentation, personality, knowledge and delivery.

    • zxo
      zxo 4 days ago

      @John Strawb ä ei

    • Ralph Cantave
      Ralph Cantave 17 days ago


    • Chris James
      Chris James 19 days ago +1

      @Inb4 2 keep working on those abs! Lol, because your brains are useless!

    • Inb4 2
      Inb4 2 20 days ago +2

      @Chris James lol this guy basically is hired to teach the dealers and security how to detect cheating, he makes more money per month than you do all year

    • Exciter
      Exciter Month ago

      And a hot wife

  • ThatRandom Guy
    ThatRandom Guy 21 day ago +44

    The patience, smarts, and techniques this guy has is legendary. A lot of this stuff is confusing asf but listening to him explain stuff is so entertaining.

  • Theshow4life
    Theshow4life Month ago +91

    This is how someone who's been in the industry a long time talks about these kinds of things. He's great and definitely knows his stuff. I've also been in the business quite some time, so it's refreshing to see instead of these other hacks. Cheers!

  • Stephen DeSimone
    Stephen DeSimone Month ago +47

    My mind was boggled as I watched this video for two reasons: the world of gambling and the systems developed to cheat them are so convoluted and complex that it is hard to imagine. Second is that Mr. Piacente knows and understands all of them so well that nothing would be unnoticed by him. He must have spent a lifetime working in Casino security to have obtained such expertise...pretty amazing! Mr. Piacente gives lectures and demonstrations, as many magicians do, at various magic shops across the country. I had an opportunity to attend one of his lectures in Baltimore (magic and card trick oriented) and it was unbelievable how talented he is...a very humble and truly nice gentleman as well.

  • Jeff Wilson
    Jeff Wilson 14 days ago +14

    Love everything about this guy’s demeanor, knowledge, explanations, etc. Pleasure to watch.

  • JmsNmnn
    JmsNmnn 3 months ago +5977

    Need to bring this guy back for more! He's clearly an expert and super fascinating

    • Josiah Smith
      Josiah Smith 3 months ago

      @Mr Dib joe exotic the guy in jail for 22 years poggies

    • Mr Dib
      Mr Dib 3 months ago

      Tiger King Coin($tking) can very easily be worth 100x it’s current price after Tiger King season 2 comes out on November 17

      It’s Joe Exotic’s official crypto and the current market cap is only at $10 million

    • 004
      004 3 months ago +3

      i bet he's banned worldwide, lol

    • robert curatolo
      robert curatolo 3 months ago +2

      Who can play this guy in a card game....lol

    • Wade Snyder
      Wade Snyder 3 months ago +5

      This guy needs his own show.

  • Sankofa NYC
    Sankofa NYC Month ago +26

    He is soooo good... I've seen break downs of some of these movies before and he is catching things alot of people missed and explaining how it's done really well

  • notsosilentmajority1
    notsosilentmajority1 13 hours ago

    That was extremely interesting. We hear about many different ways that people cheat but to see it and have it explained is awesome.
    You should do a follow up to this video.

  • Chris Rattray
    Chris Rattray 22 days ago +13

    That was really really educational and thoroughly entertaining. I’ve never had any interest in gambling until now. This has really cemented my disinterest!

  • Adam Mcgrath
    Adam Mcgrath 21 day ago +35

    We need more of these. Especially this guy, he's a great presenter

  • Six
    Six 2 months ago +2494

    Sal is such a legend, I rarely gamble but this has been really entertaining and informative at the same time. Love this guy's vibes.

  • Steve Pounder
    Steve Pounder Month ago +30

    Superb content. DIdnt realise the amount of ways there are too cheat. The amount of skill and practice to pull any of those techniques off must be immense.

  • Jim Fischer
    Jim Fischer Month ago +31

    This is an extremely informative video. This guy really knows what he's talking about.

  • Alex Balbi
    Alex Balbi Month ago +22

    This guy is beyond competent at what he does, hard to find someone like this.

  • The7WorldsGaming
    The7WorldsGaming 10 days ago +1

    This was a great watch!

  • Lucas Beliera
    Lucas Beliera 3 months ago +8255

    this guy was flawless, not only is he obviously an expert, but he’s also an amazing communicator

    • DonovanHaumpy
      DonovanHaumpy 2 months ago

      That's a lot of love you showed another grown man that's doesn't know you exist

    • Stuie McLaren
      Stuie McLaren 2 months ago +1

      Yeah he’s one of the best they’ve ever had. Pay him as much as he wants and bring him back often.

    • Maaden_Swe
      Maaden_Swe 2 months ago +2

      @Philip Kelly you have never written a positive comment right, you live your life to whine like a little b****. Pathetic

    • Philip Kelly
      Philip Kelly 2 months ago

      how? are you a simpleton, have you ever seen a magic show this guy has worse moves than a childrens entertainer

      VITKO MUSIC 2 months ago

      Aha... He is excellent. But that doesn't make you any excellent for this comment. No. Offense but comments nowerdays are all praising... Wow What a great man. Wow he is much better than politicians...over Praising is just bad. Hit like button and just throw a comment relating to topic... Why praise for him speaking on what he knows.

  • Spaced Out Gaming
    Spaced Out Gaming Month ago +53

    What I find specifically interesting about The Sting is that they can't call him out for it without letting others in on the fact that they tried to cheat as well. He caught on and played his cheat, which is absolutely genius

    • Spaced Out Gaming
      Spaced Out Gaming 18 hours ago

      @Emil Riikonen truth

    • Emil Riikonen
      Emil Riikonen 19 hours ago +1

      @Spaced Out Gaming Yeah but if you are gonna cheat, might as well cheat in a way as to make your loss impossible.

    • Spaced Out Gaming
      Spaced Out Gaming 20 hours ago

      @Emil Riikonen true, but in their specific situation they couldn't lol

    • Emil Riikonen
      Emil Riikonen Day ago +1

      I mean they could if they would just have seeded one of all the high cards to other hands. That way you couldn't have a higher 4 of a kind.

  • nigel thompson
    nigel thompson Month ago +34

    I’m not at all a gambler, however loved watching this. Very good. Love your sign off advice. You’re an interesting guy(and your wife too!)

    • JamesVernon
      JamesVernon Month ago

      His wife is an interesting guy???

  • Shifting Drifter
    Shifting Drifter Month ago +66

    I've seen other reviews on poker and casino hustling flicks, but this one is by far the best of them all. I just wish he'd have covered the Steve McQueen classic "The Cincinnati Kid" and give his thoughts on the highly debated last hand showing the impossible odds of three 10s showing face up in a two-player game of 5-card stud. It's been over 50 years and so controversial that expert poker players still debate it.

      THIS IS #MAGA COUNTRY 17 days ago +2

      "You're good, Kid, real good.
      But as long as I'm around you'll always be second best."

  • Jacob Serns
    Jacob Serns 16 days ago +18

    Of all of the "experts weigh in" videos by vanity fair, GQ, Insider, etc. THIS ONE IS ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAVES. Gotta be top 5. So well done!

  • Shaun
    Shaun 2 months ago +6091

    Usually these “experts” are kind of showy hacks. But this guy was solid gold. And he was very entertaining to watch. Bring him back, please.

    • iep5542
      iep5542 10 days ago

      Sal's the real deal! I met him last year when my casino contracted him to teach us how to prevent some of these cheats. He's a great teacher!

    • karadan100
      karadan100 Month ago +1

      That first trick is so simple! Imma try it on my friends :)

    • TDunc Piano
      TDunc Piano Month ago

      soo cool

    • Mk kc
      Mk kc Month ago

      @KH Gear "" "ZA" "" "", #

    • Sheriff Lobo
      Sheriff Lobo Month ago +3

      @ralph holiman
      Yep, makes sense to me.

  • Eren Yeager
    Eren Yeager Month ago +34

    This has the same energy as meeting an uncle you've never met but he's a actual badass yet wholesome at the same time

  • Joe Bibro
    Joe Bibro Month ago +16

    This guy is cool. Explains things very well, and seems very personable. Also, that’s a dope medallion.

  • DareToBeDeviant
    DareToBeDeviant 2 days ago

    I remember 22 years ago someone bought me a magician's set with unique tricks to pull off. Disappearing coins, living dead mouse, and (what I kept for a long time) a marked deck of cards. On the back there were pinwheel ... petal ... designs in the corners. Whichever petal wasn't overlapped signified which card it was. At 12 o' clock position it was Ace, 2,3,4,5... all up until King. Those were unfortunately marked with a thicker circle in the center. Whoever did the design surely could've thought of something different but fortunately no one caught on how I was calling cards before they were turned over. It was perfect for Go Fish or Blackjack.

  • Hajira S.
    Hajira S. Month ago +29

    This was absolutely fascinating. My ADHD can't tolerate sitting through a 20 minute video without pausing a few times and getting up to do something, but I sat through this whole thing

  • GoblinZaku
    GoblinZaku 3 months ago +1931

    He looks EXACTLY like what a person who calls themselves a casino cheating expert would look like.

    • Super S Patrick
      Super S Patrick 2 months ago +43

      And sounds EXACTLY like one too.

    • Antonio
      Antonio 2 months ago +1

      I wanted to like your comment, but it was 333 likes. Too lucky for me

  • Joshua Rosen
    Joshua Rosen Month ago +4

    That was very interesting and very informative. Sal comes across as someone who really knows his stuff.

  • James Jeffares
    James Jeffares Month ago +10

    How could you dislike this? Sal did a great job explaining. I could watch him all day.

  • Kwisten050
    Kwisten050 Month ago +18

    This guy is so cool. I keep hoping for more videos with him.

  • Kristopher Haas
    Kristopher Haas Month ago +16

    I had the pleasure of meeting Sal when I worked at a casino in Pennsylvania. He’s the real deal And a great guy too.

  • Cruiz Lee
    Cruiz Lee 3 months ago +4699

    I like how much overlap there is between cheating games and magicians tricks.

    • jamison vondersitt
      jamison vondersitt Month ago

      I thought the same thing.. growing up with a friend who was big into card tricks I seen alot these tricks already just alrwady... he use hustle people with card tricks

    • Thomas Burkhart
      Thomas Burkhart Month ago

      @TYR FREE in reality the hand can't be faster than the eyes with very few exceptions. But it can be smarter than your observing brain.

    • TYR FREE
      TYR FREE Month ago

      Because card dealing and sleight of hand are closely related.

      If you can deal cards really well,your hand is already quicker than most people's eyes.

      That's magician Territory.

    • True Aussie
      True Aussie Month ago

      I think the difference is whether there's money involved.

    • S K
      S K Month ago +1


  • Zatoichi1967
    Zatoichi1967 Month ago +13

    Sal!! I met this guy in Colorado when I was dealing in Blackhawk. This guy is the real deal and an awesome person on top of that. Showed a few of us dealers some great stuff that I never fogot.

  • William Webb
    William Webb Month ago +8

    This was actually a really well thought out video. The small fortune joke at the end was funny as well.

  • GreenFroppy 212
    GreenFroppy 212 28 days ago +7

    Wow this is insanely interesting and great. This guy is amazing and I never knew there were so many ways to cheat in card games

  • Luke Wilson
    Luke Wilson Month ago +9

    clear explanations, solid demos, good vibes. bring sal back and pay him more. i would listen to this man talk about the intricacies of the Xhosa language

  • R&C plus4
    R&C plus4 3 months ago +9136

    "If you wanna leave the casino with a small fortune, bring a large one" smiles - pure gold!

    • arf shesaid
      arf shesaid 27 days ago +1

      @Alan Roberts thank god for those people that decipher code talk for us all

    • Jacques Arnaut
      Jacques Arnaut Month ago +1

      Applies to the stock market too.

    • S K
      S K Month ago +1


    • lia flowers
      lia flowers Month ago

      i didnt know what it meant 😭😭

    • Steven Spence
      Steven Spence Month ago +4

      As a former Uber driver whenever I take folks to the airport for their first gambling trip I remind them that Las Vegas casinos do not look the way they do because everyone wins...

  • Flowers in the Kitchen
    Flowers in the Kitchen 21 day ago +12

    I don’t even know how to play solitary and hardly understood anything, but I could listen to this guy for hours. Fascinating! So much knowledge and skills. Bring him back! :)

  • Jan Flato
    Jan Flato Month ago +7

    Very cool. Love watching people who know when a game ISN'T on the square.

  • Share true pro
    Share true pro 18 days ago +1

    Especially this guy, he's a great presented rI’m always glad to hear the pros say card counting isn’t cheating, casinos just don’t like it. All cars counting is, is remembering what cards have been played, and understanding the odds of what cards are left.

  • Funken Gruven
    Funken Gruven Month ago +1

    One of the best videos I've ever watched on RU-clip. Such an interesting topic presented by a true and genuine expert. He should have his own "Master Class".

  • Sairento II
    Sairento II 3 months ago +2566

    I don’t know a single thing about casino games/poker/etc, and yet I’m interested enough to watch a 23 minute video of a professional talking about it

  • Daniel Toma
    Daniel Toma Month ago +3

    I loved this video. Thank you for getting Sal, because he explains this stuff so well.

  • Warriorking1963
    Warriorking1963 Month ago +1

    Must remember never to play cards with this guy!

    Really excellent video, and I'm really happy to finally know what happened in The Sting is actually possible, although as Sal Piacente says, in this case "this is Hollywood".

  • rolle
    rolle Month ago +7

    Ive watched this video so many times and actually watched some of the movies. You need to bring Sal back

  • SI Rich
    SI Rich Month ago +25

    Tried counting cards in AC once just to see if I could actually get to a point in the shoe where you modify your bets. I lasted three deals, then the waitress came with my drink and it was all over. It is very hard to do.

    • Tao Liu
      Tao Liu Month ago

      @Dan Sheffield IMO, even if you can get away with it it's not worth the time and effort. Your sizing is going to be too small to make any significant amount of money. And even if you are making good money and they can't figure out if you're counting cards or not, they're probably still going to back you off.

      Not to mention, it's all ASM now. Good luck trying to count with those, lol. If you want to make money, play Poker.

    • Dan Sheffield
      Dan Sheffield Month ago

      @Tao Liu yeah that gets hard, playing strategy changes a little bit, like when true count is +2 you buy jnsurance, but in my experience, that is one of the biggest giveaways to the dealer/pitboss that you're counting. Truly the hardest part of counting is making it seem that you aren't

    • Tao Liu
      Tao Liu Month ago +1

      @Dan Sheffield Counting part is easy. The difficult part is calculating the bet spread and playing perfect strategy. Most people can't even play perfect strategy properly.

    • Dan Sheffield
      Dan Sheffield Month ago

      @Tao Liu its not hard at all. After some practice its as easy as reading and remembering a sentence

    • Tao Liu
      Tao Liu Month ago +3

      It's not easy, most people can't count cards perfectly. Casinos only care about those who can actually count cards.

  • nowknow
    nowknow 3 months ago +6310

    This guy has to be the world's greatest uncle.

    • Kevin Piacente
      Kevin Piacente 17 days ago

      Hes my cousin

    • ahoorakia
      ahoorakia Month ago

      @Snip Elite

      because he knew you can not come up with any legit question!!

      he is a mind reader!!

    • Brandi Davis
      Brandi Davis Month ago

      @canterlevi I’m a dealer, you don’t have to be clever to deal blackjack lol. Training takes about 3 months. You don’t even have to worry about math, it’s mostly memorization. Dealing with the players is the hard part.

    • Lightning Gaming
      Lightning Gaming Month ago

      @Russell Johnson true

    • Kamote Tops
      Kamote Tops Month ago +4

      @Snip Elite "Dependence on lots of bling and shiny shinies is an indicator of inner turmoil" - Or he wants you to FOCUS on those things so he can easily do his tricks.

  • Shawn Gillespie
    Shawn Gillespie Month ago +11

    This is incredibly fascinating to what lengths the human mind can come up with to cheat.

  • Old Man
    Old Man Month ago +6

    I have to say, this is one of the coolest Expert Reviews I've seen. This guy is so knowledgeable and smooth.

  • Zachary Traylor
    Zachary Traylor Month ago +11

    I grew up around magicians and learned many many sleight of hand card tricks, this guy is smooth as butter with a deck.

  • Owl & Twine Cottage Core Lifestyle Shop

    As a writer I need to sit down with this guy for hours of questions. More please

  • Beatles Eternally
    Beatles Eternally 2 months ago +2549

    I know Sal personally, he is the real deal. Not only is he a world-renowned gambling expert, he is also a master magician and memory expert. Sal is one of most genuine people I have ever known with a heart as large as a mountain.

    • dom
      dom Month ago

      if his heart is that big wouldn't his body burst? even if the heart somehow didn't collide with his body the blood pressure would be too high

    • Vratisłav Ślężny
      Vratisłav Ślężny Month ago

      He's look a little bit like a Alfred E. twin.

    • Father PhiloSophia
      Father PhiloSophia Month ago

      @Chuck Holmes what? What are you talking about brother? Why are you being hateful without provocation? I also live/love the life everyone dreams of… literally. Bless you

    • Chuck Holmes
      Chuck Holmes Month ago

      @Father PhiloSophia sorry to hear you live your life on RU-clip. Must be a sad existence

    • Father PhiloSophia
      Father PhiloSophia Month ago

      @Chuck Holmes weird to call someone a liar about such a strange topic..and Even weirder would be to create the topic, but I wouldn’t think this will win you any cool points on RU-clip comment section 🤣

  • ralph holiman
    ralph holiman Month ago +54

    Imagine if the rest of the world ran like casinos. Track Boss: "Usain Bolt, you are being asked to leave the track meet." Bolt: "Why?" Track Boss: "You are way too good at running."

  • foodie animal
    foodie animal 22 days ago +3

    This was one of the best videos I have seen this year... Sal Piacente was such an interesting person to watch.. This 23 minutes documentary was ,much more fun than watching movie..

  • P M
    P M 14 days ago +2

    This was one of the coolest, most interesting videos I’ve seen. This guy needs his own show! Lol

  • Jon
    Jon Month ago +26

    this is the best of these types of videos i've seen... not a stupid arbitrary rating out of 10 given to the scene either, just information.

  • Luke Senseney
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    • Kaio -Sama
      Kaio -Sama 2 months ago +3

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    • Brad W
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    JIMJAMSC 7 days ago

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    • Robert Loyd
      Robert Loyd Month ago

      @Ewa Drerrie No there's nothing as there are usually regulations that are adhered to in most places. Especially in the United States, but most are not aware of it or mentioned much.

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    • 216Numbskull
      216Numbskull Month ago

      1) Having the knowledge at "all times" of the "true" count. 2) Other players at your table knowing the basic rules of how to play Blackjack to the advantage of playing the table right. (When to hit,stay,split,etc..) if not you decrease the tables odds & messes with the count. 3) The key to success in making real $$ is done one way, that's to minimize & maximize your bets tenfold each hand at the right time. This is just as important as your ability to count, you cannot play $25 every hand & make $$ counting. ($25 to $250 or more) As I said "Good Luck" NOT being noticed, a player flexing their bet is the dead giveaway of what they're up to, it doesn't take the eye in the sky to see that? (Actions cause reactions) Those are the basic must do's a card counter needs to be successful. On the casino's end again they can't accuse you, or kick you out for doing something that's completely legal. Yet they do have right of refusal to anyone at all times.

    • 216Numbskull
      216Numbskull Month ago

      OK, as a former L.V. pit boss let me answer issues some are still a bit confused with card counting. First off, card counting is absolutely LEGAL to do. Next, there is NO casino pit boss, floor supervisor, or Blackjack dealer, that would ever tell a customer or player that they couldn't count cards because it's illegal. If anything is illegal there, it's the boss,sup, or dealer stating something that to you & would or could be held liable for slander to the accusation. Also, a pit boss will not kick a card counter out of the casino for that reason either, again "it's not illegal to count cards." As far as having the ability to truly count a 1,2,4,6, or 8 decks of cards w/o being noticed by the house "Good Luck!" I don't care what Rain Man did in the movies, or what system MIT (although brilliant minds) gives you (Hi-Lo,Zen,Red 7,Knock Out,etc...). The laws of probability in theory of card counting, has more than 1 move in the game of counting in Blackjack.

    • Tao Liu
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    • Randolph Gallagher
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    • Ned Ludd
      Ned Ludd Month ago

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