Ubisoft Club: In-Game Progression & Tips for Ghost Recon Breakpoint | Ubisoft [NA]

  • Published on Oct 9, 2019
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    Ubisoft Club: In-Game Progression & Tips for Ghost Recon Breakpoint | Ubisoft [NA]
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Comments • 95

  • C W
    C W 17 days ago

    So do you get all the weapons through game progression or do you have to actually by them with real money ?

  • phx 77
    phx 77 Month ago

    So far I'm enjoying this game really cool and fan to play but i don't no why there's no campaign mode only for multiplayer not me as a realistic game they were added campaign for play solo .☆ Huge miss big time☆

  • Robert *
    Robert * Month ago

    0:02 ?? what is this?

  • Precise Skillz Gaming

    I see a lot of hate in this comment section. I'm gonna spread some joy. Ubisoft you guys made a great game this game is 10x better than wildlands was. It's so addicting and I dont feel like I have to be sucked into the story I can free roam without seeing a bunch of mission objectives. Great game keep up the good work!

  • Cinematic Anime Trailers

    SAM PATCH IS GLITCHED along with a few of the other rewards like logging onto the website. FIX THIS.

  • Breno Freire
    Breno Freire Month ago

    Please, fix the huge amount of bugs of this game! Every time I play is either something like that, get stuck or the servers crash! I pre ordered the Gold edition and I’m really disappointed with @Ubisoft!

  • Mr MAN
    Mr MAN Month ago

    Copy and paste the rest of Ubisoft games. No story. No characters. And no components. Just run and shoot.

  • John DiamondGames
    John DiamondGames Month ago

    lol why you guys disabled the Comments and likes for that PC trailer 😂😂😂 something wrong Ubishit?!?!

  • Sword and Shield
    Sword and Shield Month ago

    All this could be avoided, while leaving both UbI and customers happy. Create a platform that allows all weapon and mod choices to be available from the get. Rank them in power and stat to real world weapons. No classes, just selected load outs determining your position in the team. SOCOM had the formula. Now dump the open world, focus on strong AI and team/solo mission planning, success or fail, make the overall story reflect. Then make your money providing endless new campaigns to a solid platform that will keep everyone from leaving after arcade style boredom from everything currently being developed.

  • Diamond Dogs
    Diamond Dogs Month ago

    I'm using the Sam's gear pack.

  • The Equalizer
    The Equalizer Month ago

    When do we get the raid or terminator event stop with these useless fucking apps and cgi videos. Wheres the new fucking content

  • xMentor mentor
    xMentor mentor Month ago +1

    Lol this cash grab is already half price in stores what a joke

  • DanPH77
    DanPH77 Month ago

    Trash game...glad I got it for free

  • MR 420
    MR 420 Month ago +1

    Fix the weapons system and gps and good to go

  • Tide Vara
    Tide Vara Month ago +4

    Breakpoint more like Breakingpoint

  • SgtGo
    SgtGo Month ago +3

    After the lovely comeback with for Honor and Siege, we trusted you again... I have no hopes left for BGE, my childhood game... so sad.

  • RainbowSix_Glaz
    RainbowSix_Glaz Month ago +4

    Fix your bloody game

  • Ezio Auditore
    Ezio Auditore Month ago +12

    The first and last and most useful tip: Don’t buy this game.

  • Kevin Grenouiller
    Kevin Grenouiller Month ago

    The only thing refraining me to buy this game is the fact we have to be connected to internet to play it!!!! Do you think everyone lives in a big city? Have internet access at all time? Or can monopolize internet just to play when you're in a big family with a weak internet?
    Ubisoft why don't you consider the percentage of gamers who are unable to stay 24/7 connected!??!?!?

  • meliodas R
    meliodas R Month ago

    Como quieren que juegue si el juego dice en la caja una cosa y cuando uno prueba el juego se encuentra con la sorpresa que es una gran mentira sólo vean el caso del problema del idioma en español 😠 no puede arreglar eso después de tantos días que desepcion como se esmeran para que las personas ya no compres los juegos echos por Ubisoft , deberían de ser serios supuesta mente son juegos triple A, pero de triple A sólo tiene el precio .😡😡

  • The Relaxing Doge
    The Relaxing Doge Month ago +5

    I like paying 20 dollars on cosmetics that I can get from playing the game don’t we all?

  • Evert De Rijke
    Evert De Rijke Month ago +3

    Guys, not the greatest idea to get monetization in this game with microtransactions.
    Also, I am happy that I am not able to play the game.

  • The Dog's Butler
    The Dog's Butler Month ago +1

    This game has so much potential, but that's all it has. You need to look at big picture Ubisoft, retailers dropped the price 2 days after release (just like they did with ET back in 1982) and Twitch can't figure out what tags to give it.

  • Crunchy
    Crunchy Month ago +2

    bruh fix ur game

  • Alex Ilin
    Alex Ilin Month ago +1

    Yes there are bugs and things but overall its pretty good game. Every single game nowdays will be with micro transactions theres no escaping it. I can afford it so I buy the things I like lol if u cant then dont go near the options of purchasing it.

    • Alex Ilin
      Alex Ilin Month ago +1

      @friendly frenzy I guess but I'm just saying theres nothing we can do

    • friendly frenzy
      friendly frenzy Month ago +3

      Bruh you're joking right? This game has micro transactions up the Ying yang and it's fucking ridiculous

  • FixSiEgEPlz FixMnKPlz
    FixSiEgEPlz FixMnKPlz Month ago +1

    .ATTENTION.This comment is nothing to do with the video U guys should remove voting to kick and Team killing completely in Rainbow six siege there’s no point of having them in the game please read this comment the community hates it and the game is toxic with team kill and voting .ATTENTION.

  • Tripoli Tactical
    Tripoli Tactical Month ago +3

    Game is awesome. Love it. Of course there is bugs as it is a brand new game and were in 2019 where its not a side scrolling mario game anymore...If you can build a better one, have at it. Me and my boys are killing it on there right now though. Keep it coming

    • Black_Fox
      Black_Fox Month ago +1

      Infact in the indie market , there are more talented people then these bunch of idiots at Ubisoft, they made a downgraded game from Wildlands, just to ripoff costumers.

  • PlayStation P.S.I
    PlayStation P.S.I Month ago

    Its very helpful app ubisoft Club

  • Officer Flat Foot
    Officer Flat Foot Month ago +5

    Trash game

  • Joker Plummer
    Joker Plummer Month ago +2

    My Sam gear patch is still locked

    • ironfae
      ironfae Month ago +1

      Joker Plummer
      Mine was too. Don’t use the app. Log in through the Uplay website. When you link your gaming account you’ll get it.

    FUSZION Month ago +36

    "In-Game Progression & Tips for Ghost Recon Breakpoint"
    1. Pull out your credit card.
    3. Pull it out again.
    5. Keep that credit card out.

    • ironfae
      ironfae Month ago

      WOW! I never knew I was so deluded. Thank you SO much for saving me from my own GODDAMN decisions.
      Even if the boosters are brought back, who really cares? It’s all OPTIONAL not required for content access. It doesn’t take a “brainwashed” opinion to notice the obvious facts.
      Hate the game all you want, but don’t think for one second that ANYONE needs people like you to lead them away from making up their own DAMN minds.

      FUSZION Month ago +1

      @ironfae I guess you really are that brainwashed. Okay man. You do you. You go on ahead believing they wont bring the "Time Savers" back. You go on believing things are not pay to win because " reasons" or whatever. I truly feel sorry for people like you. But I mostly feel sorry for Gaming as a whole and what it is, and will become. An aberrated and perverted version of its former self, being facilitated and justified by people like you!
      You keep spreading how they "removed the TS's" while conveniently leaving out that they said "for now". That they said they added them "too soon" to begin with. That they were "intended for later". Your ignorance sprays profusely, like blood from a cut off limb in a horror movie. Just so you know, you can always come back from being that guy. I hope you do. Good luck!

    • ironfae
      ironfae Month ago

      BTW- I’ve got no love for Ubisoft’s brand of bullshit, but I’m not defending something that’s unnecessary either. If they’re not forcing us to buy stuff we need, then it doesn’t matter.

    • ironfae
      ironfae Month ago

      Pay to win what, the campaign? These purchases don’t translate to PVP. You won’t hear the AIs complain about players having unfair advantages. Besides, the boosters were already removed and everything else is available to find if you don’t want to play for them. It’s just an option for late/lazy players who have the money.

    • ironfae
      ironfae Month ago

      Andree Tungcab
      And what’s behind the paywalls, a few cosmetics? So what. You’re not really missing out on anything that affects your gameplay.
      That’s like saying you got tired of your car’s color, and you expect the manufacturer to repaint it for free.

  • DecarabiaSatanachia
    DecarabiaSatanachia Month ago +34

    Ubisoft games riddled with monetization, greed is killing creativity.

  • Devin Phillips
    Devin Phillips Month ago +41

    You broke all our hearts with this game

    • ironfae
      ironfae Month ago

      Diego Iván Elizalde Blandina
      It really depends on what YOU consider better. I’ve played both and liked both, but there are things about Breakpoint that I think are improved over Wildlands.
      You should try both and compare for yourself.

    • Just another black & white mickey Mouse
      Just another black & white mickey Mouse Month ago

      @ironfae Other than the weapon gear, the game is overall great, but this is a new experience for me, soo Idk if Wildlands was better

    • Julian Figueroa
      Julian Figueroa Month ago

      Not me the Heck

    • ironfae
      ironfae Month ago

      friendly frenzy
      After you, it was probably suicide.

    • Carlito Sur
      Carlito Sur Month ago

      @Jim Ross ???Is this related to a game that you dont even own SMH

  • Tristan Penrod
    Tristan Penrod Month ago +2

    Half of my battle rewards are glitched and I can't get them in game. I do what it tellse to do but it's not giving them to me when I talk to holt. And I never got the tactical vest from when I found the secret file after doing the Walker mission in the room after unlocking it with a key card from the bathroom. I did this mission the day it came out and grabbed every single file and played it dozens of times with friends. Never got the vest

  • Emperor Palpatine
    Emperor Palpatine Month ago


  • Jon K
    Jon K Month ago +5

    Cue the salty butthurt “muh wooter shwooter” comments.

    • Nomad
      Nomad Month ago +1

      @ironfae Lmao

    • ironfae
      ironfae Month ago

      Arnav S
      😂 Haters need friends. It makes them feel less pathetic.

    • Nomad
      Nomad Month ago +1

      So true, lol. They themselves don't know whether they like the game or not, and just join the hate bandwagon for publicity

  • NightShade
    NightShade Month ago +14

    The game is a disappointment

    • Dex Luther
      Dex Luther Month ago

      @NightShade They made the game look different than it actually is. We wanted Wildlands 2. What we got was The Division 2 Forest DLC.

    • NightShade
      NightShade Month ago

      @Carlito Sur I'm not saying that breakpoint is a bad game, it's just that it was way over hyped with all those trailers, it made me think that this game is going to be phenomenal

    • friendly frenzy
      friendly frenzy Month ago

      Yeah Wildlands was a way better game tbh

    • Carlito Sur
      Carlito Sur Month ago

      @NightShade got to say i respect your opinion...But i bought wildland gold edition on sale...play the game 2hours...felt it was a gta in the woods..to old for this lol.but breakpoint😎😎😎cant stop...I play on extreme...And it fell like a realistic metal gear solid...The camera and the character animation is on point...Man i like them to use that engine to make a proper medieval rpg

    • NightShade
      NightShade Month ago +2

      Carlito Sur
      I agree with you on that but it feels like ubisoft didn't put enough effort in making it better than wildlands

  • Dinky Dinky Dee
    Dinky Dinky Dee Month ago +10

    Please repair the ammunition magazines on the vest

  • Nomad
    Nomad Month ago +3

    Whiners incoming...

  • Sumeet Singh
    Sumeet Singh Month ago +13

    When assassing creed 5 come

  • TH4 D4RK BOYii
    TH4 D4RK BOYii Month ago +3

    i love ubi

    • friendly frenzy
      friendly frenzy Month ago

      Before they started their EA copy cat bullshit

    • Randy Marsh
      Randy Marsh Month ago +3

      They need to burn in hell with their EA practices

  • Straight To The Point
    Straight To The Point Month ago +3

    Ubi what happens to the battle rewards after the season ends

    • Straight To The Point
      Straight To The Point Month ago

      Jon K I just want to know if you don’t get the rewards do they go into those crates

    • ironfae
      ironfae Month ago

      Straight To The Point
      Another season follows after the first expires. I don’t know how soon, but there will be more.

    • Jon K
      Jon K Month ago

      Straight To The Point
      Pretty sure you get to keep them. Otherwise what’s the point of the rewards?