Frosty The Snowman Doubts Climate Change

  • Published on Dec 14, 2018
  • Frosty the Snowman is in denial about climate change.
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Comments • 290

  • Julie W.
    Julie W. 10 months ago

    People: Global Warming, now called Climate Change, is A THEORY! And it is a theory NOT based on facts. And 97% of scientists do NOT agree (I hope people honestly did not believe every scientist in the world was polled, or even the top scientists - no). Do people not remember their last theory? Which was ALSO treated as a fact? We were supposed to be in a mini ice age by now. Plus, the facts just don't add up. That ridiculous, "dangerous" 2 degree limit??? The temperature DRASTICALLY changes throughout the year, and it has been much warmer in the past (and the polar bears survived). And that bullshit, that when the icebergs melt, it will drastically raise sea levels? Ice bergs FLOAT! When ice floats in your glass, and then slowly melts, does it go over the top of the glass if you don't drink it? No, because ice is heavy, and it disperses the liquid from the get go. If you don't read ALL the facts, don't act like it is a fact, because it isn't. And I'm getting sick of the media just parroting what people with self interests (money) have spread. And ACTUALLY calling people that don't agree with a THEORY, DENIERS?? Or Climate CRIMINALS?? And the biggest screamers are the ones with the least facts, using the least common sense. CO2 is a infinitesimally small portion of our environment (0.04 - 0.54), and it is NOT a pollutant. We require CO2 to survive. Without CO2, the trees, grass, etc. can't grow, and has nothing to turn into oxygen for all animal life on Earth. And if they were TRULY worried about this (and their theory was correct), their answer would be to grow more trees & plant life, and limit human reproducing. But the climate of Earth has CONSTANTLY changed. What hubris, that humans assume we are responsible for climate change (the type of hubris I've seen from people all my life) - and the facts don't back it.
    You want to know what ACTUAL top scientists think? Watch this:

  • WindSolarHydroHuman
    WindSolarHydroHuman 10 months ago +1

    🎵 Frosty the puddle...--WHERE MY EYES?! 🎵😅

  • Jose Acevedo
    Jose Acevedo 10 months ago

    Being MAGA makes you extra salty.

  • Abanaki
    Abanaki 10 months ago

    Call now to support impeaching trump! 580-625-4549! DO NOT JUST STAND THERE DO YOUR PART!

  • RobbieTehRotten
    RobbieTehRotten 10 months ago +1


  • Washington Strong arm
    Washington Strong arm 10 months ago

    Climate change is the biggest hoax in history !

  • Natasha Masyuk
    Natasha Masyuk 10 months ago

    Ahahah, best cartoon of the late show with Stephen Colbert 😂

  • chip block
    chip block 10 months ago

    Where have all the snowman gone? Sounds like an old 60s song.
    Or, Has anybody seen my old friend Frosty. Can you tell where's gone?

  • ECKohns
    ECKohns 10 months ago

    I’m offended because nobody said “Merry Christmas”

  • Black lizard
    Black lizard 10 months ago +2

    Rigth wing is so scared of "snowflakes" that will try to melt them away

  • salas7146
    salas7146 10 months ago

    Donald Trump doesn't believe in the climate he still believes in Santa Claus

  • Justin D
    Justin D 10 months ago

    Wow!!..Frosty is woke af..just like trump's cult followers.

  • Cashew Skyline
    Cashew Skyline 10 months ago +1

    Same old crap from people trying to cause fear in people, ozone layer hole yesterday, today about climate change.

  • Google stop it
    Google stop it 10 months ago

    If only his supporters would actually melt away...

  • deedee green
    deedee green 10 months ago +4

    " Is this about my drinking?" lol!!!

  • GiarkReleos
    GiarkReleos 10 months ago

    What's the word for climate change ? … uh,...oh right weather!! "Global Warming" is the proper term, defend science by using the right words.

  • nextcontext
    nextcontext 10 months ago

    this video is fake! None of the other snow melted ^^

  • LeeTravius Mckay
    LeeTravius Mckay 10 months ago +2


  • Aditya Tiger
    Aditya Tiger 10 months ago +1

    *RIP FROSTY* :'(

  • wjfox2006
    wjfox2006 10 months ago +1

    Only thick people deny climate change.

  • Commenter Person
    Commenter Person 10 months ago +10

    The true source of the climate-deniers are:
    - the oil-companies
    - coal companies
    - industrial/manufacturing plants
    - large/direct consumers of the output from the above
    - their -servants- politicians.

  • Commenter Person
    Commenter Person 10 months ago +1

    The thumbnail for this video is awesome: _"Frosty the Denier"_ :)

  • Saint Michael
    Saint Michael 10 months ago +1

    "Season's greeting juice." Too good.

  • Jon Be
    Jon Be 10 months ago +2

    This reminded me of the Douglas Adams quote about a puddle: "This is an interesting world I find myself in - an interesting hole I find myself in - fits me rather neatly, doesn't it? In fact it fits me staggeringly well, must have been made to have me in it!' This is such a powerful idea that as the sun rises in the sky and the air heats up and as, gradually, the puddle gets smaller and smaller, frantically hanging on to the notion that everything's going to be alright, because this world was meant to have him in it, was built to have him in it; so the moment he disappears catches him rather by surprise. I think this may be something we need to be on the watch out for."
    The Salmon of Doubt (Dirk Gently, #3)

  • V8 Power
    V8 Power 10 months ago

    Weak propaganda from the "believers"

  • Brandon Janssen
    Brandon Janssen 10 months ago +1

    But they'll lose their "culture" if frosty melts and if they dont burn coal they can't deal with the cognitive dissonance.

  • Roland Taylor
    Roland Taylor 10 months ago

    I ate your eyes fool!

  • ErykaSoleil
    ErykaSoleil 10 months ago

    Cute, but I feel like Frosty would be absolutely mortified by Trump, and would instead be out helping Al Gore spread the word on climate change. And this will probably surprise you (it surprised me, anyway), but there are actually some Republican/conservative groups that are fighting to convince the US Government that climate change is real, and that we should be passing laws to help restrict emissions and encourage innovations in cleaner energy.

  • Keith W.
    Keith W. 10 months ago +1

    this is a great allusion to what trump supporters are like hahahaha

  • Sasquatch 2001
    Sasquatch 2001 10 months ago

    well that's the last straw for me, I believe... in DATA!

  • J C
    J C 10 months ago +2

    I wonder if climate change deniers are just morons or they purposely oppose it because of political view?
    I can respect someone who knows the truth but denies it due to politics. It’s unethical and they suck but I can at least understand that. People who genuinely don’t believe in facts are just straight up moronic idiots. That’s definitely worse. Just a lack of simple education and a high level of gullibility.

  • Q the omnipotent
    Q the omnipotent 10 months ago +27

    This is the same crap I've been hearing for over 30 years. Nothing will ever be done about climate change, just like nothing was done about global warming.
    When I talk to republicans at work who don't believe global warming and climate change are real, I tell them the Gulf of Mexico is 2 degrees warmer than it was in 1975. They usually say "So, that isn't alot." To which I reply, "The Human body is at 98.6 degrees, if it goes to 100.6, it will have a sickness. At 103.6, the human body will have to be Hospitalized." They usually reply with some religious nonsence, like 'everything happens for a reason,' or 'it's GOD's will.'
    SMH facepalm.

    • Joey Collins
      Joey Collins 10 months ago +1

      I just wanna say in this entire discussion. I'm genuinely impressed. You all deserve some props. While being nothing more then individuals on a message bored you've all managed to argue your separate points with little childish antics while also trying to prove your sides. This is what people need to do. To many people argue there points with absolutely nothing to back them up except religion and simple distrust. The act of arguing and civil discussion is the purest form of progression in a social society. So while you may never agree regardless of which side your on who your fears you should get yourselves a pat on the back. Thank you at least attempting discussion with people you disagree with. It's also somewhat impressive that you didn't allow simple emotion to dictate your entire discussion. It's one thing to get annoyed and argue with someone it's another to forsake rational discussion in a attempt to disassemble another character.

    • Julie W.
      Julie W. 10 months ago

      Q - Human beings are warm blooded animals and are able to regulate their own body temperature. A 2 degree increase in the outside air would NOT cause a 2 degree increase in body temperature. That's ridiculous. I live in Canada, and our temperature ranges greatly from day to day, and throughout the year it's a huge range. If that was the case (an increase in air/environment temperature increased body temperature by the same amount), people in Jamaica would be dead (hottest day this year was 36.9 degrees Celsius (yet it is not the hottest temperature ever recorded there - an equal or hotter temperature was measured in 1993), and my friend who goes to Cuba every year from Canada in the winter, would be in serious trouble. Their bodies don't increase by the outside temperature of their environment. In fact, only extreme temperature air increases (like being locked in a hot car) would make your body temperature rise. And 30 years ago, scientists were saying we were headed for a mini-ice age. Or do you not remember that? Another thing they haven't mentioned, is that they changed the amount, and where they measure the temperatures (and it's almost always at airports now, which of course, will be the hottest temperature possible), yet the charts do not reflect this change, telling you when the change was made, or what specific change was made. And it matters . . . a lot. They say if the icebergs melt, that it will drastically raise the sea level. Icebergs FLOAT. When you put ice cubes in your glass, it disperses the water already from the weight. As it melts, even if you don't drink anything, the liquid does not spill over your glass. In addition, the climate is ALWAYS changing. What hubris, to assume human beings are changing it. - WATCH THIS. No one bother responding to me unless they watch this first (I may or may not see the reply anyway - I don't often check replies).
      IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) officials censored the version of the IPCC report signed by scientists, and refused to remove scientists names, unless they threatened legal action. Scientists were angry when they found their findings to be altered, and asked for their names to be removed. They were told no.

      This is a money grab that is more about finance and politics than actual science. The huge money is mentioning global warming/climate change, and if you don't back this THEORY (NOT FACT), you are called a climate change denier or a climate criminal (and the biggest screamers are the ones that know the least - perhaps they should stop screaming, and start reading).
      "According to the World Meteorological Organization's (WMO), the highest temperature ever recorded was 56.7 °C (134.1 °F) on 10 July 1913 in Furnace Creek (Greenland Ranch), California, USA." - Wikipedia. In actuality, the hottest temperature was in Libya in 1922 - 136.4 degrees Fahrenheit, but the WMO declared it invalid in 2012 (after standing for 90 years).

    • kopskey1
      kopskey1 10 months ago

      @Albert Kim #1 I did not say 1-2 degrees could not kill entire species, however I don't believe a 1-2 degree shift is cause for concern that this will continue, please reread my argument. The point to be made about specific heat is while 1-2 degrees may be a lot for a species, it is not a lot for an entire planet especially one made of 75% water. (Think of defrosting a turkey, the smaller the bird, the less time it takes, the same concept apples) Also If coral is as susceptible to 1-2 degree changes (Which I do not doubt as it is fragile as all hell) How does it survive on a daily basis with temperature fluctuations? Not every day is a perfect 75.675 Degrees. (And even if the difference between days is negligible which many days it is, the temperature difference between July and December is not, but we don't have an influx of coral dying during those times, or it wouldn't be central in your argument. And if we did, How then does it come back in similar numbers? what cause for concern is there if that is the case?)
      2. I said European and that confused you my apologies, I meant that scientists in general (not just in America) are hearing reports and experiments (Of not just Climate Change) And blindly believing them instead of asking questions, Or you know the job Scientists are supposed to fulfill. They also As I said ARE NOT asking any questions that fall outside of the bias and belief. instead of looking for other solutions, or causes they simply believe we are solely at fault. Let me make this clear, it is downright ignorant and egotistical to claim we can predict the weather in 30 years with 100% accuracy when we can't even do the same with tommorrow's weather. Also this NOAA Logic, as credible as a site it may be, is still flawed. Cold objects do not release cold air as they melt. They also claim that there is "an increased cooling of air" created but they don't say from where. Further proof of these scientists not looking for answers beyond their narrow cone of vision. This is literally a BS answer on a test where you picked an answer at random and it says "Explain:" below.
      3. The Greenland Ice study is from a movie called Bill Nye: Science Guy. Go watch it it's pretty good, the "plot" can be summarized to Bill goes to random places and educates people.
      Finally, Let's get some new ideas into this discussion, and keep things fresh shall we? Most of these are just ideas, or simply a way to bring discussion about.
      1. My idea for how to stop Climate change. Let's say yes, greenhouse gasses are the cause and Humans are the cause, I am fully ready to accept that, BUT our scientists need to wisen up first
      CONTEXT: Back in the '80s we used chemicals known as CFCs in aerosol products (hairspray, Spraypaint, etc.) as what I imagine must've been a propellant.
      THE ISSUE THEN: We found that use of this chemical damaged the Ozone layer creating a hole in it.
      THE SOLUTION THEN: Simply ban all CFCs problem solved right?
      THE ISSUE NOW: The hole is shrinking success! But the Earth is heating up, I wonder if?
      THE SOLUTION NOW: Re-open the hole, the best way I can describe this is calling the hole a "Vent into Space" But first an analogy for how gasses work.
      Have you ever put food coloring into a large container? it takes a while for it to all diffuse through the water if you only put one drop in. but it does diffuse, from great concentration, to low concentration. But if you limit how fast it can diffuse, the process takes longer. The same principle applies, we aren't venting out as much CO2 as in the '80s.
      2. Did we ever find out why the Polar vortex shifted a few years ago, and why? I'm prepared to bet no as whenever it gets cold most global warming people, carbon freeze themselves the day before as to remain ignorant of weather their logic doesn't support.
      2.5 Is data from the Year of the polar vortex creating an anomaly of data that makes the change look worse than what it is?

    • Albert Kim
      Albert Kim 10 months ago +5

      Just so that we are on the same page, let me first summarize your argument to check that I understood it correctly. Your arguments are
      1. 1~2% warming isn't drastic. Also, specific heat and human body and globe is incomparable.
      2. Scientists in Americas are not doing the science themselves and are blindly trusting European scientists. Also, they are not producing any solutions to the issue. Also, the recent record snow in Virginia.
      2.2. Research done on Greenland's ice is incorrect bc types of snow and weight of snow will alter the amount of carbon in ice.
      First, let me debunk your argument about warming and specific heat. Firstly, Earth is being warmed by the Sun, and this is at a scale far higher than a "stove on high". There is more than enough energy being put on the Earth to warm it. Climate Change is about Earth retaining more of the incoming heat, not Earth getting more energy. A vague comparison would be boiling a pot of water with lid off and lid on. Continuing on, your example of water is frankly horrible, as it is one of the most well-known chemical to have exceptionally high specific heat. Furthermore, that 2~3˚C increase in ocean temperature actually is enough to kill 90+% of the entire coral population in the ocean (corals are incredibly sensitive to temperature change unlike humans). FYI, majority of known species of fish depend on corals for home and food, so corals dying out => majority of known fish species being endangered => majority of world's fishing industries being endangered. And that's only concerning the coral. To sum up this point, your first argument simplifies the issue to a point that it becomes highly distorted, meaning that this is essentially a straw man argument and illegitimate.
      Second, your point that American scientists are doing nothing is horribly misinformed. Many of the research done on Climate Change is an international effort, meaning that scientists across the globe are within each team, including American scientists. They are actually going out to do the experiment themselves, and that "few" you talk about is calculated at least in 10,000s of separate studies, with so many rechecking and rechecking with scientific vigor of highest degree that reading it all may actually give you a heartburn. Continuing on, your statement that the scientists are not asking the "important questions" are also horribly misinformed. Those literally are the most important points recent UN climate change report and its scientists are highlighting right on the front pages of their report. Furthermore, "recent record snow in Virginia". Let me paraphrase what the U.S.'s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA, an actual US gov. agency). 'As the Earth warms, the ice in Arctic melts at a greater pace; this causes an increased cooling of air in the North, which then moves south. In the south, the warming causes more water in the Atlantic Ocean to evaporate into the air. Once this southern air with above-normal amount of water meets the above-normal cooled Northern air, the increased amount of water turned into increased amount of snow. This increased amount of snow then falls on Virginia and other states along the East Coast, creating a "record snow".'
      Finally, your argument about how studying greenland ice could be erred. First, what you said is LITERALLY NOT HOW SCIENTISTS STUDY THE GREENLAND'S ICE. It only takes few seconds to google it, so at least read about it first before trying to outguess the people who have been studying this issue for decades. Second, here's a link so you can actually read about how they study the ice.

    • kopskey1
      kopskey1 10 months ago +2

      While I'm certainly not a republican, and not a trump supporter either, I remind you that the entire planet is not a Human body. For an example of two degrees being drastic in one case and negligible in another, lets look at specific Heat (Chemistry time Oh BOY!)
      Specific heat is the measure of how much energy it takes to raise something by 1 degree. For example, it take around 7-10 minutes to raise water to boiling temperature (from 70 to 212 or about 142 degrees) Now this is also with the water located inside a metal pot and the stove on HIGH. Given that in regards to water, the temperature change is negligible at best and takes a great deal of energy to accomplish this task, using the human body argument is fairly unrelated, though I can see your point in it.
      Another factor in my Human-cause Skepticism (I know the temperature is warmer, but I'm not convinced we are the sole reason for it) stems from a few different things. 1. (And most critical) Back in Elementary School we learned of traits of a good scientist two of which modern scientists ignore. Skepticism (See it's not "bad" to be skeptical), and Avoiding Bias. The last one is the most egregious, but the other holds its own. Let's start with the middleground: Skepticism, Something a good scientist should have Basically the idea of this one is, Don't blindly believe other scientists findings, do the tests yourself, and make your own conclusions, We don't really see this much these days with most scientists jumping on board after only a few tests by some other guy in Europe. Avoiding Bias however is the one they disregard the most, as they look not for "IS the Earth warming? How? How can we stop it? CAN we stop it? Is this Our fault? Can we prevent this in the future?" Instead they look for 'What did we do wrong?" With little regard for the others. An example would be what happened this past week in Virginia, They received more snow than in almost 90 Years, and nothing was said about this record cold. Anytime there is something in the direction they don't believe they quiet down. A good rule of thumb is, "If it snows, it's a day without listening to global warming people. SPOILER ALERT FOR HISTORY CLASS, We've had Ice ages and Non-Ice ages (We are currently in an Ice age due to polar Ice) long before we walked this Earth. Yet we're causing this one? I don't buy it, especially when you consider their primary (and most awesome) source of information.
      CONTEXT: The information they gather is from Greenland. The drill into the snow/ice and pull up large five foot long rods, and measure the carbon inside and compare that to temperature data from that time.
      ISSUES: Do you like in an area of Snow (I'll assume you don't). There are two main "Types" of snow, Wet Snow, and Dry snow. Dry Snow is like Sugar, Feather-light gets everywhere, and doesn't pack well. Wet Snow is more like brown sugar, clumps up, and packs quite nicely. Wet Snow is what Snowmen, Snow forts, and Snow balls are made of. The problem being is that wet snow typically falls more often than dry snow. How is this an issue? Excellent question. Remember where I said Wet Snow packs together well? based on common logic (And the law of conservation of mass) Before packing the snow, there is air in between the particles, even if the snow on the ground looks solid (This is why people sink in wet snow) When you pack snow together you are compressing it or pushing the air out, including the carbon. Now in an area that sees maybe 3feet of snow at a time, this compression is negligible at best, but in Greenland, the weight of other snow and Ice has naturally compressed the snow beneath. Meaning that the carbon Data May not be as accurate as the scientists believe. (And even if it's trapped in the ice as water expands when frozen, gasses can seep through cinder block, so ice should be a very simple hop skip and jump)
      I have more reasons for my doubt, but I don't know if you'd be interested in hearing them

      (Also if this gets into a discussion, let's keep it civil)

  • Manish Thakore
    Manish Thakore 10 months ago +12

    Seriously, impeach this guy and give America the greatest Christmas gift of all

  • A Cool Million
    A Cool Million 10 months ago +3

    I'm traumatized seeing Frosty in the Make Assaulting Girls Acceptable hat. Ew!

  • Daniel Morris
    Daniel Morris 10 months ago

    You faded out the announcer's voice once again. As much as I like Colbert, I'm thinking about ending my viewing of LSSC.

  • Crazytomte
    Crazytomte 10 months ago

    Americans, Wake up!

  • Grabacr 8492
    Grabacr 8492 10 months ago +8

    These people are literally dooming the human race

  • FirestoneX
    FirestoneX 10 months ago +2

    Does no one remember the episode of star trek tng where Picards mind was in a satellite about the planet who over heated cause the sun went supernova. This scares me.

    • MatchstalkMan
      MatchstalkMan 10 months ago

      FirestoneX “The Inner Light” S05 E25 - that was due to the star going nova, not Kataanian created climate change.

  • kenna163
    kenna163 10 months ago +1

    Thank you for ruining Frosty.

  • FirstTime ISawJupiter
    FirstTime ISawJupiter 10 months ago

    The most trust worthy news source in the block

  • fierce maiden
    fierce maiden 10 months ago +3

    Congress has spent $17 Million dollars of your tax money to settle 264 separate cases of Congressmen accused of sexually harassing or discriminating against their victims. The US Treasury has paid out $934,754 to victims so far this year, but Congress is hiding the names of the offenders.
    Like, Comment, and Share with the hashtag @ to demand that Congress reveal the names of 264 lawmakers who have used taxpayer dollars from a secret slush fund to settle claims of sexual harassment and discrimination.

  • ilove2929
    ilove2929 10 months ago +1

    Do we have plan to save the artic wildlife? Better starts now

  • mdudegamer
    mdudegamer 10 months ago

    Hm... imagine a time when "snowflake" isn't an insult anymore because temperatures stop getting low enough for snow.

  • Jikook Army
    Jikook Army 10 months ago +1

    When I was younger, I remember throwing fits because my mom would force me to put on a winter coat to pass Halloween. Back then, at Halloween, there was already snow on the ground and it was often cold. Nowadays when Halloween comes around, it's still warm outside (my standard of warm is when you don't need a coat, so 5-10 C) and there's no snow to be seen. I live in Quebec, Canada btw. Snow comes around later than it used to. Sure we still have our snowstorms and cold weather, no debate there, but the snow comes in very late, later than it used to in my childhood.
    I remember a couple of years when the snow came in on December, totally abnormal. I had never seen that and neither had my parents. One of those years, snow came down on Christmas day and the media had made a huge deal about how late that was for snowfall and experts were very worried. I think that was the year that fucked up our trees and made them go into hibernation earlier the next year (I think, I can't quite remember, I'll have to check). Experts thought our trees were going to come out of hibernation early and die that year.
    Anyways, all that to say that the effects are being felt in the north. I'm not sure how long we'll be able to skate on the Rideau Canal or have snow festivals. Many festivals are having difficulties due to the snow coming in late.

  • Alakash
    Alakash 10 months ago +1

    I feel bad for the republicans who got a president that hurts their own base, taking away their jobs and crashing the markets trump thought he'd be helping by crashing the steel and manufacturing market with raw material tariffs.

  • ursaltydog
    ursaltydog 10 months ago

    Actually, the world is getting colder if one looks at the true long term data.. and it's due to grand solar minimum.. which is not computated into the computer modeling. But still, there is extreme climate change going on.. just for the wrong reasons.

  • blupunk01
    blupunk01 10 months ago

    The fact that the United States is the only advanced country in the world in which a significant subset of the population just outright denies the reality of human caused climate change is a testament to the billions the fossil fuel industry has poured into propaganda and buying politicians over the last few decades.

  • EarthHound
    EarthHound 10 months ago +1

    "Everything's fine."
    That's the entire conservative narrative in only two words.

  • aamgdp
    aamgdp 10 months ago +5

    Yo guys do you think we could make trump publicly claim the earth is flat by telling him that democrats claim it's round?

  • Matthew Tong
    Matthew Tong 10 months ago

    I am offended by this, I know global warming is a lie.

    • nettoyage de la maison
      nettoyage de la maison 10 months ago

      Too bad you can't crank out physical evidence except for a few fox news articles... that's what you all do.

    • Cman Man
      Cman Man 10 months ago +1


  • RxCess
    RxCess 10 months ago

    The puddle should be yellow

  • s r
    s r 10 months ago

    Trump is only lying because it benefits him and his rich friend. It's cynical but understandable.
    What's not understandable is why are his dumbass followers (who are direct victims) so adamant against analysing data and using reasonable judgement? What are they getting out of it? Are they a death cult?

  • Kdr Prsd
    Kdr Prsd 10 months ago

    What does lssc stand for?

  • Chris Xavier
    Chris Xavier 10 months ago

    Damn libtards

    • nettoyage de la maison
      nettoyage de la maison 10 months ago

      Selfish cuntservative. Go make love to a confederate flag or something and let the adults talk.

  • Mike Nada no
    Mike Nada no 10 months ago +1

    Frosty the puddle lmao

  • elston muca
    elston muca 10 months ago

  • Andrew Faraday
    Andrew Faraday 10 months ago

    It seems strange that this version of the character would say "seasons greetings".

  • Suntanman
    Suntanman 10 months ago +1

    Missed the perfect opportunity for Frosty the No-man.

  • baval5
    baval5 10 months ago +1

    apparently the maga hat is also magic?

  • Sarah
    Sarah 10 months ago +2

    This reminds me of when republicans got their obamacare taken away from them by Trump and still found ways to blame democrats.