Best Thanksgiving Turkey You'll Ever Have!! Juicy Tender Roasted Turkey Recipe

  • Published on Nov 18, 2018
  • Best thanksgiving Turkey recipe yOU WILL EVER HAVE!! Indeed, this Turkey recipe is so Tender and Juicy. The Turkey is Roasted perfectly after marinated in a good flavorful brine and covered with bacon to slowly roast in the oven. It is packed with good good flavor. Everyone at thanks giving dinner will be talking about this Turkey guys ;)
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    Juicy Roasted Turkey;
    Tender roasted turkey;
    Get roasting pan with rack here:
    20 lbs Turkey
    1 gallon Buttermilk
    2 large onions, sliced
    12 cloves garlic (use 8 for brine, 4 for spice mixture)
    3 TBS poultry seasoning
    8 TBS Salt (for the brine)
    2 TBS black pepper (for the brine)
    Spice mixture
    4 TBS Fresh sage
    4 TBS fresh rosemary
    8 TBS butter (1 stick)
    1/4 olive oil
    2 TBS crushed ginger
    Salt and pepper to taste
    2 Lemons
    4 cups chicken broth
    Stuff Turkey with;
    4 fresh bay leaves
    1 lemon
    1 apple
    1 onion
    1 lb thick cut Bacon (14 thick slices)
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  • Nicole Jackson
    Nicole Jackson 12 days ago +1

    Wow! Claudia that turkey looks so so delicious next Thanksgiving I'm going to tell my mom to cook that because it looks so so delicious and I like how u added some fruits and onion because I can not wait to eat fruit flavor delicious turkey for Thanksgiving thank you so so much sweetheart for making this video I show do appreciated so bye love sweetie mwauhhhhhhhhhh❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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    JUPITER King Of Fire 4 months ago

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    Levi 4 months ago

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  • captmack007
    captmack007 4 months ago

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  • Nana Faleofa
    Nana Faleofa 4 months ago

    Thanks for sharing your recipe it looks good I will try this next Thanksgiving.

  • Andy J
    Andy J 4 months ago

    I tried this recipe on Thanksgiving and it was delicious. I may say that I can also use this recipe for baked chicken.

  • Jeannette Wilford
    Jeannette Wilford 4 months ago

    New subbie it looks amazing

  • Colin Sushiboy
    Colin Sushiboy 4 months ago

    You even have a cute voice

  • erica stewart
    erica stewart 4 months ago

    turkey was good loved it would def try again. I accidentally fell asleep thank God i woke up in time to bast it
    and check the internal temp so it dont get dry. thanks Claudia

  • Schatze Page
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  • CLaudia CP1
    CLaudia CP1 4 months ago

    My sister used your recipe and it turned out delicious!!!

  • Ratrice Bowden
    Ratrice Bowden 4 months ago +2

    Bless your sweet little heart...that Turkey looked so good....I could smell it through the phone

  • Julia Smith
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    yangthefam916 4 months ago

    So it's Thanksgiving today. Just got home. I tried this recipe and I have to say, turkey came out tasting delicious. This was my first ever roast turkey and I couldn't be more happy. Thank you.

  • Pierre De L'amour
    Pierre De L'amour 4 months ago

    Amazing. It'll work on a small scale with a tureybreast. Have 2 try it.

  • Inspector Héctor Positive Infinity

    My stove has broil option and it's either High or low? Bake is other option. So I'm using broil. I started on High, but after 30 minutes started burning top of turkey so I switched to low broil not sure if this will help, hopefully. I added small cover of foil on top. Also the mix to put on turkey right before I put in oven, was not pastey but slightly liquidy.

  • Razi Jun
    Razi Jun 4 months ago

    Dear Claudia, I have checked every turkey recepe in You Tube, and I found yours, the best. Brava... Keep up the good work.

  • Eric Alvarado
    Eric Alvarado 4 months ago

    Thanksgiving dinner at Claudia's!

  • Dawn Parker
    Dawn Parker 5 months ago

    I love your recipes. I wanted to adk you, "Do you have a good Sour Cream Pound Cake recipe?" I would love to have it. Thanks

    • Cooking With Claudia
      Cooking With Claudia  4 months ago

      Thanks Dawn, i'll definitely have a sour cream pound cake recipe up soon

  • africa congo
    africa congo 5 months ago

    Where exactly did you buy the ingredients?

  • Nancy Ngigi
    Nancy Ngigi 5 months ago +1

    Just a quick question anyone. Do we place it on a rack inside the tray or just directly on the tray?

    • 1 ToLiveThroughIt
      1 ToLiveThroughIt 4 months ago

      I didn't use a rack but with all the moisture and bacon it came out just perfect! The juice was used for gravy and it's the best gravy ever! Might even make caramelized onion gravy with the extra juice tomorrow! 🤤

    • Nancy Ngigi
      Nancy Ngigi 5 months ago

      Thank you and happy Thanksgiving

    • lovely1
      lovely1 5 months ago +2

      On the rack,inside of the tray surrounded by the stock so it creates like a steam bath going up into the turkey👍
      Happy Holidays!!

  • Victor m. Castro Jr.
    Victor m. Castro Jr. 5 months ago

    Excellent video great job

  • goldandrubies
    goldandrubies 5 months ago

    I am using this recipe! My turkey is in the brine right now.

  • Sergio Garcia
    Sergio Garcia 5 months ago +6

    Ok, Im trying this recipe this thanksgiving. Wish me luck!!!!

  • richiesbbq
    richiesbbq 5 months ago +1

    I have a bunch of chicken broth is it possible to use it for a turkey brine??

  • Summer Lopez
    Summer Lopez 5 months ago

    Love love love this video.. Will definitely be using this recipe this year. I had everything except the buttermilk and apples. Can't wait to try this new recipe

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    Happy Thanksgiving Claudia, Gorgeous Bird!!

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    erica stewart 5 months ago

    Can you make a recipe one day for Red velvet cheese cake brownies I tried it from another youtuber (name i shall not say lol) and it turned out awful i dont think its suppose to taste like that. Although I believe I did everything to a T who knows it coulda been me. But I always have a good turn out with the recipes I tried from your channel

    • erica stewart
      erica stewart 5 months ago

      +Cooking With Claudia yay i feel special lol

    • Cooking With Claudia
      Cooking With Claudia  5 months ago +1

      Yes absolutely, right after the holidays i'll have a recipe up

  • erica stewart
    erica stewart 5 months ago

    I bought all the ingredients to make your turkey this thanks giving. I'll tell you the turn out wish me luck blessings all the above lol

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    mpa1234 5 months ago

    This is awesome. I don’t know people making turkeys like this but I’m def going to try. This looks too good and I bet it’s really flavorful.

  • Karen Young
    Karen Young 5 months ago

    This has got to be the best turkey EVER! Wish I could reach in and get a big bite. It’s just me so I won’t be fixing a turkey. But I’m sure going to fix this recipe with chicken breasts and pork roast and center cut ribs in the crock pot with the bacon and all the rest of the fixens. Thank you sooo much for that. GOD bless you and your family. Always treasure your family because time goes fast. Don’t blink or it will be gone. I’m not trying to be glum but it’s true. I’m going to tell others about this recipe. Awesome. 🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗

    • Cooking With Claudia
      Cooking With Claudia  5 months ago

      Thanks Karen! You will love it on chicken too! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving

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    MrsFoley 1 5 months ago

    Beautiful! I don’t want my turkey to taste like bacon. I’ll try something else, or just cover with foil. Your vid is awesome. I love not watching a 45 minute vid on how to boil water. Well done.

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    Blessed Joyce 5 months ago

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    miriam lara 5 months ago

    Thank you very much Claudia for this video. I have seen a lot of videos for Roasting Turkey but yours truly have encapsulated the secrets and the essentials. Great job ! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. God bless !

  • Sheron Bryan
    Sheron Bryan 5 months ago

    Great job Claudia!! Looks absolutely delicious....Happy Thanksgiving...bless..

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    Becky Hines 5 months ago

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    Antonio Gutierrez 5 months ago

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  • Itzia Quevedo
    Itzia Quevedo 5 months ago

    This looks super delicious!! How long did you let the turkey defrost?

    • Itzia Quevedo
      Itzia Quevedo 4 months ago

      Thank you very much!! I loved this recipe as everyone said it wasn't dry

    • Cooking With Claudia
      Cooking With Claudia  5 months ago

      I defrosted mine in cold water too, about 9 to 12 hours

    • Deisy Nunez
      Deisy Nunez 5 months ago

      Itzia Quevedo I just finished defrosting mine, I put it in cold water in the sink for about 9 hours.

  • I be strokin'
    I be strokin' 5 months ago

    Just a quick question Claudia did you cook the turkey covered or uncovered, and basting the turkey was every 30min or every 30min after cooking halfway?

    • I be strokin'
      I be strokin' 5 months ago


    • Cooking With Claudia
      Cooking With Claudia  5 months ago +1

      I cooked it uncovered. The bacon acts as a cover so you don't have to cover it. Baste every 30 mins after cooking halfway

  • l brice
    l brice 5 months ago

    Wait minute... did she say if you don't like bacon(6:41) You watch your mouth young lady! Lol 😄😆😉 Bacon makes the world beautiful!
    Love all your videos. Fabulous recipe, well done!

  • Saint Germain
    Saint Germain 5 months ago +26

    A trick for everyone when cooking your turkey, flip the Turkey upside down and cook it on its breasts. All the natural juice from the Turkey will come out in your pan. Doing it like this you wont have to use chicken stock in the pan. Then all that Turkey stock can be used in the dressing and for making gravy.
    Grandma taught me that trick. You can't beat it.

    • Nana Faleofa
      Nana Faleofa 4 months ago

      Thanks for sharing.its true EE moist.

    • Saint Germain
      Saint Germain 4 months ago

      +Ibn Muhammad that's your unfortunate experience when you cooked yours.

    • Ratrice Bowden
      Ratrice Bowden 4 months ago +1

      That's so True...I keep forgetting that

    • Old Fashion Mommy
      Old Fashion Mommy 4 months ago +2

      This is so true. I cook ours upside down every year. And this one year that i didnt my turkey is NOT the same . Its not near as tender or juicy. Im so mad. I knew i should had cooked it upside down just like i always have.😤😤😤😤😤😤

    • Ibn Muhammad
      Ibn Muhammad 5 months ago

      Actually flipping the turkey upside down in a roasting pan during half the cooking process doesn't make the breast juicy because the juices flow down but because the high sides of the pan will shield the breast and allow the breast to gently cook while the dark meat is more exposed to the heat and cook faster as the dark meat need to hit a higher temp than the white meat. Some juices will come out naturally and less if you brined it, because when salt penetrates meat, the meat won't contract as much as if it were not brined; allowing more juices to stay in the turkey. The turkey can till be overcooked even if you brine it so always use a thermometer and get the temp in between 150 and 165, 155 degrees is a perfect temp for turkey. Also remember to let the turkey rest for at least 30 minutes.

  • Marta Baena
    Marta Baena 5 months ago

    Great video, thank you! Here is the ultimate guide for Thanksgiving with the best tricks and apps from tech startups I hope you enjoy it, otherwise I apologize! Keep up the good work!

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  • sojointhetruth Vample
    sojointhetruth Vample 5 months ago +3

    Unfortunately, we have a recall for turkey in our state. Right before Thanksgiving.

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    C. Harr 5 months ago

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  • 1 ToLiveThroughIt
    1 ToLiveThroughIt 5 months ago

    You make this look so easy! My 1st turkey is going to be your recipe!

    • Cooking With Claudia
      Cooking With Claudia  4 months ago

      So so glad you enjoyed the Turkey

    • 1 ToLiveThroughIt
      1 ToLiveThroughIt 4 months ago

      +Cooking With Claudia okay! You are the Queen! With your instructions the turkey was bomb!!! My brother has always been 1st place in memory but you're gonna be my go to!! Thank you so much for making me proud as hell! 🤗😇

    • Cooking With Claudia
      Cooking With Claudia  5 months ago +1

      Yes!!!! You will love it!

  • jonathan gonzales
    jonathan gonzales 5 months ago +3

    You made it just like gordon ramsey
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  • Tammy Davis
    Tammy Davis 5 months ago

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    LEUDIS TORRES 5 months ago

    Can't find Buttermilk any subs

    • Cooking With Claudia
      Cooking With Claudia  5 months ago +2

      (Homemade Buttermilk) Buy a gallon of milk, take 1 cup out and replace with 1 cup vinegar or lemon juice, then let it sit for 30 mins or until the milk curdles or thickens slightly.

  • Pam4Christ
    Pam4Christ 5 months ago

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    • Cooking With Claudia
      Cooking With Claudia  5 months ago

      Hi Juan, glad you love the recipes. I'm not doing a ham recipe this thanksgiving, but I have two different ham recipes on the channel you will love. Just search for ham recipe, cooking with claudia. or check my thanksgiving playlist

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    • Cooking With Claudia
      Cooking With Claudia  5 months ago

      omg haha! Thank you!! 😂👍. Doing birds on their stomach sounds interesting, i'll try that someday.

    MARKIE GREEN 5 months ago


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    • Cooking With Claudia
      Cooking With Claudia  5 months ago

      haha i know right? Turkey can be very dry and boring, it requires a few good steps

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  • Andy J
    Andy J 5 months ago

    Hello Claudia! My first time roasting a turkey. I love your recipe and I'm stuck with Every thing looks delicious except that I may not be able to find fresh sage and fresh bay leaves. Can I substitute powder sage and dry bay leaf instead? I hope I get an answer before Thanksgiving.:-)
    Thank you.

    • Andy J
      Andy J 5 months ago +1

      +Autobot Diva You are right. Wholefoods is very good at fresh herbs, specially now for Thanksgiving.

    • Andy J
      Andy J 5 months ago

      +Cooking With Claudia Thanks a million. Now I truly want to try.

    • Cooking With Claudia
      Cooking With Claudia  5 months ago +2

      Glad you love the recipe Andy. Yes you can use dried herbs. 1 tsp powdered sage equals 1 TBS fresh sage.

    • Autobot Diva
      Autobot Diva 5 months ago +1

      Andy J
      Try wholefoods for fresh veggies. I know what you mean like kroger is not up to that par. They have standard veggies lol

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    ADNERB 5 months ago +5

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    • Cooking With Claudia
      Cooking With Claudia  5 months ago +2

      Aw I was going to make stuffing this year, but i couldn't get to it. I'll plan better next holidays or maybe this Christmas

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