Hey Steve: Should You Date A Coworker?

  • Published on Aug 17, 2019
  • Her coworker is being very flirtatious, but she’s hesitant to date him because they work together. Should she pursue him or shut it down?
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Comments • 767

  • Ryan Zad
    Ryan Zad 17 hours ago

    Never mix business with pleasure, I wouldn't do it

  • Toza
    Toza 2 days ago

    She’s gorgeous.

  • Kam Mike
    Kam Mike 2 days ago

    Steve you should've dyed that beard black

  • foxykitty69
    foxykitty69 2 days ago

    I dated a co worker we been together now for 5 years. We work at different places but we are mature and made it work with no drama.

  • Granted
    Granted 3 days ago

    “ been saved “ thats odd.. last time i checked jesus died on the cross and saved me🤚wayy before i was born.

  • John Kimmel
    John Kimmel 4 days ago

    She looks like a hot vampire.

  • Andrew Salas
    Andrew Salas 4 days ago

    Saved? Wtf is that?

  • Nathan Delamora
    Nathan Delamora 4 days ago +1


    • 123CREATIONS
      123CREATIONS 4 days ago


    UNITED MONEY 4 days ago

    I asked her and I had to quit 😂

  • snowbird
    snowbird 5 days ago

    a good compromise is to go out for a coffee with the guy. That way you can be casual and have a good conversation, and then you can see if they're worth pursuing or not.

  • Emmanuel Ekele
    Emmanuel Ekele 6 days ago

    What is the meaning of "He is not saved"?

    • NBaBall3r26
      NBaBall3r26 5 days ago

      not a christian or not believer

  • drummer boy
    drummer boy 6 days ago

    Everyone is for getting that jesus surrounded himself with those of doubt to prove that I will still accept you as you are! Bottomline He is the only one who can judge. She should pray about GOD thoughts are far better than my own!

  • Cartier231
    Cartier231 8 days ago

    "She still has feelings, that means she crazy" - Steve Harvey

  • Carl Darl
    Carl Darl 9 days ago

    That manager is also "dating" other coworkers...

  • Im_Blitz
    Im_Blitz 10 days ago

    Only Steve Harvey can kneel behind a couch and get a whole crowd laughing/applauding.

  • Ally Shaw
    Ally Shaw 11 days ago

    I guess I'm the crazy person.. lol

  • Jonathan Ojeda
    Jonathan Ojeda 11 days ago

    I would love to see Steve's bald head over the window. 😂

  • father of universe and galaxy i am the god

    co-worker - hey steve should I date with that stupid girl?

  • Ramasodi Monoa
    Ramasodi Monoa 12 days ago

    Been watching these for the past 3 weeks, Steve is a damn fpol that's fa sho. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Mike Gipp
    Mike Gipp 12 days ago

    Do not become unequally yoked. You won't regret it next year

  • Eric James
    Eric James 13 days ago

    Saved nd unsaved DO not mixed not if your a true believer who really loves God. The saved loves the things of the world nd the saved loves the things of God.

  • Sloe Bone
    Sloe Bone 14 days ago +2

    Men, don’t do it! Don’t date, don’t talk to, don’t even look at women at work. #MeToo

  • Akhil Augustine
    Akhil Augustine 14 days ago

    Malayaliii da❤

  • Svyatoslav The Brave
    Svyatoslav The Brave 14 days ago +2

    Man shes gorgeous and all, but the moment she started that Christian saved jibber jabber she fell from 9/10 to a 4/10.

  • Isaa Aaa
    Isaa Aaa 15 days ago +1

    I think no matter what Steve said she would have eventually given in dated him so he’s right. But if she sees one red flag she should leave tho

  • vladimir ikic
    vladimir ikic 15 days ago +2

    Nah skip him youre waaayyy to beautiful to waste your time on a oldskool player.. you need a true gent m'lady!

  • Brian Abisdid
    Brian Abisdid 16 days ago

    There's nothing wrong with dating a coworker, just simply be mature and not bring relationship drama to the office. People who refuse to date someone at work & is finished with school is an idiot. Gluck finding a serious relationship on tinder guys or from some random encounter from some bum at a grocery store, gluck with that.

  • Tarantula Fangs
    Tarantula Fangs 16 days ago +4

    I had a few opportunities to have a fling with some ex coworkers but I always never allowed myself to for good reasons and it was hard since I was single those times but it's just not worth it, in my opinion.

  • mfdotbmoore
    mfdotbmoore 16 days ago +1

    No one is "saved" the Bible says endure till the end. Plus Christianity is a LIE

    • mfdotbmoore
      mfdotbmoore 12 days ago

      Mike Gipp Jesus isn't God.
      Nor was he or his people White or Caucasian.
      The law isn't done away with.
      The Bible isn't for everybody.

    • Mike Gipp
      Mike Gipp 12 days ago

      How so?

  • Frank Hernandez
    Frank Hernandez 16 days ago +1

    I’ve never worked before but even to me that sounds like a bad r/r ratio.

  • C Connelly
    C Connelly 17 days ago

    Not unless one of you leaves the company. He could screw you and tell everyone and humiliate you.

  • You Mad
    You Mad 17 days ago

    She is beautiful

  • California State
    California State 18 days ago

    Woman you are beautiful Nd you seem awesome if you see my comment reply lol

  • Go Saga
    Go Saga 18 days ago +1

    *who all dating a coworker?*

  • Jeremiah Tyler
    Jeremiah Tyler 18 days ago


  • Joyce Woodruff
    Joyce Woodruff 18 days ago

    The devil is a liar the word of God say don't be unequally yoke. Steve I bet your mama went through with your father also. Tell the whole story.

  • qwerty ebable
    qwerty ebable 19 days ago

    I only dated coworkers, LOL.

  • Belinda Joy
    Belinda Joy 19 days ago +1

    I'm the H.R. Director for a Restaurant Group on the East Coast. I have seen DAILY the drama that comes from coworkers dating one another. It never works. Ever. However, because in this instance they work in different locations and they are both managers, I would say no big deal.

    But, baby mama drama? That's a deal breaker. He has a right to live, love, sex and happiness regardless of the fact that his baby's mother still has feelings. But the fact that SHE (the woman on the show) knows about the other woman.....that is a red flag. There are too many other men in the world, I say move on.

  • Taina Figueroa
    Taina Figueroa 19 days ago

    She shouldn't even think about it. Especially if the baby momma is still in love with him. It causes a lot of problems. I was getting to know a guy that was super nice and a good guy but his ex was still after him. I stayed one night at his house and the next morning his ex was banging on the window of his bedroom screaming and I was like nuh uh I'm not doing this. So I got out of that situation as fast as I could. No matter how great the guy is I am not interested in dealing with a crazy ex. They have to deal with that before even trying to date someone else

  • Isaac K Brown
    Isaac K Brown 19 days ago

    i just like the way Steve gives solutions to complicated situations, thanks so much

  • Chukz Fitness
    Chukz Fitness 19 days ago

    Is she even ‘saved’? She wouldn’t be entertaining this if she was, not only is he not saved, he’s living a life not compatible with her ‘beliefs’. Fact she’s questioning this tells me she’s a Christian for show but not when it comes to making the tough decisions.

  • Arioch
    Arioch 19 days ago +2

    Never date a coworker. When y'all two get into a fight, think on that for a minute. I'm sure you'll get it.

  • Nnamdi
    Nnamdi 20 days ago

    You don't have to be saved to believe in God... Y'all don't know what faith that man has. So get off your "righteous" high horses. Obviously it's not a deal breaker for her otherwise she wouldn't have caught feelings... If anything she shouldn't do it cause it seems like he got alot going on outside of work that could be brought into the workplace if they got serious.

  • Rubic Cube
    Rubic Cube 20 days ago

    Uhhh did Jim date Pam? Yes he did

  • Pacmanhits Pac
    Pacmanhits Pac 21 day ago

    I’m only here for the bobbies

  • Constancio St Juste
    Constancio St Juste 21 day ago +1

    She is very pretty and looks classy. She could go out with him and see if there are some possibilities

  • Big Zozie
    Big Zozie 21 day ago


  • Keshav Chauhan
    Keshav Chauhan 21 day ago

    "He's not saved"
    What does it mean ?

  • Annemarie May
    Annemarie May 21 day ago

    I married a coworker, and I but never dated him at all before marrying him. I suspected something was coming, but I as I was his boss and his desk was close to mine ie directly opposite, and actually touching mine, and which a I though was a foolish office furniture plan my own superiors had imposed. I could not avoid this guy staring at me. Every time I looked up, I to check on my staff I had to supervise, and his eyes would meet mine and he would do or say something annoying, but that required me to deal with his behaviour, and since other staff under my supervision could see everything, and in our open plan office and I needed to treat them all fairly, he was no favourites who could get away with certain things others got reprimanded for. Now, the despite this guy ie my future husband, I annoying me no end with his bad work performance, and too much time wasting, boring sloppy bad dress sense etc etc, he sort of grew on people, including me. I knew there was an attraction and so I quit that job to avoid problems that can arise in such situations. Eg other employees fearing they will be treated unfairly. I have seen this in other sections where bosses and their subordinates fell in love and it caused serious loss of productivity and general ill feeling in the section and some bosses did promote or favour their lover subordinates. Who were typically ambitious females trying to get on career wise, and by cheating ie criteria not mentioned in the official selection critetia when applying for a job promotion or some similar work favour or privilege. I would never have a relationship with a fellow worker or boss whilst still working there. It often ends and it can then come back to hau T you in the worst and least expected way, in the future, if you even though you thought it was all nicely and politely ended and everything is back to normal at work. If you really do love them and they you, then do the fair and right thing. Quit working there. In many places I worked at, and there were rules that prevented husbands and wives or engaged couple or even workers perceived to be "an item" from working in the same section or even another section that had close interactions with their partner's work area. It was an industry where security and privacy was important, and so the management obviously had their reasons for such policies. They made sense to me, and though I liked the cosiness of being able to work next to people you like and feel close to, you emotionally, and all very warm and furry and friendly, you so teamy, and teamy... All sorts of secrets are exchanged but kept within the clique, and all sorts of schemes and plots are hatched, and not all of them things management would approve of, that looks if they knew, but which, like a of course, when they never know, and until something goes wrong. Like one factory work team of close workmates who figured out a smart way to rig up all the production machinery to keep churning out required production levels, and but with no need to mind the machines, the so that those on that night shift could simply go to sleep, but but the boss would still get his production quota he expected and all would be happy. Except that it was a serious occupational health and safety risk, and which, fortunately, the was exposed in time to avoid any tragedies on the job. But, if none of the employees who rigged this up admitted to being aware of what was going on. They all acted dumb. A rival section topped the boss off about what was really going on. As a worker in such close knit groups, the often involving workers who are lovers and close friends of these, you never rat about what you know is going on, though they even though you do not want to be a part of it, you but have no choice. You are certain to be targeted for victimisation abuse. It is best to leave such work scenes because if you expose them you will be victimised. But, if if you choose to play safe, then mind your own business and say nothing, but you will be complicit in whatever nefarious thing they are doing, you can should it be exposed, or even several years later, if you when everybody believed it had been forgotten and they had got away with whatever they were doing that was probably illegal or a breach of correct workplace procedures officially laid down by management there. Leaving will usually mean hardships but it is the safest option. You can then safely do as you wish with your former workmate, boss or subordinate you fancy or who fancies you and nobody has any right to feel hurt or offended etc. Just the management who might not be happy about losing a good employee, but there are others waiting for a job, so so they should have no problem replacing you, but as nobody is so indispensable that they are irreplaceable in a job.

  • Anil Ranjan
    Anil Ranjan 21 day ago +1

    Gorgeous girl she should think before heading forward life is so precious

  • Faith David
    Faith David 22 days ago +1

    When you compromise your spiritual values you're setting yourself up for failure ..."let us pray, LORD! burn every bridge that leads my life back to destruction"😇

  • DJ Mann TV
    DJ Mann TV 22 days ago

    Guarantee you, he's a blk guy lol ijs

  • ALpha Logic
    ALpha Logic 23 days ago

    Lolz at the women in the comment section. They are so concerned that he isn't "saved" but not about the fact that he has a child out of wedlock, and call them selfs Christian's what a joke lmao.

  • Joshua Cortes
    Joshua Cortes 23 days ago +1

    DONT DO IT!! I got with a co-worker and now we’re married with 3 children, ITS A TRAP!!

  • Elkhou Saleck
    Elkhou Saleck 23 days ago

    Why not if you like him you can date him, coworker is a person and he can be better than someone else

  • J Roberts
    J Roberts 23 days ago

    Taking advice from a guy who's been divorced, basically left his family (abandoned) family, then married a know drug dealer, is pathetic. It's for ratings, Harvey lived more than 50 years of selfish behavior, now all the sudden he's giving advice on relationships. It's all for television.
    It's funny as hell watching all these old woman who spit out 3-4 children take his advice like your a 20 something. Come on woman you have baggage, NO MEN WILL EVER BE YOUR #1. Every man knows this. These older woman need to know that your stock value is a lot less than these young woman. He's brainwashing all of you with his nonsense.
    His advice for young woman starting off in life is spot on. But again divorced with kids does not have the value of younger woman. Why do you think men go after younger woman? Precisely this!

  • Michael Sagoe-Nkansah
    Michael Sagoe-Nkansah 24 days ago

    You don’t want an unsaved man? Don’t go for him then. No need to ask Steve about that

  • Hamza Faison
    Hamza Faison 24 days ago

    Don’t do it !! PLEASE !

  • Stop Trippin
    Stop Trippin 24 days ago

    It depends. Is she looking for Mr. Right or Mr. Right now. Let's assume Mr. Right based on the video. Then if he has that potential and is looking for the same thing then go for it. If not, then don't risk working in an awkward work environment just for Mr. Right now.
    Saved. Well, that's something that she may have to have a deeper discussion on. Idk many single saved men out here (I wasn't one). Single men don't typically go to church and if they did, they'd be hot commodities and taken quickly. If his religious views differ a lot from yours then that should be a dealbreaker. However, if they're similar, and he just hasn't learned and committed to an organization than that's a different situation.

  • Nnedinma C Love
    Nnedinma C Love 25 days ago +1

    Bro who said “Baptize him!” 😂😂😂