Descendants doesn't make any sense...

  • Published on Jun 11, 2019
  • Descendants doesn't make any sense animation
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Comments • 15 505

  • Erin Skye
    Erin Skye 4 hours ago

    Them kids be bad news.

  • The Crazy Kids
    The Crazy Kids 13 hours ago

    First time I watched this I got real newsies vibes

  • raynell hobbs
    raynell hobbs 13 hours ago

    If you know girls and women. They don't care that people know what they look like. They just worry what they look like in the moment. So i could actually believe that was actual her plan lol. I know it's silly but hey. It's still somewhat realistic (in terms of a plot that is).

  • squeaks the great

    It is funny.

  • squeaks the great

    You half to watch crash & Bernstein I don't you say any bad things about it.

  • Ems Whitey
    Ems Whitey Day ago

    Edit from last and I LOVE the decendants

  • Ems Whitey
    Ems Whitey Day ago

    Please can you not make this video people spent money on it and this is the cast and producers LIVING I MEAN COME ON

  • Toasty Spy
    Toasty Spy 2 days ago

    I wanna listen to my heart and all I heard was *bump* *bump* *bump*

  • Madeline Loyd
    Madeline Loyd 2 days ago

    Mal: I think I want to be good
    Ben: You ARE good
    Ben: *you JUST said it*

  • itz cxli
    itz cxli 2 days ago +1

    his heart is a mood

  • Christine V.R
    Christine V.R 2 days ago

    So is no one going to talk about how most of these villains died. Right?

  • Erin Suarez Vela
    Erin Suarez Vela 3 days ago


  • Cute Killer Kareena
    Cute Killer Kareena 3 days ago


  • Christine Klass
    Christine Klass 3 days ago

    RIP Carlos 😱

  • PViP
    PViP 3 days ago

    I'm honestly kinda disappointed that this movie didn't cause a whole generation of girls to run around their houses looking for the magic wand...
    Could've brought them so much closer to their mothers.

    MERCY DARKO 3 days ago

    Could you make a movie song

    MERCY DARKO 3 days ago

    Rude but ok

  • Lani Boo
    Lani Boo 4 days ago +1

    I’m in the ghetto . Ratatata , ratatata aaaaaAAAaaAaaaHHHHHHHHhhh

  • Kitty Gaming
    Kitty Gaming 4 days ago

    4:45 pause it :) yw

  • Felicity Ledama
    Felicity Ledama 4 days ago

    Rest in peace Cameron 😢😢😢

  • Iron Gamer!
    Iron Gamer! 4 days ago

    But I like the movie :(

  • Leah curtiss
    Leah curtiss 5 days ago +1

    Why is Alex the most Relatable RU-clipr on the Internet???

  • Joseph Knowles
    Joseph Knowles 5 days ago

    I’m watching this after Cameron passed and it’s just sad

  • Smilegirl64
    Smilegirl64 5 days ago +9

    "Island of the Lost"
    *_IT'S ISLE_*

  • BigScottyMcCreeryFan

    Thank you for pointing out how few songs it has. Literally my one complaint of the movie. If you're gonna call yourself a musical, there should be more than 5 songs in it.

  • Natalie Bailey
    Natalie Bailey 5 days ago

    How you feeling bRo

  • SarahENX Plush Time
    SarahENX Plush Time 6 days ago

    teen beach movie PLZ

  • Jillian Panek
    Jillian Panek 6 days ago

    I ate and sugar free cookie and I was in the bathroom for an hour so I get where Alex is coming from

  • Mr Mighty
    Mr Mighty 6 days ago +1

    My favorite part of Desendants is when it ends

  • Leon Knaak
    Leon Knaak 6 days ago

    Why would u like to watch these disney crap?.... And why the f do i like watching u lol

  • Squishy KookieChim
    Squishy KookieChim 6 days ago +1

    **Rips skirt**
    *nOw iM cOoL*

  • alyx
    alyx 6 days ago

    “how u feelin’, *bro* “

  • Charnese Rodriguez
    Charnese Rodriguez 7 days ago

    Its so boring too

  • Adrian Gordon
    Adrian Gordon 8 days ago


  • Adrian Gordon
    Adrian Gordon 8 days ago

    Descendants is my favorite movie so you ared

  • Midnight Scarlet Rose

    I legitimately like Decendents cuz some of the characters portrayals, like Audry, and some of the songs other than that i have to agree alot of the story ideas is kinds dumb.

  • Nayna Flower
    Nayna Flower 8 days ago +1

    Cute cavalier king Charles spaniel

  • WhiteHock24 Aka Mohamed

    I don’t get how this movie exists all of the VK’s parents died in movies

  • Eloise Kang
    Eloise Kang 9 days ago

    alex disses a show/movie
    yet makes me want to watch it even MORE

  • xXGoldenPupXx
    xXGoldenPupXx 9 days ago +2

    This how I watch movies I can’t afford to buy.

  • Johana ytb
    Johana ytb 9 days ago

    And they all lived happly everer after UNTIS 10. SECONDS. LATER DUN DUN DUUUN

  • Brooke O’Neill
    Brooke O’Neill 10 days ago +1

    I’ve seen all three descendants and they actually make a lot of sense so this is technically all a lie. You’re just sharing you’re opinion not every one thinks it doesn’t make sense so you dont have to talk bad about a movie

    • stellq yt
      stellq yt 7 days ago

      Brooke O’Neill his videos are mostly jokes and shouldn‘t be taken that serious. he is pointing out the parts of the movie that are odd/funny/don‘t make sense. it‘s only Entertainment

  • Reducto Stuff
    Reducto Stuff 10 days ago +2

    Descendants is just a stupider version of Percy Jackson

  • StarkidFan 4ever
    StarkidFan 4ever 10 days ago

    If you have shouldn’t focus on the past because you’ll miss the future, what’s the point of history?

  • Amanda Aldridge
    Amanda Aldridge 10 days ago

    It's not supposed to make sense and not supposed to be realistic it's a movie.

  • TheCrazyPotato
    TheCrazyPotato 11 days ago

    Can you tell me why Ben looks like a young Josh Richards?

  • Jeroen Garuda
    Jeroen Garuda 11 days ago

    What makes decendents great is because the characters are likeble and the songs and dances are great.

  • Madison Wadsworth
    Madison Wadsworth 11 days ago +1

    Disney is one of the biggest conglomerates in the world. They are 1of 6 media Giants that literally own everything from ABC and Fox to Nat Geo and ESPN. Their shows suck not because of budget, but because they don't have to even try at this point and kids will still throw tantrums until their parents buy them some more ugly Frozen merchandise.

  • Low Key Toxtricity
    Low Key Toxtricity 12 days ago

    Can We Just Say OOF Or F For Carlos

  • Low Key Toxtricity
    Low Key Toxtricity 12 days ago

    If A Baby Started Cryi...

  • Mr Tuxedo
    Mr Tuxedo 12 days ago

    Also, the movies that these are based off of are (maybe aside from Snow White and sleeping beauty) centuries apart. They would all be dead, and even if they weren’t, at least 2 of the villains are dead, and one of them is in a lamp.

  • Mr Peak
    Mr Peak 12 days ago +1

    I hope the writer for these movies gets a window error message in his leg while walking up the stairs

  • Anthony balfour
    Anthony balfour 12 days ago

    a* omg a*

  • Spider man dude Studios
    Spider man dude Studios 12 days ago +4

    Uh did anyone think about that in all the villains own story’s they either die or get trapped for life

  • Kacey Clifton
    Kacey Clifton 12 days ago

    RIP cameron

  • Eva_ikala 453
    Eva_ikala 453 12 days ago

    Splish splash your opinion is trash

  • GalacticUnicorn
    GalacticUnicorn 12 days ago

    8:57 his reaction is hilarious

  • Liliford Cringe
    Liliford Cringe 13 days ago

    I just noticed the office reference at 0:52

  • Broadway BFFS
    Broadway BFFS 13 days ago

    It’s isle of the lost

  • Gaming with a Penguin
    Gaming with a Penguin 13 days ago

    Be mal