DIY Galaxy Fold

  • Published on Apr 20, 2019
  • Don’t melt, drop or dip your old phone in liquid nitrogen - sell your tech the smart way with Decluttr and get 10% extra with code TKOR10!
    Today we're taking a ton of old phones and putting them to the test. How will they survive being dropped, burned, frozen, crushed, and sold?
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Comments • 6 275

  • Eden Browne
    Eden Browne 46 minutes ago

    This was realised the day before my birthday🙀🙀🙀👌

  • RockyOnMc
    RockyOnMc 12 hours ago

    mmmm yes the overpriced phone sells for more

  • YaFavouriteGuy
    YaFavouriteGuy 17 hours ago

    That screen is just kaput, i like that

  • Gogeta ssg ssj 9
    Gogeta ssg ssj 9 18 hours ago

    Biased towards apple wtf unbelievable

  • Unicorns Rule:D
    Unicorns Rule:D 18 hours ago


  • Jet •
    Jet • 19 hours ago

    Oof you live 1855 miles away from me

  • Jacques Kok
    Jacques Kok 21 hour ago

    I agree its really badly judged

  • Muhammad Abdullah Waseem

    U can cause ww3 with apple vs samsung

  • Gaming_noob
    Gaming_noob 2 days ago

    12:32 when I hold my friends phone when he drops my phone

  • Nick Pickures
    Nick Pickures 2 days ago +1

    \/ this is how many people think Samsung is best

  • XxjArEdxX
    XxjArEdxX 2 days ago


  • Yoyi Kid
    Yoyi Kid 3 days ago

    12:48 I felt that

  • Tofu Chan
    Tofu Chan 3 days ago

    burn testing and lcd display with an oled display where the lcd is way thicker and recovers from extreme heat hmmmmm very fair

  • Aeon Flux
    Aeon Flux 3 days ago

    Jerry rigs everything: scratches at a level 6 with deeper grooves at level 7

  • pharmacist Dmc
    pharmacist Dmc 3 days ago

    Apple sucks

  • Karol Palazej
    Karol Palazej 4 days ago

    1:50 angry ex gf phone damage

  • Phoenix_Derpio
    Phoenix_Derpio 4 days ago

    ok i know am big mad BC the superior is for sure samsung

  • Da boii 2.0
    Da boii 2.0 5 days ago

    Iphones are DOODOO TRASH CANS!!

  • I AM Vorce
    I AM Vorce 5 days ago

    Samsung is obviously better

  • Christian Nunez
    Christian Nunez 5 days ago

    Why are the planks of wood not even?

  • life of JAMES
    life of JAMES 6 days ago

    I personally think samungs are worse but I'm watching this on a samung

  • w33d games
    w33d games 6 days ago

    My team samsung s7 edge
    Who is with me?

  • Aby webb
    Aby webb 7 days ago

    *Phone hits camera*
    Well its nice of you to ... DROP IN ON US

  • mamadudes 147
    mamadudes 147 7 days ago

    This is just sad

  • Oliver Wyld
    Oliver Wyld 8 days ago

    Extreme Jerry rig

  • Fantastic Fortnite Gamer Dude

    Cheer for samsung (for nate)

  • Dark Cave Spider
    Dark Cave Spider 8 days ago

    Try it with nokia, but careful with the drop test, the concrete might need protection

  • Mike And The 21 Century

    I wonder if anyone noticed the candy glass being shaddered??

  • Stephen Lee
    Stephen Lee 10 days ago

    13:52 my phone looked like that for months and it legit still worked. I only decided to fix it because my battery was bad and I thought might as well lol

  • Teny 101
    Teny 101 10 days ago

    Y’all arguing ab this are clowns

  • Nehemiah Byers
    Nehemiah Byers 10 days ago

    Love your vids very fun to watch

  • winter Metallic
    winter Metallic 12 days ago

    My heart is broken💔. When i was watching this vid

  • Sir DjButterButter
    Sir DjButterButter 12 days ago

    They sorted out broken from quality

  • Pamle Pfirman
    Pamle Pfirman 12 days ago

    go apple

  • XxcornbreadxX :D
    XxcornbreadxX :D 13 days ago

    I cant watch he is useing the same phone as I have the samsong s7 edge

  • XxcornbreadxX :D
    XxcornbreadxX :D 13 days ago

    Dude iPhones use 60%-70% android parts

  • Pikachu Man
    Pikachu Man 13 days ago

    Apple is the best! No matter what!!

  • Kenna Jones
    Kenna Jones 13 days ago

    5:16 I JUMPED

  • Osana Najimi
    Osana Najimi 13 days ago +1

    Nate: *has no clue*

  • Kelly Linn
    Kelly Linn 13 days ago

    The real winner is Galaxy...
    JK Computers
    Jk Samsung
    Apple sucks

  • Tita Salafiyah
    Tita Salafiyah 14 days ago +1


  • pikapoo 299
    pikapoo 299 14 days ago

    ya' know, Jerry rig does this stuff... *I MEAN JUST SAYING*

  • antonio arrigo
    antonio arrigo 14 days ago

    Now we wait for the iPad fold we all know that’s gonna happen

  • Stephanie Gamboa
    Stephanie Gamboa 15 days ago

    I love how nice they are to each other and how distractive they are

  • LeaveMeAlone
    LeaveMeAlone 16 days ago

    Guys calm down you wouldn’t like if someone made fun of your opinions. You guys in the comments better keep your irrelevant options to yourself because it’s their opinion. So thanks for ruining the video, comment section.

  • Summer denslaw
    Summer denslaw 16 days ago +1

    is noone gonna talk about the name of the video😂😂

  • Brendan Hammond
    Brendan Hammond 16 days ago


  • Mr. loot Llama
    Mr. loot Llama 17 days ago +1

    Smash em all😏

  • Inazuma Shirogane
    Inazuma Shirogane 17 days ago +1

    Should have stuck to a certain model for fair testing.

  • Ms. Brown
    Ms. Brown 17 days ago +1

    My mom crushed her phone in a movie seat chair it turned on and connected to are car you just didnt have anything else on the screen

  • Joseph Bohm
    Joseph Bohm 18 days ago

    Samsung is better.

  • Horia Petrescu
    Horia Petrescu 18 days ago +1

    I say samsung wins because if it's a great phone and it's cheaper, it's better.

  • Nolan Swiger
    Nolan Swiger 18 days ago

    My fellow nerds are crying

  • Jordon Lane
    Jordon Lane 18 days ago

    I got a Sony xa1 In February my battery don't hold charger, charger port broken and has screen burn, but it held together with only a chipped edge after dropped off a 7 floor car park

  • Bald
    Bald 19 days ago

    They know nothing about phones and they were completely biased to apple

  • Stinky Monkey
    Stinky Monkey 19 days ago


  • Cristian D63
    Cristian D63 21 day ago

    JerryRigEverything has entered the chat

    GAMEZ 21 day ago

    That was funny when nates like callie we are next to an open window you have to be carefull *throws his phone out the window lol

  • mariam mashta
    mariam mashta 21 day ago

    Use this as an “apple user” button

  • Mohamed Khadrawi
    Mohamed Khadrawi 22 days ago

    Can you try Nokia 6 mobile

    • Ender00
      Ender00 2 hours ago

      I think he is dead now