DIY Galaxy Fold

  • Published on Apr 20, 2019
  • Don’t melt, drop or dip your old phone in liquid nitrogen - sell your tech the smart way with Decluttr and get 10% extra with code TKOR10!
    Today we're taking a ton of old phones and putting them to the test. How will they survive being dropped, burned, frozen, crushed, and sold?
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Comments • 5 236

  • rhea jain
    rhea jain 11 hours ago

    I agree with Calle. Apple is way better

  • xXFirePumaXx
    xXFirePumaXx 13 hours ago

    Ain't it a negative if I phone cost more

  • Pietro Troschka
    Pietro Troschka 18 hours ago

    Blackview bw 6000 vs Geotel a1

  • ben ebsen
    ben ebsen 21 hour ago

    do you guys understand how dangerous it is to burn a phone they have lithium ion batteries and under heat they will blow up. you have to be careful with that.

  • Carsten Holtfreter

    That Yeet tho

  • jungshook
    jungshook Day ago

    I use a samsung.

  • Drozle
    Drozle Day ago

    Superior apple? More like normie phone.

  • ThepixelGAMERcode YT

    There goes the liquid crystal

  • Ivy Rose
    Ivy Rose Day ago

    Samsung all the way!

  • grace Gold
    grace Gold Day ago

    You know why? 1, scientific bias 2, iphones have random popularity

  • Tiffany Williams

    Apple sucks

  • Gavin Tant
    Gavin Tant Day ago

    She made the Apple phone into a flip phone🤣😂

  • LPS SugarCakes
    LPS SugarCakes Day ago

    They just drop the phones out the window so casually

  • KubiiikK 24
    KubiiikK 24 Day ago

    12:37 lmao you hit the gopro

  • Alan Abraham
    Alan Abraham Day ago

    Can u give me one of them 😅😅😅

  • JayJay Wallace
    JayJay Wallace Day ago

    all these phones i want.

  • GachaGuy
    GachaGuy Day ago

    Wonder who wins?

    Nokia is invincible!!

  • Jason Maj
    Jason Maj 2 days ago

    i could really use one of the iphones cuz mine restarts all the time and cuts my wifi

  • tigermac7392
    tigermac7392 2 days ago

    This is my kind video

  • Dimitri Seeberg
    Dimitri Seeberg 2 days ago

    Hey! I need a new phone😳

  • AlexAutoz :D
    AlexAutoz :D 2 days ago

    Why u bully jerryrigeverything

  • Gage P
    Gage P 2 days ago

    What about the vacume chamber?

  • qwerty678 iop
    qwerty678 iop 2 days ago

    iPhones sack

  • Norah Elizabeth
    Norah Elizabeth 2 days ago +1

    What do you mean? I can name 3 examples where there are that many phones in one place
    1) school
    2) concerts
    3) anywhere in public

  • gene gomez
    gene gomez 2 days ago

    Anyone else in love with calli? 😍

  • Jayden playzzz and vlogs

    love this video

  • RivqYahBat Tanakh
    RivqYahBat Tanakh 2 days ago

    Not sure it would work for Australia. I checked and seems it is only USA for decluttr.

  • sol ignis
    sol ignis 2 days ago

    Person: dying inside
    Samsung: dying on the bottom half

  • Frepzter
    Frepzter 3 days ago +1

    if nokia was there.
    They gonna get rekt boi.

  • USAlien234
    USAlien234 3 days ago

    Does Calli appear to be always glowing or am I in love ?

  • Derek Liu
    Derek Liu 3 days ago

    can i have the batteries for my science project?

  • Etuna Shilongo
    Etuna Shilongo 3 days ago

    Can I please have one of those

  • verushka dangwal
    verushka dangwal 3 days ago

    One of the i phone had a cover

  • ADP
    ADP 3 days ago

    Does it scratch at a 6 with deeper grooves at a 7 though?

  • Tom Cousins
    Tom Cousins 3 days ago

    Biased cunts

  • M3NI 021
    M3NI 021 3 days ago

    imma down vote this one. sry guys

  • NIK
    NIK 4 days ago +2

    this is the worst video that pretends to be proffesional just like apple

  • Abhinav Senthil
    Abhinav Senthil 4 days ago

    They should have used the samsumg note 7

  • Kayleb Beam
    Kayleb Beam 4 days ago

    I am mature people are apple fangirls right now because I showed people like all the proof that the S10 has better Ram better image quality better picture and better camera and everything and they're still saying apple is better for some reason I don't understand

  • TheWeselyGamer
    TheWeselyGamer 4 days ago

    Apple is better than Samsung 🍎=👍

    OPRIMESENT JUGDE 4 days ago +1

    Nokia will win 😎😎😎
    If nokia joins the competition

  • 124max123
    124max123 4 days ago

    5:40 iphones are rocks

  • Gacha Ayri
    Gacha Ayri 4 days ago

    My phone is the last Samsung you did. Samsung Galaxy s7 edge

  • Sebastian Serrato
    Sebastian Serrato 4 days ago

    make a video about what do iphones and galaxys have like open them up and show us what they have plz don't skip my comment

  • SingingKiwi.2oh9
    SingingKiwi.2oh9 4 days ago

    The lithium battery exploded in the heat

  • Darian LP
    Darian LP 5 days ago +4

    Anyone notice how many I phones have cracked screens vs samsung....let that ink in

  • jason goldie
    jason goldie 5 days ago

    This video was tromotising to me the first phone model is the same phone I have

  • Bayne Chism
    Bayne Chism 5 days ago

    What team is Cali on for Pokemon go

  • Laura_ Alexe
    Laura_ Alexe 5 days ago +1

    7:44 yeah that's what happened when my dad left his Samsung in th fridge for two days🤦‍♀️

  • Kayleb Beam
    Kayleb Beam 5 days ago +4

    Samsung is better than apple at the moment

  • Gacha Midnight
    Gacha Midnight 5 days ago

    The way they threw the phones of the roof is funny

  • Amy Macefield
    Amy Macefield 5 days ago

    How do you guys know each other

  • Adam Salama
    Adam Salama 6 days ago

    Samsung is the best

  • David's lab
    David's lab 6 days ago

    Don't destroy phone give them to me

  • Mr Shenanigan
    Mr Shenanigan 6 days ago +1

    Lmao Samsungs are superior. Look at the specs. Literal proof right in front of you.

  • Xcaliber *
    Xcaliber * 6 days ago +4

    mom bring me my blow torch! Why? I gonna set my Phone on fire.

  • rangersboy6
    rangersboy6 6 days ago

    Android is better

  • your dad
    your dad 6 days ago

    She did that gawk gawk double twist on the I phone

  • Shateema Amos
    Shateema Amos 6 days ago

    Cheat you did not put the weights on the iohone

  • Riva Louise Ausa
    Riva Louise Ausa 6 days ago +5

    Guess who's the best person ever check two words in the beginning love you 😘😉😉😘

  • Amelie Minelli
    Amelie Minelli 6 days ago +1

    If you held the torch closer than you should redo the experiment

  • Aus - Man
    Aus - Man 6 days ago

    you should do the same tests with different makes of GoPro

  • Ride MTB
    Ride MTB 6 days ago

    up the samsung

  • はり・なり
    はり・なり 7 days ago

    I have neither phone, i have a Xiaomi Redmi Note 5, running on the MIUI OS

  • Daniel McDermott
    Daniel McDermott 7 days ago

    I like Calli. She’s smart...iPhones are superior.

  • Ee Hekk
    Ee Hekk 7 days ago +4

    You cant be biased towards iPhones and against Samsung when alot of those iPhones have Samsung parts in them.

  • Nikki M
    Nikki M 7 days ago

    iPhones are trash.

  • Ethan Owens
    Ethan Owens 7 days ago

    # 7 edge abuse

  • The console carry
    The console carry 7 days ago +7

    Iphones are such a rip off and that woman is so annoying

  • Dogs Daily
    Dogs Daily 7 days ago

    I really want one of those phones

    So I can sell them

  • علي الحبسي
    علي الحبسي 7 days ago

    can you make a hinge between two phones to make it foldable

  • Angel The Merciless
    Angel The Merciless 7 days ago

    So basically


    but not killing cockroaches

  • Hap Py
    Hap Py 7 days ago +1

    This reminds me of Jerry rig everything

  • Matthew Miller
    Matthew Miller 8 days ago

    i literally cant watch this video. its soo sad lol +the phone im using is a galaxy s4 ;( this video just breaks my heart;( XD

  • Martin Wallace
    Martin Wallace 8 days ago

    2:07 agree to disagree

  • silk the husky
    silk the husky 8 days ago

    Jerryrigeverything enters chat

  • Saki Grobe
    Saki Grobe 8 days ago

    You should have done a water test.

  • KingsColas
    KingsColas 8 days ago +1

    I've personally never met someone who had at one time had both an I phone and a galaxy, and seems everyone end up a galaxy person. So anyone with an I phone u can sell it to declutter and buy a galaxy lol.

  • Spencer Cramer
    Spencer Cramer 8 days ago

    Why is she always laughing at nothing

  • zoop inc.
    zoop inc. 8 days ago


  • Golden Ninja
    Golden Ninja 8 days ago

    I won't to have a phone

  • marissa sloan
    marissa sloan 8 days ago

    On the i phone side u can tell that it is a I phone cuz of all of the ones that are cracked and the Samsung are not rlly cracked 😅

  • Expert animations
    Expert animations 8 days ago

    The s9 should be way more

  • Expert animations
    Expert animations 8 days ago

    Android is better

  • Shamikah Does Gaming

    Androids are better because they don’t die quicker like an apple

    • Shamikah Does Gaming
      Shamikah Does Gaming 8 days ago

      But I have an Apple because my my Nan bought it and I really wanted a android phone or an iPad

  • ShadowWish4015
    ShadowWish4015 8 days ago

    I don't appreciate Cali being so spoiled

  • Salma Farah
    Salma Farah 8 days ago +1

    This is like Kryptonite for poor people

  • Mark Davenport
    Mark Davenport 9 days ago

    The only comparison that matters: does it work and have iMessage?

  • Gavin Rappold
    Gavin Rappold 9 days ago

    samsung is better

  • Starr Mitchell
    Starr Mitchell 9 days ago


  • Lenny Spooky
    Lenny Spooky 9 days ago

    Dammit, I don’t have a phone

  • The buzzer Beaters
    The buzzer Beaters 10 days ago

    I wanted a phone

  • djones1555
    djones1555 10 days ago

    It said galaxy fold it was an I phone
    Like if you agree

  • TheMariusDarkwolf
    TheMariusDarkwolf 10 days ago

    Given her predilection for fire and general destruction, are we sure that Callie's name isn't properly spelled Kali? :D

  • Rain Bumanlag
    Rain Bumanlag 10 days ago


  • Funtime Foxy Girl 12008

    Shes a Pyro maniac

  • crystal boudreau
    crystal boudreau 10 days ago

    Android phones are better

  • Ethan Smith
    Ethan Smith 11 days ago

    Samsang is way better then apple in my opinion but you dont have to be rude about you think that apple is better

  • Amelia Kearney
    Amelia Kearney 11 days ago +1

    Cali: "Iphones are the best"

    Me: **watches from Tesla Car** **laughs evily** You petty poor people

  • Letvee :D
    Letvee :D 11 days ago

    I think you guys should make a part 2 and test it with a vacuum chamber