MIND BLOWING Lechon(Roast Pig) in Cebu Philippines! First Time Trying Roast Suckling Pig

  • Published on Mar 23, 2018
  • When I asked about what foods to eat in the Philippines, most of my local friends said LECHON(Roast Suckling Pig), not just any Lechon, but Lechon from the city of Cebu.
    In fact, they love it so much that they make every excuse to get a lechon. Whether they are partying for a birthday, a wedding, or even a day at the beach, the roast suckling pig MUST be present to make the best of the get-together.
    2:45 Cnt Lechon
    11:11 Halo Halo
    15:37 Carcar Lechon
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  • Strictly Dumpling
    Strictly Dumpling  Year ago +366

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    • Kram Evangelista
      Kram Evangelista Month ago

      Hey Mike, if you ever eat lechon again, try the skin off of the cheeks and the top neck! They're really awesome!

    • Michael Acabal
      Michael Acabal Month ago

      Strictly Dumpling you also should have eaten the brain

    • baby caleb
      baby caleb Month ago

      I just ate, but Im hungry again damn you mike haha

    • Paolo Salazar
      Paolo Salazar Month ago

      man I think you're the first foreigner who ate the halo-halo correctly👍...some just eat it off right out the bat😕😂

    • Reality Isme
      Reality Isme 3 months ago

      Accompanied by about 5 other dishes

  • محمد aae5318
    محمد aae5318 27 minutes ago

    يا صيني يا كفر

  • NickPix Gaming
    NickPix Gaming 2 days ago

    Im from the phillipines and trust me you need to try it, its so ,fatty,crunchy,meatty

  • CarbonPolarBear
    CarbonPolarBear 2 days ago

    NO! There are WAY too many videos that DO NOT need a frickin' "Scratch n' Sniff" feature! XD

    NOT FORFREEE 3 days ago

    i knew you was going to car car when you said number 1 place for lechon

  • Indubitable Clone
    Indubitable Clone 5 days ago

    im hungry mennnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kg angelo genelaso
    kg angelo genelaso 6 days ago

    Yeah my hometown, I'm proud cebuano💖

  • Sana ohyoohyoohyo
    Sana ohyoohyoohyo 6 days ago

    As what others said.. Philippines has the best roast pigs.. Lechon is the best.

  • Ballena Mark
    Ballena Mark 6 days ago

    Wild boar is more even taste good bro

  • Morrows
    Morrows 7 days ago

    If I had a dad I would want him to be him

  • Morrows
    Morrows 7 days ago

    I bet in 5 years pigs are gonna get extinct just because they taste so damn good

  • arville2020
    arville2020 7 days ago

    Every time I see our native cuisine like this only one thing comes to mind - Death by Pork. Not complaining though in fact I cant think of a better way to go.

  • Bekah Jung
    Bekah Jung 7 days ago

    Have u tried the piglet lechon??

  • textmachine09
    textmachine09 8 days ago

    Just finished my cebu trip. And hands down CNT lechon is the best lechon in the philippines.

  • ricardo lozano
    ricardo lozano 8 days ago

    you should come to Mexico, a little place named Aguascalientes and try real Lechon.

  • Mist R
    Mist R 8 days ago

    You're gonna make me go back to visit the Philippines. Dammit

  • Leen Jose
    Leen Jose 8 days ago

    Poor pig

  • exoyolo
    exoyolo 10 days ago


  • ليونツ『LION』ツ


  • Minerva Llanita
    Minerva Llanita 11 days ago

    How can you stay healthy while eating all those foods?

  • Leah Anne Naboa
    Leah Anne Naboa 12 days ago

    Madrid sucking pig brought me here... this is way much delicious I think....

  • joshua sarmiento
    joshua sarmiento 12 days ago

    SARAP 👍👍👍

  • Dwight Gaston
    Dwight Gaston 13 days ago

    Lechon should never be without lechon sauce. Soy and vinegar? That's for crispy pata. Give me the liver sauce!!!

  • Espie Jimenez
    Espie Jimenez 13 days ago

    I like how you shared the Lechon to other people.. It's not a cheap food here in the Philippines and yet you shared it.. 👍👍👍

  • Athithan
    Athithan 13 days ago +1

    I would devour that pig like a dinosaur, even though I’m a small guy, I would make room in my stomach for it!🤤🥴😋

  • Dave Sicat
    Dave Sicat 14 days ago

    You’re so road
    Like it if you get the joke

  • Fakeアンジェ
    Fakeアンジェ 14 days ago

    U should try all regions and all towns in the philippines 😁

  • Anre Boquinquito
    Anre Boquinquito 14 days ago +1

    The Philippines love you Mike

  • COGZ
    COGZ 14 days ago

    We have lengua also which is the cow's tongue HAHAHAHAHA

  • Double Trouble Twinz
    Double Trouble Twinz 15 days ago

    That pig died screaming lol

  • Vince Castro
    Vince Castro 15 days ago +1

    They can never duplicate Cebu lechon anywhere else ... arghhh 😢😫
    I’m in SoCal and really miss that real Cebu lechon ...

    SPACE-MAN 15 days ago

    i don't mix my halohalo...it's already halo, why halo it more hahahaha (but seriously, I don't)

  • James Bernard Sadie
    James Bernard Sadie 16 days ago

    You're sweating so much bro 🤭

  • EMZskwierd
    EMZskwierd 16 days ago

    Too much lechon can kill you bro. be careful.

  • Lourdes Sison
    Lourdes Sison 16 days ago


  • Danielle Hollis
    Danielle Hollis 17 days ago

    Was directed here from another video of you reminiscing about Cebu lechon. I can't imagine anyone being any closer to an orgasm as you were, first trying that skin. Thanks for the memories.

  • annie nie
    annie nie 17 days ago +9

    Watched the lechon vlog AGAIN after watching your new tuna Davao video 😍

  • Hazel Ann Cuysona
    Hazel Ann Cuysona 17 days ago +1

    I got hungry while watching you eat so I ended up eating lechon as well. 😁

  • Jerome Joz
    Jerome Joz 17 days ago

    From 1 to 1:20 - 1:40, rate how awkward you are 😬

  • panto mk
    panto mk 17 days ago

    How much the whole rost pig cost ?

  • Figuring It Out
    Figuring It Out 17 days ago

    I wonder how it'd feel to be roast and eaten?

  • Tox1c Myth
    Tox1c Myth 18 days ago

    I got triggered when u didnt mix the halo halo

  • Cybille Ramirez
    Cybille Ramirez 18 days ago

    Poor pig😭😭😭

  • Grim Zkull
    Grim Zkull 19 days ago

    When your back in the Philippines you need to try the spicy lechon

  • Nesla Lagrada
    Nesla Lagrada 19 days ago

    Lechon 💗

  • The Perfect Reject
    The Perfect Reject 19 days ago +1

    I don't know that Jackie Chan is a food connoisseur... :)

  • Lily Salif
    Lily Salif 23 days ago

    This is my fav food That Ive ever missssssssssssss

  • osiris
    osiris 23 days ago

    How much is a whole roast pig?

  • Michael Yuzon
    Michael Yuzon 23 days ago


  • alex lao
    alex lao 23 days ago

    So much fun watching you meet your lechon...

  • SANA is GAY
    SANA is GAY 23 days ago

    Yo! The ribs are my most favorite part , you can taste all the ingredients and seasonings there

  • Be Better Tomorrow
    Be Better Tomorrow 24 days ago

    Daymn so many vegans disliking the video.

    • Angielyn Reisig
      Angielyn Reisig 23 days ago

      Be Better Tomorrow, then thats thier problem!😄 Lechon is amazing.

  • Nyl Acierto
    Nyl Acierto 25 days ago

    She's massacring the lechon! It is not about how wide you swing it, it is about the force you exert on it.

  • khaliena Alrashoo
    khaliena Alrashoo 26 days ago +1

    Seriously you bought a whole lechon Mike?
    You're so amazing and generous!!!

  • Shadow_ Wave
    Shadow_ Wave 27 days ago

    Love this channel ❤❤❤

  • Bombi Ninini
    Bombi Ninini 27 days ago

    I'm crying, now i want one!

  • Hakuna Matata
    Hakuna Matata 27 days ago

    Ako na nahihilo sa kinakaen niya hahahaha

  • June
    June 27 days ago

    You should try lechon paksiw as well. :)

  • Monica G. Davis
    Monica G. Davis 27 days ago +1

    That’s it! Where is this lady and her roasted pig 🐖! Books next flight to Cebu.😛


    Mouthwatering....so yummmmyyyyy

  • Sweetpie Bown
    Sweetpie Bown Month ago

    There love pork

  • Jhe XIII
    Jhe XIII Month ago

    Do you still have a Normal BloodPreasure?

  • JC
    JC Month ago +1

    The girl in blue be like : Yep yah yes yeah yup ye yea yap yeah yes yea 😅

    • Levi Cortes
      Levi Cortes 28 days ago

      JC I just noticed that lollllll now it bothers me

  • Adrifer Migullas
    Adrifer Migullas Month ago


  • Jeremiah De Guzman
    Jeremiah De Guzman Month ago +1

    its so sad that Philippines used to be richer than japan it was so clean now is messy

  • KU RT - Minecraft,Tutorials and More!

    Kung nagugutom ka at miss mo ang lechon just watch this..hehehe

  • Xiakol
    Xiakol Month ago

    Putok batok

  • Michael Acabal
    Michael Acabal Month ago

    You should also eat the brain

  • suporta tabang
    suporta tabang Month ago

    Those are not banana leaves, those are spring onions or scallions

  • suporta tabang
    suporta tabang Month ago +1

    When you eat pork lechon get some hanging rice also

  • Jela Ella
    Jela Ella Month ago +2

    I remembered the day when I ate merely letchon skin during the 60th birthday of my grandma... It's really good!

  • crisza carinan
    crisza carinan Month ago

    i love that he went to the right places

  • fat les
    fat les Month ago


  • Joe
    Joe Month ago

    I hate you jackie chan. I want to go back there in cebu 😣

  • QueVa
    QueVa Month ago

    14:54 you know it's the Philippines when there's a Jollibee XD

  • Jen de Vera
    Jen de Vera Month ago

    Your LDL level is screaming right now Mike.

  • Introverted
    Introverted Month ago

    Nice one Mike. Thank you for visiting Cebu.

  • MsF
    MsF Month ago

    its 12 am and I HATE YOU for making me sooo hungry... 😋😋

  • abigaille marcelo - lopez

    Thank u u love it our very own special letchon here @ Philippines

  • bryan marifosque
    bryan marifosque Month ago

    Thanks Nancy Binay for the tour.. Lady in blue ^_^

  • Ivan Cuatro
    Ivan Cuatro Month ago

    Go to visayas in negros oriental close to cebu heheheh tanjay city lechon called "Idrot's lechon"

  • Caine Phung
    Caine Phung Month ago

    Matt stonie would finish all by himself :)

  • kirby march barcena

    Mike on porkgasm

  • Jannel Lapuag
    Jannel Lapuag Month ago

    I'm a Filipino and I love lechon try adobo

  • Ella Pons
    Ella Pons Month ago

    i live in a town in cebu thats like 3 and a half hours away to carcar, me and my friends go to road trips just to eat lechon there. I eat chicharon with rice when its like a day before payday because i cant afford a decent hot meal 😂😂

  • Pepeng kaliwete
    Pepeng kaliwete Month ago

    It makes you younger....

  • King Emorej
    King Emorej Month ago

    Gamot sa High blood!

  • N C
    N C Month ago

    I’m currently living in cebu

  • Jackeline Rodriguez De Jesus

    12:25am on a diet...seeing mike eat lechon...why I do this to my self? 😂😂😂😂

  • Rodavarg Vincent
    Rodavarg Vincent Month ago +1

    CnT is only 4th in my personal list though.
    1. House of Lechon
    2. Rico's Lechon
    3. Zubuchon
    4. CnT Lechon
    5. Ayer's Lechon (not recommended)

    • Rio the MadHater
      Rio the MadHater Month ago

      Ayers have good lechon but you have to get there early while still newly cooked

  • Josephine B
    Josephine B Month ago

    Marry me for the love of fats of the meat 🤩☺ .. and food 🤣. I Only eat meat with fats 😉

  • TAILED Beast plazZZ Jinkuriki

    I never tried the tounge

  • TAILED Beast plazZZ Jinkuriki

    Try the ribs of letcheon they taste really good

  • TAILED Beast plazZZ Jinkuriki

    I live in negros and its near cebu and manila

  • rodrigo baguia
    rodrigo baguia Month ago

    I love Cn’t lechon😋😋

  • Bens Views
    Bens Views Month ago

    1:51 you wouldn't want this lady being 'angry at the man'?

  • Bens Views
    Bens Views Month ago

    MY FAVOURITE EP, should have 5 millions hits? it will? soon !

  • Giuseppe Catha
    Giuseppe Catha Month ago

    similar like in Bali dude. 😋

  • Icelean Robertson
    Icelean Robertson Month ago

    I wonder does he offer. His camera guy. Lol

  • Ostravia
    Ostravia Month ago

    You look buffed man. The crow lol. And btw I am not gay. You should challenge Stonie to eat the whole thing.